You and Ron made your way over to the entrance of the Ravenclaw common room after dinner that same day. When you had finished the snowball fight, in which you and Ron had lost horribly, the four of you had spent the rest of the day hanging out in the Great Hall drinking hot chocolate, and playing chess. It turned out that Ron was an excellent chess player, he knew all of the moves and tricks to beat anybody. It also turned out the you were horrible at the game, not that you minded learning from Ron...or even being beaten by him.

It was now late afternoon, and you were exhausted, mostly from playing outside, but also because you were still in a sort of state of shock, still literally buzzing from that moment in Professor Hagrid's cabin. You knew that it was stupid to read so much into that kiss, but it wasn't just the kiss, he had said that he liked you, and he hadn't totally freaked out when you had returned the statement. You didn't have all that much experience in this particular situation, but when someone told you that they liked you, it was probably safe to assume that they are telling the truth.

" Today was fun... " You said, hoping that he would bring up the kiss, or better yet, repeat it. Ron nodded, the two of you leaned against the stone wall.

" Yeah, it was. " He said, and you noticed him scooting closer to you slowly. Smiling once, you save him the effort and slide over so that your leg's are touching.

" Your a really excellent chess player. " You muttered, remembering how he totally creamed anyone that he played, including a very disgruntled Professor Flitwick, who Ron beat twice, before the Professor quit.

" Thanks...I've had alot of practice. " He said blushing slightly. You can't but to widen your smile, he's so adorable.

" Can't say the same for my chess playing abilities... " You said, it was true, you were absolutely dreadful at playing that bloody game, just wasn't in your genes apparently.

" Oh come you not that bad, " He started, you smirk at him arching an eyebrow. " Yeah kind of suck... " He finished laughing. You shook your head.

" Oh well, guess some of us just aren't meant to play the game... " You said looking up at his face. He was staring at you, a hint of a smile still lingered on his freckle covered face, it made you a little first.

" Yeah...guess not... " He breathed. You were staring now, it was weird, but the awkwardness was gone and now you were highly aware of the fact that he was getting closer. You smiled softly, and you hoped that he took that as a sign of approval. He grinned back, and kept moving forward. You moved your hand to his cheek and pulled his face to you. Before you knew it you were kissing him again, and it was, if possible, better than the first one. His lips were so soft, and it was quite possibly the most amazing thing you had ever experienced. He pulled away, making you take your hand down and place it at your side.

" I meant what I said earlier today, I do really like you. " He said, glancing down once, and then looking back at you.

" Me too... " You said, still a little shaky from the kiss, you continued to smile, and were afraid that you might never stop.

" There's a Hogsmeade trip tommorow you know. " He said, and there was a look in his eye's that might have been hope, but you were too busy sorting out your own feelings to tell the difference between his.

" Yeah, it's a good thing to, I've still got Christmas shopping to do... " You say, not knowing why in the world you were talking about Christmas shopping, when it was now obvious that he wanted to ask you something. He cleared his throat quietly.

" Morgan...I was wondering...if maybe we could go on like a... " He looked as if he couldn't quite finish the sentence, so you took it upon yourself to complete it for him.

" A date? " You asked, feeling an odd sense of elation. He gave a sigh, that seemed to be of pure relief than anything else. Smiling again he nodded, looking slightly embarrassed at himself.

" Yeah...I just thought that it would be fun... " He muttered, and once again the tips of his ears went red, and you felt your stomach flip.

" It would! I mean...yeah, sure, sounds great. " You said, trying to sound reassuring, when you were trying to reassure yourself at the same time. This was so surreal, days ago you were feeling utterly alone and depressed, and now, only days later you were planning dates with Ron Weasley, your crush since like...second year. This just didn't happen to you very often.

" Great...well, I should really get to bed, I've got Quidditch practice in the morning, before we go to Hogsmeade. " He said, looking less than excited about it.

" Oh...okay then... " You say, as you watch him get up off of the wall to leave. You stand up straight as well, wishing that you could re-live what had happened a few minutes before. He stood there for a moment, seeming not to know what to do next. Then before you knew it, he kissed you on the cheek and he was gone, walking up the large stair case leading up to where you knew the Gryffindor common room must be. He looked back once, giving you a slight wave, that you returned.

Then, feeling sort of like you were floating, you made your way into the Ravenclaw common room, after muttering the password. The common room was farely empty, except a few students playing with a stack of cards that looked as if they came out of hundreds of chocolate frog packs. You were still smiling as you climbed the stairs to your dormitory, in which you had all to yourself while everyone was gone. You made your way over to your trunk, and pulled out some flanel pajama's, making sure to put all the clothes you had thrown around this morning back into the trunk. Slipping into the soft and warm red outfit, you plopped onto your bed, laying on your back you breathed in and let it out slowly. Today had been quite possibly the best day ever, as childish as that sounded.

