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“This is a late birthday present from the Order.” Dumbledore said to Harry as he put a bowl down on Harry’s trunk. Harry was lying on his stomach, looking at the bowl and Dumbledore stood infront of him. “A pensieve?” Harry asked, quite amazed that they had given him something like that. “It could come in very useful when remembering dreams, learning Occlumency, that sort of thing.” Dumbledore said calmly. “Occlumency? Again?” Harry asked, unhappily. “You clearly need lessons again, after a rather disturbing dream you had a while back during which you actually spoke to Voldemort.” Dumbledore said. Harry groaned and knew that Remus must have told Dumbledore about his dream. He glanced back up at the old man who smiled. “Snape won’t teach me though, will he?” Harry said. “I’m not sure about that yet, Harry. If he will not then another teacher could possibly be found.” Dumbledore said. Harry felt rather unhappy at the prospect of having his feeble Occlumency skills mocked by his most hated of teachers but didn’t speak his opinion of the man and decided to change the subject instead. “So how do I use this then?” Harry asked him. “Ah, ‘tis a most wonderful creation: the pensieve, and so very simple to use.” Dumbledore said. “All you have to do is think hard about part of the memory you wish to put inside the bowl and then touch your want to your temple and pull away your memory.” He said this whilst demonstrating with his own head. “Then you just put it into the bottom of the bowl, like so.” He said and put the silvery material on the bottom of the bowl and withdrew his wand. Dumbledore put his wand into the strange mixture and stirred it slightly. Suddenly an image filled the pensieve. It was Harry flying during a Quidditch match the previous year but through Dumbledore’s eyes on the stands. “Wow.” Harry said. “And of course you understand how to enter the memories themselves.” He said with a slightly amused smile on his face, “And although a lot of wizards prefer to enter their pensieve headfirst, most prefer just a touch of the finger.” Dumbledore reached out to Harry and took hold of his hand before putting his own finger into the pensieve. “It’s weird watching yourself flying.” Harry said as he found himself stood in the stands with the other staff of the year before. “I can imagine.” Dumbledore smiled, “As you have just seen, by taking someone else’s hand whilst outside a pensieve you can easily bring them into it also.” “How many people can go into a pensieve with you?” Harry asked with interest. “As many people as you wish.” Dumbledore replied, “Which could make it useful for revealing information without having to tell it, show people your past… that kind of thing.” Harry stared at him in disbelief. How does he always know?! He wondered. “Right, so how do you get out of here?” Harry asked him, realising that he had always been taken out of the pensieve by someone else. “You simply need to think of the spell ‘egredior’ in your mind. It will cause you to leave instantly along with anyone else in the pensieve with you at the time.” Dumbledore said to him and Harry nodded. “You try it.” Egredior. Thought Harry and he found himself sprawled on his bed at Grimmauld Place, whilst Dumbledore was stood infront of the pensieve, looking at him with interest. “Very good, Harry.” Dumbledore said to him, “I hope that you use your new present wisely.” “I will, Professor.” Harry said and smiled slightly at the man infront of him. “Thanks.” “You’re most welcome,” Dumbledore said and a moment later he was gone. Convenient, Harry thought, That just when I need a way of showing Remus my past and showing Ron and Hermione the prophecy, Dumbledore gives me a pensieve… very convenient indeed.
