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Chapter 21 Confusion A/N: Alright here is chapter 21, and just so you all know this chappie was a pain in the arse to write. I’m trying to solve some uncertainties, while keeping the plot moving, and it’s just hard trying to piece it all together…oh well not complaining. Because the last time I checked I had 183 reviews, that’s 183 reasons to be happy. I’ve also realized that I leave really long authors notes…oh well. I like to leave little messages. If you haven’t noticed I have stopped answering all of my reviews, so for future knowledge if you have a question you really want answered you can contact me, or leave me a review asking me to answer it, otherwise it’s too much time to answer them all, but I still love to read them. Please keep it up, who knows maybe we could make it to 200 by the next chapter (let’s see if we can get you guys to make that happen!) I really feel like my writing is going downhill lately, maybe it’s all in my head, but I dunno, so I apologize in advance for the cruddiness of this chapter. Please review even if it is cruddy, and I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. ~Treacy~ * ** *** ** * * ** *** ** * Harry woke up early the next day, and was the first down to breakfast. He wasn’t really hungry, but after his conversation with Stallworth he figured he should try and make a bit more of an effort at his health. So grabbing a plate, he helped himself to some eggs and toast. As much as he tried, he just couldn’t bring himself to eat. He really had wanted to change, but just the thought of eating made him go sick to the stomach. He was now beginning to realize that his friends had his best interest at heart, and that they really cared what happened to him, and he wasn’t stupid enough to hate them for telling Professor Stallworth. But he just couldn’t bring himself to eat. Not wanting to wait around for more people to enter the dining hall, mainly Brooke and Kurt, he left in a hurry and went to seek refuge in the library. On his way up his mind began to wander; mainly towards Brooke. He was torn. Somehow over the last few weeks he had begun to doubt his feelings for her. He wasn’t sure if it was just because of the fact that he had been pushing her away, or if he just didn’t like her anymore. Then there was Ginny. He was even more confused about Ginny. She was one of his best friends and he was mentally kicking himself for all the things he had said to her when they had, had their argument at Christmas Break. At first after their argument whenever he saw her she avoided him, then shooting him glances, and eventually looking sheepishly at his while diverting his gaze. Another thing about Ginny had changed as well. As soon as they had, had their argument he began to wonder what would happen if he liker her too, if they were really more than friends. He kept dismissing this fact though, attributing it all to Brooke’s presence. Why did girls have to be so complicated. When he entered the library he found that he was the only one there, not surprising he thought to himself, considering it was a Hogsmeade day, and it was so early in the morning. He settled himself at one of the large circular tables and propped his books all around him, delving into his work. He lost track of time quickly, as he was getting so much accomplished. He checked his watch, three o’ clock, three more hours until he had to meet Stallworth. Everyone would still be at Hogsmeade, plus he had finished all his homework, there was really nothing to do. Then an idea struck him; he could research Acer Motar. He searched the stacks of books, grabbing everything he could on everything that looked like it might mention Merlin, or this strange power. So, staggering back to his table, arms loaded with books, he began his research session. He picked the first book off a very tall pile that read Merlin; The Great He scanned through the pages…blah, blah, blah…. nights of the round table…defeated the sorcerer Renalie…exhibited strange bursts of magic. Now that last bit was something…Merlin exhibited strange bursts of magic, but it said nothing more on the subject. Frowning slightly, Harry pulled the next book down in front of him, and read. The great sorcerer Merlin, is best known for protecting the nights of the round table against the dark sorcerer Renalie. Few witches and wizards have ever been categorized as sorcerer. A sorcerer possesses more than the ability to channel magic through a wand, but also can derive magic from other places as well. Such examples would be the elemental; one who can control the elements, The cosmon; one who can control the skies, and the Acer Motar; One who can channel the emotions. Merlin, the ever known sorcerer with the ability of the Acer Motar left behind a journal detailing his abilities, and how he came about them. The power Merlin possessed is still greatly misunderstood, but trained witches and wizards continue to study it to this day. Merlin also had a strange affiliation for pickles, some even say they were the source of his power… Well that was odd. Harry seriously doubted that pickles could be the source of the Acer Motar, considering that he despised them. Chuckling slightly, he picked up a book that detailed ancient magic, and skimmed down the table of contents. 