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Chapter 8 Life is really just an act * * * Okay, I AM SOOOOO SORRY this update took so long. I have had absolutely nada time for anything that even resembles fun in the last week, I seriously think my teachers hate me or something, because they sure are loading me up with homework. So here is chapter 8, and I dunno how well I did with the whole summarizing thing, so you’ll have to let me know. Remember I love reviews, especially constructive criticism!!! I’d like to thank everyone who has been reviewing this story, and my silent readers (even though I’d love you more if you reviewed…lol…I love you just the same) you guys have no idea how much your reviews inspire me to keep this story doing, especially since I’m starting to near the point where the chapters will no longer be pre-written. I also want some feedback on the whole Harry/Ginny thing. I’m not sure if I want to have it develop into anything, and if I don’t I have an idea that would take it’s place as the main romance aspect of the story, which includes an original character. I’m actually quite proud of it. Anyways just let me know. Please review! I LOVE YOU GUYS! EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU. # # # # Remus and Sirius were shocked to see Lupin standing in the doorway. Why did he always show up and try to ruin their plans? “You are not going to change anything.” Repeated Lupin. “Yes we are.” Replied Sirius, who was now standing up to face Lupin. “What did I tell you Sirius. You should know that you can’t change the future” “Just watch me.” “No, I will not allow this. I am taking you to Dumbledore, and he is sending you back. Believe me when I say, YOU CAN’T CHANGE THE FUTURE.” Remus shot back, looking as though every word was ripping him apart inside. “Why can’t we?” asked Remus. “Merlin’s Beard I already told you. YOU CAN’T KNOW” “Yeah, but you told Sirius.” “Because he had to know, it was the only way to save him.” “Yeah so what about James?” questioned Sirius, “You never even explained why he can’t stay alive, while his kid fights that stupid dark wizard.” “It’s irrelevant to the point…” “IT IS COMPLETELT RELEVANT” screamed Sirius. “STOP BEING SO BLOODY THICK.” “OH, I’M THICK! THAT’S PRETTY RICH OF YOU TO SAY CONSIDERING YOU WON’T HELP YOUR BEST FRIEND SAVE HIMSELF FROM DEATH!” “DO YOU HONESTLY BELIEVE I WANT HIM TO DIE? HE’S ONE OF MY BEST FRIENDS IN THE WORLD! THINK ABOUT WHAT YOUR SAYING SIRIUS! JUST THINK ABOUT IT!!!!!” “Oh I’ll think about it.” Relied Sirius in an extremely cold tone of voice. “STUPEFY.” Lupin, who was not expecting the attack made by Sirius, crumpled into an unconscious heap on the ground. “Sirius, why’d you have to do that” asked Remus, who was clearly not very happy about the fact that his future self had been stunned. “Sorry Remus, but it had to be done. Now let’s go find James” #%#%#%#%%# Ginny had fallen asleep next to Harry, and Hermione had fallen asleep in Ron’s arms, leaving only Ron and James awake. Finally Ron found the nerve to speak. “So you’re Harry’s dad?” James merely nodded. “And you came forward in time?” He once again received only a nod. “So…uh…what do you know about the future?” “Everything” answered James in an unsteady voice. “Everything?” “Absolutely everything. And your Harry’s best friend?” “Yeah, I’m Ron.” “Tell me about my son.” Asked James hopefully, looking over at Harry’s form on the bed. “Are you sure you want to know…I mean can you know?” “Technically no. I’m not supposed to know. It could alter the future, but that is exactly what I am trying to do.” “You mean your trying to change time?” “Exactly.” Said James, who was beginning to become more interested in what Ron could tell him. “You better not tell Hermione, or she’d have your head.” “Sounds like Remus.” “Yeah sounds like something he would do.” “The thing is Ron, the future Remus Lupin told Sirius how he could save himself, so we already know about what happens to him, and we also know that Lily and I die, but the thing is we don’t know when or how. If we knew, we could change the course of events. You say your Harry’s best mate?” “Yeah…” “Can you tell me what happens.” “You mean tell you how you die.” “Yes, how I die, how Lily dies, more on how Sirius dies, and about Harry.” Said James, who was literally on the edge of his seat, as he was leaning over and talking to Ron. “Please Ron, you have to tell me, don’t you want Harry to have his family back?” “Yes, of course I want Harry to have his family back, but the events of your death…well, the way they happened, it’s important for you to understand, that if you hadn’t died then the world would be much different today.” Ron reasoned. “I know that, and trust me Ron any information you tell me I’ll be careful with. Please Ron, for Harry?” James was positively begging now. Ron glanced over at his best friend, his friend who had always been there for