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“Calm down, Mum.” Ron said to the woman who was ranting in the kitchen of number 12 Grimmauld Place and threatening him with a wooden spoon which in anyone else’s hands would have been laughable. In the fiery redhead's it was anything but. “I’m sure they’re fine.” “But… what if…” Molly started before Hermione gently removed the spoon from her hands and Fred seated her around the table. There were Ron, Hermione, Fred, George and Molly all sat in the kitchen of Grimmauld Place, all discussing what could have made Remus four hours late for tea; it was unlike him to be late but not to turn up at all… As always, one of the twins managed to make the situation worse with badly placed comments. “The Dark Lord could easily have hold of them by now and Merlin help them. Why, Harry and Remus could already be dead…” George said but broke off as Molly’s eyes filled with tears. Everyone scowled at him except for his twin who seemed to see no problem with his comment and even went as far as to smile at George who had come close to making their mum cry. “Molly, nothing will have happened either to Remus or to Harry.” Hermione tried again to reassure her as Molly shakily lifted a cup of tea to her lips. “So, what’s happening?” Tonks asked them all as she entered the room and wished she hadn’t upon seeing the grave faces that met her. “Crikey, who died?” Molly burst into tears at this point. “Remus has been missing for about four hours.” Ron said. Tonks expression changed to worry for him as Dumbledore stepped through the fireplace elegantly. “Remus is missing?” Dumbledore asked, “He was at Privet Drive last, was he not?” Ron nodded and with that Dumbledore disappeared with a small pop.
Harry sucked in a sharp breath as his eyes snapped open and he tried to pull away from whatever was holding him back. Whatever was holding him held onto him a little tighter and he took a few deep breaths after his dream before leaning back against Remus’ chest. Glancing around the room he realised that it was a lot darker than it had been before. Outside he could just see the sun sinking below the line of houses across the street, telling him that it was around half past nine: four hours after Remus said he would be leaving him. “Are you alright?” Remus murmured softly and Harry jumped slightly, unaware that his latest guardian had awoken. “I’m fine,” Harry said quietly, “Just a dream, that’s all.” He curled up a little closer to Remus who had wrapped his cloak over Harry to keep him warm as the cool evening air entered through the slightly open window. Remus was certain that he heard someone murmur “Dead, my beard!” before there was a slight pop from somewhere in the room but surely it was just his imagination playing tricks on him after becoming disorientated by waking up with Harry at an odd time of day in a different house to the gloomy house of Black.
“Well?!” Molly demanded of the man who apparated into the room. She was on her feet the moment that he had appeared and Fred and George instantly moved to pull her back into her seat in case she knocked Dumbledore down. “Harry and Remus are just as alive as I am.” Dumbledore said to her calmly. “Well what happened then?” Molly demanded of him, as if she were over the initial relief of their being okay and now moved on to Remus’ insult of missing her meal. “They fell asleep, I believe.” Dumbledore said to her as his mind wandered back to the will that lay on the bed and its contents. He could only assume that that was the reason for Harry lying in Remus’ arms. He only hoped that Harry would be as receptive of his new godfather as Remus was likely to be to him. Molly opened her mouth to argue the point further but Dumbledore silenced her with a look before having Ron and Hermione removed from the room. “But…” Ron tried to complain. “When you have left school then you may join the Order.” Dumbledore said to him and Hermione as they left. Molly shot him an angry glare but said nothing as people began to arrive for the Order meeting.
