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Hey! Sorry this took so long I've been so busy, I can't believe it's almost Christmas! YAY! Merry Christmas all! A review would be more than enough to make my Christmas great! Happy Holidays! A Man and His Chocolate Molly Weasley bounded down the stairs just in time to see Remus hit the floor. Harry and Hermione took a few steps back as she rushed passed them to help Sirius lift the unconscious Remus off the hard wood floor. "What happened?' she asked, extremely worried. "I...I don't know" Sirius said, panicked. Remus groaned and Molly nearly dropped him. Harry approached the couch as they successfully lifted Lupin onto the over stuffed sofa. "Arthur!" Molly called in the direction of the hall, her husband could be heard running down the hall and after a few moments later Arthur Weasley emerged into the room. "What's wrong?" he asked worriedly as he spotted the unconscious Remus on the couch. Molly explained everything to him and he approached the couch as well. "Do you remember the healer saying anything about this?" Molly asked to anyone who had an answer. Harry felt Hermione stiffen beside her like she always did when she knew the answer to a teacher's question. "Did he?" Harry asked her. "Yes, he said that the stress might make the hours leading up to his transformation more difficult." she said knowingly, but Harry knew there was no way to tell the others this. "Did he say if there was anything we could do about it?" Harry asked as Arthur left to see what potions were in stock in the pantry. Hermione shook her head. "I only hope it's not too painful, no wonder he locked himself up before a full moon." Sirius put his hands on Remus' shoulders to try and steady his shaking. Suddenly Remus' eyes shot open and the deep amber pools beneath glistened in pain. "Remus" Sirius whispered soothingly, trying to calm his friend down. "What's wrong?" "I...can’t. breath" Harry now noticed how labored his breathing was, even through his far too big robes his chest could be seen struggling to rise and fall. "Sshhh, ok, just breath, no need to talk." Sirius tried to calm Remus down, and it was slowly working. His breathing came easier but the pain didn't seem to lessen. After a few agonizing minutes Remus sat up abruptly. "Remus! Lie back down this instant." Molly said fiercely. "Can't" Remus managed to choke out. "Does it hurt?" Sirius asked. Remus shook his head slowly, his eyes remained tightly shut and his expression was a pained one. Harry felt bad for him. He sat in silence for a moment and when Ginny attempted to come see what was wrong her mother quickly shooed her away. "Fine!" Ginny huffed as she stomped out of the room. The heavy movement seemed to upset Remus, he suddenly lurched forward and made everyone around jump. His eyes opened wide once again and he hastily covered his mouth. Sirius opened his mouth to question his but was cut off as Remus sprung up and dashed for the bathroom nearby. Hermione gasped, Harry sighed. "Poor bloke" Arthur sighed, "I bet it's the stress." "I shouldn't have yelled at him" Molly concluded, looking to be on the verge of tears. Her husband moved closer and comforted her. "I'll go check on him" Sirius said as he got up and stalked warily over in the same direction Remus had taken. He tried to take his mind off any unpleasant sounds Remus may have been making, but he found that Remus, as usual, was exercising his skill of keeping everything about himself private when he needed to. Sirius approached the bathroom door and knocked, when he was met with silence, he entered cautiously to find Remus leaning heavily against the wall, looking strained and pale. "Feel better?" he asked. "Yes" Sirius leaned against the wall opposite Remus. "I'm really starting to worry about you." he said, staring at his friend. His gaze was met by Remus' dazzling amber eyes that reflected perfectly the stress he must have felt. Those eyes shone with appreciation and for a few moments all signs tiredness were lost. "You needn't be worried." Remus said, though it was easy to hear the appreciation in his strained voice. It had taken years for Sirius to ease through the many protective layers of Remus Lupin, now hidden emotions could often be heard and Remus didn't make as much effort to hide them. Remus sighed deeply, running his hands through his hair and forcing it to stick up in places. "Has this ever happened before?" Sirius wondered aloud. "Yes" Remus nodded, "after my mom died I became sick, the healer said it was stress, so I suppose that's what's happening now." Sirius nodded sadly. "Maybe I should go lay down for a while" Remus sighed. "Are you tired?" "No, but I don't think Molly will believe me when I say that." "Go sit on the couch" Sirius said, "Molly will let you." Remus nodded and moved to leave the large bathroom he had fled to. "Do you need anything?" "No" "Are you hungry?" "Sirius, my stomach just emptied itself of food I don't even remember eating, what do you think?!" "Sorry" Harry watched Remus emerge from the bathroom with Sirius close behind him. Hermione was still sitting on the couch, too worried to do much, when Remus made his reappearance in the living room. Molly immediately rushed to him and ushered him gently to the couch. Lupin sat back and looked as comfortable as he could considering what he'd just been through. "Are you feeling alright dear?" Molly said, sitting down beside him, Remus only nodded. Harry sat down on the moth eaten couch farthest from where Lupin sat, and coughed as a cloud of dust rose around him. Hermione saw this and sat on a somewhat less dusty chair