1. Cosmon Magic 2. Elemental Magic 3. Sacrificial Magic 4. Seasonal Magic 5. Occluemncy 6. Possession Theory 7. Acer Motar That was it. Harry quickly turned to chapter seven and began reading slowly under his breath… The power of the Acer Motar is one of the most misunderstood forms of ancient magic to this date; and one of the most powerful. Only ever known to be held by the great sorcerer Merlin, this magic stems through channeling the emotions. Not much is known on how one comes to hold the power of the Acer Motar; meaning, Latin for emotion, but it is suspected that it is applied to a being that has felt the rawest form of any particular emotion. Meaning one who has felt the truest height of happiness, or one who has felt the darkest depths of pain, may be more susceptible to encountering the magic, but it is only a theory. All assumptions of this magic have been based on Merlin and his experiences, as it was mentioned before that he was the only one to ever have held such great magic. Merlin published diaries detailing his experiences under the influence of the power, and of how he came to derive it, and how he came to yield it, but they are not available to the public, and have only been seen by a select few in the Ministry of Magic’s department of Mysteries. It is rumored that every witch or wizard has the power of the Acer Motar dwelling inside them to some extent, but only one has ever held enough of the ancient magic to have been able to harness it. Harry stared at the page blankly for a few minutes while he worked the information in his brain. It said that it was held by someone who had felt the deepest level of an emotion; he could only guess that if this was the truth, that he had derived his power by the feeling of pain and despair, he never had been happy enough to harness an ancient magic. Then again it was just a theory, maybe it came from something else. The books had said that Merlin had defeated an evil sorcerer, just like Harry was supposed to defeat Voldemort. Could there be a similarity? There was something else though, all of the books seemed to say the same thing only in a different way. That Acer Motar was a power which channeled the emotions, but that only Merlin had ever held it, and that he had kept a journal on his experience. Hadn’t Stallworth mentioned a journal? When, he, Harry had talked to Stallworth he seemed to know quite a bit about the power, but every book Harry searched through said the same thing, so how would Stallworth know all the other stuff he had told him? maybe he read Merlin’s journals A voice said in the back of his head. But why would they let Stallworth read Merlin’s journal, he had been an auror, he hadn’t even worked in The Department of Mysteries as far as Harry was aware. This was all so complicated. He buried his head in his hands and let out a frustrated sigh. “You okay?” A voice asked him, he looked up and saw Brooke taking the seat across from him. Her face was flushed with Pink as she removed her white snow coat and muffler, revealing a pretty chocolate colored sweater. He checked his watch, five o’clock, students would be coming back to the castle, “What have you been doing all day?” She asked again. “I did my homework, and then I started researching this Acer Motar thing.” He answered, “But why would you care?” He asked, raising a questioning eyebrow at her. “Because you’re my friend, and I wondered how you had been.” She stated simply. “So how was your date?” He asked, examining his fingernails, not quite sure if he wanted to know the honest answer. “Horrible,” She sighed. “What?” asked Harry, looking up at her surprised, he was expecting her to be gushing about how wonderful Kurt was and how they had ended up snogging in the snow. “He made a pass at me, and when I told him I just wanted to be friends, he went all weird, said I was a stuck up bitch, and that I was just a pretty face, and that all the guys just wanted to use me, that none of them really would ever care about me.” She answered, obviously she was feeling downtrodden about it. “That’s too bad,” Said Harry not knowing what to really say to her. After all she had just gone on a date, and he supposedly had