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Chapter 19 While You Were Sleeping Okay, here it is chapter 19. This is my Christmas present to you all, well technically it’s an early Christmas present, I still half an hour until it is officially Christmas….oh well. I don’t know how much I like this chapter, lately I’ve been feeling in a bit of a rut writing wise, but I’ll let you guys be the judge of that. As always thank you a million times over for all the reviews, I appreciate them so much. Have a Merry Christmas, and please just leave a review once you’ve finished…it takes all of ten seconds and makes my day. * ** *** ** * * ** *** ** * Harry stayed in bed and didn’t attend classes for three days after his confrontation with Dumbledore, and refused to see anyone. He left once while the others were in classes and sneaked up to the Hogs Head in Hogsmeade where he bought a rather large supply of fire whisky, drinking himself into a stupor every night while the other boys in his dorm slept. Finally on the fourth day Ron had literally dragged him out of bed and made him come to classes. It didn’t do much good though. He didn’t answer his teacher’s questions. He ignored his friends, and he absolutely refused to even so much as look at Dumbledore. And that’s how it went for two weeks. Ron would drag Harry out of bed. Harry would walk around ignoring everybody, and then go and get drunk once classes were over. The information Dumbledore had told him had hit him hard. Brooke and Harry didn’t talk as much as they used to, but Harry still felt more and more for her every day. Hermione and Ron had taken to sneaking out of the common room every night, which left Brooke with Morgan Royale, the other transfer student sorted into Gryffindor. The two eventually became good friends, which according to Brooke was saying something due to the fact that she had never really liked Morgan, while they went to school in Boston. Brooke had also started studying with Kurt Haus, who was also a transfer student who had been sorted into Hufflepuff, and happened to be her ex-boyfriend. Harry would never admit it, but whenever Brooke went off to study he would seethe with jealousy. He had made an off hand comment about it once, and she had assured him that they were just friends who were studying together. He believed Brooke, but that still didn’t stop him from glaring at Kurt whenever he got the chance. * ** *** ** * * ** *** ** * Today was just like any other day. Harry was awoken by Ron tearing the sheets off of his bed, and bodily pushing him into the bathroom to take a shower. Harry allowed himself to be pushed into the bathroom where he gave up and climbed into the shower, trying not to think about the day before him. People had finally stopped asking him as many questions about the articles that had appeared in the tabloids around Christmas time, and had also stopped questioning him as much about the mysterious circumstances regarding his father and Sirius’ time travel, but every once in a while someone would still ask him a question, which he would never answer. Harry stood in the shower for ten minutes before turning off the hot water, and wrapping a towel around his waist, and examining his reflection in the mirror. His appearance had changed over the past two weeks. His face had a very gaunt appearance, accompanied by dark circles under his eyes from the fire whiskey. He hadn’t shaved or cut his hair in a long time, leaving him with hair that more resembled Sirius’, and slight stubble around his chin and upper lip. Several teachers had asked him if he was okay, and Madam Pomfrey even saught him out to make sure he was eating right, but he always denied any accusations of his unhealthy habits. He now pulled on his school uniform and cloak, and went out to meet Ron in the common room grabbing his book bag along the way. He wasn’t in a very good mood today, well he never was anymore, but today was pretty bad, and the hang over he had induced due to last nights bottle of fire whiskey wasn’t helping matters in the least bit. “Ready to go?” asked Ron in a chipper voice. “Do I have a choice,” replied Harry darkly. Ron merely rolled his eyes, grabbing Harry’s arm and leading him down to the Great Hall for breakfast. On the way down to the Great Hall Harry could hear his name being called a few times and people asking him questions, but he just brushed past everyone, while Ron tried to reason with his various admirers as well, until finally they entered the Great Hall where Brooke, Hermione, and Morgan were already in a deep discussion about their most recent transfiguration lesson. “Well I think it would be really fun to be an Animagus,” said Morgan. “I wonder what type of animal I’d be?” Pondered Hermione. “I’d guess some type of bird, like a Raven or an owl.” Said Brooke, who had just noticed the boys, “Morning boys, sleep well.” “Great,” answered Ron loading a plate full of pancakes and sausages. “How about you Harry?” asked Morgan flirtatiously, pushing her wavy blonde hair out of her eyes. That was the problem with Morgan, ever since she began to hang out with Brooke and Hermione more she had never stopped flirting with Harry, who did think she was pretty, but was rather annoyed by all the attention she was giving him. “Fine,” answered Harry