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Henn’s reaction was pretty much like mine when I told her in Transfiguration the next day. She widened her eyes then glanced at Sirius from across the room, who was laughing at something Remus had just said. How could boys do that? Pretend like they’re completely clueless to our feelings and act innocent when really THEY KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT US? And poor Gaby, who doesn’t even know that Sirius knows everything about her personal life. If she really knew, she’d probably hide her relationship more from the prying eyes of Sirius Black, or maybe just show off Jack more now that she was positive Sirius was paying attention to her. Whatever, same thing. “He was eavesdropping?” Henn asked slowly. She shook her head, frowning. “What if he tells someone? I don’t want the whole school knowing that Gaby has a horrible boyfriend.” “Maybe we should write notes,” I said from the corner of my mouth, since Mcgonagall was looking at us with piercing eyes. Henn nodded, then took out her notebook, pretending to look at the chalkboard where we had to write down the information about how to be able to turn the balloon into a rat. A balloon into a rat. But, whatever. I took out my own notebook too, and actually started to sketch the diagrams that were on the board, when Henn tapped her quill rather loudly on the desk, causing the whole class to spin around to look at her. “Please be less obnoxious, Ms. Lawson,” Professor Mcgonagall said, pursing her lips. Henn nodded apologetically and looked up at the board, while glancing at me from the corner of her eye. --Right. I think this is better, since we don’t want more people overhearing us. So. What are we going to do? Good question, I said to myself. I actually had no idea. --I dunno. I guess we should...tell her? Henn had a very convincing and concentrating expression on, since Mcgonagall was staring at her particularly. I noticed that Sirius had looked at us for a brief moment, but soon just glanced back at Remus, who was obviously doing something very funny. “Black, quit your barking!” Mcgonagall said suddenly, making a few students jump in surprise. Sirius turned to look at her, grinning. “I’m sorry, Professor, I’ll try to sustain myself.” he said in an oh-too-innocent voice, which just mad him and Remus laugh even more. Professor Mcgongall moved in one swift movement towards his desk and snatched whatever was by Remus’s notebook, which looked like pictures. And by Mcgonagall’s crude expression, they weren’t very nice to look at. “Detention, both of you.” she said, glaring at the two of them. Her eyes landed on Remus and her frown intensified. “Honestly, Mr. Lupin, you are supposed to be a prefect. I would think that your badge would keep your behavior impeccable, but apparently, I was wrong. Just look at Mr. Potter here, how his Head Boy position has kept him out of trouble lately.” As she said this, the whole class let out snorts and snickers, while James looked at her in horror. It was true, he had been kind of quiet, well for him anyway, for the whole period, but being a Marauder, this was not a good thing to be acknowledged of. Sirius threw his head back and started to laugh tremendously, causing his whole body to shake. Remus was sitting up straight and looking at the Professor, trying and failing to keep a straight face. “Ha, ha!” Sirius continued. “Prongsie is a goodie boy now!” “Imagine that,” Henn muttered, smirking at me. “Remus is actually getting in trouble when James isn’t, that’s a first.” “Two detentions, Mr. Black!” Mcgonagall said furiously. “And if you don’t silence yourself right now, I will make you serve a week’s worth, writing for hours the lines: ‘I will not disrupt the N.E.W.T.s Transfiguration class any longer’!” Whoa, outburst. What’s with her anyway? Sirius shut up, although probably because of shock. Although the Marauders had always sort of tested the Professor’s patience, she hardly ever yelled. Sure there were those other times in Transfiguration that she totally blew up on me and gave me a detentions with Potter, but she was known to be cool, and collected, and of course strict. No one could really analyze what was happening though, because she was already striding over to her desk and writing up the detention slips. I felt Henn pushing her notebook against my elbow and looked down, to see what she had written. --You know what I just noticed? Pettigrew’s not here today. I looked at her incredulously, and she just shrugged. I took my quill and scribbled furiously, Honestly, Henn! After all of that, you’re thinking of Peter Pettigrew? --I just noticed, is all. --Whatever. So, what