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Chapter 15! (finally) Okay, mild swearing and spoilers… Oh, and long chapter ahead, (well, long for me anyway! Lol) Enjoy! ~Sam. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As the night sky began to lighten and the moon faded from view; a series of howls and whimpers could be heard coming from the second floor corridor. Or more precisely, Remus Lupin’s office. Soon the howls turned to screams as the werewolf once again transformed back to a man. And then it was over. He lay panting on his office floor, trying to regain his breath; as his hands examined his face softly, inspecting the damage from the night’s activities. He let out a sigh, before removing the protective shields from the room, allowing Poppy to enter when she came to check on him. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Harry lay in bed. His body tense from an unknown source of pain, as a thin film of sweat layered his brow. Dumbledore had been right in saying that the potion had it’s side-effects. He had hardly gotten any sleep during the night, due to the dull ache that consumed his small frame. He felt like he had been hit by the Knight bus and then ran over again just for the fun of it. To say the least, he didn’t feel up to the talk that Dumbledore had promised him that morning. He remained awake for the next few hours, undisturbed. He assumed it must still be early as Dumbledore hadn’t stopped by yet, and wondered whether or not Remus had transformed yet. As if in answer to his thoughts, his musings were disturbed by Madam Pomfrey, walking with a rather tired looking Remus trailing behind her. Harry watched silently as Remus made his way to the bed next to his, laid down and closed his eyes. He was just about to ask how he was feeling when suddenly Remus answered his unasked question. ‘I’ve been better, thanks,’ he answered without opening his eyes, leaving Harry staring at him open mouthed. Remus chuckled slightly before opening his eyes to look at Harry’s shocked face. ‘Don’t tell me you forgot about the link, Harry?’ he asked amusedly. Harry’s cheeks tinged pink in recognition. Remus just laughed again, before patting a space on the bed, making room for Harry to sit there. ‘How are you? When I left you last night, you didn’t look too good. I wanted to stay of course, but-’ Remus began. ‘Better,’ Harry answered shortly, to which Remus raised an eyebrow. ‘Well, there’s still a bit of pain. But nothing to worry about, it’ll soon fade,’ Harry added hastily, not wanting to worry Remus. Remus gave Harry a small smile. He didn’t believe in the slightest that it was just a bit of pain as Harry had said, but decided not to press the matter, unless it became apparent that he need to. ‘Oh, I nearly forgot,’ Remus exclaimed suddenly pulling Harry from his half-doze, ‘Accio present!’ Suddenly there was a whooshing sound and before Harry knew it, a neatly wrapped box-shaped present appeared and landed softly in Remus’ outstretched hand. ‘Sorry. I forgot to give you this on your birthday yesterday, what with all the commotion…’ Remus whispered as he held the gift out for Harry to take. Harry took the gift gratefully and silently unwrapped the paper that had moving snitches on it, attempting not to rip it, as though it were expensive or precious to him. Opening the box, Harry peered inside to see a large glass orb of some kind. He reached in, removing the orb and held it up to his eye to get a better look. What he saw though, made him gasp in surprise. Swirling colours intermingled with each other, reflecting a rainbow on his face and hands where the light caught it. It seemed as though the colours were waiting for him to do something. He turned to Remus to ask him. ‘It’s called a light sphere, Harry. Wizards use them to determine one’s aura. If you hold it up and look through it at someone, you will be able to see the colours of their aura,’ Remus explained, ‘Give it a try.’ Harry held the colourful sphere out in front of him and looked through it at Remus. The colours immediately shifted and then began to mix together forming a mix of orange and green. Harry lowered the orb to look at Remus and smiled. ‘Wow. Thank you, Remus. I love it!’ Harry exclaimed as he hugged Remus tightly, to which Remus returned affectionately. Harry looked back at the sphere fondly. He knew it would definitely come in handy during the school year. He couldn’t wait to see what colour Snape’s aura was, he guessed it would be black. Remus smiled at his Godson before falling into a blissful slumber. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The rest of the day passed somewhat uneventfully. Dumbledore had visited Harry as he said he would, basically to ask him how he was feeling. Which Harry told him truthfully, wasn’t too bad at that moment, and that most of the pain had receded; which seemed to relieve Dumbledore. He then went on to explain everything that had happened to Harry, and to inform him that until more information could be found on the link, he would have to continue taking the potion which Snape had now brewed in large quantities. Harry never did get around to using the orb against Snape, but vowed to soon. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As the summer began to draw to a close, the occupants of the castle found themselves preparing for the beginning of the new school term, on September 1st. ‘I can’t believe it’s September already!’ Harry exclaimed, whilst packing up his things from Remus’ living quarters, ready to be moved to Gryffindor tower. Remus nodded. ‘I know. I just hope the other students are as happy to have me back as you are, what with me being a- with my condition.’ Remus said quietly. Harry frowned. He hadn’t expected Remus to act like this, he normally never let what people said get to him. It was unusual for him to openly express his worries as well, and that’s what made Harry worry. Harry stopped packing up his things and moved toward Remus, who had been stood by the window, looking out over the lake. ‘You don’t need to worry you know. I’m certain all of Gryffindor will be more than pleased to have their favourite defence professor back, as will the Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs. As for the Slytherins, their opinion doesn’t exactly mean much anyway does it? I mean, most of them are destined to be Deatheaters, and do you really care what Deatheaters, mini ones at that, think of you?’ Harry asked, smiling slightly. Remus smiled in reply. ‘You’re right. I’m sorry, I don’t know why I said that, just nerves I guess.’ Harry shook his head. ‘You don’t need to be sorry Remus. You taught me that,’ Harry replied as Remus embraced him in a fatherly hug. After a few minutes they pulled away and Harry resumed packing, their heavy hearts lifted slightly. Remus returned his attention to the window, when he noticed something that made him smile, ‘Harry, guess who’s back?’ Harry raced over to the window and peered out, looking over the grounds. He stopped searching when he noticed an overly large man, dressed in a moleskin coat was striding over to his cabin. ‘Hagrid!’ Harry exclaimed happily. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Severus Snape prowled his study. He had seen who was in his potion’s classes this year and his lip had curled at the sight of Potter’s name. Another tortuous year with the insolent, pig-headed, brat; who reminded him so much of his father, and so little of Lily, that it was almost as if he were looking at a replica of James Potter. Almost. Potter’s eyes were undoubtedly Lily’s. He could not bare to look at them, that dazzling, emerald green that threatened to overpower his senses, as he was reminded of Lily Potter… no Evans. She should never of been married to Potter, she deserved better then that fool. Always the clown with Black, the pair were infamous for their pranks along with Lupin and snivelling Pettigrew. He was of course their main target, how they would taunt him, calling him a ‘greasy git’ and ‘Snivellus’. He shuddered at the memories. Potter was going to pay for his father’s mistakes, there was no doubt about that! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Remus had portkeyed with Harry to platform 9¾, saying that it would be best for him to arrive at Hogwarts along with the rest of the students, as well as give him time to catch up with Ron and Hermione. Reluctantly, Harry had agreed. He didn’t want to leave Remus alone at the castle by himself, but reasoned with himself that their would be other teachers their too. Soon enough, the platform was flooded with Hogwarts’ students and their families saying last goodbyes before the final whistle blew. Harry had found himself a compartment at the back of the train, where he was soon joined by Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Neville and Luna. Neville seemed different to Harry somehow. Perhaps it was the extra two inches in height he had grown? or that he had lost the ‘puppy-fat’ from his cheeks? Harry couldn’t tell, but he seemed more confident in himself, and Harry was happy for him. The train ride to Hogsmeade station was somewhat uneventful. Ron and Harry played exploding snap, Hermione read the school books that she hadn’t managed to finish over the summer, Ginny and Neville talked about the coming school year and what they had done over summer, whilst Luna read a copy of The Quibbler. Malfoy, was the only disturbance. He had waltzed into the train compartment, flanked by his two cronies, Crabbe and Goyle. ‘Well, well, well. And what do we have here?’ Malfoy drawled, ‘A Mudblood, Potty, two Weasels, Loony, and…’ However, Draco was cut off from what he was about to say as Neville had stepped forward, wand raised, with a menacing look upon his face. Malfoy faltered for a second, silenced by the look Neville was giving him, before he unwisely continued his assault. ‘…and lard ass Longbottom.’ Before Harry could even reach for his wand, he watched in amazement as Malfoy was thrown from the compartment and landed in a heap on the floor outside. However, it wasn’t Neville who had cursed him, as Mad-Eye Moody stepped into view. ‘Nasty piece of filth. You two, take Malfoy back to your carriage and stay there, understand?’ Moody growled, his normal eye fixed on the two goons, Crabbe and Goyle, whilst his magical one remained on Malfoy, who was slowly getting to his feet. They nodded dumbly whilst scrambling out of Moody’s view back to their compartment. Eventually, Moody turned back to Neville and the others. His normal eye fixed at the carriage at large with his magical eye on Neville. ‘You lot alright?’ he asked gruffly. Harry nodded. ‘It was just Malfoy being himself.’ Moody nodded, took one last look at the group and swept out of the carriage again. Neville excused himself to go to the bathroom, and didn’t return before the end of the train journey. Leaving Harry to wonder over his actions; it was extremely unlike Neville to take up the offensive, especially against someone such as Malfoy; but as Hogwarts loomed into view, Harry was pulled from his thoughts and exited the carriage with the others in tow. ‘Firs’ years! Firs’ years this way!’ Hagrid’s voice boomed over the chatter of the students, as they made their way to the Thestral-drawn carriages. Harry smiled and waved at Hagrid as he passed, who promised that they would talk later, before resuming his call for the first years. Harry approached the Thestral which would be pulling the carriage they were going to use to get up to Hogwarts. He reached out and stroked its’ mane and was surprised when the creature leaned into the touch. ‘They’re fascinating aren’t they?’ Harry turned around and was surprised to see a girl who he didn’t recognise stood behind him. She had long brown hair that was pulled back into a pony tail, hazel eyes with flecks of green at the centre, and full lips. She was about sixteen, Harry surmised, which would make her a sixth year like him, yet he didn’t recognise her and so assumed she must be new. ‘Um… Yeah, they are. Sorry, don’t mean to sound rude or anything, but who are you? I haven’t seen you around before?’ Harry asked awkwardly. The girl laughed slightly. It was almost silent, but her shoulders shook when she did, making it unmistakeable. ‘I’m sorry. I’m Gabrielle. But call me Gabey,’ Gabey answered as she shook Harry’s hand. ‘Nice to meet you Gabey. I’m Ha-’ Harry began. ‘You’re Harry Potter, I know,’ She finished for him, smiling slightly. They climbed into the carriage together, where Harry introduced Gabey to the others before continuing to ask questions. He thought she was attractive and there was just something about her that made him want to find out more about the mysterious girl. ‘So which school did you used to go to?’ Ron asked. The girl hesitated slightly before answering calmly, ‘Durmstrang.’ There was a few moments of awkward silence where nobody said anything and attempted to avoid each other’s gazes. Eventually, Hermione broke the silence. ‘Viktor used to go to Durmstrang. Viktor Krum, the Bulgarian Quidditch Seeker, did you know him?’ Hermione asked eagerly. A little too eagerly for Ron’s liking though. The girl seemed to breathe a sigh of relief before plunging into a detailed conversation about how she knew Viktor more of an acquaintance than as a friend, and how she used to play beater on the Quidditch team. ‘That’s great. We need two new beaters for the team this year, that’s if you’re sorted into Gryffindor though,’ Ron finished nervously, as though talking to a person from another house were like mingling with a disease. Gabey smiled but didn’t respond, turning her attention back to the nearing castle gates. Soon enough, the carriage ground to a halt and the students swamped through the castle doors into the entrance hall and through to the Great Hall. Harry looked up at the enchanted ceiling. It reflected the night sky- black with a crescent moon and a sprinkling of stars that twinkled down at the many students below. Looking up at the head table, Harry noticed that Remus and Moody were sat there, which Harry thought was odd since it wasn’t time for the full moon yet, but brushed that thought aside as he was almost pushed into his seat by Ron who had eagerly picked up his knife and fork already, waiting for the food to appear. Harry rolled his eyes at his friend. Didn’t he realise that there was still the sorting to do? Just then, Professor Mcgonagal entered carrying the three legged stool and the sorting hat. A long stream of timid looking first year students followed behind her, and at the back stood Gabey, looking paler than she had done before. ‘Now, when I call out your name, you will place the sorting hat on your head, and you will be sorted into your houses,’ Mcgonagal announced, ‘Adam Appleby.’ Harry watched as a timid looking boy who looked much too young to be at Hogwarts at all, stepped forward. He had mousy, brown hair and a small button nose. He took hold of the hat as he sat on the stool, and allowed it to slip over his eyes. ‘Hufflepuff!’ the hat bellowed, before a round of applause and cheers from the Hufflepuff table sounded. Harry soon lost interest in the sorting and instead found himself in a whispered conversation with Ron about Quidditch. ‘Slytherin!’ A more polite applause sounded as a large boulder of a boy made his way to the Slytherin table. Mcgonagal announced that this year there was to be a new student who would be in sixth year, before calling, ‘Gabrielle Newton!’ Harry returned his attention to the sorting. Suddenly interested in which house Gabey would be placed in. He watched as she calmly made her way to the stool and placed the hat upon her head, which unlike the others, didn’t fall over her eyes, and she instead took to looking at the ceiling as a shooting star shot across it. After what seemed like an eternity, the hat finally shouted, ‘Gryffindor!’ Gabey promptly made her way over to the Gryffindor table and sat down next to Hermione who had made room next to her. After the final person had been sorted, Dumbledore rose from his seat to make the start of term announcements. ‘Oh come on! I’m starving here!’ Ron moaned as Dumbledore explained that there were now 2282 items on Mr Filch’s list of prohibited items, of which consisted everything that the Weasley twins had created. Finally, Dumbledore announced that Remus and Moody would be taking up the position of Defence Against the Dark Art’s teacher together, because of Professor Lupin’s condition. Which was swiftly followed by whispers from all houses, especially those at the Slytherin table. Harry turned his attention back to Dumbledore waiting for him to continue, desperately trying to block out the jeers coming from the Slytherin table. ‘Let the feast begin!’ Dumbledore announced. ‘Finally!’ Ron exclaimed as he loaded his plate with chicken, mash potato, peas and broccoli. ‘’Ey, ‘Arry di’ oo no’iss ‘Agrid waz bak?’ Ron asked, his mouth so full of food that Hermione and Gabey looked away in disgust. ‘What?’ Harry asked trying to avoid looking at Ron’s mouth. Ron swallowed. ‘I said, did you notice that Hagrid was back?’ Harry nodded. ‘Yeah. I saw him when I came off the train. I still don’t know where he was over the summer, but he said that we would talk later, so I’ll ask him tomorrow or something.’ Ron nodded before retuning to his mountain of food. After the feast, Dumbledore rose from his throne like chair again to address the students. ‘Before you make your way back to your dormitories, I am pleased to announce that this year Hogwarts’ will be holding a masquerade ball at Christmas. More details to be announced on this event at the end of term. That is all. Goodnight to you all!’ Excited chatter filled the hall at the announcement of the masquerade. Whilst Ron and Hermione explained to Harry that they needed to show the Gryffindors to the tower along with the other prefects, and would meet him in the common room afterwards. ‘Gryffindors! This way, Gryffindors! Follow me!’ Ron called over the hum of chatter as the students began to exit the Great Hall. Harry made his way through the sea of students to the front of the hall where he approached Remus, who was still talking to Moody about something. Something which Harry could only assume was about the Order, as their conversation came to an abrupt halt when they spotted Harry waiting to talk with Remus. ‘Speak to you later Remus,’ Moody growled, ‘Potter.’ Moody nodded his head slightly at Harry before exiting the hall. Remus turned back to Harry. ‘So, what’s it like to be back, with everyone else here too? I’m sure it must feel quite strange, especially since it was so quiet over the summer,’ Remus questioned. Harry nodded yes. ‘It does feel strange, I don’t know how I’m going to remember to call you Professor Lupin again,’ Harry wondered. Remus chuckled slightly. ‘Yes, I know. And I have to get used to calling you Mr Potter in class. Yes, it will be strange…’ Remus noticed that Harry was looking at his shoes, which Remus had learnt, meant that he either felt he was in trouble for something or he wanted to ask something and didn’t know how to. ‘What’s on your mind Harry?’ Remus asked. ‘Can’t you tell?’ Harry asked telepathically, causing Remus to frown slightly. ‘Well yes, I do know because of the link between us, but I was rather hoping that you would tell me yourself?’ Remus answered. Harry sighed. ‘Sorry, I’m being silly. Just forget it,’ he said, as he tried to turn away from Remus. Remus stopped him by placing a hand on his shoulder. ‘It’s not a silly thing to think Harry. Of course you would think that because we have to resume the formality between us, that we couldn’t be as close as we have been over the summer… but that’s not the case. I will always be your Godfather, Harry. No matter what, understand?’ Remus asked seriously. Harry nodded as Remus ruffled his hair. ‘Go on, you better get to bed before Filch catches you,’ Remus warned. ‘Okay. See you tomorrow. Goodnight Remus,’ Harry called back as he made his way to the now empty hall’s doors. ‘Goodnight Harry,’ Remus called after him, before making his own way back to his living quarters. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OK guys, that was the 15th chapter! Pretty long too! Hope you liked it. I finally got them back at school! Yay! Lol. Took me long enough. Anyway, what did you think of the OC Gabey? She’s a bit mysterious at the moment, but all will be revealed… gradually, :p Oh, and did you like the present Remus gave Harry? The idea came to me yesterday, when I brought this really cool looking paperweight! Don’t forget to review!! Thanks to everyone who has so far! and I noticed I have quite a few new reviewers, which is fantastic! Hope you all continue to read and review!! Plus, what I said in the last chapter still stands… If you have any thoughts or suggestions about what you’d like to see /more of in the story, then don’t hesitate to leave comments in a review! :) Thanks! Oh, and in case I don’t get chance to before: Merry Christmas Everyone!! :) PS) I recommend everyone go see ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ at the cinema- I went to see it the other day, and it was fantastic! So if you’ve been debating whether to go or not, GO! Lol Plus, the Phantom is quite good looking :p ~Sam.

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