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Chapter 5 Revelations Alright, here is chapter 5. I know I said I’d update before Monday, but I havn’t had any time at all. Literally. Friday I went to a basketball game, Saturday I went to tolo, and yesterday (Sunday) I went to a concert, and was going to update when I got home, only our car battery died and we got home at 3 in the morning. So I’m going to make it all up to you now with a double update! This chapter isn’t my favorite, but it’s necessary for the plot. I really love the next chapter though! (lots of exciting stuff). Anyways, lo ciento for not updating sooner, please R/R!!!! ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ Sirius made his way slowly down to the Quidditch pitch, thinking all the while of what he had just heard. He walked by groups of smiling students, happily discussing who they thought would win the game. He walked by Hagrid’s hut, and the lake with the giant squid. No one here cared what had happened to James and Lily all those years ago, all they cared about was who was going to catch the snitch. It was then that he spotted Remus and James at the edge of the forest. James looked like he had been crying. This shocked Sirius. After all their years as friends, and everything they had been through together Sirius had never seen James Potter cry. He walked up slowly to his two friends, careful not to disturb the trembling James. “Alright there Sirius?” asked Remus. “No” He replied bluntly. James looked up at Sirius, “Sirius, old mate, what did he say?” Sirius was about to tell James that he couldn’t tell him anything, and that he would just have to wait, when he changed his mind. This was his best friend! How could he sit back, and not tell him what he had just heard? And even though Remus had said the information wouldn’t do any good, there had to be some way to use it to their advantage. There just had to be. “Well James. I’m going to die in Harry’s fifth year.” Sirius said. Both Remus and James were surprised to receive such a blunt answer. “And I’m still dead now. But according to future moony, I can come out of ‘death.’ Because I’m not really in death. All I have to do is harness my animagus powers once I’m ‘dead’” James and Remus both looked at Sirius with puzzled expressions on their faces. “Care to explain?” asked Remus. And with that Sirius launched into everything the future Remus had told him, from the veil, to what he had learned about Harry. When he had finished everyone paused to take in what they had just heard. Finally James spoke. “I bet you anything this dark wizard has something to do with mine and Lily’s deaths. I mean if my son is the only one who can defeat him, don’t you think he’d go after him, and who knows maybe we died in a battle with him or something.” “Maybe,” pondered Remus. “But we have to figure out when in time something like that would happen.” Sirius had been very quiet throughout their conversation, trying to remember anything that the future Remus had said about Harry. Something. Anything… “I GOT IT!” yelled Sirius, “He had to have been only a baby, or a toddler, not old enough to remember anything at least.” “Why?” asked James. “Future Remus told me something that he must of thought wouldn’t affect anything, but it’s the clue we need.” “Well spit it out then!” yelled an increasingly excited James. “He said that Harry didn’t know he was a wizard until he was 11 years old.” Explained Sirius. “Well what good will that do us?” asked James, obviously thinking he would hear something more. “Don’t you see?” asked Sirius, “ James, if you and Lily had raised Harry do you think he would know he was a wizard?” “ Yes.” “ There you go! He was obviously raised by someone else, which means you and Lily died when he was a baby!” exclaimed Sirius, who was feeling quite proud that he had put two and two together. “Wow Sirius” said a pleasantly surprised Remus. After all he wasn’t used to his best friends, being so logical. James was still frowning though. “We need to narrow it down further though. I mean people are babies for a long time, and I don’t really feel like waiting around for three years, waiting for myself to die, so I can go back and fix time.” “Well there’s only one option. Although I seriously doubt that we should even do it, let alone think about doing it. The consequences could be horrendous. And we wouldn’t be able to go back and change it yet, considering we still have to fix the time turner.” Pondered Remus to himself. “What is it?” asked Sirius. “James, we have to talk to your son, he’s the only one who would know for sure, but it will be dangerous. Very dangerous, not to mention we’ll be breaking all the rules of time travel,” said Remus, sounding very much like Hermione. “Why would it be so dangerous, it’s just my son?” asked James. “Well it’s just that. James, your son is very powerful by the looks of it, and he might not react all that well to seeing his dead father, at seventeen years old.” “Well he may not react well to it, but what’s the worse that could happen?” asked Sirius. “He could kill James.” Stated Remus. “He wouldn’t do that.” Said James. “Oh I wouldn’t be surprised if he did. I mean James think about this logically. If your dead father came walking up to you to ask you when he died, what would you think?” Asked Remus. “Well I suppose I’d think I had gone mental.” Replied James. “Exactly. And there’s an added threat with Harry, because he’s being chased by dark wizards, and if what Sirius told us was correct, he’s been tricked by dark wizards before, and it’s led to deaths of people he cares about.” “What would that have to do with anything,” asked Sirius. “It means that he may think that he is being tricked by dark wizards again, and cause some major damage.” Replied Remus, as if it had been the most obvious answer in the world. “I don’t care. I’ll take the chance. We’re going to talk to my son, and that’s my decision, no more debating it.” Said James firmly. “We should probably talk to him after the match, though, you know so we don’t throw him off. And that way you could watch your son play Quidditch.” Said Sirius. “Fine, after the match.” Said James as he strolled off to the Quidditch Pitch, a determined look in his eye.

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