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Chapter 6 The Darker Side of Quidditch I promised a double update and I delivered! I absolutely love this chapter. (it was a lot of fun to write too) Anyways, I hope you enjoy it. Please remember to rate and review!!!! ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ By the time the Marauders had found the heart to head down to the quidditch pitch it had started thundering and raining a great deal. Sheets of ice-cold rain drenched the undeterred crowd, and the wind was howling so you could hear barely anything else. The Marauders had found an empty section in the Gryffindor bleachers and settled down, none of them speaking. They could hear what sounded like a commentator in the background, but were all having an extremely hard time seeing the match. Finally Remus, who seemed to be becoming quite agitated at his loss of vision, performed a charm to help them see better. Now James could see the game. He searched through the moving figures on broomsticks, where his eyes settled on the back of a scarlet and gold quidditch jersey that read, Potter-Seeker. James smiled to himself. He had been told that his son played quidditch, but he didn’t know that he was a seeker. Remus seemed to notice the same thing and muttered a small, “Like father like son, huh James?” James just nodded not wanting to take his eyes away from the ongoing match. The wind died down for a second, and James began listening to the commentary in the background as well. “-And it’s Fritz of Gryffindor with the quaffle, he goes to make the shot, but…NOOO, it’s blocked by Hufflepuff keeper Gard.” Loud groans issued from the Gryffindor side of the pitch, while the loudest cheers came from the slytherins, which was interesting sue to the fact that it wasn’t even there team to have stopped a score. The wind was picking up again, and it was taking the players everything they could muster to keep their brooms on course. “- And it’s Warren with the quaffle, Warren heading for a goal, he’s out of bludger range with just Gryffindor keeper Weasley ahead…and Ron Saves it! Excellent, keeping the score dead even 70-70.” Loud issues of cheers erupted from the Gryffindors, “And what is that…yes it seems Potter has spotted the snitch…new Hufflepuff seeker Dirk seems to have noticed, and is gaining on Potter!!!” Anxious noises escaped from everyone in the Stadium. Harry was diving straight towards the rain soaked ground…he was only feet away now…inches…his broom was almost about to smack into the ground when Harry pulled up into a spectacular dive, leaving the Hufflepuff seeker Dirk splattered on the ground below him. Harry carefully raised himself towards the middle of the pitch, examining the field around him, looking for a hint of the snitch, or anything else out of the ordinary. After all Voldemort was at large, they had to be careful. . “- I DON’T BELIEVE IT. Potter just did a Wronskei Feint!!! That was impressive, he couldn’t have gone any closer to the ground if he had been thrown into it! Amazing!” The cheers emitting from the Gryffindor end were deafening now, almost completely covering the noise of the howling rain, which was not a small feat. The cheers spurred Harry on, and he felt his attention levels rise, and he once again concentrated hard on catching the snitch. Another hour or so passed with not one single goal from either team. They were wet; soaked to be more precise. The wind was sharp against their exposed skin, and their energy levels had been severely depleted due to flying all day. Neither seeker had caught the snitch, leaving both teams and the crowd increasingly impatient. Harry paused his circling around the quidditch pitch for a moment to listen to the commentary. “-Ginny Weasley now has possession of the quaffle, and WATCH OUT GINNY,” Harry turned sharply to his left to see a bludger heading towards Ginny, who had just stopped realizing what was going on, a scared look appearing on her face. Without thinking Harry sped in front of her, taking the bludger full on in the stomach, receiving groans from the crowd below him. The pain was intense, he didn’t think that he had ever been this badly hit by a bludger ever, including the time in his second year when Dobby the house elf had charmed the bludger to track him. He felt like he was going to collapse, the pain threatening to overtake him at any second. He slowly lowered himself to the ground, and collapsed to his knees, and began wretching. He was now surrounded by the entire gryffindor quidditch team, all looking worriedly down at him. “Can you believe it! Potter took the bludger straight in the stomach for Weasley, now that is true sportsmanship!” Another groan escaped from the crowd, as Harry succumbed to another wave of wretching. Harry rolled over onto his back and looked up at the team a determined gleam in his eye, “Get back out there, I’ll be up in a sec, keep the game going.” They immediately protested, the Hufflepuffs too had halted their playing waiting for the Gryffindors to return before resuming (something Slytherin definitely wouldn’t have done) “GO” he yelled. They still protested. “If you guys really want to help me then go back up there and keep playing. Dirk still isn’t up, so there are no seekers. Don’t even worry about the snitch. I want the cup my last year, so just GO!” he was beginning to get frustrated. The rest of the team finally obeyed and remounted their brooms, and the game continued on. “-It seems Potter is on his own on the pitch now. But the Gryffindor team seems to be playing with a new vengeance. Ginny Weasley has once again gained possession of the quaffle and she…SCORES, 70-80 Gryffindor!!!!” “DID YOU SEE THAT!” screamed Sirius. Glancing over at James who had gone somewhat rigid as he watched his son and the scene unfolding before them, “James your son is some hell of a guy, taking that bludger…and it looked like it hurt too.” “I do hope he’s all right,” said Remus as he tried