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Chapter 11 Emergencies of the Medical Kind Hola mi chicos y chicas, soy es un dia fabuloso! (Please if any of you out there speak Spanish, forgive me for I am sure I used the wrong verb and congegation…probably sentence structure too, oh and I probably mis-spelled a couple words. Oh well at least I tried!) I absolutely, totally, completely, thoroughly LOVE this chapter. It was originally just going to be mindless convo between Brooke and Ginny as they got to know each other, but then ER was playing on the tv in the background, and I just got inspired! So I hope you like it, and let me know how you like Brooke. So far I’m really liking her as a character, but I always, always, always, and did I say always want to know what you guys think. I would like to take this time to send out one great big *hug* to all of my reviewers. You guys are the bestest of the best. No seriously, you guys rock the socks right off my feet. Literally, I just took my socks off! Wow, that was lame, just pretend I didn’t say that. Anyways I also just wanted to say too, if you guys have any questions or anything you want to imput to the story please feel free to contact me. One of my favorite things about getting reviews is answering them! Anyways please R/R…here it goes! “You mean he’s, the, Harry Potter.” Brooke asked, slightly surprised that he was Ginny’s hurt friend. “Yeah, it’s been in the papers and everything. I feel so bad for him sometimes, he never gets a break, even when he’s in the hospital.” “I think I remember reading about his accident in Quidditch Weekly now that I think of it, you know they said that Ludo Bagman is looking to recruit him at the end of the year to play international Quidditch for England. A whole bunch of other teams are after him to play for them as well.” “It doesn’t surprise me, but I don’t think he wants to play professional Quidditch, at least not just yet.” “What does he want to do then?” “He wants to be an auror.” “He’d be perfect for it too, I mean I’ve read those books put out by Flourish and Blotts. I had too actually for school. My teacher was a young witch, who let’s just say…thought Harry was a nice boy. I was really impressed by what I read though, it was all so brave.” “You were….” Ginny visibly reddened. “Why? What’s wrong?” “Oh, you’ll probably figure it out anyways, but that unidentified girl who got taken down to the Chamber of Secrets, was me.” “Oh my gosh, Ginny I’m so sorry, that must have been so terrible for you!” “Yeah it wasn’t too pleasant, but Harry saved me. You know he has so much pressure put on him, but he is still the sweetest guy I think I’ve ever met.” “Pressure?” “You know being the boy who lived, and now that the prophecy is out in the open people expect him to save the world again. Then there’s the fact that he doesn’t have any family left. He also has seen and done things that most grown wizards could ever imagine facing, and he’s only seventeen years old.” “That is awful. I’ve always hated people who are so obsessed with celebrities. In America the tabloids are just obsessed with all the movie stars, and it’s just all people talk about. I’ve never been into the whole Hollywood thing, I guess you could say I’m more of the ‘earthy’ type” she smiled at the thought of being earthy. “That’s cool though. I’m not really into the whole lets go stalk Harry Potter thing, but I quite enjoy getting dolled up!” The girls both laughed, thoroughly enjoying their conversation, which mainly centered around Harry. “So do girls really stalk him?” “Oh yeah, it gets really bad sometimes too. Almost every girl in my dorm has some sort of Harry Potter poster or t-shirt or something, but they’d never admit it to his face. A lot of the time he uses a stealth charm to help him get to his classes.” “I’ve seen plenty of posters of him in wizarding shops in America, and my friends back there were really jealous that I got chosen to go to Hogwarts because he goes there and all, he’s really the biggest wizarding ‘celebrity’ in America, besides the Quidditch players, but you know if I were him I don’t think I’d like that sort of attention.” “Trust me he doesn’t. He’s always complaining about it. It used to really get to him and he’d always explode and get all huffy about it, but he’s calmed down some since Sirius was cleared.” “I heard about that. I remember feeling so sad for him, and for Black, because people always thought he was a murderer, and when they finally believed him he wasn’t there to know.” “You have no idea how much Harry’s past haunts him. He especially blames himself for the events of Sirius’ death even though everyone tells him it’s not his fault, but I don’t think he listens. And with recent events when Harry wakes up I have a feeling we’ll have a very moody tragic hero on our hands.” She said the last part with sarcasm, but clenched inwardly as she reminded herself of how Dumbledore had sent the Marauders back to the past before Harry could see them. “He’s lucky to have you and his other friends though, from what