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~disclaimer : I only own the ideas, Sake, Yuki, Shaunt, John, Kensington School and anything else that you notice that I own. I do not own the stuff that J.K. Rowling owns. And I do not own the rights to "The Ghost of You" by my favorite band Good Charlotte~
Chapter Four The Ghost of You
I will wait until the end When the pendulum, does swing back to the darker side of our hearts bleeding And I will save this empty space next to me Like it’s a grave where I lay a place for us to sleep eternally together Draco shoved the door closed behind him and lay on his bed. Blaise made his may to where Draco was sitting and sat down on Draco’s desk chair backwards. “You gotta let her go. I brought her back. I can’t do anything else.” Blaise drawled. “Yeah, yeah. I can’t. I just can’t.” I have been searching for Traces of what we were A ghost of you Is all that I have left It’s all that I have left of you to hold I wake in the night to find there’s no one there but me There’s nothing left of what we were at all Every moment of every day was filled with thoughts of Sake. Draco couldn’t get her out of his mind. It started out as a lingering thought because she was always around. They had spent the summer only a block away from each other. Now it was because her scent was everywhere, her warmth and her voice. Even if Sake was no where near him he knew that she had been where he was. So here I am Pacing aorund this house again With pictures of us living on these walls I see my breath in the cold of the air that I breathe and I’m wondering if it’s you that I feel Draco paced up and down his room as Blaise sat at his desk working on a comic book he was making. “How did she do this?” Draco screamed and pulled at his white blonde hair. How had she infiltrated his every moment? “How did she do what? You’re beginning to act like an idiot.” Blaise wasn’t actually paying attention, he was using his time to perfect his story board. “Infiltrate my mind. No matter where I go, even if she isn’t there, its like she is!” Draco began to scratch at his infected eyebrow again. “Stop picking at that.” Without even looking at Draco Blaise knew that he was picking at his eyebrow again. “If you keep doing that it’ll never heal.” “Eff off.” Draco sneered before making his way out of the room. I’m looking for Anything but us Anything but what we were And I’m not asking for Painted memories; I only want to know you’re here The only thing that Sake had left of her relationship with Draco was the Japanese jacket she had taken from him. With a heavy heart Sake left the jacket in front of his room. Sake turned when she heard a familiar voice yell her name. “John!” Sake screeched and made her way to John, who had his arms outstretched. “How are you? I haven’t seen you in so long.” John smiled and Sake nearly melted. He always had been very cute. “I’m good. How are you?” Sake smiled up at him and clasped her hands together behind her back. “I’m pretty good. Listen, I gotta go, but we should talk this weekend. It’s been too long.” With that John headed up to his room and Sake made her way out of the common room. She could visit Shaunt, who was in Ravenclaw, but Sake was so pissed at him right now. She could go back to Draco’s rom and talk to him and instruct him in how not to be a jerk, but she was too tired for that. After decidding to visit Yuki, Sake made her way to Gryffindor tower. Ron let her in and Sake scanned the common room for Yuki. “Sake!” Sake turned casually and saw Yuki who was jumping up from her place at one of the couch’s, which was instantly snapped up by a first year. “Damn.” Yuki muttered as she made her way over to Sake. “Want to go for a walk?” Sake zipped her jacket up half way and motioned towards the door. “Yeah.” Yuki made her way to the door first and held open for Sake. She was dressed in a black AFI shirt with red detailing and a pair of tight dark denim jeans. The dark deni jeans were tucked into a pair of brown sherling boots. Sake on the other hand was dressed in pink sherling boots, a short denim skirt, a snug black jacket and a green Blink 182 shirt. Over the summer Sake had taken a liking to buying shirts from the guys department of her favorite punk clothing store because they were better made than their girl conterparts. And this green shirt had come from that very department and store. Slowly, the two girls made their way out of the school and into the warm sun. The found an open bench and sat facing each other. It was a relief to see each other again. Both of the girls had their own weights that they would like to share. “Okay, should I start?” Yuki asked as she noticed that the girls were just looking at each other. With a nod from Sake, Yuki started talking. “Okay, so Harry and I are going out and Hermione and Ron finally hooked up. I spent the whole summer in LA and Harry stayed with me for a lot of it. He really is head over heels for me. I guess it’s been a long time coming, because I think he’s liked me since the day that he met me. I think the only reason that he never tried to get me away from Ron is because of the Deryck thing. Don’t get me wrong, if I was in that situation I would just wait for Ron and I to break up. But I really did like Ron, but then I liked Draco at the same time too. “ “My turn? Okay, I spent the summer by myself and I was pretty pissed that you and I didn’t stay in touch, but I guess that you were pretty busy in L.A. Other than that I started going to Kensington again. I just felt like I shouldn’r come back. So then Blaise came to Kensington to get me and brought me and Shaunt back here. Draco and Shaunt both like me and want me to choose between them. I’m dating Shaunt, so I guess that there really isn’t a contest. But after the dumb fight they had in the hallway earlier I might dump Shaunt. I mean Blaise did come for me and he does seem kinda nice. Anyway, so now I’m back and I realize how dumb it was that I went back to Kensington.” Sake breathed in deep and out deeply. That was a lot to say in one breath. “Well you’re back now. So that’s all that matters.” Yuki wrapped her arms around Sake to hug her. It was nice for both of them to back at school together. With all the shit that has happened they could only depend on each other. “Yeah, you’re right. So have you and Harry made out yet?” ~~ The moist earth gave in to Draco’s weight and sunk a small bit. Laying in front of Draco was his father’s grave. It had been at least four months since he had been here and at least six since Draco had spoken or seen his father. “Dad.” Draco whispered. He had never even called his father that. It was always “father” or “Lucius” or “Sir”. “I really miss you sometimes. It’s really weird now that Sake is back. She’s with someone else and I still like her.” “Draco. “ Sake had appeared behind him. (author note: YEAH! Last one I have to post tonight! I must say that I was majorly distracted the whole time. Damn that Namita. Okay. If you want me to add you to my mailing list then just IM me at or drop me a note on AIM. my sn is KimmyCakesLuvM. REVIEW PLZ)

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