“I’ll see you very soon, Harry.” Remus said as he gave him a quick hug before disapparating from the room. Harry lay down on his bed and stared up at the ceiling which was lit by the light from the lamp on his bedside table. He felt a strange feeling of discomfort inside him as he glanced at the letter which lay on his desk. Sirius’ letter. He wondered how wrong it was that he was getting close to Remus so soon after Sirius was gone. It had only been a month and already it seemed as if he was replacing him. Harry couldn’t help but feel certain that Sirius would have been rather irritated with him by now, considering the fact that he had managed to get him killed and was now replacing him with his best friend. On the other hand had it really been his fault that he died? And surely Sirius wouldn’t have wanted he and Remus to stay alone and unhappy. His head started to ache as his thoughts conflicted until all that was pushed from his head as Vernon knocked furiously on the door. “Boy?!” The irate man shouted through the door. “You better have a very good reason for making me miss my tea!” “Why the hell should I have to make your tea?!” Harry demanded through the door, a fit of anger taking him. “Make your own bleeding tea!” There was silence on both sides of the door after this and Harry silently cursed himself for his outburst against the man who would most likely knock him out the moment he opened his door. “WE HAVE THE DECENCY TO FEED YOU, CLOTHE YOU AND PUT A ROOF OVER YOUR HEAD AND THIS IS HOW YOU REPAY US?!” Vernon yelled. “YOU GIVE ME DUDLEY’S OLD CLOTHES, MADE ME SLEEP IN A CUPBOARD AND NEVER LET ME EAT AT ALL AND IN RETURN I’M EXPECTED TO ACCEPT BEING TREATED LIKE A SLAVE?!” Harry shouted at the top of his voice. No more sound came from the outside of the room and Harry couldn’t help but regret shouting at the top of his voice at Vernon, who had never borne his presence with good grace and after having a shouting match probably wasn’t going to like his company much more than before. He waited around a minute for Vernon to retaliate against him but hearing nothing he retired back to his bed. He didn’t feel tired but he climbed underneath the duvet, pulling it up close around himself; despite the reasonably warm summer they were in the midst of, his room was always bitterly cold. He had originally suspected it of being something to do with Dudley’s breaking the central heating a few years ago when Harry had moved into his room but since it was July he thought that a rather dubious explanation. His eyelids shut as he buried himself under the thin duvet and he slipped into slumber. “Gaining possession will be simple, although finding those willing to partake shall be rather more difficult.” Harry said to a quivering Wormtail who looked rather ill at being forced into his master’s company. “Yes m-master.” Wormtail stuttered as he handed Harry a potion which he drank greedily. He felt strengthened somewhat and watched Wormtail intently for a moment until Harry felt a smile touch his features. “Harry, we meet again.” Harry found himself saying and inside Voldemort’s head he shrank back slightly. “Do tell me, how are you after the demise of your poor godfather?” Harry bit back a retort in his head, knowing that it probably wouldn’t do him a lot of good. “Ah, I see you’re already replacing him… tut tut, Harry.” He felt that awful smile stretch across his face again and infront of him Wormtail looked utterly terrified, at either the idea of his master smiling or at Harry Potter being in the vicinity. “How am I replacing him?!” Harry demanded of the ‘man’ although this time he didn’t feel his mouth move and knew he had only spoken in Voldemort’s head. “With that fool of a wolf, of course.” Voldemort said smoothly. Dread filled Harry’s mind. How had he known that?? Harry wondered. Clearly his skills in occlumency had managed to fail him spectacularly. He tried to force terrible images of Remus being killed by Voldemort in a variety of ways from his mind but the harder he thought against them the more they came back to haunt him. “See Harry, you can barely help yourself. Each time you lose someone you will always attempt to get closer to someone else and each time you get closer to someone else then someone else will always die. You cannot stand the isolation and you cannot stand to lose those you love. You are going to your death Harry Potter and there is nothing you can do to prevent it.” Harry felt the awful truth in his words and suddenly the words of the prophecy filled his head. “The one with the power to vanquish the dark lord approaches... born to those that have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies—” Dumbledore’s voice said to him and he pushed it away as hard as he could, remembering too late that Voldemort only knew the first part of the prophecy. He pushed the thought from his head with the first image that came to his head: he stood opposite Tom Riddle in the chamber of secrets, Ginny Weasley lying on the floor behind him. Inside Voldemort’s head he felt anger and irritation against him growing as he felt Voldemort trying to get past the barriers he had automatically put up against him to prevent him from gaining the information he sought. “—and the Dark Lord will—” Harry heard the prophecy continue and he pushed Voldemort away from him. He felt darkness engulf him and he was falling… falling… Harry hit the floor of his bedroom with a thud and one floor below he heard an angry shout from Vernon. He was shaking madly and the prophecy seemed desperate to repeat itself in his head but each time it surfaced he pushed it away, unsure of whether Voldemort was in his head or not. He knew that since Voldemort was now so desperate to get hold of the prophecy it was now his priority to keep it from him at all costs. There was no telling when he would attack his mind again, he only knew that he would. “See Harry, you can barely help yourself. Each time you lose someone you will always attempt to get closer to someone else and each time you get closer to someone else then someone else will always die. You cannot stand the isolation and you cannot stand to lose those you love. You are going to your death Harry Potter and there is nothing you can do to prevent it” Voldemort’s voice rang out through his head and he saw a flash of green light. Remus fell to the floor and Voldemort laughed. A shudder ran through him and he suddenly felt very cold. He shakily got to his feet and pulled himself back into his bed, curling up again feeling sleepiness creeping up on him as the time went by. He tried to stay awake but it was off little use. He could resist sleep no longer.
“I see you and Harry are getting on well.” Dumbledore said lightly as everyone but Remus had left the kitchen of 12 Grimmauld Place. “What do you mean ‘you see we’re getting on well’?” Remus asked him and Dumbledore smiled at him. “Someone had to check up on you when you were four hours late to dinner last night.” Dumbledore said to him and Remus realised that he must have seen them asleep. He chuckled slightly at Remus’ realisation. “Anyway, I hope all goes well for Harry and yourself. Merlin knows you deserve it.” And then he was gone. Remus was left standing in the middle of the kitchen on his own, left with two choices: retire to his room or go and see if Harry was still awake. He decided upon the latter and disapparated with a crack.
