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Chapter 10 New Friends and Feelings Here is chapter ten up a little sooner than the last update (and yes a little longer too.) We meet the OC in this chapter, and I have made my decision regarding the fic, but I’m not telling you yet….i will tell you though by the time it's all played out you will think i'm clinically insane. * ** * ** * It was now the Christmas Holidays, and Harry had been in a coma at St. Mungos for a good two weeks. Through out that time at Hogwarts students were unusually quiet, afraid that their hero had fallen, and that he wouldn’t recover. Hermione, Ron, and Ginny had been allowed to visit Harry in the hospital a few times, and according to the healers Harry’s condition had not improved, and the longer he stayed in a coma the slighter the chances of him waking up were. Ginny could be found crying in the girls bathroom in between classes, and had actually broke down into sobs a few times during classes. She found that not having Harry around was affecting her more than she had ever imagined. She slowly began to realize that she didn’t just have a school girls crush on her best friend, but that it was something much deeper. She was also still incredibly angry with Dumbledore for sending the Marauders back in time, and not letting Harry at least see them for an hour before they had to leave. Hermione had been very distraught as well, and had absorbed herself with her work much more as a way to help deal with her grief. Ron was faring the worst of all three of them, however, due mainly to the fact that he still blamed himself for Harry’s injuries. He had cried a few times up in the common room, but hadn’t let on to anyone how much Harry’s condition was affecting him. To the outside world he appeared to be the same as he always had. The teachers didn’t relent on their constant work load for the holidays, and had given all the students enough work to keep them busy all the way through the new year. Hermione, Ron, and Ginny had gone to the burrow for Christmas, so that it would be easier for them to visit Harry. It would have been much harder for them to visit from Hogwarts due to the high security placed around Harry. The Prophet had gotten hold of the news of Harry’s condition, so there was no doubt in anyones mind that Voldemort knew as well, meaning that if he chose to attack Harry now that he would have no problem with finishing him off. Christmas Eve had been set aside for a day to spend at St. Mungo’s with Harry, so at ten in the morning the entire Weasley clan and Hermione flooed to the hospital. When they arrived there they found Harry just the same as he had been a few days ago. He no longer looked like the young man he become, but was once again pale and skinny like he had been as a boy. It pained everyone to see him in such a condition, and as predicted after seeing Harry, Ginny broke into sobs. Something she did everythime she saw him like this. For some reason, however, today was especially hard on Ron. He hadn’t told anyone about his guilt regarding Harry’s accident, but this time was different. He didn’t think he could hold it in anymore and quickly darted out of the ward so no one would sense his weakness. Ron walked over to a small window seat at a deserted end of the ward, silent tears falling down his face. He not only felt guilty, but also ashamed of himself. He had always been somewhat jealous of the attention Harry received, and thought that he had everything he wanted, but thinking back on it, Harry really didn’t have that much. Harry didn’t have a real family, or a place he could just call home, and when he, Ron, had, had the chance to change the past he hadn’t done enough. He felt like he should have told James more, anything to just help his friend. Ron sat in silent tears for a good half hour, when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He looked up to see a very pretty Hermione standing above him. “Ron, are you alright?” she inquired. “No” he replied lamely “Do you want to talk about it?” No answer came…. “I miss having Harry around too, but he’ll be okay.” “It’s not that Hermione.” “Do you want to tell me what it is then?” she had now settled herself next to Ron on the small window seat. He let out a pained sigh, and looked up into her eyes. “It’s my fault.” “What’s your fault?” “What happened to Harry. If I hadn’t been so thick, so caught up with Quidditch. I knew he was hurt, and I didn’t send in the reserves. I should have brought in a replacement, told him not to risk everything for that damned golden snitch. If I hadn’t…” He was cut off, by Hermione throwing herself on him. “Ron it is not your fault.” “Yes it is” “Don’t you ever say that. It is not your fault. Harry went after the snitch on his own accord, and yes you are the team captain, but that does not mean it’s your fault. Anyone could have told him to lay off, and if they had he probably wouldn’t have listened. It is NOT your fault.” He just looked at her dumbly. “Do you hear me Ronald Weasley? It is not your fault!” He looked into her soft cinnamon eyes, and found that he was staring. No one said anything for at least a minute. Silence was surrounding them, not awkward silence, just comfortable silence. The next thing he knew Ron was leaning in close to Hermione. He was so close now he could smell her perfume, see the tears hanging from her eyelashes. Then he kissed her. Immediately realizing what he had done he jumped back in alarm. “Hermione, I’m sorry. You probably don’t. I mean no, why would you?” he was sputtering like an idiot now, too embarrassed to form a coherent sentence. She just looked at him, seeing him in a new light, she gave him a soft “shhhhhh,” and this time she leaned in to kiss him. Ron was momentarily taken aback ,but soon recovered and kissed her back passionately. They broke apart and Hermione smiled up at Ron, this just felt so right, like it was seven years in the making. “I love you Ronald Weasley.” She whispered, as she settled her head onto his shoulder. “You have no idea how much I love you Hermione Granger.” ******** Ginny had been waiting for Hermione and Ron to come back, but they never did. Feeling like she needed to get away, she decided to head down to the hospitals cafeteria and get a nice cup of tea. When she arrived downstairs she found that the room was fairly crowded, full or forlorn witches and wizards waiting for news on their loved ones. Ginny quickly purchased some tea from the food lady, and headed over to the only little table left unoccupied in the room. She sat in silence before picking up a copy of the Daily Prophet that had been lying on the table. It was old with a post mark date of about five days ago, but there was nothing better to read so she settled down with it. One title in particular caught her attention.
