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Chapter 9 Going Back Alright, here is chapter 9…the official last pre-written chapter. Now I have to write it all as the story goes along, which shouldn’t be that bad considering chapter 10 is partially complete (I got bored last night!) Anyways, my Christmas break starts on the 17th, and then I have 17 days off and I’m planning to write my booty off to get this story finished, so that I can just update at my leisure, and begin my next saga. Who knows I may even write a sequel to this whole thing, but it’s only chapter 9 so I have plenty of time. I really want to know if you guys want me to do anything Harry/Ginny, if you don’t tell me I will just have to decide whether to go…Harry/Ginny, or, Harry/OC. If you want to know who that OC would be you can check out my only other fic that I have saved ( was my first fic, and only made it to chapter 3) Anyways the OC I would use is the same OC I was going to use in that fic, and I already have like 4 pages written on her, and I’ve been wanting to drop her into a story, so why not this one! Please R/R…here’s chapter 9…. ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ “What about the veil James?” “Lily and I could go behind the veil” “James, why in hell would you want to go into some veil that puts you in limbo?” “We could apparate there.” Continued James, who was oblivious to Sirius’ questions. “We could enter the veil, we could teach Lily to become an animagus. We could leave once Harry defeats Voldemort…” He was snapped back to reality by Sirius who was waving his hand in front of his face. “James do you realize that while you were sitting there losing your mind you came up with the best idea EVER!” Sirius’ face broke into a huge grin. “It’s perfect Sirius,” exclaimed a very excited James, whose mind was buzzing with ideas, “we find out everything we can about the veil, then Lily and I apparate there and enter the veil, then when you come we harness our animagus power, and leave!” The two friends continued discussing their plans throughout the night, and finally fell asleep at dawn, both feeling much better than they had the day before. *^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^ Sirius and James were awoken the next morning by a very disgruntled looking Professor Lupin and a slightly amused looking Dumbledore. “WHAT IN MERLINS BEARD DID YOU THINK YOU WERE DOING LAST NIGHT!” screamed Lupin, who was very upset that Sirius and his younger self had stunned him. “Now, now please remain calm Professor, we need to deal with the matter of sending these boys back to the proper time” reasoned Dumbledore. “Yeah, calm down Professor” chided Sirius. “That means you too Sirius.” Said Dumbledore with a slight chuckle. It was obvious to any bystander that he found the entire altercation between Sirius and Professor Lupin quite funny. “That reminds me James, didn’t you tell me that Remus and Sirius had not traveled forward in time with you.” “Yes” replied James sheepishly. “And didn’t you tell me that you had only learned of your marriage to Lily Evans and of your son? Not the fact that you were dead, and according to Professor Lupin that you were trying to change your fate?” “Yes” replied an increasingly reddening James. “After talking to various Professors we have decided to send you back to your proper time, before you can learn any more of the future,” He smiled down at them, “or change it.” “Yes professor” James answered in a voice barely more than a whisper. Remus who had woken up as well found it oddly suspicious that his two friends who had been so eager to change things around, were taking the news that they would be sent back in time before they could change anything in such stride. Ron, Hermione, and Ginny had also woken up and had come over to observe what was going on. “What’s going on Professor?” Ginny asked Dumbledore. “Well we’ve decided to send these three,” he motioned towards James, Sirius, and Remus, “ back to the proper time, before they cause any lasting damage.” Ron was quite puzzled by this and was about to say that they already knew plenty when Sirius shot him a small wink from behind the professor’s back, which quickly silenced him. “What about Harry?” asked Ginny again, who had turned to watch Harry’s unconscious form. “He will obviously be taken to St. Mungo’s to receive the proper treatment.” Answered Dumbledore. “No, I mean are you going to let him talk to them” she countered. “Ms. Weasley, I would allow Harry to spend time with them, but due to his current condition, and the importance that our time travelers return with as little information as possible of the future, I believe it is best that they leave before he wakes up.” “YOU CAN’T DO THAT TO HIM. HARRY HAS NEVER HAD A FAMILY, AND WHEN HE GETS A CHANCE TO SEE THEM YOU JUST TAKE IT AWAY.” Screamed a crying Ginny Weasley. “I understand what you are saying Ms. Weasley, and it does pain me to deny Harry time with his father, but I am afraid that Harry seeing his father and then having to say goodbye again so quickly could send him over the edge.” Dumbledore finished with a tone of formality that made it clear to everyone present that the subject was closed for discussion. Ginny merely looked at Dumbledore with fire in her eyes, and went to sit with Harry again. “Now Sirus, James, and Remus follow me to my office, and I will send you back to your time.” Dumbledore turned and left the room the Marauders following behind him, sending waves to the people that they left behind. When they reached Dumbledores office he called James to the side, leaving the other two looking politely puzzled behind him. “James I know you have learned more about the future than you are telling me, and I don’t need you to tell me, I just wish to emphasize to you that anything you have learned you must be EXTREMELY careful with. What happened to you, has shaped the entire future of the wizarding world. You cannot change your destiny, without changing the destiny of the entire world.” “I know professor that’s what everyone keeps telling me, but what if there is a way to change things so that they don’t go as…bad” “Again James, just realize that anything you do has the ability to change the world as everyone knows it, but I trust that you will make the proper decision. Now I think it’s time for you to go back.” Dumbledore lead James back over to the other two and handed them a time turner, which Remus slipped over all of their heads. “I believe 25 turns should do it Remus.” Said Dumbledore, as he watched Remus begin to turn the dial. When he had just about reached turn 25 Dumbledore looked up at James once more and in a voice barely more than a whisper said the words that James desperately needed to hear, “everything happens for a reason.” And with that the Marauders were gone from Dumbledores office. ~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~ Back in the past things happened just as they had before. Peter Pettigrew was made the Potters secret keeper, James and Lily were discovered and killed by Lord Voldemort, Sirius went to Azkaban, later falling in the veil, and Harry’s adventures had all been the same. It appeared that the Marauders hadn’t done anything to change the past after all. Or did they…

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