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Wow... just the Epilogue left and then I really have to sit down and work on that sequel...
Chapter 11
“Mum! I can’t find my jeans! Have you seen them?” “Lia, they were with the rest of your things last night,” Ginny yelled up to her daughter. “Look under your bed. The cat might have gotten to them,” Draco shouted from down the hall. Taking her parent’s advice, Andrea pulled up the sheets that were at the floor and lo and behold, there were her jeans, and a rather large cat as well. “You’re no cat, you’re a mini tiger,” she said to it. The summer was only half over, but Andrea and her mother were heading back to America. They had decided, as a family, that they should start anew, in England. The house in Boston would be kept, maintained by several house elves that would be transferred from Malfoy Manor. For now, Ginny and Andrea were going to pack up what they wanted to move and set straight a few affairs (like jobs). School had already been taken care of, thanks to Hogwarts' newest professor, Harry Potter. “Come on Lia, we’ve got to be going,” Ginny shouted down the hall. “I’m coming I’m coming!” Lia came bounding down the steps two at a time with a duffle bag at her side. “Have a safe trip,” Draco said, coming out of his study. Seeing the love of his life and their daughter standing in the hall before the door made him smile, remembering that it was all very real, it was no longer just a dream. “We’ll call you when we get in,” Andrea shouted as the door closed behind her.
“LIA! How was England? Did you have fun? Meet any cute guys? How was the flight? Where’s your da – Draco?” Loretta was bursting with questions as she met Andrea and Ginny at the baggage claim in Manchester. Smiling as her happy friend, Andrea answered, “Okay, first take a breath and then ask your questions s-l-o-w-l-y.”
Once their bags had been dropped off at home, Andrea and Ginny went their separate ways. Ginny left for the bookstore to tie up a few loose ends and then planned on meeting with a few friends for dinner. Andrea on the other hand, was with Loretta at the mall to do a little bit of shopping. “This is still all too new to me,” Andrea told her friend and therapist, as they walked out of The Body Shop. “I can’t even imagine it. You went from being someone that people turned their noses down at, to someone who they would beg to know. That is one hell of a change. Ha ha what do you think of this dress? Isn’t it awful?” “Oh my goodness? Who in the right mind would wear that? It’s horrid!” Laughing, Loretta replied, “I have no idea, but I do know that is good you got back here so soon because you’re starting to sound too English!” Andrea couldn’t help but smile. “Well Im leaving again in a few weeks to get ready for school. ” “Excuse me? You're ditching me again," Loretta said jokingly before Andrea continued. “We're heading back in three weeks to start getting ready for school. And I don’t think I’ll see you until Christmas at the earliest.” After a few moments, Loretta said, “I guess we should make these last weeks count then, shouldn’t we?” Her good mood restored, Andrea and Loretta walked through the mall for the rest of the evening, just talking and wishing.
“Lia! Time to get up! We have to leave in a half an hour!” “Huh? I’m up, I’m up!” “You’d better be,” Ginny shouted from outside her daughter’s door. Quickly, Andrea took a shower and finished packing her last suitcase as Loretta pulled up to take them to the airport. “Well, you look like you had fun last night,” Loretta said to her tired friend. “Ug. I was up most of the night packing,” Andrea replied, helping to load the car. “Gosh I can’t believe those three weeks went by so fast,” she said as they pulled into the airport. “I know. I’m going to miss you, so you’d better visit often,” Loretta scolded. Smiling at her daughter’s goodbye, Ginny reached into her back pocket and pulled out an envelope, passing it quickly into Andrea’s hands when Loretta’s back was turned towards the check-in line with their bags. Smiling, Andrea handed the envelope to Loretta once she had shut the trunk. “Well what abou coming to visit me? Say, around Christmas,” Andrea said to her friend as they checked the bags. “I’d be terribly disappointed if I had to sit all alone in a magical house for two weeks with no one to talk to.” It took a few moments for her words to register, but as soon as they did, Loretta spun around and hugged her friend. “I’ll be counting the days,” she said as Andrea and Ginny walked away, waving. It wasn’t much of a goodbye, but it was enough for the two of them, knowing that phones (sometimes) worked and so did the mail system (both of them), and that Christmas was less than five months away.
A week later, Andrea sat alone, thinking back on the past few months. Not only had she discovered a hidden secret, she had found a new life. Starting with a new family. A few days after coming back from the US, Ginny and Draco were finally married in a small magical ceremony that had made the papers the next day. They had come back from their honeymoon a week ago, after leaving their daughter with her grandparents just in time to start shopping for school. Diagon Alley had been mind-boggling to Andrea. It was so different than what she was used to, but was familiar too. Home, she had thought at first sight. After going though the same rush her parents had gone though to get school supplies, there she sat, looking out the window at her smiling parents, hearing the train whistle. She sat back, in an empty compartment on the Hogwarts Express, watching Platform 9 ¾ disappear in the distance. A few minutes later, the silence was broken when a girl and a boy slid the compartment door open, both the same age as Andrea. “Sorry, we thought this was empty. Mind if we hide in here for a few minutes,” the girl asked. “No, not at all,” Andrea replied. “You’re new, aren’t you? I’m Jackie, and this is Kevin,” she said, motioning to the boy beside her. “We’re staring our sixth year. How about you?” “Yes, I’m new, staring my sixth year too. I’m Andrea, but everyone else just calls me Lia.” “Wow, you’re eyes are wicked,” Kevin exclaimed, reminding Andrea of her Uncle Ron. Smiling Andrea said, “Yeah, they do that a lot. Its from a Potions prank a few years ago.” “Where did you go to school before this,” Jackie asked. “Salem Academy in Vermont, in the US. I moved here this past summer with my parents,” she said. The three spent the rest of the journey just talking with each other. When they finally pulled up to the school, Jackie and Kevin walked with Andrea to the Great Hall where a new professor was waiting for her. “Lia, you’re supposed to come with me,” Harry said, pulling her aside. “We’ll meet you inside,” her new friends said, walking into the hall. “All right. You are going to wait inside, just by the door, and once the first-years are sorted, your name will be called. Good luck,” he finished, walking to the table at the end of the hall. Well this place is definitely different, Andrea thought to herself, looking at the ceiling listening to the younger students being placed in their houses. “Malfoy, Andrea.” Walking up to the front of the hall, Andrea looked to the side to see Jackie and Kevin sitting at a table watching her, surprised. With a quick glance to the Head Table, she saw Harry give her a quick thumbs-up. Smiling, she took her seat on the stool as an old hat was placed on her head and began whispering in her ear. "Ah yes, I was wondering when I'd be seeing another one of you."
A/N: So... Anyone want to guess what house Lia'll be in?

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