Harry jumped slightly as Remus apparated into his room. He had almost succumbed to sleep but his eyes snapped back open when his godfather appeared next to him. “Sorry Harry, you weren’t sleeping, were you?” Remus asked as he sat down on the edge of his bed. Harry gave a reply muffled by the duvet, but one which still informed Remus that he hadn’t been sleeping. “Are you alright? You look a bit…” Remus trailed off, unable to describe what appeared to be wrong with Harry. Was it his eyes, which seemed wider than before? Was he paler? He didn’t know and the more he thought about it the more the answer seemed to elude him. “I’m fine.” Harry said to him but even the way he said it seemed to indicate otherwise. Perhaps it was because the full moon was only in a day’s time and that was causing him to find fault with everything he encountered. But then again his senses had become greatly heightened and would continue to grow for another day yet. His senses had never led him wrongly, yet. His sensitivity to everything and his knowledge of it only seemed to confirm the fact that something was wrong. “Are you sure?” Remus asked, “You don’t sound fine.” He looked hard at the boy curled up next to him, examining his expression for any traces of upset but all he found there was a blank appearance. Harry certainly was good at keeping his feelings hidden, he thought. Harry made a noncommittal sound by means of a reply and Remus only narrowed his eyes slightly as he watched him, noting how Harry dodged eye contact with him. “You know you can tell me if anything’s the matter, don’t you?” Remus said to him. Harry nodded. Inside him he was wandering whether or not to tell him about the dream he had had and see his take on the idea that Voldemort thought he endangered everyone who cared about him. He would naturally deny it, but he couldn’t help wonder if it was true. Sirius was proof of that, but then again Ron and Hermione also cared about him and they were still very much alive. He bit his lip slightly before giving in to Remus and he started to tell him about his dream. He told him everything that had happened, and Remus scowled darkly when he mentioned Wormtail, although he almost thought that he saw some malevolent delight in the man’s eyes of the fear Wormtail had of his master. He noted how he saw a flicker of irritation when he told him that he had named his latest guardian as ‘a fool of a wolf’ but he didn’t comment and allowed him to continue. “—apparently I can’t stand the isolation, nor can I handle it when everyone I care about is killed.” Harry said quietly. “You know that’s not true, Harry.” Remus said, resting his comforting hand on Harry’s arm. “Not everyone you love is killed.” It just happened that both your parents and your first godfather were. He added silently in his head, although he realised that he may as well have spoken it aloud from the expression on Harry’s face. He slipped off the edge of the bed and crouched by Harry so that he could better see the child. For that was all he was, wasn’t it? He was only fifteen and he had a megalomaniac attempting to kill him. But then that same man had spent most of Harry’s life attempting to kill him. “I’m not dead yet, am I?” Remus said to Harry quietly, seeing the torment in his eyes he could already predict his answer. “‘Yet’ being the key word here.” He said darkly. “Don’t say that.” Remus said quietly and Harry regretted his implication that Remus would soon be killed. “Forget it and we’ll talk about that later, okay? Now tell me what happened after that.” Harry complied with his request and without thinking began to tell him about the way in which the prophecy had just started to repeat itself in his head. “Hang on a second.” Remus said, breaking Harry off just before he would have spoken the first word of the prophecy. The moment that Remus stopped him Harry remembered that only he and Dumbledore knew the prophecy at that moment in time. “You know what the prophecy says…?” Harry nodded mutely. “Well, what does it say?!” Harry smiled sadly and shook his head. “Why won’t you tell me?” Remus asked, feeling slightly hurt that Harry wouldn’t tell him. “Sorry, Remus.” Harry said quietly. He felt bad that he had to keep it from Remus and now he knew that he wasn’t being completely open with him but things were better this way, right? After all, it couldn’t do Remus much good to know that he had a fifty percent chance of living. Probably less, considering the fact that Voldemort was incredibly strong and powerful and he, Harry, wasn’t particularly strong and had an amazing knack for walking into traps and endangering people. Remus watched him in frustration, which he was hiding remarkably well. He wanted to know what it said, although he already knew that it wasn’t anything good. It concerned Harry, he knew that much and the knowledge that there was a bad prophecy about Harry invoked his insatiable curiosity, which would and could only be satisfied when he knew the prophecy. One way or another he was going to discover what the prophecy said. A/N: Sorry it took me so long to get this up but recently I've been drowning in coursework. Next chapter should be up by Tuesday at the very latest (or so I believe) :o). Cheerio!

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