him. His friend whose deepest wish was to have his family back. He didn’t want everything that had been handed to him, he just wanted a family to love him. He turned back to face James, “alright, where do you want me to start?” “Tell me about how I died!” “Well it was Halloween night, and Harry was one year old. You were at Godric’s Hollow, when Voldemort came to kill Harry, because of a prophecy made by Sibyl Trelawney, predicting that he was the only one who could kill Voldemort.” “Voldemort…he’s been in the papers, killing muggles…the same Voldemort?” “The very same. Anyways, when he came to your house you tried to fend him off while Lily ran with Harry, but he got to you first with the killing curse. Then he went upstairs to kill Harry, but Lily wouldn’t let him. Voldemort kept warning her to move away, but she stayed where she was and sacrificed her life to save Harry. Because she did that she left an ancient brand of magic on Harry that protected him from the killing curse, which instead rebounded on Voldemort reducing him to a mere spirit, and making Harry the boy who lived.” “and that’s why he’s famous?” “It’s what made him famous, but over the years he’s grown in fame quite a bit.” “Care to explain.” “Harry’s life has been very difficult. After you and Lily were killed Sirius was sent to Azkaban, because everyone thought him to be your secret keeper, and that he had killed Peter Pettigrew and 13 muggles. In reality, however, wormtail faked his own death, was really the one who sold you and Lily to Voldemort, and killed all of those muggles.” “PETER? No, Peter wouldn’t…he’d never” “He did.” “I just can’t believe that Peter would sell me to Voldemort, he’s one of my best mates. What happened to him? Did he die?” “He’ll come into the story again, don’t worry. Now when Harry was left orphaned he was sent to live with Lily’s sister and husband. They never told Harry he was a wizard, so he grew up being bullied and teased until he found out the truth when he was eleven.” “In Harry’s first year he met me and Hermione, we became best friends. Towards the end of that year, Harry saved the sorcerors stone from Voldemort, who was too weak to inhabit his own body, but instead was living off of our Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. He ended up inadvertently killing Professor Quirell, and delaying Voldemorts return to power.” “In Harry’s second year the Chamber of Secrets was opened once again, and everyone thought Harry was the heir, because he can speak parsel toungue. But it ended up being my sister Ginny, who was being possessed by the diary of Tom Riddle, also known as Voldemort. Ginny was taken into the chamber, and Harry followed saving Ginny from Riddle, and killing the basilisk who was the beast in the chamber.” “In third year, Sirius escaped from Azkaban, and everyone thought that he was after Harry, so there were tons of security measures put in place, including dementors. The dementors effected Harry really badly, considering all the past horrors in his life, so Professor Lupin taught him how to do a corporeal patronus. Then Sirus dragged me into the whomping willow where the truth was exposed about Peter Pettigrew. Sirius was to be a free man, but Pettigrew escaped after Lupin transformed into a werewolf, so Sirius had to go on the run, and Harry almost died again after repelling about one hundred dementors.” “In fourth year, the tri-wizard tournament came to Hogwarts, but Harry was underage at the time so he couldn’t enter. Somehow though he was picked as a fourth champion, where he had to go up against dragons, mer-people, and all sorts of other things in this giant maze. Well Harry and his friend Cedric reached the center of the maze first where the tri-wizard cup was placed at the same time, so they decided to take the cup together. Only the cup was a portkey that transported Harry and cedric to a graveyard, where Voldemort was. Cedric was killed in front of Harry, and Harry was tied to a tombstone where wormtail took some of his blood to bring Voldemort back to power. Unfortunately it worked, and Voldemort rose again. Once he had his body back he challenged Harry to a duel. They battled and since their wands share the same core, the spell effect of priori incantem took place. Harry managed to escape once again.” “In fifth year, Harry started having dreams, like he was seeing what Voldemort was doing. So he had to start practicing occlumency, but he was practicing with Snape, so he didn’t get very far. Voldemort learned of their connection, and so he placed an image of Sirius being tortured in the department of mysteries in Harry’s mind. Harry went to the department so that he could save Sirus, not knowing that it had been a trick, and all Voldemort had wanted was to learn the prophecy made of him and Harry, which neither one knew the contents of at the time. Sirius showed up with some other order members and ended up