it sounds like you guys really help him out a lot.” “I try my best, and I know that Ron and Hermione do too, but sometimes it’s hard, because we all know that one day he’ll have to face up with his destiny.” The two girls lapsed into silence thinking about what they had just discussed. Soon, however, they broke the silence talking about ‘girl stuff’: clothes, hair, music, and the male population at Hogwarts of course. “So Ginny has a special guy caught your eye?” Brooke inquired teasingly. “well there is one.” Ginny answered, feeling a slight flush rising in her cheeks. “ooohhhh, spill!” squealed Brooke, as she brushed back her hair and took a sip of her hot chocolate. “You’ll meet him eventually.” Ginny replied. She didn’t really want to tell Brooke about her feelings for Harry yet, heck she hadn’t even told Hermione. “Fine then I’ll just have to wait.” Brooke joked with a fake sad look plastered on her face. “So what about me, are they any single guys who might be worth my time?” she probed. “Well let me think, you have Seamus Finnigan, Dean Thomas, Neville Longbottom, he’s not much of a looker but a real sweetie pie. Then my brother Ron, but I think he has a thing for Hermione. Then you have the slytherins, but they are just vile. In Hufflepuff there’s Justin Finch-Fletchey, he’s a bit of a git though. I’m not too sure about the Ravenclaws, but I think most of them are single. Don’t worry there’s plenty to choose from.” Ginny purposefully ‘forgot’ to mention that Harry was single, but Brooke picked up on it right away. “what about Harry?” she implored. “Why do you ask?” shot Ginny in a somewhat panicked manner, after all she had been saying about Harry she didn’t want Brooke to be interested in him now! She didn’t think that Harry would have any objection to a girl like Brooke either considering how pretty she was. Ginny liked Brooke a lot, but couldn’t help to be slightly jealous of her. She just exuded grace, and seemed to be very easy going, something a lot of guys liked. She was gorgeous with her pretty chocolate brown eyes, and dark brown hair. She was incredibly dainty too, and her white cargo pants and long sleeved black top didn’t hide anything. “No reason. It’s just we’ve been talking about him, so I wondered.” She took another sip of her cocoa, while Ginny sighed inwardly in relief. Yes this would all turn out just fine. Ron and Hermione hadn’t left their window seat yet, both just staring at each other occasionally kissing. They both couldn’t help but feel like this was right, and not the least bit awkward. Almost like it was always going to happen, but they had to just wait for the perfect time, and it was clear to both of them that now was that time. “I thought this would never happen,” whispered Ron in a husky voice. “I know what you mean, you have no idea how much I know what you mean. I’ve been waiting for you for a good year Ron.” Hermione whispered back. Ron just swept her into a warm embrace hardly daring to believe that this was actually happening to him. He had always felt that Harry was the lucky one, but right now he felt luckier than one hundred Harry’s. Oh no Harry…He shot up and looked down at Hermione. “I really feel like we should be with Harry now, it’s Christmas eve and we won’t be here tomorrow, I don’t want him to be all alone.” “That sounds good. I’m scared Ron, I’m afraid he won’t wake up.” Her voice faltered as she tried to push back the tears. “Shhhh,” Ron wrapped his arms around her once again in an attempt to comfort her. He noticed that she seemed much skinnier and frailer since Harry’s accident; he figured she hadn’t been eating as much. “He’ll be okay, just like you said. He’s strong Hermione, he’s a fighter. Come on we’ll go see him.” They walked down the hall, with Ron holding a now trembling Hermione. As they entered Harry’s room they found it just as they had left it, “See Hermione he’s just fine.” She simply nodded, while gazing at the defeated image of her friend. She thought now to herself that she had been silly to think he wouldn’t be alright. He had, had a surgery on his lung, and it had re-inflated, and they had stopped the internal bleeding before it could cause any real lasting damage. He was in stable condition now, and they were just waiting for him to wake up. She continued on lost in her musings while Ron bustled over to the small teakettle in the corner that the hospital’s house elves had brought in to make some tea for him and Hermione. As Ron was adding cream and sugar to the two cups in front of him the sounds in the room began to change. He lifted his head slightly as he heard the steady beeping coming from Harry’s heart monitor become more rapid, he whipped around to see Hermione, horror etched across her face as she began observing the change as well. “Ron, do you notice that too.” She barely managed to say the words, she was trembling so severely now. “Oh SHIT, Hermione stay here and watch him, I’m going to find the healers.” He left in a flash and tore down the hall yelling for help, until he found Harry’s healer walking out of what