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“—Will be born as the seventh month dies.” Dumbledore said sombrely. The room was filled to bursting with an eerie silence as the occupants absorbed the information just given to them by Dumbledore. Minerva, Severus, Tonks, Mad Eye, Filius, Arthur, Molly, Charlie, Bill, Fred, George, Hagrid and Kingsley all sat in disbelief whilst Dumbledore and Remus shared a glace across the table. “You knew?!” Molly demanded of Remus suddenly, after noting his plain expression and his look at Dumbledore. “YOU KNEW AND YOU NEVER TOLD ANY OF US?!” “I’ve only known for two days.” Remus said, his composure still in tact. “Two days is a long time to keep something like that quiet.” Mad Eye muttered. “So Potter’s death has been predicted since before the day he was born. I always knew that he would meet the same sticky end as his parents.” Snape said but it was too far. Around half the people at the table leapt to their feet. “Lily and James came to an honourable end, do not dare to use it in that way!” Mad Eye yelled. “And Harry is not going to die!” Minerva shouted at him. “How dare you?!” Hagrid yelled. “Any end he meets would be better than your death as a traitor!” Bill shouted. “Eat frogs!” Fred and George yelled at once, “Kivorgia Vesco!” Frogs suddenly began to pour out of Snape’s mouth whilst Molly burst into tears. Dumbledore sighed and tried to seat everyone who had jumped up whilst preventing Severus from making any harsh comebacks. Remus sat there with a calm demeanour hiding his horror at the prophecy he had listened to for the second time. “Molly, don’t.” Arthur said soothingly to his wife who had buried her head in her hands. “He’s only sixteen!” Molly sobbed. “He’s faced Voldemort five times now, Molly.” Dumbledore said. Remus’ eyes moved instantly to Dumbledore. Did he say five times?! He thought, a feeling of unease creeping into his stomach as his mind ticked off the amount of times he had faced him. When he was a baby, when he was in his fourth year, his fifth year? He considered since he had no definite information to indicate that Harry had faced Voldemort in his fifth year, but even if he did that left two more years… he got up silently and left the room amid the hubbub, retreating into the hallway. He leant back against the cool stone wall and sighed with relief, just out of being released from the warm and busy kitchen. He glanced to his left and his tired eyes met with lively emerald ones. “Sounds interesting.” Harry said, moving as if to pass him and glance into the kitchen as a series of yells came from beyond the closed door, but Remus caught hold of his arm and pulled him back. “No chance, it’s mayhem in there.” Remus said, getting up off the wall. “Everything was reasonably fine until Snape decided to comment.” “What did he say?” Harry asked. Remus looked awkward for a moment and glanced away from him. “Remus, I don’t care what he thinks, just tell me.” “He said you’d die and meet the same sticky end as your parents.” Remus said softly, watching Harry for his reaction. His calm grey eyes stayed with Harry’s and for a moment he saw a flash of fury but then it was gone, replaced with nothing. A cold empty nothingness in his eyes. “FRED!” Shouted Arthur from inside the kitchen. “Take that spell of Severus this instant!” The sound of Arthur shouting felt strange to Harry, owing to the fact that he had never heard the man shout before; it was always Molly that was the disciplinarian. “Don’t Molly…” Minerva said from beyond the closed door. “WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON YOU TWO…!” Snape screeched at the top of his voice. “Come on.” Remus said and taking hold of Harry’s arm, he pulled him away from the kitchen door and into the lounge in the next room just as the kitchen door was flung open to reveal the two twins laughing hysterically as they ran upstairs from Snape. Remus pulled Harry away from the door and shut it, preventing the young boy from watching his potions master chasing two of his friends around the house whilst swearing and shouting insults at them. Instead he steered Harry in the direction of the sofa and sat him down, picking a seat on the other side of the sofa to him. “Just stay in here until everything calms down.” Remus said and in the silence after his sentence loud thuds were heard from the floor above. “Anyway, there were a few things I wanted to ask you…” “Go on.” Harry said, knowing somehow that the question of his past was about to be raised. “Dumbledore said something interesting in the kitchen.” He said, “He told us that you’d faced Voldemort five times and I thought that you’d only faced him once or twice and…” He broke off, uncertain as to how to proceed. “And you want to know when.” Harry sighed; this was not a conversation he wanted to have. Discussing his years at school would not have been a pleasurable experience, but talking only of the very worst times in each year would be a nightmare. “Yes.” Remus said, and seeing the hesitant and unhappy look on his face he quickly added, “But you don’t have to if you don’t want to.” Harry bit his lip, knowing that he was going to have to tell Remus all about his life and probably very soon. Harry opened his mouth to say something but paused. The house was silent: completely silent. A few minutes before there had been a constant noise and racket coming from the kitchen and just about every other place in the house, or so it seemed but now all that noise had gone, leaving Harry feeling very suspicious as to what the house’s occupants were currently doing. Remus noticed the lack of noise too and raised an eyebrow. He twisted around in his seat and pointed his wand at the door before muttering a charm under his breath. The door swung open to reveal Mad Eye, Tonks, Minerva, Filius, Severus, Molly, Arthur, Bill, Charlie, Fred, George, Hagrid and Kingsley all jumped backwards away from the door and attempted to look nonchalant whilst Dumbledore stood at the back of the group with an amused look on his face and Dobby, Hermione, Ron and Ginny sat on the stairs looking through the banisters at the people