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Chapter 20 Power The Dark Lord Knows Not Chapter 20…lotsa reviews…just got some chrismukkah presents…life Is pretty good…please review! * ** *** ** * * ** *** ** * The next two days passed by in an agonizingly slow pace. Harry and Brooke had practically stopped talking, despite the efforts of all of their friends. Professor Stallworth hadn’t been seen outside of his office since Harry had talked to him, Professor Snape teaching all of his classes for him, much to the entire school, excluding the Slytherins, displeasure. At the moment Harry was about to enter Professor Stallworth’s classroom for his detention, even though he was not entirely sure he would be there. But as Harry creaked the door open slowly it reveled his Professor, who looked up at him with a smile. “Harry, right on time!” Professor Stallworth exclaimed. “Yeah…so uh what do I have to do?” asked Harry, who wanted to get whatever his task was done quickly so he could go back to his room and his fire whisky. “Have a seat Harry,” said Professor Stallworth, motioning to a chintz armchair that had been placed in front of his desk. Harry quickly took his seat and examined the Professor, waiting for him to speak. “Today Harry you will not be cleaning, scrubbing, or polishing anything, we will be talking instead.” “Talking? For detention?” Harry asked skeptically. “Talking about you, or your recent behavioral changes to be more specific.” “I’m fine, really Sir, I swear,” Harry quickly fibbed. “It is quite obvious you’re lying,” The Professor retorted. “I am not,” Harry shot back, growing frustrated. He watched as the Professor began smiling at him; as a matter of fact his smile widened as Harry grew increasingly more frustrated. “Excellent,” he murmured under his breath. “What’s excellent?” asked Harry, still extremely frustrated. “Everything,” was the professors reply. “Everything isn’t excellent.” “Care to tell me what isn’t excellent Harry?” The professor asked raising an eyebrow at the boys direction. “No.” “Too bad, because I am not letting you out of this room until you confront your problems, and tell me what is bothering you.” “I don’t have any problems.” “That’s not what your friends seem to think, I believe Ms. Granger, Ms. Vener, and Mr. Weasley, are quite worried about you, and I must say Harry they have a right to be.” “A right to be what?” Harry spat, very angry that Ron, Brooke, and Hermione had betrayed him by going to a Professor. “Worried about you. They say you hardly ever eat, are very distant with them, and as soon as you get back to the common room go straight to bed.” “So, maybe I just need a little privacy?” “Drinking isn’t the answer Harry.” Harry’s astonished face must have been the answer the Professor was aiming for, because he continued, “Mr. Weasley came to me this afternoon claiming that he had found dozens upon dozens of empty fire whiskey bottles hidden under your bed, along with more unopened bottles in your trunk.” “I…I…” Harry stammered. “Look at yourself in the mirror Harry, your hair is long, your growing a muzzle, your eyes are constantly bloodshot and shadowed by dark circles, not to mention that you look like a man living off pure air. How much weight have you lost?” “I, well…” “No excuses Harry, you are destroying yourself.” “Well…” “Ms. Vener came to me a few nights ago, and told me that she had tried to talk to you about all of this. She informed me that she pleaded with you to talk to a friend, or at any degree a teacher, but she said that when she mentioned going to Dumbledore you told her you would never go to him again. She told me that after the events in Dumbledore’s office, which I did not witness all of, marked the point when you began to change. Now I may not have been there for the entire altercation, but I do know what Dumbledore did to you and it wasn’t right, but you need to tell someone, or I fear you may end up severely damaging yourself, more than you already have.” “He erased my memories.” Said Harry his head hanging low. “I know he did Harry.” “and he lied to me about it.” “It wasn’t right.” “He told me my parent’s weren’t dead.” There was a pause, followed by a clanking sound on the floor. Harry looked up to see Professor Stallworth putting his lamp back on the desk, turning to look at him, pale as a ghost. “Lily and James?” He whispered in a shaky voice. “You knew my parents?” Harry probed. “Very well Harry. I was a year ahead of them at Hogwarts, and I was your fathers partner.” “Partner?” “Aurors have partners, someone who they go on missions with, I was your fathers.” Harry remained silent, shocked, but silent. “He told you they were alive?” Stallworth asked trembling from head to foot now. “He told me their was a possibility, that…” Harry croaked. “That what?” “That their bodies had never been found.” “My God,” whispered Professor Stallworth, gripping the desk to steady himself. “But then he just as quickly told me that I shouldn’t get my hopes up and that they were dead.” There was no response, so he continued, “He told me that my parents were alive, but then told me they were dead in all of five minutes…it isn’t exactly easy to hear that, especially after the man you’ve trusted