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Chapter Twenty-three, Chocolate

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Dancing is the loftiest, the most moving,
the most beautiful of the arts,
because it is not mere translation or abstraction from life;
it is life itself.
- Havelock Ellis

The moonlight was shining brightly through the high windows as we walked in quick steps under the cloak. It was freezing cold in the halls, and all I really wanted was to get back to my warm bed.

“Lily? Why are we doing this again?” Anna whispered quietly. “Being under a magic cloak that Potter’s had all along but never told us about, and that you now have stolen, going to the kitchen to nick food?”

“Yes, that’s it, Anna!” I whispered back.

“He’s going to kill you when he finds out! You know that, right?”

“Very aware of that, but I will make sure he never knows.. this is life-saving, remember?” I chuckled.

“Life-saving? Yeah right! You’re having PMS, are out of chocolate, and now you’re going to smuggle it from the kitchen? You don’t even know if they have chocolate there!”

I heard Anna becoming slightly desperate, and I couldn’t help but find it amusing.

“Can’t we just go back?”

I gave her a venomous look and kept trotting on, turning around the corner as we had flown down the marble stairs.

Suddenly, I stopped. I heard footsteps coming closer, and I was afraid it was Filch. I dragged Anna with me and stood by the wall, hardly daring to breathe.

As the person drew closer I recognised his blonde hair and tall figure.. not to mention the handsome face that had make my knees go weak some months ago.

‘Him? What’s he doing here this late?’

It was none other than Bryn Johnson. He was walking around, humming on some song I didn’t know and obviously being in a good mood. I saw Anna make a face as he passed us, she almost disliked him even more than I did after what he did to me in sixth year.

“Let’s go on,” I whispered after he had passed, hurrying down a couple of more corridors before we reached the well-known painting of a fruit bowl that now had a completely new meaning to me.

I stretched my hand out and tickled the pear, Anna looking oddly at me, but seeming strangely excited at the same time.

Suddenly a door handle was visible, it was a little bit smaller than the other ones around the area. I opened it and stepped inside, hearing Anna gasping right next to me. In front of us was about a hundred busy house-elves, some still doing the dishes, others preparing food for breakfast or cleaning.

As I pulled the cloak off us, a very small elf wearing a pink piece of clothing came hurriedly over.

“What can Haffy help you with, misses?” she squealed excitedly, and then looked at the cloak in my hand. “Isn’t that Mr Potter’s magic cloak? Is he letting you use it too?”

She was smiling all over her face, not at all disturbed by the fact that unknown visitors were standing in the kitchen that was not allowed to let students in.

“Yes, I was wondering if you had some chocolate for me? I would really like that,” I smiled back, leaning down and looking into the huge bulging eyes of the elf.

“Of course, miss!” She said, and before I knew it she was gone. I looked around, wondering where she had gone.

“Lily, come on, let’s go? It’s very late, she’s probably not coming back…” Anna whispered.

“No… she will be back, just wait and see..”

I was right, because only moments later the little elf was back with a huge basket of different kinds of chocolate. It was dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate and chocolate with all kinds of nice fillings.

“Is this enough, miss? I is very happy to get you some more if miss would like?” The elf said brightly.

“No, no.. this is more than enough, thank you very much!” I exclaimed.

“Haffy is happy to help you miss, hope to see you soon!” The elf squealed and disappeared to help some of the other elves putting some plates back to place.

“See? That went all right…” I smiled at Anna, who immediately grabbed the chocolate on the top.

I sat down in the common room with the basket on my lap, in the middle of the night, finishing my probably tenth chocolate. Then I suddenly remembered that I had to return James his cloak. What if he intended to use it sometime soon? I put the basked on the floor next to my chair, happy that Anna had gone to bed when we returned from the kitchen, or she’d probably finish all of it before I came back.

I took the light, big, silky cloak and made my way for the Head Boy dormitory. As I entered his room, I saw him sleeping there just like he had done a few nights ago when I had the nightmare.

I walked over to his trunk, and lifted some of his things to put the invisibility cloak at the bottom. Maybe I could just stay and watch him sleep when I had put it back in place? Knowing that he’d never know I did that.

