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Chapter 2 The Walking Dead
Under the pressure of the first week of school Yuki thought she had just been unfortunate and not seen Sake. But when school had been in for two weeks Yuki started to get worried, no one had seen her and Sake was never in class, even though she was still enrolled at the school. The only person that Yuki felt confident to ask about Sake was Snape, the head of Slytherin house. “Um…P-Profesor?” Yuki found it awkward to talk to Snape because he hated Gryffindors and he hated her. “Stop stumbling about for words. If you want to ask me something do it clearly.” “Okay. Do you happen to know where Sake is?” “No, I’m sorry. We got a confirmation letter to say that she was indeed coming and her mother said she dropped her off at the station, but no one has seen her. I’m in charge of finding her, I mean I was in charge of finding her. The Minister is now in charge of the search. I assure you that she is missed. No one has forgotten about her. Her mother, Mary, will be coming to the school tomorrow to talk to you, Draco and John. We’re hoping you can help the search.” Yuki was slightly surprised that Snape looked like he actually understood her. “Thanks. I’m grateful for your kindness.” “Here.” Snape thrust two pieces of parchment at Yuki, which she grabbed clumsily in her small hands. With her right hand she thrust the pieces into her pocket and walked out of the room. “One of those is a late pass.” Snape’s kind voice was gone as he shoved Yuki out of the room. “Okay.” When Yuki entered Charms class she took the papers out and removed the late pass. Instead of sitting next to Hermione Yuki fell into a chair in the back next to Pansy Parkinson and started to nervously play with a ring on her thumb. She couldn’t concentrate on her class work and concentrated on the other paper Snape had given her. Ms. Kimura- Tomorrow, September 6th, Wednesday, at noon you need to report to my office to speak to Ms. Mary Imai. You will not need to get dressed in your uniform since you are not going to classes. You won’t need to get up for breakfast and you can tell the kitchen to bring you breakfast late. I hope that you think about what you are going to say before you reach my office. Thank you. Professor Severus Snape The idea of Sake missing freaked Yuki out to no end. Her hands shook as she out the note into her bag and she couldn’t bear to sit in class. “Professor?’ “Yes Miss Kimura?” “Can I go to the Infirmary?” “Yes you may.” “Thanks.” Pansy watched with malice as Yuki got up from her seat and left the room. Clutching her school bag with her hands so hard that her knuckles went pale. On her way to the infirmary Yuki stopped to slink down in a bathroom stall to think. She retched into the toilet and flushed it with all of her force. There was no way that Yuki was going to adjust to her friend being gone. As she stared into her reflection Yuki felt like crumbling to the ground and instead of that she punched the glass hard and pulled her hand out of the glass without feeling anything. Her whole body was numb as she walked into the infirmary with glass stuck in her hand and blood dripping on the tile below. “Miss Kimura! What happened to you?” Poppy dropped the book she was reading and bustled over to Yuki. As Poppy examined her Yuki’s eyes rolled over and only the whites could be seem as she fell unconscious. With a scream Poppy picked Yuki up and put her on a bed with Harry’s help who had been talking with her only moments ago. Slowly and Gingerly, Poppy picked the shards of glass out of Yuki’s hand and bandaged it up. Just as Yuki woke up Harry left and Poppy had gone back to her office. With a groan Yuki got up from the bed and walked to Poppy. “Thanks. I don’t know what really happened, but thank you.” With a nod Poppy motioned for Yuki to go to dinner and Yuki was happy to oblige. Her hand was bandaged up and when she clenched her fist it felt like she was getting stabbed in her palm continuously. With a hiss at a passing first year Yuki set off to the Common Room instead of the Great Hall. When she reached the Common Room she sat down so fast that the chair skidded back a few feet and almost tipped over. No one was in the room and Yuki had to start the fire with her wand in her right hand. After only minutes Yuki fell asleep curled up in her armchair with the fire playing on her features. After a horrible day Harry stepped into the Common Room expecting to find a lot of other students, but he only found Yuki asleep in an armchair. It was heard for Harry not to feel nervous around Yuki. She was curled up peacefully and Harry felt his heart quickly fly up into his throat, causing him to gulp. As if the world suddenly moved in slow motion Harry crawled over to Yuki and kissed her on the forehead. Just like in one of those corny movies right when Harry touched his lips to Yuki’s skin she slowly opened her eyes and looked up at him. His eyes were closed at the time and Yuki shifted in her seat so that the kiss moved to her mouth. “Harry. I really like you, but I think we need to wait until Sake comes back.” Harry nodded and watched as Yuki got up and went to her room. The next morning everyone filed out of the Common Room and left Yuki sleeping in her bed. It was nearly eleven when Yuki slowly opened her eyes and crawled out of bed. After getting out of bed Yuki took her towel and went to the bathroom. She slipped into the hot water and relaxed every muscle in her body for the first time since school had started. Now relaxed, Yuki closed her eyes and waited a half-hour till she started cleaning herself. When Yuki got out of the bath and wrapped a towel around her soaking body she went to the Common Room because she heard the Fat Lady portrait arguing with someone. In one foul swoop Yuki opened the portrait and on accident knocked Draco to the ground. “Opps. Didn’t think you were standing that close to the portrait. Why are you arguing with the Fat Lady anyway?” “I needed to come in and talk to you.” “Why?” “What is this? Twenty questions?” “Well Sorry! Didn’t mean to ask anything!” “God don’t be so snappy. I wanted to see if you were coming to talk to Ms. Imai.” “Yeah, you can come into and wait in the Common Room if you want.” “Sure.” “Poppies.” The portrait swung open and Draco followed Yuki into the Gryffindor Common Room. In amazement he looked around at the room and felt a pang of jealousy. This common room was a lot better than the Slytherin one. He sat down in one of the squashy armchairs as Yuki walked back to her room and locked the door behind her. With the energy Yuki could muster she got dressed in a black polo dress and a pair of black flip-flops. “I’m ready to go.” Draco gave a grim nod and they left the room in silence. Neither of them wanted to utter a word in fear that they would say something wrong. “Here we are.” Draco motioned to Snape’s door and knocked before entering the dim room. Ms. Imai was sitting in a chair talking to Snape in a hushed voice before the two entered. “Hello.” With a flick of his wrist Snape made two chairs appear next to Ms. Imai for Draco and Yuki. Since Yuki felt like her knees would fold under her she sank into the chair when it appeared. “Okay. In case you didn’t realize why you are here it is because Sake has officially been deemed missing. Now I need you two to help us help the Ministry by telling us anything you know or think about where Sake might be.” With a pale palm Snape motioned to Draco for him to start. “Umm…I guess she could be at Damien’s house, cause she knows him. I’ve been thinking a lot and since we’re all here and I know she wouldn’t go back to L.A., she has to be somewhere she normally wouldn’t go.” “Maybe she’s in L.A. we can’t rule that out. Her father is there.” “No, she wouldn’t go back to her father’s.” Like a ghost Ms. Imai interrupted the conversation in a wispy voice. “Oh. Are there any friends in L.A. that she would stay with?” Yuki asked Ms. Imai who shook her head in response. “Is that all that you know?” Snape sneered wishing he had never excused himself and the two seventh years from class. Actually, he was happy he wouldn’t have to teach, but these two deserved to be in class. As Draco exited the dungeons and started to wander the halls with his hands in his pockets he came to a realization. ‘What if Yuki was at Kingston?’ Draco knew that it was the last place anyone would look for her. As fast as his feet would take Draco ran to his dormroom. (author note: Okay. Review please!)

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