a huge thing for her, but he was just too confused at the moment. “I guess. I still think you should have come into Hogsmeade, there were a lot of people there without dates.” “Do you think I need a date to go to Hogsmeade?” He asked her astonished. “No. I mean well I just thought that’s why you didn’t want to go…because you didn’t have anyone to go with, but of course you don’t need a date, that’s stupid.” She covered up quickly. “Whatever.” He replied burying his head in his hands. “You okay, you seem really, I dunno, depressed?” She asked putting a hand on his shoulder, which he quickly brushed off. “Why wouldn’t I be depressed, I mean you guys obviously thought so going to Stallworth and all, I mean what with all the whiskey bottles, and not eating, or me looking like some kind of hobo cuz I haven’t been shaving.” He replied curtly, opening a book and pretending to read. “Harry, just talk to someone.” “Don’t you get that maybe sometimes people don’t want to talk about it, sometimes maybe they just need to sort it out themselves, write it down on parchment, cry, but not always talk. Talking doesn’t always help you know?” He was on the verge of breaking out into yells. “I’m just trying to help.” “Well I don’t need your help.” “And I don’t need your protection.” “Not this again.” He exclaimed, shaking his head in disbelief. “Let’s just try it Harry, I think we can make it work, I don’t need you to protect me, and I still like you, it was just I went out with Kurt to make you jealous, and I’m sorry that I told Stallworth about what was going on, but you needed help.” “If I needed help I could have gotten it myself, and you know I don’t know where I stand anymore.” “Stand?” “I don’t know how I feel about us anymore.” “Are you saying you don’t like me?” “I DON’T KNOW.” He shrieked, she was frustrating him beyond belief, “I just don’t know anymore, I’m so confused right now I don’t know what I want, maybe you should just stay with Kurt, or some other guy. I don’t know if we’re cut out to be more than friends or what, but at this moment I’m leaning towards friends.” He said it so quickly, that he was panting by the time he had finished. He looked up for her response, but didn’t get one. She was just looking at him, an unreadable look on her face. Finally she nodded her head in consent and said something that brought him great comfort of mind, “I think I feel the same way.” “Really?” He asked, wanting to confirm what she had just said. “Yeah, I mean well we were so eager to start something, and we were never really friends first, but then you were pushing me away, and then with Ginny and all of that drama. I think we were looking for more than there was, without knowing each other well enough to base real feelings on” She stopped for breath; he merely gave her a nod to signal for her to continue. “I still really like you Harry, and no matter what happens I want us to be friends. Promise we can be friends?” “I promise.” “Alright, well I’m going to head down to dinner, do you want to come with me, take a break from the library?” She asked. “No, I have lots of homework to finish.” He lied, not wanting to think about eating on top of everything else he was thinking about at the moment. “Well can’t you finish it later? I mean will taking half an hour away really make that big of a difference, besides you’re probably really hungry.” She continue trying to coax him into joining her. “No I have to meet Stallworth tonight anyway, I just want to have it all. I’ll just stop down at the kitchens when I come back down.” He came up with an alternative so she would leave. “Fine, it’s your choice.” She said, finally giving in, standing up to leave. “See you tonight then.” “Yeah, bye.” “Bye.” He watched her walk away, not regretting the conversation that he had just had with her, but left feeling if possible, even more confused than when she had come. If he didn’t like Brooke the way he thought he did, then why did he still have this feeling, and why was it about Ginny. Who at the moment wasn’t talking to him, because he had acted like such a prick, and they had both gotten so caught up in the heat of the argument. He knew he had said things he wished he hadn’t of said, he was only hoping the things that she had said would have been due to the heat of the moment, not to her true feelings towards him. Giving a very long sigh he put his head on the table in front of him. The cool feeling wood on the table felt soothing against his hurting brain. He slowly shut his eyes, only to fall asleep. He was awoken later on by Madam Pince’s shrieks at a student who had been trying to sneak into the restricted section. He swiveled his head to the side, and observed that the sky looked much darker than it had the last time he had