are we going to do about the whole Gaby situation? --I suppose we should tell her. We have to talk to Grace first though. She would know how to break it to her the most gentlest way possible. --Yeah, I guess you’re right. But we better stop writing to each other, Mcgonagall’s looking at us and I don’t want to join Black and Remus in detention tonight. “Did you see the way Professor Mcgonagall was looking at them? If staring could kill, Sirius and Remus would be dead. Especially Sirius.” “Yeah. She was really temperamental today.” I said to Grace, who since was sitting in the back with Gaby during the Transfiguration class, wanted to discuss what we thought of Mcgonagall’s temporary madness. I glanced at Henn, who by the expression was thinking the same thing I was: We had wanted to discuss what we should do about Gaby with Grace during our lunch time, but for some reason Gaby wanted to sit with us. She said that she wanted to catch up with me and stuff, (right, okay I only was away for a few days) and that she missed me but I seriously doubted it. C’mon Gaby, I’m not that clueless. “I wonder what’s going on, anyway.” I finally said, furrowing my eyebrows as I looked up at the staff table. All the teachers were looking extremely grave, many of them ignoring their food completely and conversing in low voices instead. As I said this my three friends turned their eyes towards the teachers, looking perplexed. “They look like somebody just died.” said Gaby. I leaned my chair back against the wall and propped my book on my knees, sucking the end of my quill as I read the passage that Harrison had assigned us on the different kinds of leeches you could use in Potions. The common room was being strangely quiet today, probably because of the absence of two of the Marauders, Sirius and Remus. James of course, looked very bored without his partner, since he was staring into the fire and not saying a word. Then again, he did look like he was thinking hard about something. Henn had noticed it too, since she kept on grunting and looking up, as if wanting someone to say something. “Okay, I know this sounds crazy,” Henn began. “But I can’t concentrate on my homework without a little bit of noise. It’s just...weird.” I raised my eyebrow at her but said nothing; James was coming our way. “Evans,” he said slowly. I was quite used to his nonchalant manner that he was always using around me now, since he was pretending that he didn’t even go to the wedding to see me. Pfft. Whatever. “Potter.” I replied curtly. Henn gave us a strange look, but soon just returned to her Potions book. He was crossing his arms and looking intently at me, as if he was trying to think of saying something. He was looking very serious. He coughed, buying his time. “Can I talk to you for a moment?” he finally said, in a surprisingly soft voice. I stared at him for a minute, before muttering, “Sure.” He lead me out of the common room, where I left a perplexed looking Henn. We were outside of the Fat Lady portrait, and we were turning the corner in the corridor. He stopped abruptly, standing in the shadows with a silver of the moonlight shining a side of his face. “So, what’s going on?” I asked, trying to sound casual. “I just wanted to know if you were alright.” he said. I stared at him, not knowing what he meant. I instantly thought of the wedding, but I thought I had been covering up pretty well. Could it be possible that he was referring to that? Maybe I wasn’t putting a convincing act after all. “Yes.” I said, wanting to regain my pride so he’d think everything was okay. “Why wouldn’t I be?” “Because of what happened last week.” I continued to look stunned, since I had no idea what he meant. “What happened last week?” James sighed, ruffling his hair and looking impatient, as if I was stupid or something. He glanced at the window and then at the floor, finally saying, “Didn’t you see the Daily Prophet?” My heart stopped for some reason. I took a deep breath, steadying myself. “No, I didn’t.” “It was on the headlines.” he said. “What was?” “You didn’t hear?” James asked, narrowing his eyes at me with puzzlement. “About half a muggle town near where we live was assaulted, and well...murdered.” My hands dropped to my sides as my chest tightened. Murder? When? Why was I always so oblivious to everything that happened in the world? “When did this happen?” “Last week, like I said.” James replied. “I can’t believe no one told you yet...” “What was the town?” I said urgently. “Tell me the town’s name.” “Brunswick, I think.” I calmed down, my breath coming down with relief. Brunswick, I’ve never even heard of that town. Surely none of the people I loved were affected by it. “What