appeared to be some sort of lounge. “Mr. Weasley, what is the purpose for this racket you…” He was cut off by Ron’s hurried words. “Harry…heart monitor…beeping…really fast.” Ron sputtered with his words as he held onto the painful stitch in his side. The healer seemed to catch on and began racing down to Harry’s room, yelling behind him for more help, Ron racing after him, still clutching the stitch. They barged into the room and the healer pushed his way up to Harry’s bedside. Ron rushed over to Hermione who had been reduced to a trembling heap on the floor as Harry’s heart monitor kept increasing in speed, he knelt down and began cradling her in his arms once again, silent tears streaming down his face, as the room filled with more and more healers, the severity of the situation sinking in deeper. The room was now completely packed with healers and nurses, shouting back and forth to each other, shouting incantations over Harry’s body, checking monitors, and injecting him with potions. “Get out of here kids we’re gonna have to open him up, you don’t want to see this.” One of the healers shouted over towards Ron. Ron, however, was set against leaving his friend all alone. “DID YOU HEAR ME BOY!” the healer shouted over the crowds. Ron defiantly remained where he was. “You’re getting in the way, your hurting more than helping.” That phrase got Ron to move, he was not going to be the reason that Harry wouldn’t receive the proper medical care, so scooping up Hermione he carried her outside to the hall, where they settled against the wall, still able to hear everything going on inside the room. After awhile the shouts began growing more panicked, they heard metal clanging against metal, and the heart machine growing steadily more rapid by the second. Then the beeping stopped. It was just one long monotonous sound, that could signify only one thing, Ron heard the voice of a healer inside the room say, “we tried our best, there’s nothing more we can do, stitch him up.” Hermione appeared to have heard it too and began mumbling into Ron’s chest, letting out anguished sobs. Ron was beside himself, he didn’t know how to react. For the first time in his life he didn’t try to push back the tears he just let them fall, not caring how loudly he was crying. This just couldn’t be happening. He had to do something; he couldn’t just sit there. It was too painful to just sit there. “Ginny doesn’t know,” he mumbled to Hermione, “we have to tell Ginny, I can’t stay here Hermione.” Just then the rest of the Weasleys came happily towards them from the other side of the ward chatting animatedly amongst themselves, having just visited Gilderoy Lockhart, but their faces changed as soon as they realized that Ron and Hermione were crying in the hall. Healers and nurses began streaming out of the room at the same time, and Mrs. Weasley frantically ran up to one of them. “What happened, where’s Harry, he’s okay…” “I’m sorry, there was nothing we could do to save him.” The healer gave her a look of condolence and left the pale faces of the Weasley’s behind him. “No, no…” Mrs. Weasley fell back into the arms of her husband, and began sobbing into his shoulder. “Harry…” croaked Fred, who looked like he too was about to cry. “ I can’t stay here, I just…I have to find Ginny.” Ron was rambling as he passed Hermione over into George’s arms, and began wobbling downstairs to the cafeteria, where he figured she had gone. He kept crying not caring what people thought, and had to stop a few times so he didn’t pass out, before he made it down to the cafeteria. When he entered the crowded hall, his racking sobs filled the room, and caused everyone to stop and turn their attention towards him. Ginny’s heart stopped as she watched her brother amble over to her table, crying his eyes out, completely forgetting about Brooke, who was still sitting across from her, and seemed very uncomfortable and apprehensive. “Ginny…” He croaked “No Ron, he’s okay…” her voice was filled with panic. “They tried to stop it…” “NO RON. HE WAS JUST OKAY.” Ginny was now crying, hardly caring that she was screaming in a room full of people. “His heart stopped…” “He’s not…” “He is Ginny, they said that…” He couldn’t finish his sentence, because he was crying so hard now. “HARRY IS NOT DEAD!” Ginny slumped down into her chair, her body shaking as she sobbed, Brooke not knowing what else to do jumped up and wrapped her arms around Ginny, crying softly as well. She knew that she had never known Harry, but just witnessing the pain that these two people felt for their lost friend was ripping her apart inside. The hall was filled with murmurs now. Did that boy say Harry? Could it be Harry Potter? I heard he was hurt, and is staying here, could it be? One brave man had the nerve to say something to the crying teenagers. “You mean Harry Potter? Is Harry Potter dead?” “SHUT UP!” yelled Ron through his sobs. That outburst confirmed it for everyone, and a panicked silence filled the room. “I want to see him Ron.” Ginny whispered, but she found that she was having trouble standing, due