to help you your entire life erases your memories and lies to you about it.” Whispered Harry, trying to push back tears. “I’m glad you told me Harry, you need someone to talk to, even if you can’t tell your friends, just know that you can always tell me.” “Thank you.” Harry whispered. “But they are worried about you, and they are right I thinking that you are not taking proper care of yourself.” “I know,” Harry whispered feeling very ashamed of himself. “And believe me I know how hard it is to get back on your feet, but I also know something about you that you don’t know, and despite Dumbledore’s apprehension, I have convinced him to let me instruct you, that is if you will allow me to.” “What are you talking about?” “Have you ever heard of an elemental Harry?” “No” “Well an elemental is a wizard who can command force over the elements. They can harness the power of earth, wind, fire, and water to create some of the most beneficial and most destructive magic out there. They are very rare to come by.” “Are you saying I’m an elemental?” Asked Harry, who was quickly forgetting about the conversation he had just had about his parents. “No, you are not an elemental, you are something that hasn’t been seen since the earliest days of wizardry.” “I don’t get it?” “You Harry, I believe, hold the power of the Acer Motar.” “The what?” “The Acer Motar, it is an ancient latin based magic, only held by one wizard to date.” “Who?” “Merlin.” “Merlin? Like as in thee Merlin.” “None other.” “And you think I have this Motor Hacer thingy.” “Yes, the Acer Motar.” “You have to be crazy.” “No, quite sane actually.” “Well what is it then?” “It is very much like the power of the elemental only you do not harness the power of the elements, but you harness the powers of emotion.” “Emotion?” “Yes, emotion.” “How do you know I have it if no one since Merlin has had it, I haven’t even shown power linked to emotions, ever.” “Questions easily answered. We know as much as we do about it, because Merlin left behind a journal describing how to summon, conjure, and use the power. It is also studied in a room in the department of mysteries, a room that holds such a great force that very few are allowed to access it. And you have shown power Harry, only very recently. According to Merlin he did not fully develop the power until he was seventeen years of age, you are seventeen years of age.” “Coincidence.” “No, I don’t think so. I have been gone these past two days finding out as much as I can on the matter, and there are too many similarities for it to be just a coincidence.” “Well maybe there are similarities, but I haven’t even felt any powers, how can I have them if I’m not even aware of it. I don’t think there have been any times where there’s been anymore ‘power’ than anyone else my age.” “There has been though.” “Give me an example.” He demanded, really not believing anything he was being told. “For instance…in Dumbledore’s office just a few weeks ago, when you stormed in there you were exhibiting quite a few powers.” “Like what?” “For one, the fact that you blasted the door open, not using a wand. The fact that your finger tips were emitting sparks, and the fact that the lights were flickering.” “That could happen to anybody.” “Or how about just today, when you first entered my office, you were frustrated with me, and you made the lights start to flicker.” “Well…I could have…” “Or in the third year when you became so angry that you engorged your aunt.” “Fudge said even the best wizards lose their tempers, it could have happened to anyone.” “It isn’t common Harry, it was a cover up made by Fudge and Dumbledore not wanting you to know the truth.” “Still, what about Merlin, you said that he didn’t get his powers until he was seventeen, I was thirteen when I blew up my aunt, see it’s a totally different thing.” Stated Harry triumphantly, thinking that he had finally developed the upper hand. “No, I said he didn’t fully develop his powers until he was seventeen, that doesn’t mean that before he was seventeen he didn’t exhibit signs or have instances where his power was brought out.” Harry just sat there stunned, here he was being told that he was exhibiting powers that were last seen by Merlin, arguably the greatest wizard to have ever of graced the earth. Then something clicked. “You said you study it in the department of mysteries.” Said Harry standing up and pacing. “Yes we do.” “In fifth year Dumbledore, he said that the ability that I could feel so strongly was my greatest strength. He said that there was a door in the department of mysteries that remains locked, that there is a power in there that everyone possesses, but the fact that I possess so much of it…that Voldemort can’t understand it.” “I believe Dumbledore would have been speaking of the Acer Motar.” Said Professor Stallworth, observing Harry’s pacing. “…And he will have power the dark lord knows not…” mumbled Harry. “What was that?” Asked Professor Stallworth. “Could this be, the power the prophecy was talking about?” asked Harry, stopping to face his Professor. “I am sure of it,” replied Professor Stallworth, “So is Dumbledore.” “But Dumbledore has known all this time?” “So has the ministry.” “And they didn’t tell me?” “It