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Chapter 7
“Okay, what store do you want to go into first,” Draco asked Andrea. They were spending a few hours getting to know each other before meeting the Weasley's for lunch. “Hmm. What about the one over there,” she asked, pointing to a storefront filled with all sorts of practical jokes. "Irecognize that place. My friends and I would get stuff there when we felt that out classes needed a bit of, um, excitement," she said slyly. "But don't tell Mum, she'd have my hide." Draco laughed, remebering some of the things the Fred and George had thought up over the past years. And the few things they tried to experiment on him. “We should probably steer clear of that one for now. Me going in there would raise too many questions at the moment. That shop belongs your uncles. Your mother’s middle twin brothers, Fred and George. Two of the greatest pranksters Hogwarts has ever seen.” “Okay, well, how about that one? With all the owls outside.” They spent some time in Eeylops Owl Emporium and the Magical Menagerie. Then they headed into Quality Quidditch Supplies where they stayed until they had to meet Ginny. Even then, she practically had to pull them out by their hair. Ginny and Draco led the way back to the Leaky Cauldron, Andrea trailing a few feet behind, nervous about meeting her mother’s family. 'What ifs' were running rampant through her mind. Draco disappeared through the door first, Ginny a few seconds later. Andrea stood hesitantly outside for a few moments before walking in and finding a place in the shadows still within hearing range. It didn’t look like she had missed anything. There were eight redheads, listening intently to Draco. Apparently, they hadn’t seen Ginny yet. She spotted her mother standing somewhat behind Draco, waiting for him to explain why every member of her family was there. When he finished explaining his trip to the States, leaving out the parts involving Andrea (Ginny would do that), Ginny walked up. You would have thought they had all heard that everyday was to be Christmas. The woman Andrea assumed was Ginny’s mother jumped up and hugged her, looking like she would never let her go again. Everyone else just sat there, shocked to see Ginny back. But then one of the men (she assumed it was Fred or George, since there was an identical man sitting next to him). “So then who was with you when you were in Quality Quidditch Supplies earlier? The teenage girl,” he asked Draco. Ginny looked over to the alcove in which Andrea was standing and motioned for her to come over. “This is Andrea, our daughter.” At the word daughter, the table was shocked silent. One could have heard a pin drop. Ron, coming to his senses first, stood up and stuck out his hand. “I’m Ron, welcome to the family,” he said, smiling. A few moments later Andrea was being smothered in hugs. “Ginny, look at them.” Draco didn’t say anymore as he and Ginny were sucked into the group hug. After a few minutes they had all settled around a table and Ginny and Andrea talked about living in America and everyone was amazed when Ginny told them how long it had been since she used magic of any kind. They eventually moved on to telling Ginny all that had gone on in the last sixteen years. Charlie was married and had three kids, a boy and two girls. Bill was married, with one son. Fred and George had extended their business worldwide. But Ron’s news was the brightest of all. He and Hermione had married eight years ago and now were the parents of two young girls. He also told her that Harry, after the war, was able to put all that misery behind him, and has become one of the best Quidditch players in history. It truly was hard for Ginny to absorb all of this new information. “Where’s Hermione,” she asked her brother. “She’s at home with Bethany and Rachel. They weren't feeling very well this morning.” Quieter he continued, “I think she has convinced part of herself that you wouldn’t come back.” “I really made a mess of things, didn’t I.” For the millionth time that day, Ginny was kicking herself for ever leaving. Draco, who was tired of seeing Ginny so down, when she should be happy, said, “Dammit Ginny, you did what you thought was right. That’s all that matters. You gave up everything to keep everyone you loved, safe.” “He’s right. And besides, now that you’re back, I know I’ll have no problem getting Hermione and the girls here to surprise them,” Ron said, grinning. “In fact, I think I’ll go get her now. I’ll just tell her that my business meeting turned into a family lunch.” Grinning, he walked off quickly. THe next few minutes were filled with idel chatter, until Ron returned, with a small red-haired girl using his shoulder as a pillow and a tall dark haired man with glasses walking beside him. There was another older little girl behind him, with brown curls, holding the hand of a woman with shoulder length wavy brown hair. “Hello everyone. This is a wonderful surprise! How is everything,” the woman asked. This must be Hermione and Harry, Andrea thought. She was sitting silently next to her father at the end of the table, her and her mother almost out of sight, hidden between the tall redheads and a tall blonde. No one answered Hermione right away, waiting for her to sit down and see who was at the other end of the table. “Hermione, leave the girls with us, its been so long since we’ve seen them,” Molly told her daughter-in-law. “You three go have a seat.” Setting the girls down to visit their grandparents, Harry and Hermione walked with Ron to the other end of the table.

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