to the fact that she was shaking so severely. Ron seemed like he was having a hard enough time keeping himself up, he wouldn’t be able to help her. “Brooke would you…” Her voice faltered for a moment, “I need help, would you help me.” Brooke simply nodded, wanting to help this hurting girl who had been so incredibly kind to her in any way she possibly could. She helped support Ginny as she stood, and grabbed Ron under the arm as well and began to lead them out of the cafeteria and up to the ward that Ginny had directed her towards. When they reached the ward, however, Brooke was quite surprised at the sight she saw before her. A mass of people with ginger hair, and one brunette all wore smiles, they were still sobbing, but they were smiling. She frowned slightly as she helped Ron and Ginny into chairs. Was the way these people normally reacted when someone they loved died? As soon as she set Ron down the brunette came racing up and enveloped him in what appeared to be a bone-crushing hug. “Hermione, why are you so happy, your best friend just DIED, what is wrong with you?!” exclaimed Ron who was incredibly taken aback by her actions. “No Ron, his heart it started again…he’s not…HE IS AWAKE RON. HARRY ISN’T DEAD!” “WHAT” yelped Ginny, she shot up not daring to believe her ears. “He’s up, and awake. They won’t let us see him though, the healers are in there. They say it’s a medical miracle. That he was legally, well…you know. They’re baffled, they can’t explain it, but as soon as they left one of the nurses came running out and said that his monitor was beeping again and that he had a heart beat!” Hermione was smiling ear to ear. Ron began to smile too, as he looked around the room and realized that Harry really hadn’t died, that he still had his best friend. “Oh my gosh,” Ginny just clapped her hand to her mouth, and started laughing, turning around and giving a surprised Brooke a huge hug. “Thank you Brooke! Thank you, thank you!” “No problem Ginny.” Brooke managed to choke out. Ginny leapt up next and began hugging all of her family members in turn, as Mrs. Weasley came over to Brooke. “What’s your name dear?” she inquired in a motherly sort of voice. “Brooke, mam. Brooke Vener.” She replied in a polite manner. “Vener? Are your parents Frank and Diana?” “Yes.” “Oh dear, why are you in a hospital, were they hurt during their…duties?” she asked in a worried tone. “No. No, they’re up in New York with my brother Sam, I’m just here getting a check up.” “Well that’s good to hear, my husband and I have been working directly with them for about four months now, I’m Molly Weasley. Over there is my husband Arthur, then there’s Fred, George, Charlie, Bill, Hermione, and you’ve already met Ron and Ginny.” She said gesturing to each one in turn. “Now dear are your parents here?” “No, I’m here by my myself.” “Goodness me, where are you staying?” “In a place called the Leaky Cauldron over in Diagon Alley.” “Well we simply can’t have that now can we, especially not around Christmas time. No, certainly not. You can stay with us, there’s plenty of room.” “Oh no, I couldn’t possibly.” “No dear I insist, especially after you helped my family, there is no way I’m letting you go spend Christmas in some pub all by your lonesome.” “Thank you, this is so nice of you” “Oh dear, it’s my pleasure.” Mrs. Weasley gave Brooke a swift motherly hug. “Now let’s go see if we can persuade those healers to let us see Harry.” She said, giving Brooke a little wink, as she shuffled off into Harry’s room. Everyone sat in silence waiting for Mrs. Weasley to emerge from the room, but someone else came out instead. Someone with messy black hair, startling green eyes, and a wide smile. Harry Potter was up and awake, though slightly bruised. He was walking with a cane, but that didn’t dampen the mood at all. He was clutching his side, where the doctors had opened him up just ten minutes before, but he was there. Ron leapt up from his seat, and embraced his friend in a brotherly hug. “Don’t you ever do that again Harry, god I thought you were…” “I’m okay Ron, really” he hugged Ron back with the arm that he wasn’t using to grip the cane. “It’s my fault Harry, I should have never pushed you so…” “Ron” “What?” “Shut up.” They both just laughed as Harry made his way around the room hugging everyone in turn. Brooke stood off to the side not quite sure where her place in all of this was, but she wanted to give all these people a chance to see their friend again. She didn’t need attention right now, so she curled up on one of the couches and folded her legs underneath her just observing the scene in front of her, and eventually shutting her eyes. Ginny and Hermione were crying profusely when they hugged Harry, giving him kisses on the cheek, and telling him over and over again how much they had missed him, and that he shouldn’t be up and walking about in his condition. Mr. Weasley had given him a fatherly hug; while the assorted Weasley brothers crowded around him giving him hugs and pats on the back. The twin’s eyes were still red, but they were