had all been planned that you would begin training after you finished your seventh year here at school.” “So then why are you telling me now?” “I will be honest with you Harry. We are beginning to receive intelligence that Voldemort is becoming more active. We fear that he may try something in the near future, for which you must be prepared.” “Well why now? What about all those times he went after me in the past, couldn’t they have told me then…maybe…well then maybe things would have turned out differently, but NO Dumbledore had to keep me in the dark again.” Harry said seething. “Harry, I agree with you in thinking that Dumbledore should have told you about all of this, but it would of not made a difference no matter if you knew or didn’t, for at the age those events took place, you could not have properly controlled your power.” “So what happens now?” Asked Harry, sitting down and gazing at his Professor hard in the eyes. “Now, if you wish, I will train you.” “Okay,” Harry answered in a heartbeat. “We will have to practice after school hours, almost every night, if you want to fully master your abilities, you must dedicate yourself to what will surely consist of many late nights on top of your current schedule.” “I can handle it, I want it all to be over with,” Harry said, a determined gleam flashing in his eyes. “Today is Friday, lessons will begin tomorrow, can you make it?” “Yes.” “Good, now I suggest you go get some sleep, we will have plenty of work to complete tomorrow.” “Right, goodnight professor.” “Goodnight Harry.” With one look back at his Professor, Harry let himself out of the room, mind buzzing. He had always been the recipient of strange things. He had a prophecy made about him, he could speak parseltongue, and he was the heir of Godric Gryffindor, but now this. This was just weird. He had always had trouble thinking of himself as the-boy-who-lived, so how was he supposed to think of himself now? Now that he had this ancient magic people would think even more of him than they already did, which he wasn’t necessarily thrilled about, considering he already had enough unwanted attention to be getting on with already. That was another thing, what was he going to tell people. He certainly wasn’t going to go up and say something like, Hi, I’m Harry Potter I’m supposed to defeat the greatest wizard who ever lived, I’m related to Godric Gryffindor, and I have the power of Merlin, but people would find out. That was just the way his life went, the more he wanted to keep something a secret, the sooner it became public. In all of his musings he didn’t realize that he had already reached the common room. “password.” Demanded the fat lady. “Chocolate Mouse,” he sighed. With a questioning look, she swung forward to let him in. There were still a few people scattered throughout the common room when he entered. A few offered him greetings as he trudged over to the fireplace where everyone was gathered, still very unsure of what he was going to tell them, if anything. “Hi Harry, how was detention?” Asked Hermione nervously, as he sat down on the floor in front of the fire to warm himself. “Fine,” He replied in an expressionless tone. “Stallworth wasn’t too hard on yah, was he mate?” Asked Ron, who sounded even more nervous than Hermione. “Nope.” “I didn’t think he’s make you do too much, he seems to like you quite a bit, and he seems like a really nice guy.” Commented Brooke. “I guess so.” “So, uh, what did you do?” Asked Ron. “We just talked.” Said Harry. “Oh,” Was the response he got from Ron. “About what?” Questioned Hermione. “Stuff.” “Well, what type of stuff?” She probed further. “What do you think Hermione?” He turned and asked her. “We did it because we were worried about you Harry, what you’re doing to yourself isn’t right.” She replied, rising to the defense. “And what exactly am I doing to myself, do you mind telling me, because you seem so sure of it.” Harry shot at her, the feelings of betrayal he had felt in Professor Stallworths office flooding back to him. “You’re starving yourself and drinking yourself into a stupor every night!” She shrieked. “Maybe I am, but you didn’t even come to me about it before you ran off to the bloody teachers who now are going be on my back constantly.” He shrieked back. “We did come to you Harry,” Said Brooke, “We tried to talk to you a lot, but you didn’t want to listen.” “And what about you running of with Haus, huh? So much for ‘we’re just friends’” He needed to let all his pent up feelings out, and now seemed like the perfect time. “That has absolutely nothing to do with this, I told you my feelings, and you told me no.” “TO PROTECT YOU.” He screamed, not believing she was telling him this, hadn’t they gone over this already. “And I told you I didn’t need protecting, that I wasn’t a little girl anymore, and that I was quite capable of taking care of myself. Don’t accuse me of anything Harry.” She replied, in a calm voice. “Well maybe we should just be friends then.” He spat. “Maybe we should, maybe it was just never meant to happen.” “Well fine then, I hope you have a bloody good time with Kurt tomorrow.” “I will.” He stood up and stumbled backwards a little bit; this wasn’t happening. His friends had