beside him. Harry started to relax but had to scoot over quickly as Sirius dropped himself down onto the couch, another cloud of dust rose and Harry fought the urge to cough. "You're sure you don't need anything dear?" Molly repeated as she got up to go prepare dinner. "No Molly. Thank you, but I'm fine." Lupin said with as much sincerity as he could muster. Mrs. Weasley took one last moment to make sure he wasn't lying, and walked into the hallway leading to the kitchen. Sirius laid back on his spot on the couch and breathed a deep sigh of contentment. Remus looked up at him, a slight smile playing onto his lined face. He too laid back and lifted the cloak over his shoulders, revealing a light brown muggle t-shirt beneath. "So how are you feeling?" Sirius asked, his relaxed tone showing a flicker of concern. Lupin tensed, then his curious expression turned into one of sudden annoyance. "Oh no! No no no no no!" Lupin pointed one scarred hand in Sirius' direction. "I'm not falling for this again Mr. Black, I feel fine thanks!" Sirius did his best to look as if he didn't understand, but he had never been able to keep a straight face with his friends. Sirius sat back again and watched Lupin, and it became very obvious he was having trouble sitting still. "What's wrong with you?" Sirius asked, looking the slightest bit confused. "Dunno" Lupin said irritably, "need something" "Tea?" Sirius asked, starting to get up knowing how compulsive Remus was about his tea and knowing he didn't have the will power to refuse it. "No, that's ok." Lupin sighed, Sirius fell back onto the couch in surprise. He could probably count the number of times Remus had refused to on one hand. "Ok, something’s wrong" Sirius said, sitting beside Lupin on his couch. Lupin laughed, "I know what I want!" he said, a determined look suddenly spreading across his face. "And what would that be master Lupin?" Sirius said with his best imitation of a house elf. "Hot cocoa" he said, his eyes getting that glazed look they did when he had a cup of tea in his hands. Lupin nearly jumped as Sirius emitted an incredibly bark-like laugh. "What?" Lupin asked, feigning a hurt a hurt expression. "It’s relaxing!" "I should have known!" Sirius said to himself, still laughing like a madman. "If it wasn't tea it was chocolate!" "Hey! I'm not that bad!" Lupin said, doing his best to look serious. "Are you kidding!?! Let's ask Harry how many times he's seen you with chocolate!" Sirius said, gesticulating impressively. "I can't even begin to count how many times I caught you in the dormitory with chocolate! Chocolate is like sex for you!" All Lupin could do in response was blush deeply. Suddenly in the midst of Lupin's embarrassment Mrs. Weasley made her reappearance with two cups of her special recipe hot chocolate. Harry knew this was like gold to Lupin, and he and Hermione were still laughing hysterically. "Here you are" she said kindly to Lupin, handing him and then Sirius large blue and gold mugs. Lupin was too stunned to start drinking the delicious liquid contained in the mug in his hands. "Did you? You didn't hear-" Lupin stuttered, but Mrs. Weasley quickly cut him off by putting a comforting hand on his shoulder. "It's alright Remus, I think I'm the only one who heard." she said in a kind voice. Sirius smiled wickedly, and then flinched when Remus smacked him. Everyone in the room watched Mrs. Weasley's retreating back go in the direction of the kitchen, where wonderful smells of her cooking were already evident. Harry looked beside him at Hermione, who was blushing and giggling furiously. "Hermione" Harry began, smiling despite himself, "when we go back let's try and leave Lupin's dignity intact and try and prevent Sirius from saying that." Hermione nodded and continued to giggle. Harry looked back over where Sirius was apparently trying to make Moony forgive him, Lupin's tactic was one that tortured Sirius in every way possible, the silent treatment. "Moony please! I didn't mean it I promise!" Sirius whined and begged, but to no avail. Remus only sat in silence and Harry had the feeling he was savoring every moment of Sirius' pain, even though it didn't show behind the smirk currently residing on his face. "Supper!" Mrs. Weasley yelled, causing both Sirius and Remus to jump slightly. Sirius remained in his seat beside Lupin. "Would you mind setting the table Remus?" Molly asked distractedly. "I'll do it!" Sirius cut her off dashing up and collecting various dishes, he almost grabbed the silver plates stacked up high but was quickly reminded of why he shouldn't do that by a loud clearing of Molly's throat. His hands quickly moved away from the plates in question and Remus had to smile, temporarily letting down his angry image. "Let me help" he said getting up and grabbing the cutlery from the appropriate place. All of the silver wear had been locked up after an incident that had occurred just after the order had reformed. Harry remembered the shiny burn on Lupin's hand that had refused to leave for weeks, no matter how much Molly fussed over it. For a few minutes every one tucked in and began to chat loudly while enjoying the delicious food. Mrs. Weasley began to once again try and convince Bill the earring was too much. Ron was being fiercely told by Ginny that her homework did not belong in the bottom of Errol’s cage, while Fred and George sat beside them laughing too hard to be able to eat. Suddenly Moody crashed through the kitchen door, his hat was even more crooked then usual and his magical seemed to be jammed. "Help!" he hollered, "Attack!"

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