bluntly, plopping down next to Ron, and burying himself in his charms notes. “Since when do you study during breakfast? Why don’t you eat something?” said Hermione pushing a plate of food towards Harry. “Since I’m not hungry,” replied Harry pushing the food back to Hermione, still studying his notes. “How can you not be hungry Harry, you didn’t eat hardly anything last night at dinner, you have to eat breakfast,” admonished Hermione pushing the plate back towards Harry. “I’m fine,” He replied, once again pushing the plate back. “No you’re not Harry, you have to eat!” exclaimed Hermione her voice rising slightly, catching the attention of the people eating nearby. “I’m fine Hermione, honestly,” he shot back at her. “Harry what happened? You’ve stopped eating, you’ve practically stopped talking, you’ve stopped being Harry, won’t you just tell us what’s wrong?” She pleaded with him. “Nothings wrong,” snapped Harry as he pushed his chair back and grabbing his book bag, “I’ll see you guys in class,” he said before turning on his heel and leaving the Great Hall. On his way out he could have sworn that he heard Hermione say, ‘we need to talk to someone about him before he hurts himself.’ * ** *** ** * Harry went through the first two lessons of the day (Transfiguration, and Charms) in an incredibly bad mood, snapping at any one and everyone who dared speak to him, which hadn’t turned out too well on his part when he snapped at McGonnogal sending her into a rage saying, ‘That is enough Mr. Potter I have had enough of you and your attitude, DETENTION!’ Harry was practically seething when he entered the potions room, where he settled himself in the back of the room as far away from everybody else as he could. “SILENCE,” barked Professor Snape as he entered the dungeon, shutting the door behind him. “Today we will be beginning the preliminary steps to completing the Knowledge Potion, who can tell me the main ingredients involved in a Knowledge Potion?” As expected Hermione’s hand shot up in the air, along with a few other peoples as well, but Snape overlooked all of them, narrowing his eyes he made his way to the back of the room towards Harry. “Well?” he demanded looking down on Harry who was playing dumb. “Well what?” He retorted. “Potter, tell me the main ingredients involved in a Knowledge Potion.” Snape spat with pure loathing in his eyes. “Mandrake root, and serpent skin,” He shot back with a look that matched Snape’s. “Partly correct, but it is not just Mandrake root, but shredded Mandrake root, I would expect someone in a seventh year NEWT class to be able to tell me that, despicable Potter.” Snape turned on his heel and began prowling the aisles, “For all of you who wish to know the proper information,” he shot a look at Harry as he said it, “Take notes; the knowledge potion can be applied to one…” Snape continued to drone on for the rest of the lesson, with Harry taking notes every once in a while, before the clock signaled it was time for everyone to leave, “Homework, two yards on how one would identify a person under the effects of the Knowledge Potion,” Snape called back to the classes retreating backs. “Great,” mumbled Harry under his breath, he was thankful that he only had one class of the day left, his best, defense against the dark arts, which also happened to be his only class with Brooke, and the only class he didn’t have with Ron or Hermione, who had it a different period. * ** *** ** * * ** *** ** * Harry was the first one to enter the Defense Against the Dark Arts Classroom and settled himself in the front, the only class he was willing to do this in anymore. He watched as the rest of the class filed in, all sending him quick smiles. It was well known by many that this was Harry’s best class, and people liked to see him in action, especially against Professor Stallworth who he had gotten into many debates with since he started teaching at Hogwarts. “Attention class,” Greeted Professor Stallworth, “Books away, wands out.” Everyone grinned at this; it was always a sign that it would be an interesting lesson. Professor Stallworth paused at his desk surveying the room before he launched into the lesson. “As I am sure all of you are aware by now Lord Voldemort (collective shiver at the mention of the name) employs many dark creatures to do his bidding. Some of these creatures can be kept off by brute force, some respond to defensive spells, but then there are some who are so foul that they are only repelled by a few pieces of very powerful magic. Can anyone tell me one of these such creatures?” Asked Professor Stallworth, stopping his walking around the room to observe the class, “Yes, Mr. Haus.” Harry’s blood boiled as he watched Kurt answer the question, “Dementors, sir.” “Correct Mr. Haus, five points to Hufflepuff. Now can anyone tell me a spell that would repel a dementor,” Not wanting to be showed up by Kurt, Harry raised his hand. “Yes, Mr. Potter,” called Professor Stallworth. “The Patronus Charm, repels dementors, there are also several potions one could drink to repel them, but they are extremely hard to make, and cause very severe effects after the potion has wore off.” “Excellent Mr. Potter, five points to Gryffindor. Now can someone explain to me the effects a dementor has on a human?” Harry shot his hand in the air once