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Romeo + Romeo By: NikkiBlack Genre: Romance Rating: R Warning: Harry/Draco slash, if you don't like it then please leave. Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or anything Harry Potter related. Also, I do not own parts of this plot and story line, parts of that which you recognize are from William Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet. So basically, anything you recognize is not mine. Lastly, I am not making any money off of this.
The Hogwarts Express *+*+*+*
It was a warm and sunny September the first as many students gathered on platform 9 3/4 to begin their year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Parents held back their tears as their ‘little babies’ left the nest for the first time to begin their schooling. Older students’ parents accepted rushed hugs and goodbyes as their children ran off to be reunited with their friends. The platform was packed with families and groups of friends chatting away and saying their goodbyes. The crowd parted and made way for a lone figure. Draco Malfoy made his way toward the train with his Malfoy sneer firm in place. Younger students backed away quickly out of fear of the tall blonde Slytherin and older students backed away just as quickly. Oh, but it was good to be a Malfoy. Draco strolled onto the train and into the first compartment he came to. With a simple glare the blonde quickly and effectively cleansed the compartment of the 2nd year Hufflepuff scum who had been previously occupying it. Draco wasted no time in taking a seat on the comfortable bench and stretching out his long, elegant legs. Slim fingers ran through silky white blonde threads, a sigh escaping his lips. The compartment door opened to reveal two very large, very beefy looking boys. Malfoy greeted his acquaintances with a simple nod of recognition and stood up from the cushy seat to face his fellow Slytherin’s. “Crabbe, Goyle. I have a prefects meeting to attend, watch the compartment. And do try not to eat yourselves to death while I’m gone.” Draco said in disgust as Goyle shoved a chocolate frog into his fat face. Slytherin’s prince exited his compartment and sauntered down the aisle. A few fifth year girls blushed and giggled as he sent them his trade marked smirk. He continued down a few more doors before stopping in front of one labelled Prefect’s Only he opened the door and entered the compartment, eager to get the meeting over with. * + * + * An unruly black mop of hair was seen bobbing through the crowds as Harry Potter made his was through the platform. The crowds didn’t part like they had for the blonde but eyes were most certainly on him. Parents whispered and kids pointed as the teenager made his way towards the train. Most people weren’t quite sure to make of the boy after the last few years media explosion featuring the wizarding worlds saviour. Many had thought him a crazy pathological liar up until a few weeks ago when Voldemort’s return was officially announced and accepted by the Ministry. Now that everyone was sure of his sanity the entire community came running back to his side, practically begging to be saved once again for the darkness that was fast approaching. The boy’s head was bowed and the he was barely recognisable as the courageous, fun-loving Gryffindor leader everyone knew him as. No, this Harry Potter had his back slouched, hair messier than usual and clothes so baggy they completely tented his entire form. But Harry wasn’t even aware of the eyes on him as he continued his journey to the Hogwarts Express, too involved inside his own head to worry about the outside world. Harry made his way silently to the back of the train where he took residence in his usual compartment. He sat leaned against the window and stared out through the glass, not seeing what he watched as he was lost in his thoughts. *I can’t believe I’m back. This is my 6th year and it’s the first year I’ve actually dreaded returning. I don’t know if I can take it this year. All the staring, the gossip, the pointing. All they want me for is someone to save them. And if anything goes wrong, someone to blame. But I’m not angry with them for that. I am to blame. I could have stopped it all. If I hadn’t gone meddling in things which I don’t belong, if I would have listened to the Order, if I would have thought about anyone but myself, none of this would have happened. They would still be alive.