looked. Groggily he lifted his arm up and checked his watch; six o’ five it read. He was supposed to meet Professor Stallworth at six. He grabbed his bag as fast as he could and dashed towards the door tripping as he went, only hoping the Professor wouldn’t be too aggravated with his tardiness. * ** *** ** * * ** *** ** * “I… am…so…sorry…Professor, I lost track of time,” Said Harry as he pushed his way into the empty Defense Against The dark Arts Classroom, panting and clutching a very painful stitch in his side. “Ten minutes late Harry, where were you?” Asked Stallworth as he shut the door behind Harry and made his way over to his desk. “Library, I’ve been in there all day, I did my homework, and then when I finished that, I actually researched Acer Motar.” Explained Harry. “Did you really? Good for you, did you find anything out?” Questioned Professor Stallworth, clearly pleased that Harry had been working on the subject without having been told to. “Well there was a bunch of books on Merlin where they just mentioned it in passing. It said that if you have a channeling power than you’re a ‘sorcerer’, and you can be an elemental, which is the most common, a cosmon, or a Acer Motar, the rarest and most powerful or something like that. And then something like you have more of a chance of being an Acer Motar if you’ve felt the raw form of an emotion, or something.” Harry recited all the information he could remember. “Well, I must say I am pleasantly surprised that you took the initiative, this saves me from assigning you further research.” Professor Stallworth praised Harry, before continuing, “Today I thought it best I explain to you how this power works, the theory of it, then we can begin practical practice on Monday, I’ll give you the day off tomorrow.” “Sounds good,” Said Harry, eager to learn more. “Well first of all it is important that you understand that your power is linked to emotion and feeling, and for the time being since you do not know how to properly control your power you must try and restrain from letting your temper of frustration levels rise.” “Yeah, that happened to me yesterday. I got this weird feeling, and then the lights went off, and according to Hermione I was glowing or something, and my fingers had sparks coming out of them. But I didn’t know what to do, so she told me to concentrate on sending all my feelings to an object, so I stared at this pillow, and then it blew up, and all the feathers went flying, and everything went back to normal.” “It’s good Ms. Granger will be around you at the beginning stages, she is a very bright witch.” “Yeah, and then when I couldn’t get anything to happen, she said I was focusing on too many things, and that I had to focus on only one emotion for it to work.” “She was right again. You see Harry, once your powers become more defined you will be able to switch your power on and off at will, eventually you won’t even need a wand anymore, for the power of the Acer Motar, can cause great things to happen, or a small levitation spell.” “How does that work, wouldn’t I have to get all mad at a feather or something to make it float?” Asked Harry quite perplexed. “No. Desire is a feeling, an emotion. If you want something to happen, it is just a feeling, which is transferred into wandless magic. Very few people can do wandless magic, and even ones who do can only perform a few spells, but with your power, I believe you could perform any spell you could with a wand without one.” “Oh, right, but I could still use a wand if I wanted to?” “Yes, this power, however strong, does not change any power you have at the moment, except for strengthening it.” “I guess that’s pretty good then, huh?” “Yes Harry very good,” Said Stallworth laughing slightly, “It takes more desire, or any other emotion, to make bigger things happen. Just like with a wand it takes less energy to perform Lumos, but quite a bit to perform a spell like a Patronus.” “Does it matter what emotion is being used, like if I’m mad something bad will happen, or if I’m happy does that mean something good will happen.” “No, all emotion is directly related to the same origin, the same soul, meaning they are all inter-connected, no matter how diverse hate and love may be from each other. When invoked the Acer Motar does not channel one specific emotion, it channels that singular origin, which is a large energy source, the core of every wizard. It is that core that separates muggles and wizards.” “So your saying, I’m not invoking emotion, I’m invoking the core of my soul.” “That’s about it. And I must say you are understanding this all very well, it makes my job a lot easier.” “Uh, Professor can I ask you something,” Asked Harry. “Anything.” “Well, how is it you know so much about all of