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Yes yes, the long-awaited 'Chapter 8'. Hehe sorry I made you guys wait with a cliffy. So now you just ahve to let me know if it was worth it!
Chapter 8
Ginny was sandwiched between Charlie and Draco, glad to be back in her familiar world. It may have been sixteen years since she had been there, but not much had really changed (besides the obvious tension from the War). As Harry and Hermione walked down to the end of the table, Ginny looked out meekly from behind Charlie, and before they sat down, she caught their eyes. Hermione, stunned, collapsed into the empty chair in front of Ginny. “Oh my god. I must be dreaming,” she said once she found her voice. Harry however, took much longer. He stared at Ginny as if she was a ghost. As Hermione made her way around the table to give Ginny a hug, Harry said softly, “Ginny? Are you really here?” Smiling, she answered, “Yes, I’m not leaving again.” Soon she was smothered in hugs from her two friends. Andrea sat on the other side of her father, at the end of the table. She watched her mother and her friends, once again wondering why her mother left all of this behind. *For you, silly*, she heard in her head. After a few more moments, Hermione noticed the teenage girl on Draco’s right. She was staring off into space with something on her mind. “And who is this,” Hermione asked those around her. The girl blushed as Ginny spoke up. “Hermione, Harry, this is our daughter, Andrea.” Hearing her mother introduce her as ‘Andrea’ all afternoon finally got to her. “Actually most people just call me Lia.” “Nice to meet you Lia.” “Yeah, nice to meet you too.” The two moved back their seats, Hermione across from Ginny, Ron across from Draco, and Harry across from Andrea. Then Ginny started her tale again, this time for her two friends. Having not only heard it twice, but living it as well, Andrea stared into space, absorbing her surroundings. Harry, slightly bored of the story as well, noticed Andrea’s eyes and the way they were changing colours. “You have really pretty eyes you know, the way they change like that,” he told her. “They haven’t always done that, have they?” “Actually, no. They were originally grey, but a prank in my Potions class a few years ago, made is permanent. Its cool though, because I can change them at will.” “Really? Like, to say, purple?” Andrea laughed a little at the question before changing the colour. “Even to purple,” she said as Harry smiled. By then, most of the people at the table were looking down at their end, wondering what was so funny. Realizing what Andrea was doing, Draco leaned down and whispered in her ear. As if on cue, her eyes went from the consciously altered purple to the deep blue that meant she was nervous, to their usual gold-flecked-grey. “Wow that’s cool, how your eyes change like that,” someone said from down the table. Another voice asked her, “Have you always been able to do that?” Blushing, Andrea told everyone else about the Potions incident a few years ago. Then as usual, she showed them the different colours as they asked. It was quite interesting, to see their different reactions. After altering the colour quite a few times (Rachel and Bethany absolutely loved it), people began leaving. First Charlie, who had to be back at work for the evening shift, then Percy who had to go home and check on Penelope, and Ron and Hermione to take the girls home. Soon it was only Harry, Ginny, Draco, and Andrea sitting at the large table. Draco had moved to the other side of the table and was immersed in a conversation with Harry. It was getting late, and Andrea was ready to fall asleep. Making eye contact with her mother and stifling a yawn, she nodded her head and walked up to her room, falling asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

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