* Harry thought as he rested his forehead against the warm glass of the window. The summer had not gone well for Harry. The Dursley’s had been worse than ever, and if that wasn’t bad enough he was lost inside his own mind for most of the time. He shut himself out from everyone as he attempted to deal with Sirius’s death. Not that anyone had tried to hard to keep him from slipping away. Sure, he received a few owls, but they had been much like those of the summer before fifth year. Vague and more frustrating than helpful. But what did he expect really? Seriously, he was only the boy who had escaped Lord Voldemort 5 times in his 16 years, only the boy who was meant to either save the wizarding world from evil or die trying. Really now, who was he to expect information about the war? * + * + * The Prefect compartment door swung open half an hour later and the hard working students poured out into the halls. Draco Malfoy stepped out last and rubbed his temples, attempting to rid his mind of his frustration and boredom brought by the younger house prefects. He was quite glad for the break but was greatly annoyed by the fact that he had to go back into that compartment and sit with the dim witted, inane children who called themselves prefects. But what was worse than the young students was Granger and Weasley, or Mudblood and Weasel as Draco preferred to call them. They were either staring at each other like love sick puppies or Mublood was acting all superior and intelligent and Weasel acting like his normal idiotic self. Draco wondered for what seemed the hundredth time just how the hell Weasley got the prefect badge over Dumbledore’s pet and Gryffindor’s golden boy, the famous Harry Potter. Draco got a quick drink from the trolley and was making his way back to the compartment when something large and very solid came in contact with his back with enough momentum to almost send him flying into a wall. Almost. If Draco had in fact made contact with that wall and his perfect body been damaged, there would be hell to pay. However, he was a Malfoy, so there was going to be hell to pay either way. “Bloody hell!” Draco yelled as he spun around to face his attacker. Who he saw was none other than Ron Weasley, getting up from the floor after apparently having tripped. “Sod off Malfoy, it was your bloody goons who tripped me, yell at them not me Ferret.” Ron said angrily as he pulled himself up to his full height. Draco took his time just then to look past Weasley, in his initial rage he hadn’t been focussed on anything but what could have caused his near fall. It was then that he saw Crabbe and Goyle standing in a near doorway, trying to look innocent but their fear of Draco’s reaction gave it all away. “Well Weasel, perhaps if you had control of those gangly limps of yours you wouldn’t be tripping over everything in sight.” Draco spat as he moved to stand by his fellow Slytherin’s. Ron’s eyes narrowed to slits and his hands clenched into fists. He was about to pounce of the blonde haired boy when a gentle hand touched his shoulder effectively pulling his mind away from the Slytherin’s for a moment. “Ron, Malfoy,” Hermione began, “the break is just about over so we should be returning now.” She finished, knowing full well they were in the middle of an argument but hoping to end it. “That’s right Gryffindorks, let’s get back to that oh so exciting meeting led by your house mate Kirke.” Draco said in a sarcastic draw. “Can it Malfoy. Kirke’s a better Head Boy than you could ever hope to be, your just angry because no Slytherin has enough brains to hold the position.” Ron said venomously. “Ron, just drop it.” Hermione hissed and tugged on his sleeve. “That’s right Weasel, listen to your mudblood girlfriend.” Draco teased. “That’s it ferret.” Ron warned as he lunged at Malfoy. Though Crabbe and Goyle were quite large, their reflexes were very slow. Draco’s reflexes were considerably quicker and he tried to dodge the angry red head, but yet he wasn’t fast enough and was tackled to the ground. Ron pulled back his fist, preparing for the punch when- “WHAT is going on here?” A voice suddenly boomed down the hall, causing all five 6th years to halt immediately. Everyone’s heads turned to see the very angry looking Head Boy, Gryffindor’s Andrew Kirke. Malfoy took no time shoving Ron off of him and quickly standing, he dusted off his robes and straightened them with his hands. “I said, what is going on here?” Kirke asked the two boys angrily. “Malfoy started it! He called ‘Mione a-“ Ron began but was cut off almost immediately by Malfoy. “I did not start it Weasley! You’re the one who tripped over his troll feet and crashed into my-” Malfoy said but he, as well, was cut off quickly. “I don’t care who started it! The point is that you’re both bloody prefects! You’re supposed to set an example and stop the younger students from acting as childishly as you just were. Get back into the compartment and if you so much as breath loudly at one another I’ll report to Dumbledore and see that both of you are stripped of your badges.” Kirke said