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Chapter 5. Prevoisly: When Jade climbed down the ivy, she ran towards the village she had seen from the balcony, but as she ran, three clocked figures, appeared infront of her, what looked to be two men and a woman, she made a run for it but one of the men grabbed her. She went to scream, but man covered her mouth. “Jade calm down, or they will here you” he whispered urgently. Jade knew that voice. She stopped stuggling. The man let go of her and took of his hood. It was her father. She hugged him tightly. “Come on we have to get you out of here now” he turned to the woman. “Hermione do portkey to Diagon Ally, I think we should get Jade’s wand first, so she has something to protect herself, then we floo to Hogwarts, and Hagrid can get the rest of her stuff.” “Ok” said Hermione as she took out her wand, and an old coke bottle “Everyone hold on to this, one finger will do” she said, as she muttered some words. “3…2…” Harry counted down. “1” and they were off, gone from Voldermort’s base. Jade’s feet landed with a thump on the ground, in a strange allyway filled with people wearing cloakes, and robes. “Mabye we should, change Jade’s clothes so she blends in, just in case Death Eaters show up” said Hermione, and she waved her wand and Jade’s jeans and t-shirt changed into a dark-blue robe, and her hair was let out, and she also wore a purple cloak. “Come on Jade” said Harry. “It’s time to get your wand, then we will start teaching you” “But the term hasn’t even started” “So, you need to learn know more then ever certain, things have come to my attention.” “There’s a Propercy about me too huh” she said simply. “How did you know?” “Those stories when I was little you told me storys about a teenage wizard that had exciting and dangrous adventures with his two best friends and a Dark Lord called Voldermort, was trying to kill him. I figured that you were that boy, when Voldermort introduced himself, and that he had known you since you were a baby.” “Oh” he looked worried. “He didn’t hurt you, did he?” “No, but he was trying to get my blood for some reason, and he was being, really, as werid as it sounds…nice” “That is werid” said Ron as they walked down the street. “Mabye he wants me to join him or something.” “That’s probally because of the prophercy, about you and with all the stuff I’ve done, he would want to get you to get to me, mabye.” “Figures, anyway Pete’s not that bad, he warned me about, the Death Eaters in the room before he left.” “Did, he now, he must still remember what happened in my 3rd year” “Yeah, he does” “I don’t blame him, I can still picture, Remus’s transforamtion as clear as day” said Hermione. Harry nodded in agreement. “So…what do I get for my birthday?” “An Owl, Hedwig, had owlets, a few months back, one of them has already started to fly, you can have one if you want” Jade’s face brightened. “I’ve always wanted a snowy owl” she said, and hugged her father. “You have a weird child Harry, for someone rasied as a muggle” said Hermione. “Well I did tell her stories, that’s proably why she likes them.” He asnwered, as he put his hood up. “Why did you put your hood on Dad?” asked Jade. He indercated to the bookshop. “Amelia Skeeter” muttered Hermione. “Just as bad as her mother Rita, with her tall stories” She followed Harry’s lead, as well as Ron, everyone knew about the Trio, these days, and with Harry in Diagon Ally for the first time in eleven years, was big news. Jade decided to put her hood up too, as people started to stare at her, with intrest, had her face already become reconisable, since when she had traveled on the night-bus. At the end of the street, stood Ollivader’s shop, just like her father had described it in his stories. Mr Ollivader, came out almost instantly, as they entered the shop, Harry lowered his hood. Mr Ollivader smiled, broadly. “I thought I was going to see you agin soon, Mr Potter” he said, still smiling. “Still avoiding the Press I see” “Yes” said Harry. Mr Ollivader caught sight of Jade, stading next to Harry. “And this must be your daughter.” “Yes, Jade this is Mr Ollivader.” “I know” she said softly. Mr Ollivander for once looked confused. “I told her stories about all my adventures at Hogwarts, when she was younger, I included you of course, can’t be a wizard story without, reciving a wand, can it” explained Harry. “Very well, which is your wand-arm, Miss Potter?” “My right” she said shyly. “Just like your father, I see” “Well we do have a lot in common” said Jade. “That’s good” the tap mersure started to mesure by itself, Jade just closed her eyes and ignored it. After a while, the tape mersure stopped, and Mr Ollivader came out with a dozen different boxes. “Try this one” he said. They went threw almost every wand in the shop, Mr Ollivader, was starting to look worried, when he reached the last box. “I hope this one works for you” he said. “You’re a very tricky customer, Miss Potter.” “Lignum Vitae, Essence of Dragon's Whisker, 16 inches” he said, as he blew a great amount of dust of the box. Jade, grasped the wand, and waved it, gold sparks imited from it, and a warm breeze blew threw the shop. “Interesting” said Mr Ollivader, as he inspected the box. “What?” said Harry and Jade at the same time. “This wand had been in this shop, for centries, I don’t know why I didn’t notice it before, I haven’t even heard of the tpye of wood it uses.” “Lignum Vitae, the tree of life, is well know for its medicinal qualities and the ability to cure most any ailment. This makes it perfect for protection and healing charms. Lignum Vitae is also famous for being the hardest and heaviest wood on record.” Said Hermione slowly. “But I though Holly was the wood of life” said Ron. “It is, but so’s Lignum Vitae, I read about it, in a book, about king Arther, and the first Britsih wizards, the Lignum Vitae tree, is so hard to find, that only one person has ever been recorded to have a wand made from it’s wood” “And that was? “Merlin himself” she said quietly. Harry, stared at her for a minute. Then turned to Mr Ollivader. “You will keep this quiet won’t you” he said. “Naturally, I follow a strict code not to establish any information about a customer, if they do not wish it to be established.” He said, quietly. “That will be 10 Galleons” he said loudly, as Amelia Skeeter, passed by. “Thankyou” said Harry, as they walked out, of the shop. Sorry it took so long, i'd like to say thankyou to the following people for their reviews: Nikki ChristinaLR Hailey Potter Thankyou very much i enjoyed your reviews. Please review, you can critize if you want. for the next chapter, I've decided to do a flash back, of Jade's mother I just have one problem. I don't know who it will be, so tell me what you think, out of the choices. (Luna and Cho have been eliminated, due to lack of vote to there characters) So pick out of these two choices. -Ginny -Make someone up Vote please. OK here's the Vote tally so far, after two months (i think) Ginny- 1 Make someone up- 1 ............. ........................ WOW 2 votes. TIE-BREAKER ! ! ! So its either Ginny or someone I make up (someone suggested a muggle, that Harry meets) If you disagree with this, HURRY UP AND VOTE I WON"Y WAIT FOREVER

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