exactly happened?” “I don’t know too many details,” James said, ruffling his hair and looking to the side as he struggled to remember. “I’ve heard bits and pieces by people I know. What I heard is that the muggle town was attacked at night, by wizards apparently, since no one was bleeding or anything.” “Do you have the paper?” I asked, furrowing my eyebrows. “Remus has it somewhere upstairs.” James said, shifting his feet. Without giving him any time to say anything else, I took him by the arm and led him to the common room again, passing Henn who was looking even more confused as I wrenched his arm through the door of the boys’ staircase. Girls, unlike boys, were allowed in the opposite gender’s dormitories because of some old fashioned rules. “Hey, hey!” James protested. “Are you going up to my room?” “Yes.” I said, looking around. The staircase wasn’t very different from the girls’, but the dormitories I passed were much more messier than ours. “Here we go.” I said, pushing open the door that said, ‘Seventh Year Boys’. I walked in and tried to ignore the scattered dirty underwear and socks that had to be of the Marauders’s. Peter was on his four poster, scribbling something down, but stopped as he jumped at our abrupt entrance. “Oh, it’s only you two.” Peter said, returning to whatever he was doing as if James brought girls up here all the time, and always talked about doing so with me. James gave me a weird look, but I tried to ignore it. “So, which bed is Remus’s?” “Remus’s?” Peter said, perking up. “What do you want to do in Remus’s--” “That one.” James said, giving Peter a disgusted look. “Look in the trunk by his bed.” I went to the only bed that was tidy and neat, and opened the trunk. It had an assortment of stacked books mostly, and newspapers. I picked up the first newspaper I saw, that read the headline: DISASTER FOR MUGGLES: DEVASTATION IN A SMALL TOWN. I sat on Remus’s bed and opened it up, James looking over my shoulder: It has been recently discovered that a muggle town near London, named Brunswick, has had a nightly attack, whereas the muggles could do nothing. “They were unprepared, of course.” said Arnold Peasegood, an official Obliviator for the Ministry of Magic who had stayed the whole night sweeping the minds of the surviving muggles so they wouldn’t remember the incident. “And even if they weren’t, they wouldn’t be able to do anything without magic.” There is no doubt that the Avadakedavra, the Killing Curse and one of the Unforgivable Curses that is illegal, had been used. There was no evidence of any other torture on the dead bodies. It is also possible however, that the other Unforgivable Curses were used as well. But why would Brunswick be in danger? Experts try to find out why a massive group of wizards would even want to kill about a hundred muggles in one night. “Personally, I think they were just doing it for fun,” Peasegood says when we asked him that very question. “Everyone knows that many wizards have something against muggles, and would love to torture them for the fun of it. It’s evil, but true.” It is strange however, that no one knows who or whom is behind the murder. The surviving muggles were asked who had been the commander of the wizards and had been in charge of the terrorism, but they would merely shake their heads in horror and whisper. One particular muggle, who’s memory already has been wiped, said in a terrifying voice, “He must not be named.” Currently the case is still a mystery, although Ministry officials are still looking for clues. I stared at the black and white photo of the many coffins that were being stacked up in the small town. My head pounded, trying to think of who would do such a thing. “I don’t understand,” I finally said slowly. “Who could’ve done this?” “And why, right?” James asked, leaning against the wall and looking pensive. “Yeah, I’ve been wondering that myself.” “There’s no point at all,” I continued, looking at him and my eyes watering slightly. “The Ministry official is right, they were just torturing for fun.” James sighed at my look, sitting beside me. “I know.” “Why did you want to see if I was alright?” I asked. James bit his lip, looking at his shoes and clearing his throat. “Well, I wasn’t sure if you had any muggle relatives there...” he said slowly and in an unconvincing voice. I raised my eyebrow at him but said nothing. “Well, thanks for telling me about it.” I said, smiling weakly at him. I handed him the newspaper and turned to see that Peter was staring at me. “What?” “Nothing.” Peter said quickly, looking down at his paper again. He bit his lip, his quill poised on the parchment, not scribbling anything. I looked at James, who shrugged. Peter