Harry sighed with relief as he finally put down his quill and stared at his three yards of potions homework. It had taken him another three hours to write the last yard that he had needed and he had managed to complete it, despite the fact that his head started throbbing after the first five minutes. Ron stared at his work in irritation; he had only just finished his third foot of defence against the dark arts, which was the bare minimum. He groaned when he saw Harry’s completed potions essay and wished that he had also done potions first. “Wow, well done Harry.” Hermione said when she saw that he had successfully completed the longest and most difficult of their four essays before Ron had finished the easiest and most enjoyable. She was still writing her transfiguration essay but it was now already a foot longer than Professor McGonagall had asked for. “She won’t mind, Hermione.” Harry said to her for the fifteenth time. “I hope not; I’ve included all the necessary information, I don’t think I could get rid of any if I tried!” She said and Ron rolled his eyes at Harry. “Anyway.” Harry said, taking a deep breath. “Did I tell you what Dumbledore gave me earlier from the Order?” He asked them, knowing that he hadn’t so much as mentioned the pensieve. “A slap?” Ron suggested. “A book?” “A lifetime supply of lectures?” “Information about Voldemort?” “A good kick up the—” “Ron!” Hermione scolded. “If you’re quite finished.” Harry said to them both, “They gave me a pensieve for my birthday.” “Wow!” Said Hermione, “That’s amazing Harry!” “I didn’t get a pensieve for my birthday.” Ron complained. “But you’re not as close to the Order as Harry is.” Hermione said. “Six members of my family are in the Order!” Ron said, “How many of his are in it?!” He realised what he had said before he so much as finished his last word and instantly tried to apologise for it. “Harry! I didn’t mean… I’m sorry… I… You… Sorry!” Harry observed him coldly for a moment before summoning his pensieve to him. “Let’s see a memory or something then, Harry.” Hermione said to him. “Sure.” Harry said, feeling his stomach twist unpleasantly. He concentrated hard on his chosen memory and took it from his mind with his wand, putting it in the bottom of the bowl. He took Hermione’s hand, who in turn took hold of Ron’s and they all entered the pensieve. Ron and Hermione looked around Harry’s memory with interest; the memory of Harry was sat opposite Dumbledore across his desk and Harry looked upset to say the least. “The one with the power to vanquish the dark lord approaches... born to those that have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies ... and the dark lord will mark him as an equal, but he will have powers the dark lord knows not ... and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live as the survives ... the one with the power to vanquish the dark lord will be born as the seventh month dies.” Said Dumbledore and everyone stared at him in horror. Ron instantly started counting months on his fingers and suddenly the memory ended and all three of them were thrown back out of the pensieve. Without warning, Hermione burst into tears and flung her arms around Harry’s neck, who could only sit there, dumbfounded with the sobbing girl in his arms. Ron stared at him, a clear look of disbelief on his face and his mouth hanging slightly open. Eventually Hermione’s tears began to slow and she pulled away from him apologetically and wiped her eyes. She and Ron continued to stare at him whilst their homework lay ignored on the table. Remus stood in the doorway of the lounge, looking at the expressions of fear and desolation on the faces of Ron and Hermione. On the table sat the pensieve with only one memory inside it and it didn’t take much to guess what memory it was. Remus bit his lip slightly and backed out of the room, pulling the door to on his way out. “What’s going on?” Mad Eye asked from behind Remus, making him jump slightly. Remus noticed Mad Eye’s magical eye looking around the room curiously on the other side of the wall but eventually he just shrugged his shoulders and walked into the kitchen with Remus just behind him. “Well I still think that he may be a cat,” Said Minerva from around the kitchen table but stopped abruptly as the door opened. The topic of Harry and what form his Animagus would take had been a subject of much discussion over the past few days, they had also taken to betting on when he would manage to be fully able to apparate. “I don’t think so.” Mad Eye said, joining the conversation. “He’ll be a griffin or something similarly Gryffindor.” “Like a lion.” Bill said, agreeing with him, “Or a phoenix.” “Maybe he’ll be a dragon!” Charlie said, suddenly. “I will not have a dragon in this house!” Molly said suddenly. “But it’s not your house, it’s Remus’.” Tonks said. “Fine.” Molly muttered, “Anyway, he’s going to be a stag, like his Patronus.” “He won’t be. He’ll be something different.” Arthur said. “There’s only so many times we can have this conversation.” Remus yawned. “And I, for one, am thoroughly sick of talking about that cretin, Potter, and his future Animagus form.” Snape said coldly. “I think he’ll be a dog like Sirius was.” Remus said, instantly starting up the conversation again to Severus’ irritance and everyone else’s amusement. “I know he misses Sirius, but he loves you too Remus.” Tonks said, “He could be a wolf.” “For Merlin’s sake!” Snape shouted, “He doesn’t love Lupin, he never loved Black and he’s never going to manage to apparate or become an Animagus!” Snape glanced round