But my little wish of that was suddenly shattered. I heard him stir in his sleep, and I was starting to get nervous. What if he woke up and found me here? What would he think?

I hurriedly walked over to the door, but as I was about to close it…

“Lily?” I heard a tired, groggy voice from within the dorm I was about to leave.

I ignored him and hurried down to the common room.

Not before had I returned to my chair before he got out of bed and followed me.

As his tired face came into view, I almost screamed because I was so surprised.

“What the heck are you doing up this late?” he questioned.

My mouth fell open and I said what first thing that came into mind.


He raised his eyebrows and sat down in the chair next to me.

“Yeah Right… where’s all the books then?”

“Erm… I just finished, but I couldn’t sleep.”

“Ok, one thing straight. What were you doing in my dorm just now?” He said amusedly.

“You don’t want to know,” I said in a hurry.

“Oh yes, I do,” He continued.

What was it about James that made it impossible to lie? This sucked. But I had an idea in mind.

“I was going to burn all your essays, just like you did with mine on Halloween..” I said proudly.

“No, you weren’t,” he simply said.

“I was,” I smiled.

“No, because you already made me do that, Lily.”

‘Shit. Staying up at three AM doesn’t make your mind work the way it should…’

“I did? Crap!” I leaned back in my chair, reaching out for another chocolate with white filling by the other side of my chair.

“What’s that?” James exclaimed, pointing at the chocolate I chewed on.

“Chocolate! What does it look like?” I laughed.

“Were did you get it?” James continued.

“That’s none of your business, is it? Last Hogsmeade weekend, why?”

“At Honeydukes?” James smirked.

“Yes, in fact I did,” I defended myself.

“That’s not possible,” James said, crossing his hands over his chest.

“Oh, really?” I said with extreme difficulty.

“Yes, because last Hogsmeade weekend they were sold out of that chocolate. The only place you can get that… Is in the Hogwarts kitchen…” His eyes were glowing with satisfaction.

“So?” I said, not really seeing the problem. It was too late in the night.

“You’ve sneaked down to the kitchen! You got that… basket of chocolate!” James exclaimed, jumping up and getting the basket from the other side of my chair.

“Want some?” I smiled innocently.

“Now… how did you get down there at this hour? How did you know how to get in?” James let his fingers rest at his chin, pretending to be thinking.

“You told me, Mr smart,” I smiled evilly.


“Well well… that theory was quite a waste of thinking, wasn’t it?” I said, taking a bite from the truly delicious big chocolate in my hand.

“You stole something from me, and you returned it just now, but I woke up.” James looked at me, sounding thrilled.

“Did I now?” I smiled, but couldn’t stop myself from laughing.

“You mini-marauder! You crazy unpredictable witch! You bad bad girl…!” James yelled. “You… stole… my… cloak!”

“I sure did,” I smiled, swallowing the chewed chocolate and feeling the taste run down my throat.

“Give me that.”

James stretched out his hand and pointed at the basket.

“You would never have that if it wasn’t for me…” he smiled.

“You wish! I went through a whole lot of things to get that chocolate! You keep your filthy hands off it!” I laughed.

“I’ll just have to take it by force then!”

Soon James was chasing me around the common room, me desperately holding onto the basket with the essence of life I had been longing for so long.

“Sure you ought to have some more of that?” James yelled while chasing me, I was laughing with enjoyment over my little night-adventure.

“You’re a ballerina, you know? All those calories aren’t good if you want your pretty dancing clothes to fit by Christmas!”

“You wish, James! I’m having this for myself!” I said back.

“At least share! I love chocolate too, you know?”

“You’re not having PMS, James? Heard of that? Chocolate is my medicine.”

I stopped up, throwing him a piece of dark chocolate over the couch.

“Happy?” I smiled at his tall figure.

“Try this, Lily.. The taste remaining in your mouth when you’ve swallowed is the best ever…” James cracked off a piece of dark chocolate and carefully pushed it in between my lips. He watched me as my teeth smashed it and spread the aroma around in my mouth.

His eyes were looking soft and deep from the light of the fireplace, and his handsome lines stood out.

