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A/N: Really take your time on this chapter, it's one of my favourites... Enjoy!

Important: The chapter starts in Lily's POV, then it switches to Sirius POV before going back to Lily's. That's what the --- are for! If you don't have this in mind, the story gets messed up. Sirius isn't gay.

Chapter Twenty-two, Nightmare

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If I could tell you what it meant,
there would be no point in dancing it.
-Isadora Duncan

It was cold in the house, and I felt there was something that wasn’t right. I couldn’t sleep. I stood up from my double bed, lighting the tip of my wand. I heard noises downstairs. They were very vague, I couldn’t make out what it was.. I quickly found something to cover me before walking out of my room. I peaked down over the railing, looking down to the hall.

I slapped my hand over my lips, so terrified I couldn’t make a sound.

A tall, black hooded man with only the back visible to me stood down there, and someone I knew only too well was lying on the floor, whimpering. His eyes were screwed up in pain, and the cold laughter of the man filled the large entrance hall of the house. I quietly melted down on the floor, trying to make my shocked sobs as soundless as possible. I clung to the stands of the railing, feeling my whole body shake.

Normally I would have ran down there to fight him off, I knew the reason I had been put in Gryffindor was because of my courage in situations where the people I loved were threatened. I always valued their lives more than my own, and sides and strengths I didn’t know I had used to emerge in me. The old sorting hat had told me the day I sat there on the stool, as a terrified eleven-year-old.

But all that fainted away… I was so shocked, and I felt it kill inside me by the sight of him screaming out in unbearable pain on the floor below.

I saw him twitching, ready to surrender. His eyes were white in suffering. The tall man lifted the unforgivable curse and laughed again as he saw the
figure on the floor close up in cries.

“Any last words, Mr Potter?” the wizard’s high, cold voice spat.

For a moment, James’s eyes met mine up on the first floor, and his lips formed the words “Run, Lily!”

The tall figure raised his hand once more and the worst of the three unforgivables rolled off his tongue.. “Adava Kedavra!”

“Nooooo!! Not him! Not HIM! Jaaaames!” I yelled as I woke up abruptly, feeling my body ache in a strange way.

I was glad I had a dormitory of my own, because I would definitely have woken up any fellow seventh-years with that scream.

I wiped the sweat off my forehead, then dried my cheek with my hand, not surprised to find it wet with tears. Then I sat up, my mind racing. I just had to make sure he was still there..
I threw the covers off and walked out of my dormitory, walking down to the common room. There was nobody there, but the fireplace was lit.

Normally I would have found this strange, but not this night. I was too concerned and scared to think about that.

I walked over to the fire for a brief moment, warming my half-naked body and drying some more tears away from my face. I had totally forgot to put on my dressing gown, so I stood there in only my underwear. It didn’t matter though, nobody was going to see me anyway.

I hurried up the stairs to the area of the boys’ dorm. I localised the correct door and walked over to it. The door was ajar, so I hurried in unnoticed.

I walked slowly over to his bed, feeling my heart beating. I carefully let my slender hand draw the hangings aside, looking down at the boy lying there. My heart stabilised and I could breathe normally again at the sight of him, sleeping there so peacefully. I sat down on the edge of his bed, reaching out my hand once more. His covers weren’t covering him fully, and I saw parts of his body which normally were hidden behind clothes. I had always suspected he had a good-looking figure because of Quidditch-practice, and I had been right.

With a light touch of my hand I removed some wild black hair from his forehead, so I could see him properly. He looked exactly as I saw him every day, nothing was changed. Not a single scratch, no muscles pulled straight in pain. I saw his chest rise and sink as he breathed, and I was convinced it had only been a nightmare. I had really known since I wake up, but I just had to make sure nothing was wrong with him.

With a little smile across my face I put the covers over him and left his four-poster bed, trotting tiredly back to my own.

I just hoped that nightmare I so vividly recalled wouldn’t sneak back into my mind.. I knew why the outline of Voldemort as I imagined him had appeared in my head, but I had to be certain he hadn’t taken him away. I was afraid he’d come for James the way he had made his Death-Eaters finish off Laura…


I sat up in my chair, frowning at what I saw. I made sure James’s invisibility cloak was covering me fully as my eyes followed her as she walked over to the fireplace. Why was Lily coming down to the common room in the middle of the nigh, only wearing two thin pieces of clothing, tears rolling continuously down her pale skin? She had walked down very quietly, obviously not wanting to wake anyone. I couldn’t help noticing that years of ballet sure had it’s effect on her.. Her body was very well formed, indeed.

Should I remove the cloak and comfort her for whatever reason she was sad? But I didn’t have time to think that far, because she soon started walking up the stairs to our dorms, the boys’ dorms.

I rose, following her as soundlessly as I could.

She entered the Head Boy dorm. So that was were she was headed. To James! I knew they were going to get together, but I didn’t expect it to happen so soon. There was one thing I couldn’t put together, though. Why was Lily crying?

I stood by the door, watching her walk over to his four-poster. She took the hangings away, sitting down on the bed. She was looking down on the sleeping shape resting upon the mattress. What was that all about? Wasn’t she going to wake him up? Throw herself in his arms and eventually shag him any moment? I saw her remove some hair from his face, then drag her fingers nervously through her own hair, it almost looked black in the dark.

She sat there for a minute or so, just looking at him. Looking at James, lying there sleeping like an angel, his upper body totally exposed. I couldn’t blame her, I would have done the exact same thing if I was her, but I probably wouldn’t stop there.

‘Stop it, Sirius! Concentrate!’ I hissed to myself inside my head.