turned on him, they had sold him out. Ginny wouldn’t talk to him anymore, because he had yelled at her. Brooke had run off with another guy, just because, he, Harry had been trying to protect her, and now they were all teaming up against him. A million emotions were obscuring his senses; hurt, shame, disbelief, anger, jealousy…there were too many to count. That’s when he felt it. An odd tingling throughout his body. Then suddenly the lights started flickering, a strange glow emitting from where he was standing. “Harry?” Questioned Hermione timidly, “What’s going on?” He knew what it was, the Acer Motar, but he still wasn’t quite sure how to work it. But then a though occurred to him; Hermione might. After all she did seem to know how everything else did. “Acer Motar.” He whispered to her. “Harry, it can’t be that…no one has ever done that since Merlin.” She told him now using her ‘let me prove you wrong’ voice. “Well now someone else can do it, and I don’t know how to stop it.” He shot at her. She gave him a worried look, biting her lip nervously. “Try concentrating your emotions on a single item in the room…preferably something that can’t cause any lasting damage.” She ordered. He examined the room for something to concentrate on before settling on a chintz cushion resting on the couch across from him. He did as Hermione directed and aimed his feelings at the cushion, but nothing happened. “Hermione it’s not working,” He said, starting to worry that he could cause some real damage if he couldn’t get his ‘power’ to calm down. “Just concentrate.” She commanded. “I am” he snapped. “On what?” She asked. “Everything,” He spat. “Well try focusing on one thing that makes you feel a strong emotion.” He focused his attention back on the chair, this time thinking of one thing. Dumbledore. How the old man had lied to him, deceived him, kept him in the dark. He could feel his pain, his distrust, and his anger at the old man, but then the feeling changed. It was still there, but slightly blurred. The feeling was intangible, he couldn’t grasp what he was feeling anymore, whether it be hate, pain, love, joy, he couldn’t tell one from the other. He felt power surge through him. He felt oddly invincible, like he couldn’t be touched; no one could harm him. All of a sudden the pillow in front of him burst open sending goose feathers flying, the glowing stopped, and the lights returned back to normal. Panting Harry slid down against the wall, staring forward, not quite sure what to think. “How…Harry,” Hermione was gaping at him and the pillow in turn. “Stallworth, told me about it tonight,” He sighed, might as well just get this over with, they would have to know sooner or later. He noticed the fact that everyone left in the common room was staring at him as well, and gave an inward groan, Yep, this would be like all the other times, everyone would know about his little ‘incident’ in the morning. “But, how…no one since Merlin.” She said in pure awe. “I know.” “But…why didn’t you know before?” “They’ve known forever; Dumbledore and the ministry. According to Dumbledore it’s how I was able to blow up my Aunt Marge.” He spat. “And they didn’t tell you?” Asked Ron. “Well they have a habit of not telling me things.” He spoke at the ground, trying to ignore the whispering and pointing being pointed in his direction. “What does it mean?” Asked Brooke, staring at Harry with astonishment in her eyes. “The prophecy…he will have power that the dark lord knows not…well guess what that power turned out to be?” “You mean, this is how you’re supposed to beat him Harry?” Inquired Ron. “For lack of a better phrase, yes, supposedly that is.” “Harry, you didn’t even know how to stop it, how do you expect to be able to use it at your own accord.” Issued Brooke. “Stallworth is going to give me lessons, first ones tomorrow.” “But tomorrows Hogsmeade, aren’t you coming?” Cried out Ron. “No, this is more important, besides I don’t think I’d feel up to it even if I didn’t have anything to do.” “Why?” Asked Ron. “I guess I’m just sick of it. I need to sleep and clear my mind, it’s been a long day,” Said Harry jumping out of bed and hurrying up the boys dormitory staircase before he could be asked anymore questions. He changed into his pajamas, and wearily climbed into bed. Today had been stressful and long…too long. His head was swimming with thoughts, and he found that it took him an incredibly long time to finally clear his head before bed, after the events of his fifth year, Harry never went to bed without practicing occlumency first. For him, it was a small way to try and make amends with the past. He heard Ron enter, and pretended to be asleep when Ron called his name. Finally, he felt himself drifting off to sleep, welcoming the comforting silence that surrounded him and the peaceful nothingness of his dreams. * ** *** ** * * ** *** ** * A/N: Interesting developments, and where is the ship in this fic going to go…leave me a review letting me know your thoughts on the matter. Until then a quote…for some reason I really like the ones from movies. "No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world." --John Keating, "Dead Poets Society"

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