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Chapter 15 Assets * ** *** ** * IT IS OFFICIAL, I have the best group of reviewers in the world. Not only did we make 100 reviews, we made 119! IN ONE DAY! God I love you guys!!!!!!! Anyways you all have been bugging me about how Lily would have ever survived (if she did) so look very, very, very closely at this chapter, and then look very very very closely at chapter 13, and you will be able to find the teensiest bit of foreshadowing, and I’m not saying anything more on the matter. Now I think I’ll go write some more chapters, since I’m all energized and stuff now. A special send out to Iced_Cherriez who made review number 100, and has made me two beautiful banners (which I am still yet to see, but am sure they are absoloutly marveloso) * ** *** ** * Harry was still quite confused about his conversation with Dumbledore when he made his way back to the house, for that matter he couldn’t even remember having a conversation with Dumbledore. He just wrote it off, summing it up to the fact that he had probably been too pre-occupied thinking about the fight that he had, had with Ginny to pay attention to Dumbledore. Yeah, that had to be it. He opened the front door to the Burrow, and was immediately encompassed by heat, which felt nice considering he was still only in a t-shirt, and flip-flops. Not exactly winter weather attire. He slipped off his flip-flops, and grabbed his cloak from the coat rack to help warm his body, which was still trembling slightly from the cold outside. He crossed over to the sitting room, where everyone had been sitting before only to find Brooke, Ron, and Hermione, who all looked up as he entered the room. “Hey Harry,” said Ron in an exhausted sounding tone of voice. “Hey Ron, where is everyone?” “Well everyone else already left for Diagon Alley, we were waiting for you.” He answered. “Oh, you guys didn’t have to do that.” “Really Harry it was nothing, but do you still feel up to it?” asked Hermione, worry etched along her face. “Yeah, I’ll be fine. I think I might take Brooke’s advice; you know shopping helps you feel better.” He winked at her, and she gave him a grateful smile. “But I want to get some business done with my accounts at Gringotts done while we’re there too.” “Sounds boring.” Commented Ron. “No, it’s actually pretty cool. I had Bifford, you know the goblin who’s in charge of my account. Well I had him get me this really big vault, it’s the size of about three classrooms, and I had everything put in there. You know everything that had been left to me I inherited, I got full custody over when I was sixteen. All these really old family heirlooms and stuff, it’s like one great big storage shed.” “Still sounds boring.” Said Ron with a smile. “We better go then, so Harry can be alone with his vault.” “Oi, shut up.” Said Harry, smacking Ron on the shoulder, while the girls laughed at them. “How are we getting there anyway?” asked Harry. “We’re flooing, mum wasn’t too happy about it though, she said that you could hurt yourself, she wanted us to take the night bus. But there was no way in hell, I was ever getting on that thing.” “Me either,” said Brooke, who now seemed to be a bit more open, it was obvious she was still thinking about what Ginny had said. “Ladies first,” said Ron bowing low and holding a pot of floo powder out to Hermione, who quickly disappeared into the fire, followed by Brooke, then Harry (Ron had informed him that he was much more of a lady than him, so he should go first) and finally Ron. They arrived in the crowded entrance of Diagon Alley, where Ron let them in through the magical entrance. As Harry stepped out into the snow filled Diagon Alley he couldn’t help but think that Ginny had been right. It really was lovely at Christmas time. All the storefronts were filled with decorative lights; there was the troll choir, and little fairies floating around overhead. Harry noticed that he was receiving a few glances from passer bys, the type of glances a person receives when someone is trying to tell whether or not they know you. He istinctively pulled the hood from his cloak over his heads, not wanting to be recognized. “I want to look at Flourish and Blotts.” Said Hermione who was looking over longingly at the bookstore. “I think I’ll go with you,” said Ron with a shy smile. “I think I’ll let you two be alone then?” said Harry with a knowing look, which Hermione looked noticed, and kept glancing between Harry and Ron. “Alright…we’ll meet you at the Magical Menagerie at four o’clock…don’t be late,” She said tentatively, before glancing at Harry one last time, and leading Ron off toward Flourish and Blotts, leaving Brooke and Harry alone. “So, uh, well I have to do some business over at Gringotts, it should only take half an hour if you want to come with me, I promise it won’t be as boring as Ron said.” Harry asked. “Alright, yeah I need to get some money out of my vault, anyways.” “Good, it’s settled then. Shall we go.” Said Harry excitedly. “K Harry, let’s go,” she said laughing at his eagerness. “I think I need some of that shopping therapy stuff.” “Me too, I’m sorry if what Ginny said was true, about me and all.” “Brooke,” Harry stopped in his tracks, and turned around to face her, “don’t let Ginny get to you, I don't know what's gotten into her. I feel kind of bad about some of the stuff I said though.” He said looking down at the ground unhappily. “Is what she said true about you?” “I thought I just told you it wasn’t” “No, I mean in the house, she said, well…she said you had feelings for me.” She stared down, at the ground afraid to see Harry’s reaction. He was going to deny it, but he knew deep down that it was true, and that if he did deny it then any feelings she had for him would probably be wiped away, and then he wouldn’t have any chance with her. He would just have to suck it up and be a man. “Well…I…um…yeah…I do.” She looked up startled, she had fully been expecting him to say he didn’t, but then here he was telling her he did. She