in a deadly serious tone. The boys both nodded, Ron hung his head in shame while Malfoy held his a bit higher and stormed off to the prefects compartment, pushing younger students out of his way as he went. Ron and Hermione were for the first time aware of the small crowd that had formed around them which mostly consisted of younger students. The kids went back into the compartments quickly when Kirke sent them a glare and he too stormed back to the prefects compartment. “I hate that bloody ferret.” Ron said in a low voice once Kirke and Malfoy were both out of ear shot. “I know Ron, so do I.” Hermione said. The pair took another second to compose themselves then followed the rest of the prefects to continue the meeting. * + * + * Harry Potter sat leaned up against the wall with his forehead pressed against the window. He stared out lazily and watched as the scenery flew by. He hadn’t seen Ron or Hermione yet and though they were about an hour into the train ride he wasn’t worried, he knew their prefects duties would occupy them for most of the trip. Instead of worry about them he relaxed in his seat and thought to himself. The door slid open almost soundlessly and when Harry looked up to see who was the cause of the disruption he saw a mass of brown hair which he recognized immediately as his best girl friend, Hermione Granger. “Hey Harry, how was your summer?” Hermione said as she pulled the boy into a hug. “It was alright ‘Mione.” Harry replied. Well, it wasn’t a complete lie, just a bending of the truth. He didn’t want to worry his friends with his summer life so he decided it was best to keep it to himself. Hermione took a seat across from Harry and smiled brightly. Harry forced a smile back then turned his attention once more to the window. “Harry, are you alright? Because well, after last year... and your letters were quite vague when you wrote to me.” Hermione said with concern in her eyes, wisely avoiding direct mention of Sirius’ death. “I was vague? Good. Maybe now you have some idea of how it is to be me Hermione.” Harry said bitterly to his friend. Hermione didn’t seem too shocked by his outburst, Harry was quite prone to slight tantrums after all. The girl looked down to her feet for a moment before looking back up to her friend. “I’m sorry Harry. But you know how it is, we couldn’t tell you anything that could be used against us. But really Harry, are you alright? The end of last year was pretty bad what with you and Cho breaking up and what happened at the ministry... but well, you didn’t talk to anyone about it and you don’t look too well.” Hermione said as her eyes searched the boy before her for answers. Harry mentally sighed. Of course he wasn’t alright, but he couldn’t tell her that he was angry with himself for killing Sirius, and he most definitely couldn’t tell her about the prophecy... “I’m upset about what happened with Cho.” Harry blurted out before he had time to think. Hermione’s concerned eyes suddenly turned sad and he was almost sure he heard some female cooing as the girl practically leap from her seat to squish him into a very tight hug. Girls. Harry thought to himself. “Oh Harry, it’s ok. I don’t think Cho was good enough for you anyways, she was too self absorbed and personally I think she was only after your fame. But of course your upset, she was your first real girlfriend...” Hermione went on telling Harry that he was too good for her, that things turned out for the best, and that it was ok to be sad. Harry pretty much toned Hermione out and nodded absentmindedly. He actually wasn’t upset about Cho at all. Things didn’t feel right with her, actually, they felt sort of weird. He was almost relieved when she broke up with him at the end of last term. He felt sort of bad about lying to Hermione, but under the circumstances he concluded that a little white lie couldn’t hurt. Finally Hermione was done her comforting and gave Harry a sympathetic smile. She patted her friend on the arm twice before standing up. “It’s good you’ve changed into your robes so early Harry, now you’ll avoid the lines when everyone rushes there in the last 20 minutes. I have to patrol the halls but Ron and I’ll be back before you know it.” Hermione said as she headed towards the door. “Oh, and Harry, try not to worry about Cho too much, in time you’ll be over her and you’ll have a great girl in your life who deserves you.” She said with a warm smile. Harry nodded to his friend and managed a smile as she headed out of the compartment and closed the door with a small click. Harry sighed and ran a hand through his midnight colored hair, 6th year was going to be something all right, and he was almost positive that something would not be good.
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