craning his neck over the heads of the many students surrounding them. “I’m sure he’s fine, but still that took guts, right?” stated Sirius simply, who then glanced over at James, “Oi cheer up Prongsie, he’s fine, look he’s moving.” “It looks like he’s going to try to get back on his broom,” said James in a shaky voice, “He shouldn’t be doing that, he’s hurt…he could fall.” Sirius shot him a look that clearly said, ‘and when did you get so sensitive’ but Remus nodded at his friend approvingly. He of course knew what would befall him, and Remus figured that it had made him appreciate things more. He was proud of his friend. “LOOK JAMES HE’S IN THE AIR” exclaimed Sirius, and the three of them once again readjusted their attention to the match. Harry had indeed gotten back up, and was received with appreciative claps and cheers (plus a few negative comments from the Slytherins) He had to catch the snitch now, not just for his team, but also because of the fact that he felt like he couldn’t last much longer. Dirk had composed himself when Harry had taken off again, and was also once again in the air. This time however he was tagging Harry, rather than searching for the snitch himself. A tactic that seemed popular with many of Harry’s quidditch opponents. Normally if someone was tagging him, Harry would have tried to shake them off, but he just felt too weak. So he allowed Dirk to continue tailing him all the while keeping an eye out for the snitch. He heard cheers here and there meaning someone had scored, but he wasn’t paying attention to the commentary anymore, he was just concentrating on finding the snitch. Then he saw it. Over by the slytherin end of the pitch, the small fluttering golden snitch had appeared against the now pitch black sky under one of the massive stadium lights. Without thinking he channeled every ounce of energy he had left and sped after the snitch. The snitch began moving forward Harry chasing it, with Dirk right on his heels. People realized what was going on now, and everyone stopped what they were doing to observe the scene unfolding before them. Everyone except the Hufflepuff beaters (two rather nasty boys) who began whacking bludgers at Harry trying to get him to veer off course. Since Harry wasn’t in the best of conditions, and due to the fact that the rain and wind had picked up at an all time high, he found himself unable to move quick enough out of the way, and felt a bludger crash into his arm. He winced as he heard and felt the unmistakable signs of a bone breaking. Harry steadied himself and continued forward after the snitch. He was so close now. He and Dirk were side by side, both pushing each others extended arm out of the way, and slamming into the other. This caused Harry’s arm even more pain, due to the fact that his left side was the one currently being plowed into by Dirk. The wind picked up once more and the two chasers sped forwards, oblivious to the fact that the entire pitch was dead silent, including the commentator. They were centimeters away now. Dirk made to reach out for the snitch, but at that moment a particularly powerful gust of wind came sending him spiraling several feet backwards. Harry took his chance and grabbed the snitch in his hand, and felt its wings beating furiously against his hand. He pumped his good arm triumphantly in the air…when he felt his body being slammed from both ends. It seemed that the Hufflepuff beaters weren’t as happy about Harry winning as he was, and had decided to plow into him, one on either side, at full speed, at the same time. That was the last bit Harry could take, he let go of his broom and plummeted at least forty feet before slamming into the damp ground below. “DID YOU SEE WHAT THEY JUST DID,” roared James, as he sprang up from his feet and fought his way through the mass of students attempting to make their way over to Harry. Sirius noted that James looked like he had been the one who had just been hit by a bludger several times over, and then plummeted 40 feet to the hard ground below. Remus looked over him as if to say ‘shut up before you say anything.’ When they finally reached Harry, who was crumpled in a heap in the middle of a huge circle James felt oddly distraught. At least more distraught than he would have thought he would have been, seeing he had only figured out he had a son less that a day ago. But it felt so unreal. They had just decided to talk to Harry, to find out what he knew. James had been looking forward to talking to his son, he knew that he had some issues he had to deal with, but he wanted to help. Would he ever have the chance now? Was this a sign that they should just stop where they were and turn their attention to getting back to 1972. ‘No’ James thought to himself. This was right, he had to change time for him, for Lily…and for Harry. Sirius and Remus looked down upon James who had settled himself on the ground next to limp figure of his unconscious son. It was at that moment in their minds that they both decided that they had to do something. They had gone forward in time for a reason, and that reason was to save James. Both feeling helpless they looked down at the ground so as to not disturb him. Then something strange happened. The tense silence that had come over the crowd of students quickly turned to hasty whispered, excited gasps, and gawking stares. All of them directed towards the exact location James was kneeling. Remus knew at once what must have happened. James must have been too preoccupied during the match that he had forgotten to update the disillusionment charm. Just to be sure he started jumping up and down in front of a blonde Ravenclaw, but she continued to stare forward, lost in a world of thought. “Is he…?” Sirius asked, pointing at James who was oblivious to the fact that he was now visible. Remus merely nodded his head, very much wishing, like Harry had, that he had stayed in bed that morning.

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