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James stood from the table, and glanced my way. I pretended not to notice, and he left the Great Hall with a swish of his winter cloak. I frowned, and turned to my breakfast, shoving the eggs around my plate with my fork. He had already went to classes. I stood from the table, and from my breakfast, before glancing around the Great Hall, and taking my exit. I groaned, and rubbed my forehead. How I was I going to break the news to Victor? Sighing, I decided going to classes was the least of my troubles. I’d just sit in the Gryffindor Tower all day and try to decide how to write a letter to Victor and mother, letting them know I wouldn’t be going home for the holidays. I stepped up the stone stairs quickly, yet gracefully. I was alone in the stair hall, and it felt odd. My heels clinked against the stones, making echoes bounce off the walls, and paintings. Although it felt strange to have the stairs moving only to confuse myself, it was easier then with all of the students scrambling to get to class. I reached the portrait hole soon enough, and told the Fat Lady the password. She smiled, and allowed me to go in. The warm fire from this morning greeted me, and I stepped fully into the common room. I looked to the couch, and someone was lying there with a pillow over his or her head. “Hello?” I mumbled, walking slowly over towards him or her, sitting down in an armchair. “Hello?” he asked in return. I assumed he was a he because of his voice. It sounded like a mans, so it should be a mans, right? He lifted the pillow off his head, and sure enough, it was a he. Not just any other he, might I add, it was James. “Red..” He sat up, and leaned towards me. “Red, are you still upset?” “James… I love my fiancée..” “No.. you only think you do, Red…” he frowned, and stood from the couch, before crouching in front of me, cupping my face in his hands. “You only think you do… He has you trapped, Red.. They have you trapped… You’re better then that… You’re better then this.. why won’t you understand this?” “It’s… it’s not up to you to make me understand, James..” “I know… only you can do that… Do you really… really… do you really love him?” “N--- … why? You shouldn’t even be asking me this!” “Red… Lillian… Lily… I’ve got an old piece of parchment in my pocket, and nothing to offer you… for your ritzy survival… but what I got… what I have is worth a whole lot more then money… a whole lot more… It’s worth so much more..” “Oh.. James..” tears started in my eyes. It was horrible to see him like this. I cupped his hands in my own, and slowly moved them away from my face. “I have to go...” I whispered, and stood from the chair, my book bag entangled in my hand tightly. I walked out from the common room quickly, fighting the incredible urge to run back to James… to lose myself in his arms. Nevertheless, I couldn’t. I wouldn’t… the answer was no. I was engaged. I loved my fiancée. He would ensure everything to be high priced, and glamorous in my life. As soon as I hit the landing outside of the portrait hole, I found it easier to breathe. It had been a month and a half since James almost told me he loved me. It had been a month and a half since James and I had talked. It was early December, and I was walking into my dorm room. Seeing a rose, I frowned, hesitating to pick it up. But I did. There was a note attached to it. Opening the note up, I tilted my head to the side. Lily, Go to the corner of the common room, the one with the must smell. I rose my eyebrow, and looked around. Was this some kind of practical joke? Sighing, I dropped my book bag by the dormitory door, and headed back down the staircase. Looking around the common room, I saw everyone look at me. I bit harshly down on my lip, and glanced around. I walked to the corner I used to always sit in, and sniffed the air. It was the musty one. Glancing around in the corner, I found another rose. Picking it up, I read the note on that one. Outside the portrait whole… I held both de-horned roses in my right hand as I stepped through the common room, and out of the portrait hole. “Careful!” hissed the Fat Lady before she even saw me. “A gentle rose is there! Do not step on it!” Tightening my grip on the rose stems, careful not to break them, I bent over and picked it up quickly, before stepping fully out onto the landing, letting the Fat Lady close. “Go on! What’s it say, dear?” “Where do injured people sleep?” I read aloud for the Fat Lady to hear. “The Hospital Wing…” “Well, then! Go! Follow your rose-hunt!” I started to walk towards the Hospital Wing. Butterflies over-whelming my stomach. I wiped oncoming tears from my eyes, and sniffled when I reached the large doors of the Hospital Wing. A rose was gently resting on the door handles. I smiled sort of, took the rose from the handles, and opened the note that went to that one. A romantic place to star gaze... I thought for a moment, resting against the rough rocks of the walls. A romantic place to star gaze? Where would that be…? I wondered in my mind… Where would you go to star gaze? …The Astronomy Tower! Clutching my four roses in my right hand still, I swept up the stairs, a bounce in my step, as my father would have said. Biting my lip, I tried to remember how James had directed me to the Astronomy Tower in October. Oh, my mind was drawing a blank! How was I going to ever find it? My heels clicked on the marble or stone floor, as I walked solemnly in the direction I believed to be the Astronomy Tower. Biting back a cough, I opened a door, hoping it was the door James lead me through that night. I didn’t take Astronomy, so it was harder for me to find the rose. It was the astronomy tower. I was lucky to only have relied on my memory. I found the rose sitting on the balcony of the tower, a light coat of snow shielding it. I brushed the snow off with my hands, and picked up the rose, waiting desperately to read the note. I opened it slowly, blowing the snow away, carefully trying not to let the ink run. People fly, and play a game, a game of luck, a game of wits. Sometimes a game of love, come find Me. I bit my left thumbnail, before adding this rose to my right hand. Where would ‘me’ be? Who would ‘me’ be? I knew it was James. I knew it. But I don’t think I was sure of it. It could have been anyone… but I knew it was James… It would be the Quidditch Pitch! People fly there, and play a game! It takes luck to win, and wits to play, and oh! It was James! I dropped the roses, and ran from the Astronomy Tower, and all the way around Hogwarts, before I finally got to the door by the Great Hall. I burst through the Entrance Hall double oak doors, and ran with all of my heart’s desire towards the Quidditch Pitch. I slowed down once I got there, and quietly climbed the creaky wooden steps to the Gryffindor Stands. I shivered inside my school robes. It was freezing, and snow was starting to fall. It was even growing darker, but beyond the Quidditch Pitch, the horizon was glistening on the Black Lake. James sat in the stands, his broom standing on its tail next to him. I coughed in my throat, to catch his attention. “I changed my mind.” I grinned, and opened my mouth to speak, but he hushed me. He stood, and mounted his broom. “Come here…” I nodded, and shivered. He held his hand out for me, and I took it. “Get on…” “Oh, but…” “Shhh… trust me.” I nodded, and he helped me slide on in front of him. His arms encased my waist. “Close your eyes.” I did as I was told, and soon I felt James’ broom lift us off the ground. His hands guided my arms outwards, as if I was going to fly. “Open them..” Wind surrounded us, as we rested hundreds of feet up in the air. Snow melted in my hair. “Come Josephine, in my flying machine. Up we go, up…” I laughed, and turned my head to face him. “That song is ages old..” James nodded, and slowly pressed his lips up against mine. His lips molded around mine. It felt so good, and so warm… I pressed mine against his back, and rested one of my hands on his jaw line, holding his face near mine. A/N: As we can see there, there was some very, VERY, distinguishable similarities between the movie Titanic and this Fanfiction there. “Come Josephine, my flying machine—“ is a song from the story. Jack sings it to Rose when they are ‘flying’, and Rose, to remember that, sings it when she’s in the freezing cold water after the Titanic sinks. I hope you enjoyed this incredibly long chapter, as I enjoyed writing it. ..Bee-

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