couldn’t help but smile, he had said the right thing after all. She had been attracted to Harry ever since she first talked to him on the couch in the hospital. He had something different about him. He was strong, but he was still sensitive, and very vulnerable. He was smart, and talented, and not to mention very good looking, but what really intrigued her was that she could just talk to him and be herself, not afraid of whether or not he would think her an idiot. “Really? You like me?” she asked him, trying to verify that what she had just heard was real, she had no way to tell if he was lying or not. “Yeah, I do. I mean it’s alright if you don’t like me back and all, but I still hope we can be friends, I’m sorry I shouldn’t have said anything.” “No, it’s okay, I’m actually glad you did.” She said grinning slyly. “Really?” Now it was Harry’s turn to ask. “Yeah, because I like you too Harry. I like you a lot.” He let out a nervous laugh, and looked down at her with a smile one hundred miles wide spread across his face. “Really?” He asked again. “Yes Harry really, now let’s go take care of your Gringotts business, so we can start our shopping therapy.” She said taking his hand in hers and leading her towards the large wizarding bank. Gringotts was very busy, and warm, so as they entered they allowed one of their goblins to take their cloaks. Harry couldn’t help but look over at Brooke who was wearing hip hugger jeans and a slouchy black sweater, with her hair pulled back into a loose braid, and think she looked extremely pretty. As soon as the goblin left with their cloaks Harry grabbed Brooke’s hand and made his way over to the bank tellers. They approached a rather stern looking goblin, who eyed them up and down before speaking. “What’s your business.” “My name is Harry Potter I need to speak with Bifford regarding my account, and this is Brooke Vener,” he said motioning over to Brooke, “she also has some business to deal with in her account.” “Very well,” said the goblin, “I will take Ms. Vener to her vault, and Bifford will be with you shortly.” The goblin got off his perch, and pulled a ring of keys from his pocket, summoning Brooke to follow him. “Bring her back to my vault when she’s done,” called Harry over to the goblin, who just nodded in response. Brooke gave his hand a quick squeeze and then set after the goblin. Harry waited patiently in the corridor for around five minutes when he heard a voice from behind him. “Mr. Potter, it has been a long time since I have seen you last.” “Bifford! How good to see you,” greeted Harry enthusiastically. He had always liked Bifford more than the other goblins, always thought him more friendlier. “The same goes for you Mr.Potter, now why don’t we go to my office to discuss your account.” “Sounds good,” said Harry as Bifford led him over to the offices. When they entered Harry watched as Bifford withdraw a pile of folders from one of the shelves and motioned for Harry to take a seat, which he did. “Now Mr. Potter what can I do for you?” “Well I just wanted to make sure everything was in smooth order, and that the orders I made went through.” “Yes, let me see,” said Bifford as he put on a pair of glasses and began perusing the document, “Yes, everything looks to be going fine, no legal problems, no custody problems, all good, the Potter Estate is going well, the two house elves you requested….Dobby and Winky, I believe their names were, are currently residing there and preparing it for inhabitation.” “And the orders?” “Yes, that property you expressed interest in was purchased under your name, along with another beach property, all fine, everything has been settled with the previous owners I see, nothing to worry about.” “That’s good.” “Anything else that you would like to discuss.” “Yes, well it’s something that I’ve been wondering for awhile. In the last bank report I received it said that I had another vault under my name that I don’t ever remember opening.” “Which one would that be.” “Well, it’s stupid actually, must be some mix up, it says it’s the account of Godric Gryffindor.” “Oh that, well it says here that you are in deed in custody of Godric Gryfindor’s account.” “Bifford, there must be some mistake, why would I have custody to Godric Gryffindors’s account?” “Well according to this, you are his last remaining heir.” “Me?”asked Harry astonished. “Yes you.” “How?” “Well according to this family index,” Bifford pulled out a scroll form one of these shelves, and opened it to show Harry. “Godric Gryfindor is one of the original founders of the Potter family.” “But then wouldn’t the family name be Gryfindor then?” “Yes, but as you see here, Godric Gryfindor only had one daughter, who married a Potter, making Godric somewhat of a great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather.” “That’s a lot of greats.” “Well it was a long time ago.” “How is it that I was never informed of this vault?” “I’m sorry Mister Potter, but I was under the impression that you were already aware of it’s existence, but just didn’t bother with it, seeing as you already have so many assets to maintain already, even with my help.” “No Bifford I was not aware, can you have it’s contents added to the Potter Family account?” “Yes, that will be done immediately, would you like to go down there now?” “Yes, I would like to make a withdrawl.” “very well, follow me.” Harry followed Bifford into one of the rickety old miners carts that led down to the vaults, his mind lost in a world of thought. He was related to Godric Gryfindor? How come no one had ever told him? He also wondered what could be in one of the founders of Hogwarts vaults, Harry felt himself growing increasingly excited as he neared his vault. When the cart halted to a stop in front of his vault he saw Brooke sitting there waiting for him, with the goblin that he had seen take her to her vault before. "Did you get what you needed?" Asked Harry, not seeing any money bags. "Yeah, all in my purse." She said, pointing to the black handbag. "Oh." “What took you?” she