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“Good morning everyone!” Hermione said cheerfully. She had spotted her two best friends sitting by the fireplace. “Could you do us a favor Hermione?” Harry asked angrily. “Yeah, sure…what is it?” “Just get the hell out of here, this friendship is over!” Harry shouted and Ron nodded in agreement. Harry told him what he saw and heard the previous night. Hermione’s jaw dropped open. “But…I don’t get it! What’s the matter with you two?!” “You don’t get it?! Well, maybe this will refresh your memory…’Draco, don’t stop, please don’t stop!’” mocked Ron. Hermione’s eyes widened. She took a deep breath and sat down. “So you know about that?” she asked. “Obviously…” Harry and Ron said together. “God, I don’t know what to say…” Hermione started to cry. “You know what? I don’t think I want to hear anything from you! Come on Harry, let’s get out of here!” said Ron and stood up. Harry followed him. They headed towards the portrait hole. “Immobilus!” they heard Hermione shout and they couldn’t move any more. Everyone in the common room stared at Hermione. She felt her temper rising. “What the fuck are you looking at?!” Hermione shouted loudly. Lots of people raised their eyebrows at this, but decided not to comment, because they didn’t want to share Harry and Ron’s fate. Hermione turned to Harry and Ron and pushed them on a couch. “You’ll listen to me, if you want it or not!” she spat at them and took away their wands. “Now, I’ll lift the curse off but you must promise that you’ll hear me out!” she said and muttered the counter curse. Harry and Ron looked at each other, nodded and then stared at Hermione, waiting for her to begin. “It has started two months ago and it was your entire fault Harry, come to think of it…” Hermione began to explain. “What the--?” Harry tried to say something but Hermione stopped him. “Please, don’t interrupt me; it will be easier if you just listen… You can shout and hate me when I finish,” Hermione sighed. “So, as I was saying, it was your fault Harry, because I loved you for so long but you were blind! I wanted to tell you this for forever but I didn’t have the courage… And then, when I was ready to reveal my feelings you’ve started dating Cho Chang again. You broke my heart you know… I mean, what the hell were you thinking?! She is a stuck up, crying-all-the-time bitch! She has sold us all out, including you! I just couldn’t have that! So I decided to do something about it… I prepared a Love Potion. When two people drink the potion they’re united with a feeling stronger than anything else…There is no potion or spell that can negate the power of the Love Potion. It will stop working only if one of the lovers dies… I added the potion to your pumpkin juice during dinner and…” “…Malfoy drank it instead of me” Harry finished the sentence. Now he understood Hermione’s weird behavior during dinner and all the other extraordinary thing s that happened. She is right, this is all my fault… “So are you trying to tell us, that you and Malfoy will love each other as long as you are alive?” asked Ron. “Well not really, we can always land in St. Mungo’s…” Hermione tried to be cheerful. “This is not funny Hermione! I mean, can’t we do anything? I know! Let’s go to Dumbledore! He will know what to do!” said Ron. “Ron, we can’t! I’ve already told you! Nothing can be done about that! Even Dumbledore won’t be able to negate the working of the potion! And by the way, he would expel me for sure,” Hermione answered. “Harry, say something…you hate me, don’t you?” “No Hermione, I don’t hate you, I love you…” Harry sighed. Hermione and Ron stared at him. “But…what with Cho?” Hermione asked. “I’ve broke up with her yesterday,” Harry admitted. “Hermione, do you love me anymore?” “Oh, Harry I’m so sorry…” she sobbed “I don’t love you anymore! It’s because of the potion… I love Malfoy and there’s nothing we can do about that. But please don’t leave me alone, I really need you guys! This friendship means so much to me! Please…” Hermione cried hysterically. They both hugged her “Don’t worry Hermione, It will be alright…” “Hey, what’s going on in here?” Ginny asked. She has just entered the common room. “Guys, we’re playing with Slytherin today! Remember?” “Oh shit! I totally forgot!” Harry shouted. “Let’s better get going”. They went to the Great Hall for a quick breakfast and than left the castle with the rest of the school. Harry, Ron and Ginny went to put on their Quidditch robes and Hermione found Parvati and Lavender and sat next to them. The both teams appeared on the pitch. Harry mounted his Firebolt. Hermione’s voice was echoing in his mind all the time ‘It will stop working only if one of the lovers dies…’ A/N: I’m so sorry that it took me so long to update! I was really busy, you know! But here it is at last. The chapter is kind of short, but I hope you’ll enjoy reading as much as enjoyed writing it! Consider it as a Christmas gift :P And don’t forget to review!! Honestly!! Or I’ll stop writing!

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