dueling with Bellatrix Lestrange, but ended up going through the veil, that’s really all I know about Sirius death, since Harry doesn’t like to talk about it all that much. Harry was really pissed off when Sirius was sent through the veil so he went after Bellatrix only to face Voldemort yet again. Only this time there were some witnesses, and people started to believe Harry, that Voldemort was back.” “There wasn’t really any adventures in Harry’s sixth year, but it was still a very significant year. The prophecy made between Voldemort and Harry was made known to the public, making him a regular old celebrity. You wouldn’t believe the type of attention he gets. There have been books written about his adventures, they just finished the book based on his fourth year at Hogwarts. There’s posters and clothes, and just anything you can imagine…it’s surreal. Whenever we go to Hogsmeade there’s always reporters there wanting an interview, it’s insane. Harry hates it though. Last year his main goal was to get Sirius’ name cleared, and he finally succeeded. The ministry put out this huge apology, and everyone learned the truth. That was one of the happiest times I’ve ever seen Harry.” “And this year has been pretty much the same chaos as sixth year, well except now that you lot have traveled in time it’s a bit more exciting, but there you go, the life of Harry Potter.” James didn’t say anything. He couldn’t say anything. He was vaguely aware that his mouth was hanging open, and that Ron was staring at him with a worried expression on his face. He was about to speak when Sirius and Remus bounded in through the hospital wing door. “How is he James?” asked Remus “Not very good, they’re taking him to St. Mungos in the morning.” Replied James, who had gone pale at the remembrance of the condition of his son. “It’ll be alright James, I’m sure of it.” Said Sirius, who came over and enveloped James in a brotherly hug. “Yeah, it will be” echoed Remus, who also came over and enveloped James in a hug. “I’m wiped though, so I think I’m just going to go to sleep in one of the extra beds.” The others just nodded their heads, as Remus walked over to a spare bed, and pulled the screens shut around him. “Are you too going out then?” asked Sirius, gesturing to Hermione who was still asleep in Ron’s arms. “No” answered Ron with a slight sad note in his voice. “I think I’m going to go to bed too,” he directed his gaze onto James, “we can finish our conversation in the morning.” With that he pulled the curtains around the bed he was sitting in as well. James and Sirius waited until they could hear Remus and Ron’s snores, before they began talking. “So what was that red headed kid talking about?” “He told me everything Sirius, about me and Lily, you, and Harry.” “So we know what happened then, and we know when to change it?” “Yes, we have to tell Remus, do you think he’d mind if we woke him up?” asked James peering over in Remus’ direction. “We have to keep him in the dark, he can’t know.” “What?” snapped James, “He’s our best friend how can we not tell him?” “It’s just that whenever Remus and I got close to getting anything done, he showed up, and I have a feeling its because future Remus knows everything that’s going on now, because he already lived it.” “What does that matter?” “He doesn’t want us to go back in time and change anything, as a matter of fact he’s practically ordered me against it. If we tell Remus now that you know what you know, then future Remus will know too, and he won’t let us go back in time and change anything. Heck, he’ll probably obliviate our memories or something” “That actually makes sense, what is with you today Sirius?” “Hey, I’m smarter than you guys think.” “Obviously.” “So what did Harry’s friend say” asked Sirius. James immediately launched into the entire story that Ron had told him, when he had finished they both sat in silence for a while. Finally James spoke… “Sirius, he also talked about how Lily sacrificing herself was what saved Harry and banished Voldemort, and I don’t think we can change that, but we can’t let Lily die.” They both lapsed into silence once again, before Sirius broke the silence. “We have to stage it” “What?” “It’s obvious, we have to live it.” “HUH?” “We have to make it look like Lily and you died, and make it believable enough that it will appear Lily sacrificed herself, so that the charm on Harry would still occur.” “So you’re saying we fake our own deaths?” “Exactly, but then we’d have to get you out of there, but then there’s still the fact that all of the events of Harry’s life don’t involve you guys, and they’re all very important by the sound of it too.” “Well then we’d have to not let anyone know we’re dead, until…well until Harry defeats Voldemort.” “And I’d still have to go to Azkaban, and fall behind the veil.” “THAT’S IT!” “What’s it James?” “The veil”

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