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“Be strong Kitty, I love you.” Placing her daughter in the bushes Natalie Jane Riddle let her tears flow freely. “Stay hidden, don’t come out till I come back for you. I will see you soon honey.” Tapping her wand over her daughter’s head she made the Disillusionment charm over her daughter, allowing no one to see her. Through all this Natalie kept a smile on her face not waiting to scare her daughter more than she already was. “Good bye Katherine.” With that Natalie turned and walked to the battle protect her at all costs, was the thought running through her head as she took out her wand and readied herself. Looking around her Natalie saw the unopened gift scattered and destroyed, she looked to her house and saw that it too was in flames. Taking a deep breath Natalie raised her wand, “Avada Kevradra.” She screamed as the spell hit a death eater causing him to fall. This caused his attention to be turned to her. “Ah, sister you have decided to come out to play?” He laughed. “No Tom, I have come here to kill you.” Thomas Riddle’s laugh could be heard echoing from all around Natalie. “Tom…I have not been called that in a long time. Such a worthless name. I like Voldemort better don’t you. Lord Voldemort.” Voldemort told Natalie stepping forward. He too raised his wand to meet her’s. Natalie still stood tall. “You have done enough now, leave!” Natalie ordered her brother. “True I have done a lot,” He said as he swiped his hand, showing the scene that lay behind him. Natalie now just realized how many people lay dead before him. Faces of her family…and his lay on the ground with looks of fear on their faces. They will remain that way forever. Natalie thought. “My minons are keeping care of the rest.” He looked around. “But one is missing, the life of the party you may call her. Where is my darling niece?” Voldemort questioned his sister. “You’ll never find her. CRUCIO!” Natalie screamed pointing her wand at Lord Voldemort. He simply conjured a shield, which absorbed it and laughed again. “Sorry sister you made this all too easy.” His Death Eaters now began to assemble themselves in a circle around the surviving member of his family. “NO…” Natalie cried. “Yes you lead them to their deaths. But don’t worry you are to join them soon enough.” Voldemorts smile turned to a frown and he raised his wand. Eyes narrowing he began to say the spell. “Katherine, I’m sorry.” Was all that could be heard as Natalie faced her death. “Avadra Kevadra.” Voldemort smiled as he watched the remaining Riddle family member die before him. “Let this be a warning to all who oppose me.” Looking around he searched for the daughter of his sister. “No matter…in time.” With that they all disappeared. Tiny cries could be heard from behind the bushes. Young Katherine Riddle watched the horrific sight from her hiding place. “Mommy…” Katherine began to slowly rise to her feet. Struggling she made her made her way over to her mother’s lifeless body. Paying no attention to the pops that could be heard from all around her. The Order has begun to arrive. All members were taken aback by the scene that lay before them. “Dumbledore…are there any survivors?” Lily Potter asked walking up next to him. Dumbledore’s sparkling eyes were now dull and full of anger and hate. “Albus…” “Lily, you and James are not safe. Please take Harry and go into hiding.” Dumbledore replied gravely. “Wait, what do you mean?” Sirius asked stepping forward. “Has it already begun?” “It has, Sirius you know what to do. On your way tell the Longbottoms the same news help them go into hiding also. Keep them safe.” Dumbledore said. Sirius nodded. “Good Luck.” With that the three disappeared. “What now?” Minerva Mogonigal asked. Dumbledore released a heavy sigh. He slowly walked over to where Natalie Riddle lay. A sudden light appeared from behind his spectacles. Giving him new hope. He reached down and picked Katherine in his arms. He smiled as he wiped the tears away from her face. “A survivor.” Alastor Moody said. “Pity she will always remember today, her second birthday as the day she lost everything…” Kingsley Shackbolt started. “Where will she go Professor?” Remus Lupin asked. “The only place where she is safe.” Dumbledore answered solemnly. “Where is she safe? She is all alone.” Remus stated. “America.” With that reply Dumbledore picked up an unwrapped teddy bear and used to make a porkey. He disappeared with Katherine asleep in his arms. He appeared again outside of an orphanage in Freeport, Maine. “See you soon Katherine Riddle.” Then leaving her asleep in front of the doors he rang to doorbell and was gone with a pop.

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