wasn’t making any eye contact, so I walked to the door so I would be able to leave. But as I made my way down the staircase and into the common room, I remembered something that Henn said. Peter wasn’t in class today. “Alright,” Henn whispered, her wand tip lit close to her face as she looked at both of us. “Meeting in session.” “Why are we doing this again?” Grace asked. “Shh.” I said in a hushed voice. “We don’t want to wake up Gaby.” “Hu--” “Shut up,” Henn said to both of us, since I was about to open my mouth to explain. She turned to Grace, glancing at Gaby’s closed four poster before continuing. “We’re here to discuss...that thing we were talking about a couple of days ago at lunch.” “Right.” Grace said, still not getting it. “Jack.” I explained. “Ooh.” “Lily was talking to Sirius the other day,” Henn said. “And he told her something...strange.” “Like what?” Grace asked, looking at me. “He told me that he heard us at lunch, and that we were right about Jack cheating on Gaby.” “Really?” “Yeah.” There was a pause, where we all looked at each other, then at Gaby’s bed again. “So,” Henn said, finally breaking the silence. “What do you we do, Grace?” “How should I know?” Grace asked incredulously. “You’re the smart one.” “You two are smart too.” Grace said, furrowing her eyebrows. “I’m surprised you haven’t figured out what to do yet.” “And that is...?” “Tell Gaby everything.” Grace replied simply. She said it so casually that I actually laughed. Like Gaby would listen. Hah. “Right.” I snorted. “No, seriously.” Grace said. “She’ll find out sooner or later, and I think that if she found out we knew, she’d get really mad. I know I would. Wouldn’t you two?” I thought about it for a moment, and knew that she was right. “Yeah, I guess.” I said sheepishly. “We can’t just tell her, ‘Hey Gaby, your boyfriend’s cheating on you’.” Henn said. “How are we going to do it?” “We should tell her gently.” Grace replied. “But there’s something else we have to consider too...about Sirius.” I looked at Henn, who had an expression of pure confusion. “Hu?” “Well, have any of you thought,” Grace began. “That maybe, Sirius is lying?” There was a silence. “Why would he do that?” I asked incredulously. “Because he still has feelings for Gaby.” “What? No he doesn’t.” I said, snickering. Grace rolled her eyes. “Actually, yes he does. Haven’t you ever seen the way he looks at her?” “And how is that?” Henn asked. “Must I describe it to you?” “Yes.” Henn and I said simultaneously. Grace sighed. “I don’t know. He just...looks at her differently. Like...if he could, he’d stare at her all day and hope no one would notice. It’s just...I don’t know.” She blushed, looking down. Henn smirked, but I smiled inwardly. “Is that how Remy looks at you?” Henn teased. She ducked, as Grace threw a pillow at her. “Shh.” I said, looking at Gaby again. “Shut up, both of you.” “Well, is it?” Henn persisted, ignoring me. Grace’s smile faded, as she looked at her hands. “I wish he did.” she said softly. “What are you talking about?” I asked. “Remus is crazy about you.” “Yeah, of course he is.” Henn said. “I dunno.” “Don’t be stupid.” I said. “You guys have been going out forever, and he hasn’t shown any signs that he doesn’t like you. He might even love you.” “Yeah, right.” Grace scoffed. “I doubt it.” “Grace,” Henn said heavily. “You’re being an idiot.” “Shut up.” “Yeah, shut up.” I said. “C’mon, we need to figure out what we’re going to do.” “We should tell her.” Grace said, rolling her eyes. “Don’t you two ever listen to me?” “Not really.” “Henn, be quiet.” “I think we should just go along with Grace’s idea.” I said. “She’ll get mad, but she’ll be even more mad when she finds out we didn’t tell her.” Henn looked thoughtful for a moment, but then just sighed and said, “Okay.” “Agreed?” Grace asked. “Agreed.” The problem was, was that Gaby was constantly around her ‘perfect’ and ‘flawless’ Jack, and by the time the weekend rolled around, no body had talked to her yet. She would always get to the common room pretty late, when the rest of the girls had already done their homework and were too tired to argue with her anyway. The weekend was pretty bad too, since she spent even more time with Jack on dates. Everyone was getting pretty anxious. “I can’t believe this.” Henn hissed at me as we stood by the courtyard window, watching a few people throw snowballs at us. (The Marauders, figures) “It’s been days and Gaby is still oblivious that Jack is cheating on her.” “Yeah.” I said heavily. “Gaby still doesn’t even know yet--” “Know what?” We both froze, me turning around to look at Gaby who had a curious expression her face, her eyebrows raised. Of course Jack was there, looking