asked. “Oh nothing, just found out I have yet another vault under my name.” “Who’s?” “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.” “Just try me Harry,” She said raising a challenging eyebrow in his direction. “Godric Gryffindor.” “Well to be honest with you Harry, it’s not all that surprising to think that you were Godric’s heir.” “Why would that be?” He asked a little surprised, that she wasn’t as shocked by this news as much as he had been. “I don’t know, it’s just, look what you’ve done in your life, I guess you could say you two have similar characters.” “Sure, whatever, me and one of the greatest wizards who ever lived have the same character.” “Don’t doubt yourself Harry.” He smiled at her, while she turned to watch Bifford run his fingers over the seam of the vault, as a hissing sound resounded from the seal. Then he placed his hand on a knot in the center of the door, and it twisted open. Brooke had to admit, she was slightly surprised at what she saw. Inside Harry’s vault was everything. There were old paintings hung on the walls, old furniture covered in sheets, and what looked to be a grand piano in one of the corners. There were tables scattered everywhere containing bits of old parchment, books, and other odds and ends. She was so immersed in her surroundings that she didn’t hear Harry come up behind her. “Take a look around, it’s pretty cool the stuff that’s in here. It’s from tons of old wizarding families that I’m related too.” She took him up on his offer, eager to explore all the hidden treasures throughout the room, she wandered up to one of the tables and opened up a small jewelry box. Inside were expensive looking broaches, necklaces, and rings. All of them were beautiful. She took time picking up each piece of jewelry in turn and examining it closely. She finally put the jewelry away, and opened another box full of a myriad of different potions, none labeled. She rifled through a few trunks and found a bunch of old cloaks, and other assorted clothing. She found some old wands, a few sets of china, even a tapestry that looked like it had been spun out of pure gold. She was in complete awe at all the things in the room, everything was so beautiful, dating back generations upon generations. “How do you like it,” asked Harry, who had just come up behind her. “It’s all so beautiful,” Brooke answered. “I only found out I owned all of this last year, before that I had just thought my parents had left me money. Like I said earlier it’s from a bunch of old wizarding families. One obviously is the Potters, then theirs the Dawson family, they’re a really old family, something like my dads second cousin was the last of them, and then he died without having kids so that went to me. Then there’s the Black family as Sirius left me all his possessions except his old house, but I had Bifford make sure there were no dark magical items transferred over here, meaning I got mostly money, seeing as most of the other things in that vault had indeed been bursting with dark magic. And now, well now Gryffindor’s possessions…” “Have you looked at what there is from Gryfindor yet?” “Nope, I only got some more money, but I was just about to. Do you want to come look with me, it’s always more fun if you have someone else to explore with.” He inquired, giving her a slight wink, which made her blush a little. “Alright then, lead the way.” Harry led the way over to the back of the large room, where there was a bunch of doors that Brooke hadn’t noticed before. She read the labels on each one. DAWSON. BLACK. GRYFFINDOR. CURRENCY. “What are all these doors Harry?” asked Brooke. “Oh these each lead to the stuff I inherited from each family line, and then the door that says currency is just all my gold and stuff.” “Then what’s all that other stuff, out by the front?.” “Well that’s the Potter fortune, it’s the main one of the account, and then these all are what the goblins like to call sub accounts.” “Wow” “Yeah.” Said Harry as he pressed his hand against the door labeled Gryffindor. The door snapped open revealing a dark room, but as soon as Harry stepped in lights sprung up all along the walls. Inside the vault were numerous swords and shields, more old furniture and paintings, and many other of the same type of things that had been in the Potter part of the vault. The only main difference in here were the sheer number of books. Harry walked around reading some of the titles to himself, Advanced Defense Against Dark Magic, The Art of Sacrificial Spells, The World of Divination. Then there were piles of what looked to be journals, Harry picked one up and began to read.
I had another fight with Salazar today. He is growing more stubborn by the day. He simply refuses to admit non-pureblood students, but I as headmaster of the school, had the final decision. Rowena and Helga seem to be against his way of thinking as well, I plan on confronting them tomorrow with a course of action against Salazar, this friction must all be put to an end…
Harry felt slightly odd knowing that he was reading the diary of Godric Gryffindor and set it down hastily, almost as if he was afraid it might bite. They stayed in the vault examining it for another hour or so, before Harry announced, ”It’s already one o’ clock, geez time flies we should probably start that shopping therapy don’t you think.” Brooke only laughed softly, she was absolutely loving the time she was spending with Harry. They had talked non-stop to each other since they had begun examining the vault, and she couldn’t help but feel strangely content with Harry around her. They climbed into one of the miner carts, and before they knew it had said their goodbyes to Bifford and were standing out at the entrance of Gringotts. “Well I don’t know about you, but after everything that’s happened today, I need some major shopping therapy, let’s go all out.” Said Brooke to Harry. “I’m with you, so where to first?” “Clothes, you always start with Clothes,” Harry just laughed.

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