laughing and carrying on like nothing had happened. Everyone was just glad to have Harry back. After awhile everyone stopped swarming Harry. Bill and Charlie had to leave to work for the order, and the twins left to close their joke shop early so that they could be home when the rest of the family left the hospital. The Weasley adults had gone off to talk to the healers about Harry’s condition, and every once in while the sharp voice of Molly Weasley could be heard arguing with one of the healers. Harry was feeling a little weak due to all the excitement and plopped down onto the other end of the small couch that Brooke was on. She had drifted off during all the hustle and bustle, and was curled up in a small ball. It was just Harry and Brooke in the small hall now. Ron had gone off to write the other Gryffindor seventh years who had been very concerned for Harry, and Mr. Weasley had taken Ginny and Hermione back to Hermione’s house so she could get some fresh things for the second half of vacation. Mrs. Weasley was off somewhere still arguing with the healers about letting Harry come home with them to the Burrow. Harry smiled over at Brooke, he hadn’t noticed her earlier and still wasn’t all too sure what she was doing here, but he thought she looked like an angel sleeping there all the same. He continued watching her while she slept all the while thinking she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. What was wrong with him? He had only ever felt this way about Cho Chang. Sure he had, had other girlfriends since then, but the relationships never lasted that long. Most of the time they just went out with him, because he was Harry Potter. He had, had one girl even offer to sleep with him on the first date, When he had asked her why in the world she would want to do something like that she had looked at him like he was an idiot and replied, ‘because your Harry Potter!’ To be completely honest, he had pretty much given up on dating. He noticed that a stray strand of hair had fallen down in front of the sleeping girls eyes, and he reached over and pushed it back from her face, careful all the while not to rouse her from her slumber. He felt all bubbly inside. Bubbly? Come on Potter you don’t feel bubbly…ever he thought to himself. Hey he may have been injured but he was still human, and knew when he saw a pretty girl. He sat there for around ten minutes just gazing down at this girl in front of him. He was startled back into reality when he heard a loud clattering noise coming from the entrance to the ward. It seemed Ron was coming back, and he had run into one of the nurse’s carts. Harry shot him a warning look and brought his finger to his mouth to signify for him to be quiet, and then motioned over to the sleeping girl beside him. Ron put his hands up in the air in mock surrender and tiptoed over to Harry. “How you feeling mate?” he whispered over to Harry in an extremely hushed tone. “Better. My side still kind of hurts, and I feel a little worn out, but I feel good.” answered Harry in the same tone, although it was a lie, he didn’t feel good. “Where are the girls?” “They went to Hermione’s to get her some more stuff for the rest of vacation, they’re going to meet us at the burrow later.” “Sounds good.” “Wait, why’s Brooke still here, I would have figured she’d have gone with the other girls back to Hermione’s” “That’s her name is it? It’s pretty don’t you think, I assume your mom was just letting her sleep and you all will take her back to the burrow when you leave.” “Yeah real pretty name, do you fancy her or something? Wait, aren’t you coming with us?” “No, of course I don’t fancy her Ron, I havn’t even talked to her, she’s asleep!” Again another lie, he did quite like Brooke, despite the fact that he hadn’t even talked to her as of yet, “I don’t know what’s going on with me leaving though. I think the healers are trying to convince your mom to have me stay, and your mom is trying to convince the healers to have me leave. It could take awhile, after all this is your mom we’re talking about.” Just then Mrs. Weasley popped her head out of the head healers office and motioned for Ron to come over. “Ron, I want you to go back to the burrow and start dinner, I’ll bring Harry and Brooke with me, once I sort this healer out. He just won’t listen to reason. Tell the others I’ll be home soon, and don’t dilly dally.” She snapped the door shut again, and once more the dulcet tones of two people arguing could be heard. “Sure mom, my pleasure.” Ron muttered to the door as soon as she shut it. “Sheesh. See ya in a bit Harry.” “Yeah you too Ron.” Ron kept walking out the door, but then turned around once more to look at Harry, “You have no idea how nice it is to have you back Harry, you had me really worried there mate.” “Thanks Ron” And with that Ron turned around and left the room leaving Harry behind with a sleeping Brooke. It seemed all the commotion had brought her from her sleep, and Harry watched her carefully as she stretched out slightly and turned to look at him. Upon further examination