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Chapter 12 Sharing Fears Well this isn’t that long of a chapter, I’d just call it a sub chapter, which is why I’m adding chapter 13 as well. It’s more like a conversation that deserved it’s own chapter. Anyways, I once again have lots of pre-written chapters, due to a very inspirational day of writing. Anyways, please r/r, and if always if you have any questions about the story feel free to contact me. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ` “Your dad Harry?” Brooke asked in a quiet voice, “but you know…well he is...” “Dead I know, but I could have sworn I saw him.” Harry buried his face into his hands and let out a frustrated sigh, “I’m cursed.” “You are not cursed Harry.” “Yes I am, I’m a danger to everyone I love, I really don’t have anyone I can call my family, there’s the Weasleys. I love them like they were my family, but I’ve always felt like an intruder, no matter how many times they tell me I’m not. The closest thing I ever had to family was Sirius, and well my curse rubbed off on him too, look where he ended up.” He looked up at Brooke, and feeling like he could trust her laid it all out on the line. “It was my fault he fell through that damn veil, if I hadn’t been so stupid. I just watched him fall, I didn’t do anything to stop it. He died to save me, just like my parents, just like countless others, and I didn’t do anything to stop it. But the prophecy says I’m the one who has to stop Voldemort, only me, and I keep thinking that I won’t be able to. I couldn’t save the people I loved, how can I save the entire world? I feel like I’m leading everyone to their deaths, that they were stupid to trust me to be their hero. It should have been someone else. Someone who was more talented, who could be their perfect ‘hero’, because I’m just not him…and I never will be. I don’t know how to be.” “No one expects you to know how to be a hero.” “Yes they do, all you have to do is pick up a copy of the Daily Prophet, which only a mere two years ago was slandering my name, and every other word about me has something to do with my so called ‘greatness.’” “But you are great Harry.” “How would you know? You barely even know me!” he snapped at her. He felt bad afterwards, he knew she was only trying to help, but she looked unaffected by his little outburst, and kept her tone just the same; soothing and considerate. “I don’t know you that well Harry, I’m not arguing with you there, but I am aware of the type of person you are. Not that it really matters to me, but I am very well aware of what you have done, and it seems to me like everything you did, you did out of love and devotion to your friends. I don’t think anyone would hold that against you; I certainly don’t” “Sometimes that’s what bothers me” “what?” “That they don’t hold it against me, because then all I can do is hold it against myself, and beat myself up over it constantly.” “That’s something that happens to everyone. When something bad happens, people try to find a way to deal with it, and your way just happens to be finding fault with yourself when there is none.” “How would you know about dealing with bad things, I bet nothing has ever happened to you.” He snapped once again, feeling somewhat rifled that she was explaining his emotions to him. He was surprised by her reaction to his words, however. Before when he had snapped at her she had just blown it aside, but now she was looking down at the floor tears welling up in her eyes. “You shouldn’t always judge a book by its cover.” She whispered softly. Harry felt like such an idiot, and had no clue what to say, even though his adolescent male mind was working at full speed. “My uncle was killed by Voldemorts supporters, and I blamed myself forever, it became a big…problem.” She shuddered slightly as she said that last word. Harry still didn’t know what to say, shocked at this newest revelation. “My parents and older brother are part of an American anti-Voldemort defense league. Last summer they sent me to live with my Uncle, because they would be off working, but I screwed up. My name was put in the muggle paper for receiving some grant to work in a summer camp, and the death eaters saw it. They figured that if they found me they would find my parents. They showed up at the house one night, and killed my uncle. It was awful, and I blamed myself for it sine it happened, I still do, but I know it doesn’t help to blame yourself for what other people caused. But I also know how hard it is not to.” “I’m wow, god, I’m sorry Brooke…” “Don’t be Harry. If anyone you have the right to be bothered by these type of things, just realize that you don’t have to hurt yourself.” “Hurt?” “Never mind.” “No, you can tell me. You can trust me.” “it’s not important anymore.” “Please…” Brooke looked up into Harry’s eyes, she wanted to tell him, he deserved to know the messed up truth about her, after all he had shared a lot with her already. “After my uncles death well I starved myself, until my parents found out and got me help.” Harry just looked at her in a state of shock. He found it awful and slightly unreal that such a sweet girl had taken to hurting herself out of angst. “Oh Brooke…” “I’m okay now Harry. I just want you to realize what can happen, I like you, and I don’t want something bad to happen to you.” “I like you too Brooke.” “And Harry don’t worry about the prophecy. I know it has to be hard to deal with and all, but there’s nothing you can do about it right now, so you just try to forget about it, until something can be done. Instead focus on something you love.” “Like what?” “I don’t know, I’m not you, but think really hard what do you love?” “That’s easy Quidditch.” “Alright then lets talk about Quidditch, think about something positive, trust me it sounds dumb, but it really works.” “Well what should we say about Quidditch?” Harry asked, turning to look at Brooke. “Hey, don’t look at me, you’re supposed to be the flying whiz Mr. Potter, I can barely keep from falling off a broom ten feet it in the air.” “Oh you can’t be that bad.” “Believe me I am.” Harry just laughed, he couldn’t help but feel happier when he was around Brooke. “I’ll have to teach you then.” He flirted subtly, “Of course that is after I stop hobbling around the place.” He grinned gesturing to the cane he had been using for walking. “You’ll have to do that, sometime after Christmas break.” “Wait, don’t you have to go back to America?” “Oh you don’t know do you!?” “Know what?” “Well my school. The Boston School of Magic was attacked, and so now all the students are being reassigned to different schools. I was assigned to Hogwarts, to finish my seventh year. I start after the holidays.” “That’s great! Is it just you from your year coming to Hogwarts?” “Oh no, quite a few people were selected to come to Hogwarts, I’m just not sure who was chosen yet. “So it’s a mystery then.” “Yes Harry, one big giant mystery.” They both laughed at their feeble joke, but they were still just as content as before. They continued talking for about another hour, while Mrs. Weasley continued her quarrel with the healer. They brushed across everything talking of school, friends, funny moments, and everything in between. They were quite surprised at how quickly the time had flown by when Mrs. Weasley popped her head out of the office a victorious smirk plastered on her face. “Harry dear good news, you’ll be coming home with us, but there is one hitch, “ her face slightly soured at the last part, “This healer does not believe that you will receive the proper care at home so he is insisting that a nurse come and stay with us until you recover. Absolute rubbish if you ask me, but that’s the only way he says he’ll let you leave…quite stubborn that one.” A small voice called from the office behind her “I heard that.” “That’s okay Mrs. Weasley, I don’t care if I have a nurse.” “That’s the spirit Harry. Now Brooke would you help Harry up from the couch, the nurse will come by later after sge finishes up at the hospital.” Harry looked around questioningly at the fire place that they were leaving behind, as Mrs. Weasley directed Brooke who was steadying Harry towards the main exit. “Uh…Mrs. Weasley how are we getting there, aren’t we going by floo.” “Of course not dear, you’re not well enough to travel by floo yet, we’re taking the Night Bus.” Harry didn’t say anything, but just gave an inward groan. He was sure that the night bus would hurt him more than a little floo powder.

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