this. It’s just I was looking at the books in the library and they all said basically the same thing I told you at the beginning of class, but you know so much about it, I was just wondering how you knew.” “I have read the Journals of Merlin, and studied the force in the Department of Mysteries.” “But, you told me you were an auror, aurors don’t usually do that type of stuff do they?” “I was an auror, after your parents died, and some other unfortunate incidents took place, I decided to make myself a career at the Department of Mysteries, where I was given the task of studying Acer Motar. That is one of the reasons Dumbledore chose me as Remus’ replacement, so that I could train you, since I probably understand it as well as anyone could, since there is no one alive with first hand knowledge.” “Wow.” “Eventually, after we have trained for awhile, I will give you the journals of Merlin to read and study, I think they will be very beneficial to you and your training.” “Okay.” “I know we said we’d try your practical practice on Monday, but since you have absorbed all this information much sooner than I expected you would, what do you say we try some now.” “Yeah, I’d like that,” said Harry eagerly. “Very good. Now put your wand on the table here, and stand in the middle of the room.” Harry did as he was instructed, while Professor Stallworth cleared the desks to the sides of the room. “Now Harry I want you to think of something that makes you feel emotion, not anything too big we’re just going to try something small today.” Commanded Stallworth. Harry searched his thoughts, and decided on the feeling he got in his stomach whenever he got on a broomstick. “Got it then?” Asked Stallworth. “Yup,” Replied Harry, excited to try some of this Acer Motar stuff. “Now, we’ll try the light spell, very basic. Just say the incantation while focusing on that emotion. Got it?” Harry nodded his head in response. Focusing all his attention on the swooping feeling he experienced while in the air, after a few seconds of focusing he felt that same feeling he had in the common room the night before, only less intense. The feeling that he was feeling something, but it was an unidentified feeling, a mixture of feelings. “Lumos,” He said in barely more than a whisper. His eyes widened as he watched a ball of light form in front of his face. “Excellent… now extinguish it.” Concentrating once more, and fixing his eyes on the bright light he whispered, “Nox.” His eyes widened as the light disappeared as fast as it had come. He had done it, without magic. “That was better than I expected, I wasn’t sure if you would be able to get it on the first try.” Congratulated Professor Stallworth. “So that was it, you know wandless magic?” “Well I didn’t see a wand did you,” Said the Professor smiling, “I think that will be enough for tonight Harry, why don’t you go to your dorm, I’m sure your friends are waiting for you.” “Yeah, sounds good,” Said Harry making to leave the room, grabbing his wand at the desk, he was about to shut the door when he turned back, “Hey Professor,” he called. “Yes Harry.” “Thanks for everything.” “My pleasure,” Answered Professor Stallworth, “Now get going.” Harry waved one last time, and ran down the corridor. He was feeling in an exceptionally good mood, he had managed to perform wandless magic on his first try. He normally didn’t get things on the first true, that was Hermione’s job. He smiled inwardly thinking of the look she would get on her face when she found out what he had done. He kept running not bothering to look exactly where he was going, but was jerked back to reality when he hit into something solid and toppled onto the floor. “Potter.” Came the ever so familiar drawl of Professor Snape, “What are you doing running around this time of night?” “Well, I just got back from a lesson with Professor Stallworth.” Harry replied defiantly, he wasn’t going to let Snape rain on his parade, not today. “Oh that’s right, the fool has the notion in his mind that you possess a rare gift, I highly doubt it, this is you we are talking about.” Harry knew what he was doing, he was insulting him, taunting him, trying to get him to react. Anything so that he would have an excuse to punish him. “Right sir,” he replied coolly, trying to keep his voice even, and his voice from rising. “I bet you love it though don’t you Potter? Just like your father, love telling someone you’re special, when all you really are is a pathetic excuse for a wizard.” He felt his nerves bristling; Snape was insulting his father now. If there was one thing Harry couldn’t take, it was people insulting his parent’s memory. “Don’t talk about my father.” He hissed. “Oh, it seems I’ve touched a nerve. It’s a shame you don’t realize what type