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“Lily! Get down here now!” a booming voice carried up the steps. Lily jumped, and sent hair pins flying everywhere. She looked in the mirror at her tumbled down red hair. It seemed that no matter what she did with her hair, by the end of the day it was a mess anyways. So she gave up on trying to look her best for her first day as Head Girl. She grabbed at her trunk and ran down the stairs. When she entered the kitchen her family was already seated at their usual chairs. Her mother beamed at her.

“You look lovely dear,” her father said, smiling too. Lily grinned broadly and sat down next to her sister.

“Morning, Petunia,” Lily said, in a falsely cheery voice. “Are you excited about Hogwarts? Oh…wait a moment.” Then Lily gave a mock laugh, staring into the murderous eyes of her sister. “You weren’t permitted into Hogwarts were you? Sorry, I’m always forgetting.” Lily then turned away from Petunia, and began eating her toast.

“Why would I want to go to Hogwarts anyways? It’s a school for freaks, people that are too unnatural to be let into normal school. So you learn magic, big deal. Do you even know how to add? Can you read Lily?”

“That’s enough. My goodness you two! Petunia, you should be proud of your sister. She is Head Girl!” Her mother beamed at Lily, and Lily beamed back, but not before she had sent a taunting sneer at Petunia. Petunia’s face turned sour. Of course, Lily was Head Girl! That made her close to royalty!

Petunia and Lily had been fighting with each other ever since Lily had gotten home from her first day at Hogwarts five years ago. Petunia had been insanely jealous, and had made sure she mentioned her views on magic at every possible moment.

Just then their father stood up. “We should be leaving. We’ll miss the train. Wouldn’t want our Lily to be late,” he said, looking at his wrist watch. Lily got up and stuffed the last of her toast in her mouth. Then she walked over to her mother.

“I’ll miss you mum,” she said through a mouthful of toast.

“I’ll miss you too my little Lily,” her mother replied and then kissed her lovingly on the cheek. A loud retching sound came from behind them as Petunia pretended to be sick all over the place. Lily’s mother shook her head as Petunia glared at Lily and then left the room. “She will miss you too. She always does. I just wish she would admit it to you.” Lily stared after her sister, wishing that she hadn’t made that remark over breakfast. She shrugged her shoulders, however, and decided that she would try to be nicer when she returned from school.

“We’d better be off, pumpkin,” her father said gruffly. Lily nodded and followed him out the door.

When they arrived at the station, Lily bid her father farewell, and he drove away. She lifted her trunk into an easier carrying position and walked onward. She was jumbled by the hustle and bustle of the crowd. Her ears rang with the clattering of feet on pavenment and chattering voices. She walked towards platforms 9 and 10. Looking around her, she watched the people scurrying frantically around. She waited until nobody was looking, and pulled her trunk towards the barrier. When she was only a couple feet away from it, she broke into a run; it still made her a little nervous to walk through an apparently solid wall. She closed her eyes right when she would pass through the wall.


Lily went sprawling across the floor, and her trunk went flying. She blinked stupidly, looking around. People were staring openly at her, muttering about her. Then their eyes darted to something lying a few feet away from her. She turned to see what they were looking at. Her heart sank. It was James Potter.

He had the messiest black hair she had ever seen. He was also wearing glasses, and had warm brown eyes. He would have been handsome if he hadn’t been wearing a knowing, slightly flirtatious grin. What was worse, he was sporting a badge identical to hers. He was Head Boy.

“Hullo, Evans,” he said smoothly, extending his hand to her. She refused it and stood up on her own.

“Good morning, Potter,” she said crisply. She refused to look at him as she gathered her things from the ground. He bent to help her. “Dare I ask?” she said, trying to keep her composure. “Just why you were leaving the station?!” James smiled wickedly.


“Honestly!” Lily was fuming, and James knew it.

“Well, I was hoping I would run into you.”

A/N: Please R&R! Tell me how I'm doing. If my writing isnt up to snuff PLEASE tell me how I can do better!!!

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