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Chapter 6

Well, we’re on our way. There’s no turning back now, Ginny thought. She glanced over at -- Well what is he now? Ginny asked herself. *He’s your fiancé, of course*, a voice in her head told her. But so much time has passed. What if we’ve changed too much? What if this ring is just a sad attempt at bring back what we had? We haven’t even had the guts to kiss each other yet, she admitted to the voice. *And what exactly have you been waiting for? *

The man next to her was gazing out the window, but as if feeling her gaze, Draco turned from the window and looked at Ginny, as if she was a dream, one that would disappear without warning.

What had she been waiting for? Looking over at Draco, she whispered, “I missed you so much”, and placed a soft kiss on his cheek. She didn’t dare more. She wanted to take it slow, believing that was what Draco wanted, since he hadn’t done anything like that the last few nights. They had been in the same bed. But she was wrong. As she pulled away, Draco turned and caught her lips, sending a jolt down both their spines. The captain’s voice came over the intercom, announcing it was okay to use electronics until they started their decent and the two pulled apart.

“Oh Gin, you have no idea how much I wanted to do that last night,” Draco admitted. “But I was so scared that if I did, I’d wake up in my flat and find out it was all just another dream.”

“That won’t happen. I’m here. You found me,” she told him quietly, smiling softly. She laid her head on his shoulder, and closed her eyes. Like her daughter, she had not gotten much sleep since the night before last. Too many thoughts had been running through her head about seeing her family again. What will they all think when they see me after these sixteen years, and with a daughter, no less? But as she closed her eyes, with Draco sitting next to her, all her worries fell away as she succumbed to sleep.

With Ginny’s head on his shoulder, Draco again gazed out the window as the sun started its decent to the horizon, wondering what tomorrow would bring.


Andrea woke up about two hours later as a flight attendant was making her rounds.

“Do you need anything sweetie,” she asked.

“Some water would be wonderful.” A few moments later, the woman returned, handing Andrea a cold bottle of water. “Thank you.”

“No problem. Anything else?”

“No, I’m good.” The woman left, to tend to other passengers, and Andrea glanced over at her parents. Ginny was asleep, with her head still on Draco’s shoulder. But Draco was also sleeping, his head next to hers. The two of them aren’t going to be very happy when they wake up, their necks are definitely gonna be sore tomorrow, she thought, smirking. Looking outside, Andrea saw little lights below the plane. Reaching over her bag, she grabbed the pillow that one of the stewards must have placed there and tossed it at her parents. Ginny woke with a start at having a pillow hit her in the face. Jerking her head up, she hit Draco’s cheek, startling him as well.

“And what was that for,” Ginny asked her daughter.

“Look outside. I think we’ll be landing soon.” At Andrea’s words, both Ginny and Draco looked out their window. The sight that met them was the little tinkling light of a city that refuses to sleep.

As if on cue, the captain’s voice came over the intercom, announcing that it was time to pt away all electronics for the plane’s decent. “I would also like to inform those of you who would like to set your watches that it is currently 5:12 AM in London, as we begin our decent into Heathrow.”

Turning off her laptop, Andrea returned it to her bag, along with her headphones and DVD/CD case. Zipping the bag closed, she sat back and looked out the window, feeling the plane tilt towards the ground, which was coming ever closer. I love landings, Andrea thought to herself. Oh the adrenalin from falling.

Ginny was having very different thoughts as she sat next to Draco with her eyes closed, her hands gripping the armrests.

“I hate the tilt of the plane as it reaches the ground. It feels too much like falling,” Ginny told Draco, not bothering to open her eyes. If she had, she would have seen the amused look on his face.

“Its like falling for the Snitch,” he whispered into her ear.

“Which is why I was glad when Harry was able to be the Gryffindor Seeker again,” she whispered back, grinning slightly.

“Well it looks like Lia doesn’t share your feelings,” Draco said, chuckling as he looked over across the aisle and say his daughter who was gazing out the window at the approaching ground.

“I know. She loves all sorts of flying,” Ginny said, trying to relax, feeling her ears begin to pop.


"Finally,” Andrea said, plopping down on the bed in her room at the Leaky Cauldron. Her parents were in the room adjacent to hers. She could see Ginny unpacking her bag, and could hear the shower running. You know, that doesn’t sound too bad, she thought, getting a change of clothes out of her bag and heading into her bathroom.

Ginny heard both showers running and looked over at the clock on the bedside table. It had taken them three hours to get off the plane, get their luggage, and finally check in. Even though she had only slept for a few hours on the plane, the adrenaline in her system wouldn’t let her sleep. After she finished unpacking, Draco came out, his blond hair wet and ruffled, dressed in a black dress shirt and dark jeans.

“Its about time,” she said, “I thought I was going to have to come in and rescue you.”

Coming closer, he replied with a smirk, “You should have.”

Shocked and ginning, Ginny slapped him on his arm, “Well remember that our daughter is in the next room. Don’t want to scar her for life do you?”

Walking away, she grabbed the change of clothes she had laid out on the bed and said, “When Lia is out of the shower, the two of you should head out and get to know each other better. I’ll meet you outside Quality Quidditch Supplies before lunch, so we can meet my family together. Sound good?”

“Yes love, see you later,” he said as Ginny walked into the bathroom.


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