pretty uncomfortable. I glanced at Henn who very interested in the fabric of her scarf, muttering something like, “I wonder if this is 100% cotton?” “Know that Binns is giving us a pop quiz on Monday.” I said quickly. Hey, it was the first thing that popped up in my mind. Gaby widened her eyes, letting go of Jack’s hand and clasping her mouth. “We have pop quiz on Monday?” she asked, panic stricken. “But I don’t know any of it at all!” “Yeah,” I said seriously. “You better go study.” “You’re right.” Gaby said slowly. She looked at Jack, tugging on his hand. “C’mon, we have to go to the library.” As soon as she left, Henn turned to me saying, “We have a pop quiz on Monday?” I rolled my eyes at her. “No, we don’t. That was a cover up.” “Oh, right.” I looked outside the courtyard again, noticing that Sirius, Remus, and Peter weren’t throwing snowballs at us anymore. Their new target was James, who was sitting at a bench with Eve, conversing in low voices. I looked at Sirius who nudged Peter and winked, then with all his might threw the snowball, that hit James at the back of his head. He stood up, shaking his shaggy hair out of his face that was now covered in snow, and glared at them. Eve tried hiding her laugh by hiding her face, but her whole body was shaking. “Sirius! Do you always have to be so annoying?” James spat, before taking Eve’s hand and storming out of the courtyard. Sirius raised his eyebrow, exchanging looks with Remus who looked equally perplexed. “Whoa. Someone’s temperamental.” Henn said in an audible whisper as James stomped past us with Eve. He suddenly stopped, but didn’t turn around. Eve glanced back at us, letting her gaze land on me. She stared at me for a while, until it was starting to get uncomfortable and I coughed, looking in the other direction. I was relieved when James got out of there, ignoring everyone that was snickering at him. “Did you guys see how James was PMSing right now?” We turned around to look at Sirius, who was back inside with Remus and Peter. All of them had snow in their hair that they were shaking off, their cheeks red from the cold. “As a matter of fact, we did.” Henn said. “I don’t know what’s up with him lately.” Remus said suddenly, scratching his head and leaning against the wall. “He’s been real different, hasn’t he?” I suddenly jerked out of my range of thought, that involved Eve and the way she was looking at me. “He has?” I asked. I knew that he was acting differently, but I thought it was only around me. “How?” “He’s been quiet.” Remus replied. “If you can imagine that.” “He never wants to have any fun, and he’s not all over Eve like he was with all his other girlfriends.” Sirius added. “Which means he’s in a bad mood.” I tried to ignore how Sirius noticed when James was in a good or bad mood, so I said, “Maybe he really likes this one.” Sirius snorted loudly, while Peter raised his eyebrows at me. “Hah, right.” Sirius said. He then leaned forward, as if this was a secret between only us two and added, “The only girl that he ever really liked was you, Evans. And I wouldn’t be surprised if he still does.” “What do you mean by that?” I asked, trying to sound casual. Sirius rolled his eyes. “You’re the most naive person I’ve ever met.” “Yeah, she really is.” Henn sighed. “I think we’ve all discussed this enough.” Remus said, glancing at Sirius with a warning look. “Do any of you know where Grace went?” “To the Owlery.” Henn replied. “She went to send her weekly letter to her mother.” “Okay. I think I’ll go meet her, then.” Remus said, then disappeared. Peter left too soon after, joining a few Slytherin boys in the corner of the courtyard saying he had to ask them for help on their Potions essay. After he was long out of ear shot, Sirius turned to look at us, narrowing his eyes. “You still haven’t told her yet.” Sirius said, in a strangely serious voice. “We’re working on it.” I said tiredly. “Well hurry up.” he said. “Why don’t you do it if you’re so anxious?” Henn retorted. “Because she won’t believe me.” Sirius said, rolling his eyes. “We’ve already gone over this.” “But we don’t even have proof.” Henn persisted. “You have to tell her.” “Henn,” Sirius sighed, leaning on his arm that was up against the wall. “Who do you think she’ll believe: Me, her ex that is horrible and cruel; or you two, her best friends that she has always gone to for help?” “You don’t understand.” I said. “Gaby is stubborn. She won’t believe us other way but if we gave her some proof--” “I do understand.” Sirius snapped, making me shut up to look at him. He was acting so differently...why? “I was with her for a while, I know how she is. And I know that she won’t believe you. But she at least needs a