of man he really was.” Shot Snape, a manic light gleaming in his eye. That was it, he was going to curse the slimy git for all he was worth, that had been the last straw. His anger was rising, and he could feel the power of Acer Motar building, and then dissipating just as quickly as Harry felt a hand on his shoulder. “My dear Severus, I’ve been looking for you, we need to have a little chat.” Harry looked up, and saw the cool blue eyes of Albus Dumbledore staring down at him. Harry instinctively jerked his shoulder out of Dumbledore’s grasp, shooting him a great look of dislike. “Now Albus?” Snape asked lazily. “Yes, Severus it regards the order, now Harry…” Dumbledore stopped what he was about to say; the boy had left. Sighing sadly he led Snape back up to his office, wishing he could change the past. * ** *** ** * * ** *** ** * Harry was upset after his chance meeting with Dumbledore and Snape, two of his least favorite people at the moment, but he did his best to not have it spoil his good mood. When he entered the common room, it was to find it full, resounding sounds of laughter and chatter echoing throughout the room. He spotted Brooke first, sitting over with Hermione and Ron. He began to make his way over to them when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He whipped around to see Ginny Weasley smiling shyly up at him. “Um, Harry can we talk, privately please?” He examined her for a few seconds before conceding. “Alright, where did you want to go Gin?” He asked. She grabbed his hand and let him out of the portrait hole that he had just entered. They wandered around the halls for a few minutes, not really headed anywhere. “So what did you need to talk to me about?” Asked Harry breaking the awkward silence between them. “I wanted to apologize.” She paused and looked up at his face, before plunging quickly into her apology, wanting to get it out as quickly as possible. “I feel like such a bitch Harry. I was so awful to you. You are one of my best friends in the entire world and I treated you like dirt. I don’t think I even ever had real feelings for you, it was just you had been hurt, and then Brooke was new, and you two seemed to be becoming pretty close, and I didn’t want to lose my friend, so I convinced myself that it was because I had a romantic interest in you.” “Wow, Gin, well…” Harry began, before Ginny cut him off. “No Harry let me finish. I don’t hate you, and I didn’t mean a single thing that I said to you about girls only liking you because you were Harry Potter and you were a famous face, and I know that’s not why Brooke likes you. I’ve heard her talking about you Harry and I know her feelings are genuine. I don’t hate her either like I pretended I did, I actually like her a lot, and I want to be her friend.” She finished out of breath. He wasn’t exactly sure how to respond to Ginny’s apology, she had said that she didn’t have a romantic interest in him, and it had hurt. But hadn’t he wanted her to say that, to just be friends? Thinking quickly, he tried to change the subject away from himself, and onto Brooke. “I think if you told her everything that you just told me, I know she feels bad that you two fought.” He smiled at her, “And Ginny I’m the one who should be sorry you know. After what happened at the burrow, you really should be waiting for me to apologize. I was awful yelling at you, and just being a real prick. I’m sorry too, really sorry. I love you Ginny, and you’re one of my best friends.” “So friends again?” Asked Ginny uncertainly. “Definitely,” Answered Harry, giving her a quick hug. “Besides, there’s someone else I’m kind of involved with right now.” She teased. “Now who would that be Ms. Weasley.” Harry said raising an eyebrow at her, “WOULD Ron approve?” He was acting jokingly on the outside, but on the inside he felt an odd jealous twinge. “Oh I doubt it, he doesn’t approve of anyone really.” “Well then who?” “Kurt Haus.” She answered shyly. “What?!” Snapped Harry. “Well we aren’t officially dating yet, but he came and found me after Hogsmeade and told me how he had liked me since he met me, and he was really sweet, and he kissed me.” She finished with a dreamy sigh. As Ginny let out a sigh, Harry gave an inward groan. This was not good. Ginny had latched onto the guy who had just tried to hit it off with Brooke. Now he was going after Ginny, and probably for only one thing. “Be careful with him Ginny.” He warned. “Why?” She asked puzzled. “Well it’s just that I’ve heard some stuff about him, and I don’t want you to get hurt. Don’t want him to break your heart or anything.” “Who told you stuff about him?” She probed further. Harry was very reluctant to mention that it had indeed been Brooke who had told him about Kurt’s ‘behavior problem’, after