We were so exhausted from running around we had finally decided to share. We ended up sitting on some cushions on the floor in front of the fire, experimenting with chocolate. I wasn’t tired at all any more, all I cared about was the fact that I was sitting in the dimly lit common room, right next to the boy I wanted so badly to kiss..

We were all alone, and I didn’t doubt that kiss wouldn’t taste bad after eating all the contest of the basket between us.

‘God, I want to kiss you now James…’ I thought, looking dreamily over at him as he went through the basket again for some more chocolate to try out.

I carefully edged closer to him, and stretched my hand out as well to put the half-eaten toffee-chocolate back.

Our fingers met as I laid it back, and he turned around and smiled at me. I returned the smile and found another one.

I straightened my vest top and leaned back onto the chair behind me, closing my eyes. The taste in my mouth was so delicious, yet it wasn’t enough. My lips were longing for his touch, they were bobbling with excitement.

‘Can’t you just kiss me?’ I daydreamed in my head.

‘I’ve been wanting to kiss you for ages, beautiful…’ James’s voice answered in my head…

A little smile appeared on my face as I felt his lips caress mine in my head. I wanted him to do it once more… In real life, this time.

But I knew that wasn’t coming, so I slowly opened my eyes.

‘You’re still daydreaming Lily, because James is inches away from your face…’ I told myself.

“Holy crap!” I exclaimed as I realised James’s face was in fact right in front of me.

He jumped back a little, smiling with puzzlement and surprise.

“Did I wake you?” he whispered.

I breathed out and relaxed back again, feeling my muscles going from tense to limp.

“I guess you did,” I grinned, looking over at the basket, which was now empty.

“I see you didn’t waste or save any?” I said, looking over at James sitting in front of me.

“No… Sorry, but Hafty gave you the same chocolates she gave me back in third year. It was so nice to taste them all again that way.”

“That’s ok, I’d had enough anyway… as you said, I’m on a strict diet..”

We both laughed at that, because both of us knew I wasn’t.

I let out a huge yawn and stretched my arms.

“Tired? You can go up and sleep if you want to, I’m not keeping you,” James said, sitting down again.

‘I could sit here all night with you… But you don’t know that.’

“No, I’m staying, I’m not tired at all!” I said, but my second yawn didn’t convince James.

“No, Lily.. You should get some sleep, really. I’ll follow you up.”

I gave him a charming smile and said I’d like that very much.

“But I’ll come slightly after you. Don’t want to give away the marauder-trick about how to get into the girls dorms,” he smirked.

“Fine,” I whispered, rising up and not breaking the eye-contact until I had to.

As I came up to my dorm, I opened the window and let the chilly night air make it’s way into the room. I just sat there in the big stone window-sill, thinking about the boy I had been sitting down in the common room with for two hours.

“Lily?” James whispered, coming over to me.

I smiled as he sat down in the window sill with me, and the wind ruffled through his black hair.

“I really had a good time down there,” he said quietly, not letting go of his smile that had that ability to melt my heart. “Come and borrow the invisibility-cloak whenever you want, unless we’re using it ourselves, of course..”

I let out a little laugh and looked into his hazel eyes. “I will.”

“I’m not going to steal any more hours away from you, so I’ll just say goodnight?” he said, standing up.

He leaned in, his eyes flicking from my eyes to my lips.. As he was only an inch from letting it fly from his lips to my own, he leaned slightly to the left and let it wearily down on the skin next to them. Not even an inch away. Right next to my lips..

He smiled at me as he left the room, just the same kind of smile he had given me the last time he kissed me.

‘Not on the lips.. Why not on the lips? He makes out with Irma just like that, but kissing me seems to be a lot harder… why, James?”

When I had left her dorm I let my hands drag through my hair in frustration.

‘Why didn’t I just kiss her the way I wanted to?’

Why was the mystery of Lily Evans always the thing that made my head spin around and not act coolly as it used to? I had been so close… I even saw her hold her breath as I leaned in. Her eyes dancing in front of me so alive and full of anticipation and anxiousness. The sweet smell of perfume from her elegant neck..

‘Why the hell didn’t I kiss her on the lips?’

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