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Chapter 7 Consequences and Plans I know I said I’d give you a double update, but how about a triple update instead! Hope you enjoy, please R/R! And thanks to everyone who has been reviewing, if it wasn’t for you guys I probably wouldn’t keep writing. ^ ^ ^ ^^^ ^ ^ “So Moony you mean they can see him?” “Unfortunately, yes.” “But won’t that create some sort of panic, James is supposed to be dead, if you haven’t forgotten.” “How could I Padfoot?” Remus let out a pained sigh, “This is going to be really hard to explain, and by the looks of it,” he glanced at the group of teachers who had assembled themselves in a clump near James, who still hadn’t noticed, “we’re going to have to explain a lot.” “Well we don’t have to reveal ourselves.” “What? Oh yeah, we should just leave James to grieve over his certain demise, the demise of the woman he loves, and the injuries of his son alone. Sounds great Sirius.” Remus said sarcastically “I mean it. Just think of it this way Remus. The teachers WILL be talking to each other about this and if they don’t know we’re here yet we can ACCIDENTALLY find out information they’re trying to keep from us, which could help with us changing the sheets of time.” Sirius said. “Fabric of time,” Remus corrected him, while pondering Sirius idea. He had to admit it had merits. “Whatever. Anyways, I think we should do it, and we’ll be helping James more if we can figure out a way to save his life.” Remus stayed deep in thought, “And he’ll be too busy being interrogated by the teachers that we won’t have any time to comfort him. It’s just as well if we get something done.” Remus pulled himself from his musings, and just nodded with a small smile. “Mr. Potter?” asked Dumbledore. James assumed he was talking to Harry, and just continued staring at the broken body before him. “Mr. Potter?” Dumbledore repeated. This time James tilted his head up and looked into the old mans eyes, but what surprised him more was that Dumbledore met his gaze. “James is that you?” asked Hagrid stepping next to Dumbledore. James was at a loss for words, something that didn’t happen very often. He merely nodded slowly, becoming increasingly aware that the entire school was staring at him. “You best come with me,” Said Dumbledore calmly. He conjured Harry onto a stretcher, and began levitating him towards the castle, with James in tow. They walked in complete silence until they reached the hospital wing. Dumbledore lowered Harry onto one of the hospital beds and then went and retrieved Madam Pomfrey who immediately set to fussing over Harry. James and Dumbledore simply watched as Madam Pomfrey began applying creams, and setting broken bones, all the while mumbling about Harry, who was her most frequent patient. James noticed something that struck him as odd though. Whenever he had been admitted to the hospital wing, or had seen anybody in the hospital wing, Madam Pomfrey had healed him or her in a fraction of seconds, but she didn’t do this with Harry. She was careful how she moved him, and it seemed to James that her eyes were becoming increasingly more distraught. Finally James couldn’t take it anymore, and spoke for the first time since he had been discovered. “There’s something wrong isn’t there,” James asked looking down at Harry’s pale face; he noticed how gaunt it appeared. He looked up at the nurse hesitantly. Madam Pomfrey stood still for a moment, before she looked up to address the question, “Mr. Potter was seriously injured tonight. The bludger he took to the stomach caused internal bleeding and several broken ribs. He has basically shattered his left arm. The fall caused the worst damage though, I think…I believe that Mr. Potter suffered a collapsed lung, severe head trauma, and what appears to be a fractured ankle, although it may just be sprained.” She added with an afterthought. “He’ll be okay though. I mean he is going to be okay, right?” James asked tentatively. “Well…James…the minor things such as the broken arm and ankle can be healed easily, but some of the more severe injuries may prove to be more difficult.” “Which injuries would those be Poppy,” asked Dumbledore in a usually shaky voice. James noticed that the professor looked very pale and ashen faced. “Well, Albus. We can put him on a respirator to help inflate the lung again; the internal bleeding depending on the severity can be cured in several ways. I am afraid however, that due to the number of broken ribs Mr. Potter sustained, that he will most likely have severe internal bleeding.” “Well what does that mean!?” snapped James. “It means that he will most likely have to undergo surgery at St. Mungos, or it could prove fatal.” “Can’t you just wave your wand and he’ll be all better!” demanded James. “Healing can be assisted by magic, but some more delicate areas must be handled without it. It is too precise an art to simply wave a wand and say a spell, if it was then everyone would be a healer.” She answered exasperatedly. “So then that’s it. We just give him some surgery and he’ll wake up!?” James half asked, half pleaded. “Well yes and no. If you remember I mentioned that Harry here had severe head trauma. Well…Harry is in a coma. It could last anywhere from a minute to a year, it’s all a matter of time.” She said this in a very somber voice, as if she was implying that it would be a long time for Harry