they had just apologized, and would hopefully all be friends again. “I can’t remember, I just know that I heard some stuff about him.” He lied. “Alright then, shall we go back then? We are in a cold corridor in the middle of the winter. It’s a little frigid.” She said. “Sounds good, I’m getting pretty cold myself.” He answered, they chatted about nothing of much importance when they entered the common room. Harry began to make his way over to Hermione and Ron, but noticed that Ginny was hovering behind him. “Just go Gin, tell them what you told me, it’ll all be fine, we’re friends.” He reassured her as he gave her a small shove forward. She looked back at him reluctantly before hesitantly making her way up to the chintz armchairs that Ron, Hermione, and Brooke were currently occupying. “Uh, Brooke can I talk to you…alone.” Brooke was very surprised. Ginny, the Ginny who had called her every foul name in the book, had come up to talk to her, politely, and asked her to talk privately. She looked apprehensively at Harry who gave a small nod signifying she should go. “Alright then,” She said getting up and following Ginny out of the portrait hole. “What’s all that about?” Asked Ron, watching as Brooke and Ginny exited the common room. “Ginny came and apologized to me just now, and she told me that she had never hated Brooke or anything, so I told her that she should tell her herself.” “Well that’s good, I’m tired of listening to Ginny complain, and skirting people in the corridors.” Said Ron. “It is good. So Harry how were your lessons with Professor Stallworth?” “Really good actually, I was able to do a bit of wandless magic.” Said Harry a proud smile on his face. “Did you really?” Asked Hermione in an astonished voice, “Wow Harry, wandless magic, what type of spell was it?” “Oh nothing that hard, just Lumos and then Nox to put it out. I got it on my first try.” He answered nonchalantly. “That’s a lot better than most wizards could ever imagine doing.” Said Hermione still slightly in awe. “Show us mate!” Said Ron excitedly. “Oh, I dunno, it’s not a big deal.” Said Harry starting to blush slightly at his friends enthusiasm. “Come on Harry, we won’t think you’re showing off, it would be cool to see.” Added Hermione. “Alright fine.” Conceded Harry as he took his wand from his robes and put it on the table in front of him. Concentrating hard on riding a broomstick like he had back in Stallworth’s office, and felt the familiar feeling of the happy feeling being replaced with an unidentified feeling, “Lumos,” he whispered, and opened his eyes to see a ball of light in front of him, and a very shocked Ron and Hermione. “Wicked,” whispered Ron. “Can you extinguish it?” Asked Hermione. Harry nodded at her, concentrating again and speaking the counter charm causing the ball of light to disappear. “Amazing, that is something Harry, there are barely any wizards who can do that, and even those who can, can only do a few simple spells like alohomara.” She praised him. He smiled sheepishly at her, making Ron laugh. “You look like you just got caught raiding the ministry,” he laughed. “Well you guys are embarrassing me.” “Just leave him be Ron,” admonished Hermione. “I give up!” Exclaimed Ron throwing up his arms in mock surrender. Just as he said it Brooke and Ginny came over to sit by the fire. Ron gave Ginny a ‘somethings up’ look, while as Hermione sat patiently as if waiting for something to happen. “Guys…” Ginny began, looking over at Ron and Hermione, “I’m super sorry about the way I’ve been acting, I feel really bad about it. I just hope we can put it behind us.” She watched them expectantly, as their brains seemed to be processing the information. “Definitely Ginny.” Hermione answered. “Ditto,” Said Ron, giving his sister a hug. “When did you learn to say ditto?” Asked Brooke, laughing at Ron. “Well my dad did some work with some guys who said it, so then he came home and said it, and now I’m saying it.” “That’s nice Ronnny,” Said Hermione smiling at him. “Ronny,” Exclaimed Harry, who looked over at Ron who was grinning and turning slightly red. “I think I’m gonna go to bed before Ron says anything else.” Head still reeling with information, and hurting from all the confusion he was having about a certain red headed girl, Harry found it difficult to practice his occlumency, but eventually found a way through and went to sleep. * ** *** ** * * ** *** ** * A/N: Sorry to have such a sucky ending there, but it will just have to do for now…but before I go, howsa bout a quote! "It's hard for many people to believe that there are extraordinary things inside themselves, as well as others. I hope you can keep an open mind." --Elijah Price, "Unbreakable"

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