warning. No, she deserves it.” “Sirius,” Henn began. But Sirius cut her off, holding up his hand. “Just try, okay? Then tell me how it goes. If it really does go as badly as we think it will, I’ll consider in trying. But I’m not promising anything.” he said. He sighed, digging his hands into his pockets. “Look, I care about her okay? I know she’ll be even more heart broken if she hears it from me.” Henn and I exchanged looks, then stared hard at him. He wasn’t looking at us, but it seemed like he was embarrassed. He sighed again and finally made eye contact. “It’s sort of ironic isn’t it? That her ex that cheated on her is the one that ends up finding out that her boyfriend now is cheating on her, and finds it wrong. I mean, I don’t even have the right to think that.” he furrowed his eyebrows, flushing slightly and looking at me intently. “Look, forget it. Just talk to her. I’ll see you both later.” He then left, muttering to himself and raking his hair with his fingers. I actually felt sort of sorry for him, although he had been pretty much like a bastard to Gaby before. Henn looked at me then, sighing in frustration. “We really are screwed up, aren’t we?” During dinner Eve was looking at me again. What was with that girl? It actually bugged me even more because she wasn’t looking at me with dislike. She was just simply looking at me, as if she was curious about something. She didn’t narrow her eyes and mouth some curse words at me, or jump out of her seat and scream at me. She looked completely calm, which was really starting to piss me off. “Why is Eve looking at me?” I mumbled out of the corner of my mouth. Grace looked over where James was sitting, keeping his eyes down and just looking at his food. She glanced at Eve, then turned back to me. “Dunno.” Grace replied, then returned talking to Remus. It bothered me the whole time. I was relieved when everyone decided to leave, so I could stay away from her. The only problem was, was that Eve followed us out. Oh my gosh. She was going straight at us. “Lily?” she said. “Can I have a word?” Henn gave her a weird look, thinking the same thing I was. Why? “Um, sure.” I said. I turned to Henn and everyone else. “I’ll see you later.” “Here.” Eve said, after everyone had left. She brought me to a corner, looking around to see if anyone was near. The entrance hall was deserted though, so she soon looked at me and said, “Sorry about this.” “Uh-huh.” I said, unable to say anything else. I was sort of scared that she was going to be mean like Cecilia was, but for some reason I didn’t think Eve was that kind of person. I looked at her defiantly though, forcing myself to look casual and calm. “Yeah.” Eve said finally, twirling her hands together. “Look, I know this is really awkward. But I just feel...that I need to talk to you, since I’m...well, going out with James.” She paused, looking at me hastily as if checking to see if I was offended or not. Of course I felt slightly hurt, since I didn’t like being reminded that James was going out with someone who wasn’t me. But I didn’t show it. “Yeah, I know.” I said, wanting this conversation to be over soon. “The thing is,” Eve began. “I’ve...felt sort of, well uncomfortable around you.” My jaw dropped, as I stared incredulously at her. “Why?” I blurted out. I couldn’t believe that I was actually intimidating to someone, and that I made them feel uncomfortable. Why in the world would Eve, perfect Eve, be uncomfortable around me? “I know, right?” Eve said, laughing nervously. “But, I mean, you can’t blame me. Everyone James felt about you.” “Nothing ever happened.” I said immediately. I knew it was a lie, but no one ever had to know what I felt for James. I wanted everyone to think that it was only James who liked me, and he was the only one who actually wanted something. That’s what mostly everyone thought anyway, and I wanted to keep it that way. “I know.” Eve said reassuringly. “But, I don’t know. I just feel like, I have to talk to you. I mean, I know you’re not a bad person, and I shouldn’t feel intimidated by you. And I think...that the only way I could do that was by talking to you.” I stood there, stunned. I couldn’t believe my ears. Eve wanted to be friends with me. Or at least on speaking terms. But still. “Well,” I finally said. “I’m not really intimidating am I?” I sounded doubtful, I wanted to make sure if I was or not. Eve smiled at me. “No, not really. Well, not anymore. You’re actually quite nice.” she said. I didn’t really know what to say to that, since I barely uttered two sentences to her. She laughed slightly, still smiling. “Look, it’s just this weird thing I have.” “Right.” I said. Her smile faded, and she coughed. “Okay, then.” she