You had only been laying down for a few minutes, when you heard a knock against the window. You sat up slightly to look and see what it was. It was still snowing outside, and all you could make out was the blurry outline of something hovering energetically on the other side of the glass. Grinning you get up from the bed, thinking of the cause of the same type of noise this morning. Opening the window, you gasp softly as a little black barn owl flew in, followed by a blast of icey snow. Shoving the window closed, you turn around to look at your mother's owl, Gavin.

He fluttered to the top of your desk and sat there looking flustered from the cold and snow. You walked over and stroked his soft neck with the tip of your index finger, then untied the letter from it's little leg. The parchment was a little damp, but it unfolded nicely as you sat back down on your bed and read the letter.

Dear Morgan,

No, I haven't forgotten about you, I'm so sorry I haven't written in a while, but your grandmother is keeping me rather busy. She's now bedridden, so now I have to obay her every need, and let me tell you, she has a lot of needs. Anyway, not a lot of family made here for Christmas, so your not missing much. Apparently they shut most of the airports down, becasuse of the snow, which is odd, since it's dry as a bone here. I do hope it's snowing at Hogwarts, I know how much you love the snow.

When I say not a lot of family made it, would you like to guess which of them did?

Aunt Scarlotte, and Uncle Ben, oh yes, it turns out that they drove all the way from France just to visit dear old mother. Unfortunately that mean's I have to deal with them, honestly it feels like I'm running a day care here. Your aunt and uncle got you a present, I'll be sending it tommorow, so hopefully it will get to you on Christmas, my gift will be attatched with it as well.

Your brother is having a good time at that Robbie boy's house, he said that it snows every day there, and they have daily snowball fights. At least he's having a good time, although I'm sure your not having a terrible time either, I hear it's beautiful at your school this time of year. Well, your grandmother is calling for me, and I think your Uncle just broke the television set, I'll see you soon.

And do try to have a merry Christmas!

Much love from,

You laughed as you thought of your aunt and uncle, they weren't mean or anything, they were just old. In fact Uncle Ben is were you got your magic from, he was a wizard, but that didn't count for much, since he was a squib. In fact your not even sure your Aunt Scarlotte knew about it or not, but it didn't really matter, she probably wouldn't remember it if he ever told her. You wondered waht they had gotten you for Christmas, last year they had wrapped a jello mold and made poor Gavin carry the whole thing from France to your house, in the snow.

Sighing you thought of your brother, but only for a second, since he was apparently having a good time. You weren't jealous anymore, which was good, because it wasn't right for you to have been jealous in the first place. If only your mother knew that upon leaving you here for the holidays you were meeting a potentual boyfriend.

Hopping off your bed, you shuffle over to the desk and sit down. You fold up your mother's letter and drop it into the drawer. Then you take out a piece of parchment and an old quill and ink bottle. Feeling drowsy you write your response.

Dear Mom,

Good to know that you haven't forgotten about me. Sorry to here about grandma being bedridden, hope it's nothing serious. Anyway don't sound so glum that Uncle Ben and Aunt Scarlotte came over, now your now alone with grandma for Christmas, that would be bad. Make sure that the gift that my dear aunt and uncle got me isn't any type of food product, you remember last year don't you? You never got the green out of the carpet.

I haven't heard from Nathan yet, I'm glad he's having a good time, and don't worry about Robbie's parents, their really nice, I met them last Christmas. And also, don't worry about me, It actually turned out that it's not that bad here at Christmas, it is awfully pretty, the Professor's decorated the whole school with green, red, and gold. And yes, it is snowing here, and I must say that it's almost worth staying here, just so I can look at the snow. It started falling last night, and hasn't stopped since.

There are some people here to spend the holidays with, some people I haven't been all that close to till now, so it's really quite fun here. So I guess I can forgive you for leaving me here, exspecially since I would have to deal with grandma if I had gone with you.

Can't wait for your present, I'm buying yours tommorow. There's a Hogsmeade trip. I'll send it as soon as I get the chance.

Merry Christmas!

Love from,

You folded up the parchment and quickly tied it to Gavin's skinny little leg. He hooted, and you could have sworn that he was begging you not to send him back out into the snow.

" Sorry Gavin, but it is your job. " You mutter taking him back over to the window. You open it up, letting yet another burst of wind flow through and smack you in the face. You all but throw Gavin out of the window and shut it back hurridly.

Having nothing else to do, you walk back over to your bed, and flop back down on it gratefully. This time you get under your warm comforter, pulling it up to your chin. It doesn't take you long to get to sleep, and to get back to the dream you had been having that morning before you had been interupted. The good thing was, that now you actually knew how it felt for that dream to actually happen, and that only made it better to think about.

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