to re-awaken. “For the time being, however, I think we should wait for his condition to stabilize a bit more, and then transport him to St. Mungos in the morning.” She began caring for Harry again, making it clear that she didn’t want to be disturbed. That wish was cut short, as a mass of scarlet robed Quidditch players, Hermione, and some other students filed into the room. Pandemonium ensued as soon as they entered. “WHERE IS HE” “Is he okay?” “Can we see him?” “What happened?” People were yelling back and forth to each other, trying to get a clear answer on Harry’s condition. They began craning their necks trying to get a clear look at him over the curtain Madam Pomfrey had pulled around his bed during the commotion. James was stunned. Here before him must have been the entire Gryffindor house, plus a few assorted Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff students. He, James, had been in the hospital wing plenty of times, but he never had this kind of reception waiting for him. He began thinking about what Sirius had said about the things the future Remus had told him about Harry and his fate. Obviously, they would care about him, after all he was the one who was supposed to save them all. Once again, a rush of emotion flowed through him, and he vowed to do something in the past to save the ones he loved. He was jolted out of his thoughts, by the magically magnified voice of Professor McGonnagal. “ALL STUDENTS, LEAVE THE HOSPITAL WING NOW! REPORT TO THE MAIN HALL” She was immediately met with a round of angry protests; everyone’s nerves were on end. “I WILL NOT BE ARGUED WITH. IF ALL STUDENTS WOULD IMMEDIATELY REPORT TO THE HALL, THEN I WILL INFORM YOU ON MR. POTTER’S CONDITION.” Everyone turned to leave for the hall, “EXCEPT YOU THREE.” She finished gesturing towards Ron, Ginny, and Hermione. The remaining people in the hospital wing watched as a very flustered McGonnagal finished ushering out the visitors. Hermione was the first to speak. “Are you really Harry’s dad?” “I think so,” replied James in a melancholy voice. The three friends were slightly surprised not only to see James Potter, let alone see him at the brink of tears. “Something is very wrong.” Stated Ginny, spinning around to observe the various teachers assembled throughout the wing. “Something’s wrong with Harry,” she finished, an apprehensive look on her face. “Well obviously Ginny, he just got clobbered by a bunch of bludgers, and fell off his broom, of course he’s not okay.” Said Ron. “Honestly Ronald.” Both Hermione and Ginny glared daggers at him. He quieted as he too began to notice the tension that was emanating from the room. “What happened,” asked Ron in barely more than a whisper. A look of dawning comprehension and trepidation forming on his face. “Mr. Potter, sustained serious injuries on the field today, due to these injuries he will be transported to St. Mungos tomorrow morning, once he is stable enough to travel.” Professor Dumbledore explained. The friends were shocked. They had all wound up in the hospital wing numerous times, and their injuries had been serious as well, but they had never been taken to St. Mungos. Dumbledore continued on in a subdued voice explaining the extent of Harry’s injuries and how they would be cared for, in the same manner Madam Pomfrey had explained it earlier. At the end of his oration, everyone looked like they had been punched in the stomach. Hermione and Ginny were crying, and Ron was looking straight down at the floor refusing to look up at anyone. Madam Pomfrey slowly pulled back the curtain to reveal the defeated form of Harry. He was not visibly bleeding anymore, but he looked much worse than he had when he had been brought in. His left eye was swollen over, and his bottom lip was split. His left arm was in a sling. His ankle, and entire torso were wrapped in shiny white gauze. His arms and face were covered in superficial scratches and bruises, but they all knew the real injuries were on the inside. The girls continued to sob uncontrollably, seeing their best friend in such a state, and Ron looked like he was an inch away from crying. He silently blames himself for his friend’s condition. If he hadn’t been so thick, hadn’t pushed so hard, maybe Harry would have pulled back, wouldn’t have risked so much just to catch the snitch. James observed the three friends who were watching Harry. He smiled inwardly to himself knowing that Harry had such friends, in a way they reminded him of the Marauders. They were always there for each other, they would never betray each other, true friends to the end. Ginny slowly approached Harry’s bedside and took his hand in hers. She didn’t say anything, she just wanted to hold on to him, to let him know that they were there for him. It pained her to see him in such a state, he was her best friend, but recently she had been more confused about her feelings towards Harry. True she had liked him when she was younger, but she thought she had been over that. It had all started again at the Burrow this summer when she had seen him jogging outside, with his shirt off. Then she began to notice other things about him; his broad shoulders, how his nose slightly crinkled when he laughed, the way he always ruffled his hair. She couldn’t deny it, she was falling for her best friend. `~*~*~*~*~**~*~ Outside in the hall McGonagall was trying to calm down the irritable