said. “I guess...I’ll see you later then.” “Yeah, okay.” I replied. “Bye.” she said, smiling at me again. She then walked back to the Great Hall, turning to wave at me. Okay... “You didn’t tell me she was a freak!” Leah turned to look at me from the couch she was sitting with Kat, raising her eyebrow. “Who’s a freak?” “Eve!” I said, still looking stunned as I jumped over the couch and sat in between them. I turned to Leah and added, “You cannot believe what just happened right now.” “What?” Leah asked, closing her book and sighing. “Eve went up to me, and told me she wanted to be friends.” I said, laughing slightly. I stopped, looking at her since she wasn’t showing any signs of interest. I coughed, furrowing my eyebrows at her. “Well? Isn’t that weird?” “Yes. But I already told you she was an extremely friendly person.” Leah replied. “Yeah, but you didn’t tell me she was so...strange.” “Friendly and weird are quite different characteristics, Lily.” Leah said, holding her face up with her hand as she leaned against it. “So, what’s the problem? She didn’t harass you or anything.” “In a way she did.” I said darkly. “Although I don’t think she knows it.” “She’s really open.” Leah explained. “But she’s really nice. She already told me that she wanted to talk to you, before you left for the wedding and stuff.” “You knew?” I asked disgustedly. “Yeah.” “And you didn’t tell me? So I could at least be mentally prepared?” “Don’t be stupid. She didn’t do anything wrong.” Leah said casually, opening her book again. I turned to Kat, who was copying some notes from her Transfiguration class. “Do you think it’s weird?” I asked Kat, who jumped suddenly and turned to look at me. “Sort of.” Kat said, shrugging. “Ugh, forget it.” I said, crossing my arms and leaning back against the couch. Leah had already begun to read her book again, completely ignoring me. Kat was being uncharacteristically quiet, but that was sort of like her recently. I sighed as Henn came into the room. “Hey.” Henn greeted us, throwing herself on the carpet in front of us. “What’s going on? What did that Eve girl want?” Leah snorted, which made Henn look at her curiously. “What?” Henn asked again. “It was really weird.” I said, shuddering slightly. “Hm. Okay.” Henn said, shrugging it off. “Listen, I’ve been thinking of you know, our...plan.” “Oh no, not that again.” Leah groaned. “Shut up.” Henn said, grinning mischievously. “It’s necessary.” “No, it’s not!” Leah contradicted. “She’s really nice, Henn.” “Yeah, right.” “Well, why don’t you ask Lily what Eve just talked to her about?” Henn looked at me, laughing. “What did she do?” “She told me that she wanted to be my friend.” Henn’s reaction was much more satisfactory, since her jaw dropped and she gave me an incredulous look. “What? Why?” “She told me that I made her uncomfortable.” I explained. “Which doesn’t really make sense, but she said that it was because James liked me before.” “He probably still does.” Kat said suddenly, although she didn’t sound very enthusiastic. “Well, duh.” Henn said, laughing. “Shut up.” I said, rolling my eyes. “Well, who cares?” Henn asked casually. “We can still break them up.” I thought about it. Yes, we could still break them up... Without thinking about it I said, “Sure.” “Sweet.” Henn said. “And of course, what we’re doing isn’t wrong. Because you and James are meant to be.” I bit my lip. “Right.” Leah rolled her eyes and frowned, not saying anything. “Okay, so I’ve been thinking...” Henn began. “We had to figure out what James likes about Eve. Then, take that away.” “Easy. She’s blonde, cute, and petite. Unless there’s a potion that turns her into an ugly and gruesome brunette, we can’t really do anything.” “Actually, there is a potion like that--” “Leah, I thought you weren’t helping us.” Henn said in a mock innocent voice. Leah furrowed her eyebrows and said nothing. She turned to me again, smirking. “Well, there has to be something else he likes about her. Is she not annoying? Sweet? Nice?” “Yes.” I said grudgingly. “Then maybe if we make her...” Henn said, then suddenly stopped. “Wait, I got it.” “What?” I asked. “We can make her think something, that isn’t true.” Henn said in a low voice, smirking. “I don’t get it.” “Honestly, Lily. You’re so dim. All we have to do is--” she stopped, because Leah was glaring at her. She coughed. “Never mind. I’ll talk to you later about it...when others aren’t listening.” I looked at Leah. “Ah, okay.” As we got up and started to walk up the stairs, Leah said, “I can’t believe you guys are doing this.” We ignored her, smirking at one another although both of us felt slightly guilty.

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