Then she stood up, giving him a last look before starting to walk towards the door in which I was standing. I managed to walk out of the way before she passed through.

She looked a lot calmer, at least she wasn’t crying anymore. It was hard to tell in the dark, but I though I could see a little smile on her face. She walked back to her own dorm, probably going back to sleep.

I figured I’d better go back to sleep as well, it was school tomorrow after all. And that hangover from Halloween hadn’t totally let go of my body yet… I wondered if Lily’s had. She had ended up quite shabby and drunk. I trotted back to my dorm, almost laughing at Peter and Remus’s strange positions in bed. Peter was half on the floor, and Remus had probably fallen asleep over the book which was still in his hand.


I crept into bed again, pulling the covers close. James was safe in his bed. I though about his satisfied face expression when he was lying there, fast asleep. He must have had a good dream.

Suddenly I felt that little something come back inside, it was bigger this time. I felt my heart start pumping blood around in my veins faster and faster as I saw his face clearly in my mind, his figure halfway under the covers.

I tried to calm down, closing my eyes. But I didn’t manage to sleep…Partly because I was afraid the nightmare with Voldemort would come back.

But Voldemort didn't come back... the memory from the show came back instead. I could see James coming closer to me, his eyes going from my eyes to my lips. Then I realised I wanted him to press his lips half an inch closer than he had done that evening.. I wanted him to kiss me on the lips.

And in my mind, he suddenly did. He didn’t kiss my powdered cheek, he kissed my lips. His hand jumped to my neck and he gently caressed it as he kissed me once more before pulling away. I drowned in his hazel eyes, they were shining and smiling at me.

I abruptly opened my eyes, gasping.

“Oh my God.. I’m in love with James Potter!”

I had been pushing those feelings down one after one the last months.. and I knew I had. I had really been struggling not to fall for the handsome boy who used to ask me out so often. And now all the brief moments of sparkles came back with such brightness I was almost blinded. My heart was beating so fast.. I couldn’t breathe properly.

‘No Lily.. Not this. Not now.’

But I couldn’t help but smile anyway. Being in love was the most wonderful feeling. I hadn't been in love since I had been going out with Bryn. And even then I wasn't really in love.

“Lily? Answer my question, please?”

I snapped out of another daydream, looking up in Professor McGonagall’s puzzled face Monday morning.

“Sorry, Professor, can you repeat the question?” I said, a little embarrassed.

“That won’t be necessary. Mr Potter? Could you answer?”

I sighed. Damn.

It was like I didn’t hear the sounds emerging from James’s lips, all I saw was his lips. His red, full lips…

I felt a small punch in my ribs.

“We need to talk, Lily,” Sirius said, sitting next to me.

“What’s up?” I said mindlessly as we walked out from Transfiguration, having a ten minute break before Potions.

“I saw you this morning,” he said, smiling at me.

I rolled my eyes.

“How many times do I have to tell you to stop sneaking into my dorm just to see me wearing underwear in the morning?”

“I did see you in your underwear, but I did that about five hours before I usually do,” he explained.

My face froze.

‘What? How?’

“The common room was empty …” I tried.

“Remember James’s cloak from the time you busted us getting butterbeer and firewhiskey for Halloween? Comes in handy.”

My eyes widened considerably. Sirius had known what happened. Shit.

“Fun looking at James while he’s sleeping? Sure made you stop crying..”

My mouth dropped open.

“What was with the crying anyway?” he added.

“I had a nightmare. I dreamt James was killed, and it made me really concerned. So I just checked on him.”

“Oh.. Who was the killer?” Sirius scowled, running a hand through his black hair.

“Voldemort,” I answered hesitantly.

“Lily? Voldemort is like.. more than thousand miles away! There is no way he can come into the grounds of Hogwarts … So why did you even consider the nightmare to be true?”

“I don’t know, I just had to be sure.”

“Fine, fine. If it was me that had been killed, would you do the same thing?” he teased.

I looked at him, his grin spreading across his handsome face.

“Maybe.. And I would have gone mad, by the way, because you wouldn’t have been in your dorm, but under the invisibility cloak in the common room,” I smiled.

“True… I’m glad you dreamt about Prongs and not me for once,” he laughed. “Do you dream about him a lot?”

‘Yeah, lately I have, but you’ll never know.’

“That’s kind of personal, isn’t it?” I frowned. “Why do you want to know?”

“You’re falling for him, Lily,” Sirius sighed. “You’re glowing.”

“I am not!”

“Of course you are.”

“No way!”

“Yes way…”

“Forget it!”

“No, I won’t.”

“I am not falling for James Potter!”

Suddenly James was right next to me, putting up a sad face.

“You’re not falling for me, Lily? Now you’re making me sad!” He pressed out his lower lip, pinching my cheek slightly.
“Relax, Lily. Sirius likes to tease. And we’ve been around girls long enough to know there is a fifty fifty percent chance you’re telling the truth when you’re asked a question like that. So there you go, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt for this time.”

I rolled my eyes. He could be so confusing… but very handsomely so.

“It would be nice if you did, though,” James whispered in my ear so almost nobody else could hear before he disappeared into the dungeon, leaving Sirius to smirk even more.

“You’re head over heels, Lily Evans. Admit it.”

“No, I’m not..”

‘I’ll never admit that to you at this point… sorry!’

I was glad I managed to hide the blush and the little smile from my dear Mr. Black. He was too good at figuring these things out. I wanted to prevent that for as long as possible, because now there was actually something to figure out. There hadn’t really been before..

A/N:And so Lily has admitted to falling for the Potter-charm! Did I pull that off?

Hope you all understood the nightmare was kind of foreshadowing Godric's Hollow?

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