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Two days after Remus had left Harry to go to an Order meeting they had met again during the afternoon. Remus had challenged Harry to a duel which he warily accepted and after a couple of minutes Harry found himself knocked to the floor and thoroughly beaten. After that he made a mental note not to duel with Remus again. Remus smiled at Harry as he helped him up from the floor. He had been better than he had thought he would be and if he had actually beaten him then he would have been utterly astounded. Harry winced slightly as he put his weight on his left foot, remembering that he had hit it hard when he had fallen. Remus cast a levitation charm on Harry and lifted him across the room and onto the bed. He was slightly irritated by the little amount of effort it required from him to levitate the thin boy and he could only hope that Harry would heed his pleas to eat more, if he could. From what Harry had been told he had found that there were only two more weeks he would have to endure with the Dursleys before he could leave to go to Grimmauld Place but from the very slight change in his expression Remus gauged that Harry wasn’t too keen on returning there either. Not that he could blame him. He spent as much time away from the place as he could to avoid the memory of Sirius which seemed to engulf the house. He missed Sirius so much. For two years he had his friend back that he had lost so many years ago and then he had been snatched away from him. His mind wandered back to the piece of parchment which lay in his cloak: Sirius’ Will. He had left the house and half his money to Remus and only his good will and best wishes to Harry. He had explained that Harry wouldn’t want or need either the house or the money but Remus might. There was one thing which was in the house that he knew that Sirius would have wanted Harry to have though, something that he hadn’t mentioned in the will knowing that Molly would read it. His flying motorbike. He had managed to regain it and Remus knew that he had gone out on it many times during the last two years whilst under a disillusionment charm. He had kept quiet about it however, knowing that Snape would love the opportunity to charm it to pieces. Instead he had kept it quiet, knowing that some time soon he would inform Harry all about it and naturally teach him to ride it. “Remind me never to duel with you again.” Harry said when the levitation charm had been taken off him and he dropped a couple of inches onto the bed. His head was aching from a mild curse which inflicted enough pain onto the opponent to distract them from the duel. Unfortunately Remus had held it a little too long and the result was a headache for Harry. “You’ll get better if you practice.” Remus told him as he put a healing charm on Harry, sending an odd numbing sensation through his head which slowly disappeared, leaving no ache. “No, I’ll just get headaches.” Harry scowled at him before his expression faded into a mild smile. He felt much better of late just because he was eating a little more. He was still not sleeping however, he just didn’t feel safe. Last year Voldemort had accessed his head easily whilst he was asleep and the cost? Sirius’ life. He couldn’t afford to do the same thing again which was the reason for his only having two or three hours sleep each night when he could take the exhaustion no longer. Even when he did allow himself some sleep he spent much of his time practicing his occlumency before hand which brought him closer to the brinks of exhaustion and on more than one occasion he had simply fallen unconscious during his practices. No one knew about that however, the closest anyone was to discovering the fact that he was spending only 2 to 3 hours sleeping each day and that he was rigorously practicing his occlumency was Remus, who thought he wasn’t sleeping as well as he could have been. Remus ran his eyes over Harry, noting how frightfully thin he was and the bags under his eyes. He was worried about him, there was no denying it but similarly there was no denying that he had the right to be worried. The boy was starving and exhausted. Remus felt the guilt at Harry’s state on his shoulders. After all, he was his new guardian, his new godfather. He had read Sirius’ last will the day before and Sirius had wanted Remus to look after Harry once he was gone but would Harry want that? How would he see it? As Remus trying to take his place? He bit slightly from worry and wondered whether or not he was doing the right thing by offering to look after Harry. But how could he refuse? Sirius stated in his last will and testament that he, Remus, would take care of Harry when he was gone and Harry clearly needed looking after. Remus’ eyes focussed on Harry and the room he was in once more, realising that he had just spent quite some time staring into space whilst Harry watched him patiently, waiting for him to come back to the real world. He mumbled an apology and wandered from the bed on which he was perched to the window. Outside in the sunshine he could see children of all ages playing games and laughing. That was what Harry should have been doing – leading a normal, carefree life. Not dwelling on his lost godfather and the ever mysterious prophecy. He could feel Harry’s eyes watching him, waiting to see what he would do. He didn’t know when he was going to show Harry Sirius’ will. He partly wanted to keep it hidden from the boy and pretend as if he had never received it, if only so that Harry would never know that he had been assigned as his new guardian. At the same time the rest of him was dying to be close to Harry and take care of him. He decided that he would leave it with Harry when he left. Then another part of him started to wonder whether or not it was right to leave a young, miserable child to read the last letter of his late godfather on his own. What do you think he’s going to do if you leave him alone with the letter? Soak it in poison and then eat it?! His mind demanded of him. It wasn’t as if he was suicidal or that the letter was likely to push him over the edge of a metaphoric cliff of depression onto the jagged rocks of self mutilation below. He turned from