and a sneer touched his face as he noticed Hermione stood in the doorway, she shot an angry glare at Snape before turning to leave the room. “I can’t believe Snape said that.” Ron said, some couple of minutes later in the room next door. “I mean, I know he hates you and all but saying that you never loved Sirius was a bit out of line.” “I know, and I wonder how Lupin reacted to his saying that you don’t love him either.” Hermione said, “I didn’t stay long enough to find out.” “Well it’s only Snape; I doubt he took it seriously.” Harry said. “So you do love him then?” Ron said and Harry thought for a second. “Yeah, I suppose so…” He replied thoughtfully and Hermione grinned. “Anyway, you know that you have to become an Animagus and be able to apparate pretty soon now, just to spite Snape.” Ron said. “Are you two going to do it as well?” Harry asked them, hopeful that his two friends would be there to assist him whilst he messed up two complex pieces of magic. “Of course.” Hermione said, “What did you think that we were going to let you have all the fun?” “Yeah, we’re definitely going to do it.” Ron said, already wandering what kind of animal he should become. “What animal are you going to be, Harry?” “You don’t get to pick your animal, your animal chooses you.” Hermione told him. “So when can we get started?” Harry asked her. “When we’ve finished all our homework.” She replied. “Hermione!” Ron said, exasperatedly. “If you try to do this magic whilst you have homework on your mind you’ll never manage it.” She said and although he would never admit it, Harry thought she was right. It was for that reason that Remus found Harry at work at the kitchen table later on that evening after supper. Molly was walking around the kitchen, trying to clean her half of the room before Dobby cleaned his. He sat down with a cup of cocoa by Harry and watched him writing out an essay on Transfiguration. It appeared that he had left his easiest essays in the subjects that he most enjoyed until last. He charmed Harry a cup of cocoa for himself onto the table. “Thanks.” Harry said to him, but didn’t glance up from his work. Remus took a piece of parchment from the pile that he had written and ran his eyes over it, reading what he had written. “You should have mentioned why it’s more difficult to transfigure things to life there.” Remus pointed out. “I’m writing that now.” Harry said and finished on the piece of parchment he was on, handing it to Remus who read through it. “So why are you working so early in the holidays? You have another month yet.” Remus said to him as he took a sip of cocoa. “I know but Hermione says she won’t help with the whole Animagus thing until our homework’s done.” Harry said and rolled his eyes. “And because of what Snape said earlier she and Ron really want to learn quickly so that they can prove we’re considerably better than him.” “You do know that it can take years to become an Animagus, right?” Remus asked him, putting down his work which was quite good. “Yeah, although I’m not sure whether or not Ron does and Hermione thinks she can do it in a few days.” Harry said to him. “You should set them straight.” Remus said. “Why bother? Hermione’s already reading the Animagus book just for the sake of it; she’ll find it out soon enough.” Harry said, “And when she does then she’ll tell us.” “You spelt ‘transfiguratively’ incorrectly.” Remus said as he glanced over Harry’s newest page. “Stop reading my work!” Harry said, snatching back his parchment. “Go criticise Ron.” “Hermione does that adequately enough as it is. It’s more amusing to wind you up.” Remus smiled. “How did they take the prophecy then?” He asked, lowering his voice. “Not too well.” Harry replied, “Hermione burst into tears and Ron just stared at me so you reacted better than Hermione but oddly not as well as Ron.” “You know I’m sorry for what I said the other night, right?” Remus said cautiously. “Of course,” Harry said, looking back to his work. “Wonder how everyone’ll react to the prophecy tomorrow.” Remus looked at him blankly before remembering that the Order would be learning of it at the meeting the next day. “You’ll tell me how they react, won’t you?” “Yes, although I don’t really think you’ll need me to tell you; the effects will probably be pretty obvious.” Remus said, his mind wandering back the prophecy which plagued his godson. The clock on the wall chimed ten and Remus yawned slightly and rose from his seat. “Going to bed?” Harry asked him. “Yeah, I’m exhausted.” Remus said. “Can’t say I blame you, you’ve had such an exhausting day…” Harry said sarcastically, and Remus narrowed his eyes at him. “Night then.” Remus said and hugged him lightly. “Night.” Harry echoed as his godfather left the room. He stared down at his work; he had just finished and with an extra foot more than Professor McGonagall had asked for, that certainly was unusual for him. He put his things into a reasonably orderly pile and levitated them along infront of him up onto the second floor of the old house. A/N: Hello there, I'm just beginning to write the eleventh chapter now and I was wondering whether you thought I should write all about the whole Remus finding out about Harry's past or whether I should keep it a little vague or not really mention it at all. Just wanted to know what you want from the story so that I don't get any people complaining about my spending too much time talking about what Remus will be finding out. Anyway that's all I wanted to ask... Hope you liked this chapter :o)

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