again, “Yes, why don’t you continue Mr. Potter.” “Dementors feed off despair and fear. When one is around a dementor they relive their worst memories, feel like they’ll never be happy again. That’s why so many people in Azkaban go insane, it’s because they keep seeing the worst moments of their life over, and over, and over again. The worst thing a dementor can do is perform the ‘dementors kiss’ where they lower their hoods and suck out your soul, so that you are not dead, but are basically just a body without a brain.” “Excellent, take ten points for Gryffindor, and if you don’t mind me asking Mr. Potter why is it you know so much about a dementor and it’s effects?” “I just do,” Harry answered not wanting to get into it, but Neville seemed otherwise inclined and had taken to waving his hand around frantically from the back of the room. “Yes Mr. Longbottom, you have something to add?” asked Professor Stallworth who had walked over in front of Neville. “Yes Professor, I know why Harry knows so much about dementors, it’s because he can make a Patronus, he showed us how in fifth year for the DA.” Said Neville with a proud grin. “Is that so?” Asked Professor Stallworth turning to face Harry once more. “Yeah,” replied Harry, who was now thoroughly annoyed at Neville, who once again had been the cause of more unwanted attention. “Would you be so kind as to demonstrate for the class?” He asked. “Do I have to?” questioned Harry. “Yes,” answered the Professor. After sitting still for a few moments he dragged himself out of his seat and made his way to the front of the classroom, pulling his wand out as he went. He turned to face the class, and shut his eyes tight concentrating hard on the happiest memory he could think of, the one that had allowed him to produce a Patronus for the first time, the memory of his parents in the Mirror of Erisad. Concentrating hard he spoke the incantation, “EXPECTO PATRONUM” He opened his eyes to see a brilliant white light encompass the room as a silver stag erupted from the tip of his wand and ran out into the classroom before stopping at the back, bowing to Harry, and disappearing. There was an eerie silence followed before smattered applause and murmurs filled the room, everyone clearly awestruck at what they had just witnesses, Professor Stallworth was the first to speak. “Excellent Mr. Potter,” he breathed, an odd glint in his eye, “A corporeal Patronus at that…very impressive.” Harry made his way back to his seat, fidgeting slightly under the intense gaze from the inhabitants of the classroom, while Professor Stallworth continued to stand in the back of the room stroking his chin, lost in a world of thought. It felt like an eternity before the Professor spoke again, “I believe that has been enough for today, I would like you all to write me five feet on the Patronus charm, and Mr. Potter I would like to see you after class.” “Fine,” Harry breathed moodily, all this was, was one more thing for people to bug him about in the corridors. Harry sat in silence for the rest of class not looking at anybody, not wanting to discuss his Patronus. Mercifully there hadn’t been much time left in the period after Harry’s little ‘demonstration’, so he only had to endure a few minutes of whispers. He remained in his seat while the rest of the class left before approaching Professor Stallworth’s desk, who was consumed in a very old and tattered book. “Uh, Professor?” Harry asked quietly. “Harry,” said Professor Stallworth slamming the book shut in front of him and stuffing it under his desk, “Is class already over?” “Yeah, it’s been over for about five minutes.” Answered Harry turning back to look at the now empty classroom. “Right, must have lost track of time, got too much into that book. Nothings better than a good book Harry, don’t you agree?” asked Professor Stallworth, as he cleared a few pieces of loose paper off of his desk. “I guess,” Answered Harry, a little unsure about his Professors odd behavior. “You wanted to talk to me about something?” He asked trying to change the topic of conversation to the matter that he was more interested in. “Yes, well it has come to my attention that you have acquired a detention from Professor McGonnogal, is that correct?” “Yes.” “I have talked to her and we both believe that it best that you serve your detention with me, day after tomorrow, six o’clock, don’t be late. Now…I really have to work on something, so I’ll see you then, will I? Good, goodbye then Harry.” Without waiting for an answer he removed himself from his chair and went into his office. “Nutter,” Harry mumbled as he made his way down to the Great Hall for dinner, where he found Ron, Hermione, Brooke, and to his displeasure Morgan. He took the seat they had saved for him, which happened to be next to Morgan, pulling out his transfiguration homework as he did so. He looked up once at Hermione as if to challenge her to say something about his eating habits, but she merely glared at him with an exasperated expression, and noticed the same look on everyone’s faces at the table. Not wanting to face their accusations, he gingerly grabbed a roll off of the platter in front of him, and began nibbling at it. They stared at him one last time before returning back to their meals. He was completely absorbed in his transfiguration