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Ch. 10 Like or Love?’ “Where’s Fiona?” Harry asked the next day at lunch. He had gone straight to the ministry from Ron’s that morning. Draco and Hermione had spent the morning in the library exchanging glances and stares every few minutes. “She went home.” Hermone said. “Why?” When Draco had asked the same question she had made up an easy answer. “Family emergency is all she said.” Hermione shrugged. “Oh,” Harry said and continued eating his chili. He then turned the conversation to the training session he had attended last night. Draco was really interested and listened intensely. Hermione dazed off to think once again about her many questions. She had an answer, but it couldn’t be right. Since she had no book to check it in all she could do was look for other possibilities. But none were as good as the impossible one. But it was just that, impossible. Hermione stared at Draco, who pretended not to notice, while her brain continued gnawing the idea. “See ya,” Harry said standing up. “Bye,” Draco said, clearing away the dishes. Hermione’s thinking process snapped. “Good-bye, Harry,” she said and left the room. The boys looked after her and then at each other. Harry shrugged, being use to Hemione’s sudden outbursts, and Aparated from the manor. Draco headed to the library, which was still under construction. Hermione watched him from her hiding place and made sure he was busy cleaning. Then she went down the hallway opposite of the one Draco occupied, in search of a quiet place. She easily found one in a peaceful room designed to look like an oriental garden. She sat on a bench by the pound fed by a miniature waterfall, and gazed at the orange and white fish. She studied them for awhile, soaking up all the beauty of the world she sat in. She then pulled out a roll of parchment and a quill, not taking her eyes off the creatures. She began writing the letter with, Dear Draco. ---------------- -------------------- ------------------------ ------------------- -------------------------------- Draco solemnly read Hermione’s neat handwriting that evening after supper. Dear Draco, I don’t know how to say this so I’ll just say it, I think I love you. It just happened, I don’t know when or how, it just did. I understand if you don’t feel the same. And I also understand if you would rather not be around me anymore. Just ask for your pay and you’ll never hear from me again. It’s funny, I use to help Harry and Ron figure out their love lives, no I can’t figure out my own. Love, Hermione The letter fell limp from his hand. He stared at where it laid, not really seeing it or anything else. He closed his eyes and fell softly onto his bed. He chose the classic choice of sleeping on it. Only he couldn’t sleep. Thoughts dept zigzagging around his head like pin balls. It seemed he had two choices, Hermione, of course, and Fiona. There would be a good thing about one, then a better thing about the other. Hermione had told him she loved him and Fiona could just like him. But which one did he like, and which did he love? He spent almost half the night whipping the sheets around his legs and his thoughts around his mind. Somehow the uneasiness had found its way to his stomach. He got up and went to the small kitchen in the guest house and searched for something to calm his middle. ‘Hot chocolate should fix this.’ He made himself some and finished quickly. He took the empty mug to the sink and glanced out the window above it. Through the wild garden he saw a light. He looked at his bed, then back through the glass. ‘Might as well,’ he thought and slipped on his shoes and out the door. As he went through the vines, the kitchen’s back door opened wide. Hermione came out in her shorts and a tank top bare foot. She carefully made her way behind a large shrub not noticing Draco. He crept after he. As he peered through the branched he found a sight he would forever cherish. Hermione sat on a boulder in a flood of moonlight. Framed around her were lilac blossoms in vibrant color. Her fine legs were tucked beside her as she gazed longingly in the full moon. Her hair bounced in wavy curls around her graceful face. Draco looked at her and listened closely to what his heart was telling him. He had the answer. Elegantly he came into the clearing. Hermione curved her neck to look at him. without blinking. Not thinking about anything except his present desire, Draco leapt onto the rock and pulled Hermione into an intense kiss filled with all the love either had ever felt. As they gently came apart, Draco softly said, “I love you, too.” THE END (A/N: ok, i know that's way short but i hope ya'll liked it anyway! and this is ya'll's Christmas present, a complete story. i'll pry be starting a new fic in the new year, so please look it up! i should have an idea for one after all the time i'll be spending in a car. A BIG THANX TO ALL MY REVIEWERS!!!!!!! u know who you are, and i owe you guys the biggest thank-you ever for sticking with me!)

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