group of students before her. “What’s going on with Harry?” “We have a right to know!” “Was that really James Potter?” “SILENCE” she practically screamed. “First I will ask you all to refrain from questions, I will tell you what you need to know, nothing more, nothing less. If you cannot contain yourselves, then I will tell you absolutely nothing. Do you understand?” She was answered with a series of nods and mumbles, “Very well then. Today Mr. Potter suffered very severe injuries including internal bleeding, and a collapsed lung. He will be transported to St. Mungos tomorrow morning when he is stable enough to travel. In addition, Mr. Potter seems to be in a coma, and we do not know when he will wake up. The man you saw was James Potter. He has somehow traveled forward in time, but we are working on sending him back. He will not remain here, as will the rest of you. NOW OFF TO BED.” The crowd quickly dispersed, talking in hushed whispers about what they had just heard. ~*~*~*~*~ The scene in the hospital wing stayed pretty much the same for a long while. Ron staring at the floor, Hermione crying, and Ginny sitting next to Harry. “James may I talk to you in Madam Pomfreys office” Dumbledore asked. James nodded and trudged after Dumbledore. He knew he was in trouble. How would he explain the fact that he was twenty-five years in the future. When the reached the office, Dumbledore snapped the door shut and turned to examine James. He finally spoke. “You were the last person I expected to see tonight. How did you get here?” “Sirius was playing with Remus’ time turner, when all of the sudden I felt this pull and we were in the Great Hall, only we weren’t in the Great Hall in our time.” “Are Sirius and Remus here as well?” James was just about to tell him that they were, when something in the back of his mind told him that he shouldn’t say anything. He nodded his head no in response. Dumbledore tried to make eye contact with James, but he merely avoided his gaze staring at a spot on the ceiling. “May I ask what happened to the time turner James?” “Broke” “Well that’s fixable enough. We can supply you with another time turner, but I think it best we keep this away from the ministry, or it will most likely end up in the prophet, and this isn’t exactly something we need publicized.” He began pacing the room. “James how much have you learned about the future?” “Well that I have a son, and that I married Lily Evans.” He was just about to tell Dumbledore that he had learned that he would die, but like before thought against it and remained silent. “Are you feeling alright, after seeing Harry fall?” “No. It’s just I find out I have a son, and before I even say hi, I see him fall forty feet from the air, not very pleasant, even if it isn’t your son.” “I would assume so.” “Professor, can I ask you something?” “Anything James” “Do you believe in things happening for a reason?” After a moment Dumbledore replied, “Yes James, I believe I do.” “Do you think this happened for a reason? I mean me traveling into time and all.” “That James I don’t think I can answer. Now you can go sleep in one of the other hospital wing beds, I think you would like to stay near Harry tonight, am I correct?” James nodded, and allowed himself to be ushered back into the main hospital wing, finding the scene just as he had left it. ~*~*~*~*~*~ Remus and Sirius had been discussing their first plan of action, and decided upon searching Harry’s dorm room to try to find a clue to James past. They had heard a first year say the password, and slipped in during the scene up in the hospital wing. The common room was deserted, as was the seventh year boy’s dorm. When they entered the dorm, they quickly found the trunk with Harry’s name on it, and began to ruffle through its contents, occasionally pulling out an odd or end to examine it further. “MOONY, look it’s the Marauders Map!” exclaimed Sirius, who was now clutching the ratty piece of parchment “and James invisibility cloak,” added Remus as he pulled the softly flowing material from the interior of the trunk. “And this looks like the two way mirrors.” Sirius observed noticing a piece of glass sticking out from under a piece of parchment. “Oi Remus, it’s all smashed up.” Said Sirius a disbelieving look on his face, “why would you smash that mirror, it’s so handy.” They continued looking at Harry’s things for a while longer, before Remus found the photo album with pictures containing the pictures of Harry’s family that Hagrid had given him at the end of his first year. Sirius and Remus perused the pictures together, smiling at pictures of James and Lily’s wedding, pictures with baby Harry, and pictures of the Marauders at school. A sudden idea came to Remus. “HIS FRIENDS” “Now what are you on about Moony.” “We can ask his friends what happened.” “Huh” “We don’t ask Harry what happened, that’s just too dangerous, plus he’s not exactly in a state to talk to us right now. We have to ask his friends. His close friends, the ones who know everything about him. That way we get the information we need without risking a tricky situation with what will most likely be a very confused and hormonal teenager.” Sirius was about to reply when he heard a voice from behind him. “You will do no such thing.” Sirius and Remus whirled around to see themselves staring at Professor Lupin.

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