Boston School of Magic… No More. By Gerald Arman
It has been confirmed that the Boston School of Magic located in America, has been destroyed. The school now a mere ruin was attacked last weekend. No news on the cause of the attack has been released yet, but American Ministry authorities believe that the dark arts is involved. Luckily no one was in the building at the time of the attack, seeing as it was after school hours. Students who attended the Boston School of Magic will be reassigned to various schools during the Christmas break. Some of these schools are; Beauxbatons, The Salem Institute of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Durmstrang, Mount Highlander School of the Arts, and Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. For more on the details of the attack, and suspected leads on this case please see page 5.
Well that was news. She hadn’t heard of any school attacks, or new students coming to Hogwarts. True she hadn’t been keeping track of the news since Harry’s accident, but wouldn’t she have heard a rumor? Oh well it didn’t matter anyways. “Can I sit here?” Ginny popped her head up as she heard a small voice. “Huh” “Can I sit here?” the voice repeated. Ginny looked up again and saw a very pretty girl. Ginny surmised that she was about 5”6, with dark brown hair that fell a little past her shoulders, and eyes to match. “Sure.” Ginny answered, in what she hoped was a light tone of voice. “Sorry, everywhere else is full.” “It’s no problem, I could use some company anyway, I’m Ginny by the way. Ginny Weasley.” Ginny thought she detected a hint of excitement behind the girls eyes, but brushed it off. What could she possible have to be excited about? “I’m Brooke. Brooke Vener. I just moved here from Boston.” “In America” “The one and only. So where do you go to school?” “I’m a sixth year at Hogwarts.” “OH Really! That’s great, I’m starting right after Christmas Break in my seventh year.” “Wait were you from The Boston School of Magic.” “Yeah, but I wasn’t there when the attack happened. Our school wasn’t a boarding school, everyone who went there was from the Boston area, and we went home at the end of the day. I have to admit I’m nervous about going to a boarding school.” “Did they let you chose what school you wanted to attend.” “Not really, I was originally goint to go to Salem, because it’s in America and everything, but my parents and my older brother, well they went away to New York for, …business, and they thought it would be best if I... stay out of the country while they’re away. So they made some special arrangents, but I’m happy to go to Hogwarts too. I’ve heard it’s great.” “Yeah it really is. I love it. I’ve had a lot of great adventures, and made a lot of really good friends.” Her tone saddened slightly as she mentioned her friends, and she thought back to Harry laying unconscious a few floors above. “So if you don’t mind me asking, why are you at a hospital Ginny?” “I’m visiting my friends…he’s in a coma.” “OH MY GOD, Ginny I am so sorry. Is he okay.” “They think he’ll wake up eventually, it’s been about two weeks. He was hurt playing Quidditch. It was really bad. Really bad” Ginny shuddered as she remembered the scene on the Quidditch pitch. “Do you want to talk about it at all? I’ll listen” Brooke offered. “Yeah, I do need someone to talk too. I feel like I can’t talk to my other two nest friends about it. One of them is my brother and he and Harry have been best friends forever, and my other best friend Hermione, well they’ve been friends forever too. They’re both taking it really hard, even though Ron is trying to hide it, I can tell. I don’t want to upset them anymore than they already are.” “That would be hard.” Brooke symptathized. “Yeah, anyways it was just so bad. Harry’s our seeker, I’m a chaser. He’s the best, he’s only lost one game in seven years. We were playing and someone hit a bludger at me, I didn’t see it coming, but Harry did so he dove in front of me, and took it straight in the stomach. He got down to the ground and was sick, while the game went on, but he got back up. Then he was racing after the snitch and a bludger hit him in the arm. He was bashing up against the other seeker, and they were diving straight at the stadium, the other seeker got blown off course, due to the awful weather, and Harry ended up catching the snitch. He got back up in the arm and was pumping his fist when the Hufflepuff Beaters came at him from both sides and smashed into him, he fell…forty feet. He just hit the ground so hard, and he was already hurt before that. I don’t think I’ll ever forget it.” As Ginny finished she buried her face in her hands, It was hard to retell the story, but it needed to be done. It made her feel one hundred times better. “Oh Ginny, you poor thing. Your friend what did you say his name was? I’m sure he’ll be alright, he sounds like a strong guy” Brooke asked as she made her way across the table and gave Ginny a comforting hug.” “His name is Harry. Harry Potter.” Brooke’s eyes snapped open, and a smile appeared on her face, but Ginny didn’t notice. Did she say Harry Potter…

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