homework that he didn’t notice Hermione talking to him at first. “What?” He asked quickly as he shot up, and became aware of Hermione’s voice being directed at him. “I was just saying Harry, that Ron and I have to leave now for our Head meeting, but we’ll be back in the common room later tonight.” “Okay,” Answered Harry, not really caring at all where they went. “So we’ll see you later then mate?” Asked Ron. “Definitely,” Harry replied in what he hoped was an upbeat voice. “I think I’m going to go up to the library anyways, I have a lot of homework to do.” “Good for you Harry,” appraised Hermione. “I’m glad you’re concentrating so hard on your studies and really applying yourself,” she continued, before she left with a wave, Ron following behind her. “Yeah well I think I’m gonna head up now,” Said Harry as he gathered his things up from the table. “I’ll go up with you Harry, I want to get that paper Professor Stallworth gave us done.” Said Brooke, standing up to join him. “Sure,” He responded numbly, as she hooked her hand into his elbow and pulled him towards the exit. On their way up to the library, they made light conversation, until Brooke stopped him and changed the subject onto Harry’s recent actions and habits, a newfound favorite topic by everyone these days. “I’m really worried about you Harry,” she said, her brown eyes gazing into his green ones. “Don’t be,” He answered. “I am, it’s like Hermione said you’ve stopped being Harry, the Harry that I liked so much when I met him at Christmas.” “Things changed,” he answered trying to brush her off, but it proved to be of no avail, as she kept a firm hold on his arm. “Harry, I know that whatever Dumbledore told you that day we found you on the Quidditch pitch must have been something really big, but you need to let it out, you need to talk about it, if not with your friends then with a teacher, Dumbledore.” “I will never go to Dumbledore again,” Answered Harry, his blood rising at the sound of the name. “Whatever happened was big Harry, I’m not stupid, let me try to understand.” She pleaded with him. “You could never understand.” He answered, his voice devoid of all information. “Why not?” “Both of your parents are alive, and you aren’t the reason they’re dead.” He said it in a dead quiet whisper, but Brooke heard him, and wrapped him in a hug. “Who told you that?” “I’ve always known, they died to save me, my mom sacrificed herself for me.” “Only one person did that, only one person killed your parents, and that’s Voldemort, you were only a baby there was nothing you could have done that would have prevented it.” “I guess,” He answered fighting back the powerful wave of emotion that was threatening to overtake him, “Let’s go up to the library then, we still have all that homework to do,” said Harry, gently prying himself from Brooke’s embrace. She just nodded and followed him up to the library where they began to study, or in Harry’s case pretended to study. He was too worked up right now to really concentrate. The events of the night in Dumbledore’s office two weeks ago, Professor Stallworth’s unexplainable behavior, his feelings for Brooke were all becoming a jumbled mess in his brain, causing him to become very confused and moody. After awhile of staring at the same line over and over again he excused himself to go sit by a window and clear his head. He didn’t know how long he sat there, but when he returned to the table he and Brooke had been sharing there was one more person seated there; Kurt Haus. “Harry, how are you?” Greeted Kurt. “Fine,” he answered in an unreadable tone. “That was a brilliant job in Defense Against the Dark Arts today, everyone’s been talking about it.” Kurt continued. “Are they?” Said Harry as more of a statement than a question, “Imagine that,” he mumbled to himself as he sat himself down in the seat he had occupied before. “Yeah, well I have to go I’m meeting Jack on the Quidditch Pitch, so I’ll see you later Harry.” “Bye,” Harry called waving his hand in a dismissive manner. “Don’t forget about Saturday Brooke!” Kurt called back before disappearing through the library doors. Harry was frozen in place, as he contemplated what ‘don’t forget about Saturday’ could mean. Finally he turned his head to face Brooke’s, who had once again buried herself in her homework. “What’s going on Saturday?” asked Harry in a would be casual voice, except for the fact that he was shaking with rage inside. “Hogsmeade trip.” She answered not looking up for her paper. “Well why would Kurt say he’d see you Saturday if you were obviously going into Hogsmeade?” Harry reasoned. “Because…I’m going with him.” She answered slowly lifting her gaze to meet Harry’s astonished eyes. “You…but…he’s just a friend…that’s what you told me…you told me.” Harry sputtered with the words, trying to form a coherent sentence. “We are.” “Then…why?” he managed to choke out. Brooke only looked at him; eyes brimming with unshed tears, before saying the words that plunged into his heart like a cold dagger. “I couldn’t wait for you forever.” * ** *** ** * * ** *** ** * A/N….Here’s this chappies quote…I quite like it actually. Ferris: Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it. -Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986)

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