he noticed a few more things about her that intrigued him even further. Her hair was down and soft in her face, not all harsh and gooped up with gel (something he personally couldn’t stand, and he couldn’t understand why Hermione and Ginny put up with it.) She didn’t appear to be wearing any make up either, and you could see a few light freckles sprinkled across her nose, giving her a natural beauty, again not all dolled up with that cake called make up. He noticed small things about her as well. She had short unpolished fingernails. He thought it odd that he had noticed her fingernails, but he had. Her hands were small along with the rest of her. Harry thought that she reminded him somewhat of a fragile china doll, that you were afraid to play with, because you thought it might break. He quickly stopped staring when he heard her voice, a slight flush rising into his cheeks. “Harry Potter I presume.” She said smiling sweetly at him, while she let out a small yawn. “Yep, and you must be Brooke.” “The one and only,” she replied chuckling to herself. “How are you feeling then?” “Fine” “Is that the type of fine you give when you’re really not okay, or are you really just fine?” “Well aren’t you perceptive.” “Very. You’d be surprised just how perceptive I am, perceptive enough to know that it’s the first type of fine.” She gave him a knowing look, and a small smile, which revealed perfectly white, straight teeth. He melted slightly under her gaze. “Well I’m happy that I’m awake and all, but it’s pretty weird having people tell you, you were dead for five minutes. You know it’s not something one exactly hears everyday.” “Do you want to talk about it?” She asked scooting a little nearer towards him. She didn’t know why, but she felt like she was becoming some sort of psychiatrist. “Nah, I don’t want to bog you down with all of my problems.” “Trust me your not bogging at all, I want to help. After all your friends have all been so nice to me, the least I can do is lend an ear.” “It would be nice to have someone to talk to, but it’s…I dunno, I just met you and I don’t really want you to think that I’m some super depressed psycho freak.” “Well I promise Harry whatever you tell me I won’t think your some super depressed psycho freak. Cross my heart.” She crossed her heart with her fingers, and gave him a reassuring smile. “Okay, you win,” she gave another smile at this statement, “do you ever wish that you didn’t wake up in the morning.” Harry asked his tone changing a little more serious. “Sure, like on days when you have a lot to do, and your just dreading doing them?” She answered. “Sort of, but I mean to the point where you don’t want to face the world.” “I think I know what you mean.” “ I feel like that every single day of my life. Everyone expects so much of me. Wherever I go it’s ‘Harry you’re my hero’ or ‘Harry when are you going to save us all from Voldemort’” He mimicked in a somewhat childish voice. “You said his name.” Brooke stated calmly. “Yeah, it’s not a big deal really. Fear of a name only increases fear of the thing itself.” “I couldn’t agree more, anyways continue with your story.” Harry was slightly shocked at this, he didn’t know that many people who could say Voldemorts name, that raised her in his eyes quite a bit. “When I was in a coma, I don’t know, it’s like two weeks passed by and I don’t remember anything. I don’t remember the people who came to see me, any surgeries I had done on me, anything that was going on in the world. Everything was just wiped away, and I didn’t have to worry about it. It was blissful, because I couldn’t remember it. If that makes any sense.” “A little.” She smiled at him, and he smiled back. “My past is one that is filled with things that make my blood turn cold when I think about them, and not remembering any if it, would be a blessing. I just sort of wish that I hadn’t woken up…that I hadn’t been revived.” He looked down at his lap, afraid of what Brooke would think of him. “I don’t blame you Harry, and I don’t think anything less of you, but just know if you ever need a friend or just someone to spill all your feelings too, I’ll gladly listen.” She scooted over and wrapped him in a soft, yet protective hug. Harry was amazed. He had trusted this girl who he had known for a mere fifteen minutes, with something he hadn’t told his best friends of seven years. Hell, it was like she was a friend of seven years who he was just reuniting with. “There’s something else though, something I can’t get out of my head, it just keeps nagging at me.” He mumbled into her shoulder, she let him go and held him at arms length. “You can tell me” She looked at him with those big brown eyes, and he gazed back into them. “Right before I hit the ground, I saw someone in the crowd who shouldn’t technically have been there, because…well because they’re dead. This isn’t the first time it’s happened either. I thought I saw him in my third year too, but something is telling me that it really was him.” “Who’s that Harry?” “My…dad”

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