outside the door. “Are you all just going to stand outside listening or are you going to come in?” Remus asked them coolly from his seat. There was an awkward silence outside and then Minerva strode into the room, quickly followed by the rest of them. Harry moved up on the sofa so that he was sat close to Remus as everyone else joined them and soon the room was filled with around twenty people, one half giant and a house-elf. “That homework you gave me was atrocious, Mr Potter.” Snape said as he entered the room. He handed the boy his parchment back with a D written boldly on it in red ink. Snape smirked at him and Harry scowled at his new game which seemed to involve humiliating him infront of just about everyone despite the fact that he had just found out that he had a poor chance of finishing school alive. “There is no way he got a D for that.” Minerva said coolly. “You haven’t read it, it’s dreadful. Hence the grade.” Severus said calmly. “I refuse to believe that.” Minerva said, “Remark it.” “And read that rubbish again?!” Severus demanded of her. “I shall remark it for you, Severus.” Dumbledore said to him and Snape cursed inwardly as the headmaster took the work from Harry and began to read it. “Even if he does get a D, I’m sure he can buy it up to an O.” Filius said lightly and Snape glared at him. “Yes, like Malfoy and his OWLs.” Remus added. “Malfoy did not buy up his Potions owl!” Snape said vehemently. “No one said it was his potions owl.” Mad Eye observed. “But that was what you implied.” Snape said. “Whether implied or not Malfoy bought up that OWL!” Minerva said, scowling darkly at Snape, “I saw the results just after he took that test and he got a P.” “And mysteriously enough he’s now in your potions class.” Filius said. “How odd…” Tonks said. “So have you three attempted to apparate or become Animagi yet?” Molly asked conversationally and Snape snorted. “The day that those three manage to turn into animals will be the day that I marry Sybil.” Snape scoffed. “I’m sure that can be arranged.” Charlie said to him. “You better tell your bride to buy her dress soon then.” Mad Eye said, “Because I will be helping them to apparate.” Harry, Ron and Hermione looked at him quite shocked at this and couldn’t help but wonder whether or not they were going to attempt to marry Snape and Trelawney. “And I shall be helping them to become Animagi.” Minerva said coolly. “I’m not marrying Trelawney and that’s that.” Snape snapped. “You signed a verbal contract, you have no choice.” Kingsley said to him. “Shut it, baldy.” He muttered. “Why can’t I become an Animagus, mum?” Ginny demanded of Molly who was still a bit pale and shaky from the revelation of the prophecy. “And they get to learn to apparate as well…” “When you’re older, Ginny.” Arthur said, filling in for his wife. “I still think it’s unfair on other students for those three to get privileges such as apparition and Animagi training.” Snape said, “Why them and no one else?” “Because in case you weren’t listening in the kitchen a bit ago, Harry, and only Harry, has to defeat Voldemort.” Mad Eye said coldly. Harry felt a desperate feeling of unease stirring inside himself and he fought the desire to run and hide somewhere in the large house. He felt Remus tense slightly at the side of him but he didn’t say anything. “And since when have you been interested in the fairness on the students?” Filius asked, “You let Malfoy buy up his grade!” “Hypocrite.” Minerva muttered, loudly. “Severus, you appear to have made a few mistakes in your marking.” Dumbledore said mildly, “And Harry got an E, not a D.” He handed Harry’s work back to him and everyone glared at Snape who glared back at them. Time wore on in the room and as the conversation finally began to languish two hours after they all entered. Harry was still sat next to Remus and neither of them had participated much in the general conversation, preferring to sink into the background and await their chance to leave. Harry didn’t like being surrounded by so many people, all of whom had just learned of the prophecy and kept glancing at him worriedly, as if he were about to drop dead. Already he knew that the moment they all left the room he was going to find himself swept into a hug by Molly who would most likely burst into tears shortly afterwards. That was not what he wanted and so when Dumbledore finally got up to leave at around two hours after they had originally entered, Harry got up with him along with numerous other people. “Take care, Harry.” Dumbledore said to him as he walked into the kitchen and over to the fireplace, “And don’t let Molly suffocate you.” “I won’t, Professor.” Harry said and Dumbledore smiled at him before disappearing into the fireplace. Harry turned from the fireplace to see Professors McGonagall, Flitwick and Snape all in the kitchen to leave. The former pair smiled at him and Snape scowled as he left the room. “How can you be so cold hearted?” Harry heard Professor McGonagall ask Snape as he left the room. He considered staying outside the door to hear Snape’s retort but he decided against it as he saw the gathering of people outside in the hallway. He slipped through them, saying a few good nights as he went and ran silently up the stairs, aware of Mad Eye’s magical eye and Remus’ eyes on him as he went. “So?” Remus asked from behind him causing Harry to jump slightly and spin round to face him. Remus smiled as his mild shock before continuing. “Will you tell me about everything then?” “Alright.” Harry said quietly as he pushed open Remus’ bedroom door and sat down on his bed. “Accio Pensieve.” A/N: This chapter was a little on the short side, I know and I apologise but I just needed this to set me up for Harry showing Remus his past. The past will be in parts, since I wanted the chance to show the idea of how I was going to show the rest of the past and see whether people thought it was too detailed or not detailed enough (although I seriously doubt that it will be the latter somehow). Anyways next chapter coming as soon as I've written chapter thirteen :o) Toodle Pip!

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