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“You know, I really think that these teachers have it in for us. It is Christmas for heaven’s sake, and we are going to end up doing homework the entire time! What happened to enjoying the holidays,” Andrea said, exasperated. “I know. We aren’t going to be able to enjoy the holidays at all,” Jackie, replied. “Are you going to study with me and Kevin in the library this afternoon?’ “Sure, if you swear that we will actually get to study this time!” “Okay, okay. I’m sorry that we had so much fun messing around last time,” Jackie said giggling. “Oh hold on, I have to get a book next to my bed. It's supposed to really help with that Charms assignment.” The two girls were on their way to the library when a tall boy with brownish-blonde hair walked around the corner, right into Andrea. “Watch it Malfoy. I just got these robes cleaned,” the boy said, disgusted. “Oh get over it Marsden,” Andrea said, staring into his green eyes. “I can’t help it if you can’t see where the hell you are going.” “Be careful of what you say little one,” he replied threateningly. “You are the one who needs to watch it. Piss off and go shove it with the rest of your Slytherin buddies,” she said, with a power that shocked even her. With that, she walked away, with a shocked Jackie in tow. “You know, even though the two of you have been butting heads all year, it is astonishing to watch you to spit words like that. Veritas,” Jackie said, the portrait of Rowena Ravenclaw swinging open to welcome the girls. “I know. It was self-defense before. I hated it when people treated me like scum, so I got pretty fast at the whole mean and snappy comebacks. I can’t say that it is always a good thing though,” she said, remembering past incidents. “Wait here, I’ll be right back with the book.” A few moments later, Andrea was bounding down the steps with an old book in hand. “Okay, what is this,” Jackie asked, flipping through the marked pages. “It’s my mother’s 6th year Charms book. I told her I was having trouble with a few of the spells and she sent this to me with all of her notes written inside in the margins.” “This will definitely help us. For the rest of the year too!” A few minutes later, Andrea found herself sitting in a chair with her knees at her chest while her friends went through the book. Watching her two friends in their excitement, she was ever grateful of that old worn hat. She had been so scared of where it would place her. Would she be like her mother, in Gryffindor? Or her father in Slytherin? Or, would she be able to blaze her own path, as her own person? Looking down at her Ravenclaw badge, she smiled, feeling like she finally belonged somewhere. The last of the afternoon sun was streaming through the high tower windows, casting its golden-red glow on the walls. For a few moments, the only noises to be heard were those of papers being shuffled, and pages being turned. Had her parents been present, they would have seen that, while time passes in all places, Hogwarts is one place that remains untouched by the years.
And thats the end of this story! What'dya think? I've got the sequel up, it's called "The Passage of Time". Go check it out! Lemme know what you think of it so far!

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