the window to look at Harry who was charming his quill so that it floated above his head. He made it change a variety of colours before making it spin and orbit the light fitting in the ceiling. Then once he was done with that he transfigured it into something close to a Galleon. Sensing Remus’ stare, Harry glanced in his direction. “Do you think I could spend this?” Harry asked him as the fake Galleon fell into his hand from a few feet above. “I doubt it.” Remus said, finally dragging himself away from his thoughts and back into Harry’s room. He walked over to him and sat down on the edge of the bed. Reaching out to Harry’s hand, Remus took the coin from his fingers and turned it over where the word ‘FAKE’ was printed repeatedly on the face of the coin. He handed it back to him with a smile. “Shame.” Harry said before levitating it slightly again and transfiguring it into a small bar of chocolate. “Do you think I could eat this then?” “Don’t you listen in transfiguration?” Remus asked him exasperatedly, “Transfiguration only really changes face value of things, it’s not like you can actually change it from a quill to something edible.” “So what happens if I do eat it?” Harry asked him and Remus smiled slightly at him. “Then you’ll be eating a mysterious bar that is most likely compressed feathers.” Remus informed him and Harry looked at the chocolate dubiously. There comes a time in every Potter’s life when he tries to eat something he’s transfigured. Remus thought with a smile. Harry put the bar to his lips and bit into it slightly before spitting out a lot more feathers than he had bitten off. “Need I say that I told you so?” Remus grinned as he picked up the bar that Harry had bitten to see that it was in fact made up of lots of tiny feathers coated in brown. Apparently when you tried to eat it the feathers expanded and Harry must have eaten quite a few since he was still spitting them out. Harry tried to retort back to his comment but the feathers kept filling his mouth and soon the room was filled with them. “You knew that would happen.” Harry scowled at him some minutes later when the feathery flow had slowed enough to allow him to speak coherently. He blew out another feather from between his lips which floated gracefully to the ground. “Remind me not to do that again.” “Very well, from now on you mustn’t eat what you transfigure nor must you duel with myself.” Remus smiled as he took a feather from Harry’s hair, “Anything else?” “No thanks.” Harry scowled as he started cleaning his room with his wand, vanishing away all the feathers. Remus didn’t stop to ask to where he had vanished the feathers or if he had just erased them completely. He didn’t stop to think that they could have been hovering right above his head until one stray feather fell from the mound above him and onto his lap. Remus raised an eyebrow and glanced up at them and down to Harry who smiled innocently. “I wouldn’t if I were you.” Remus warned pointlessly as Harry flicked his wand. Suddenly they all fell down on Remus who blew them in Harry’s direction with a spell of his own. “That’s not fair!” Harry laughed as feathers flew all around him. He forced a lot of them back around Remus and in a few short moments the room was filled with feathers flying everywhere and Harry and Remus sat on his bed in the middle of it all. “I told you not to.” Remus grinned as the last of the feathers fell to the ground, leaving the room a field of white and brown. Remus himself looked relatively untouched except for a few feathers in his hair, where as Harry was covered. Harry felt very glad that he had taken to locking his bedroom door with magic as Vernon rattled the door handle from the outside. Should he have come in to see the room covered with mysterious feathers and a mysterious man sat on the bed wearing robes, Harry doubted that he would have been particularly pleased. “I want my tea and I want it now, boy.” Vernon shouted at him before stomping away across the landing. In Harry’s room Remus scowled slightly, it was clear that he didn’t approve of Harry’s being forced to wait on the Dursleys one bit. Remus couldn’t help but wonder at what Sirius would have done in the same situation. Probably gone down there and blown him up. Remus thought and tried not to like the idea of blowing up Vernon Dursley but it was of little use, the idea was just too appealing. Glancing back at Harry, Remus saw that this time he was completely vanishing the feathers out of his room so that should one of the muggles walk in they wouldn’t be asking many awkward questions as to why there were three inches of feathers coating most of the floor. He felt quite a sense of disappointment as he told Harry that he was going to have to leave to go to tea at Grimmauld Place. He found that he was enjoying his time spent with Harry and didn’t particularly want to go back and spend an hour in the large kitchen listening to talk about Voldemort and Death Eaters and occasionally Harry, punctuated by the odd shout from Mrs Black when one of the twins would laugh too loudly or someone would apparate into the hallway or when anything of any slight disturbance occurred at all. Looking at Harry he saw that he seemed quite disappointed in his going as well, he supposed that he was the only remotely intelligent being he would converse with for most days and the only one who didn’t refer to him as ‘boy’ and order him to cook and clean and complete various chores around the house. Harry sat on the bed and watched Remus get up and summon his cloak to him from the back of the door. The garment flew across the room to him and a letter fell out of it at his feet. Sirius’ last letter. He thought unhappily, Seems it isn’t too pleased about not being read. He bent to pick it up and as he did so Harry took the last remaining feather from his hair and transfigured it back to his quill. Remus watched him for a moment, trying to decide whether or not he should give Harry when he knew that he could barely keep it from him. The envelope was addressed to Harry as well as Remus, Dumbledore and a few others. “What’s that then?” Harry asked Remus who realised with a jolt that he was still standing in Harry’s room with the letter in his hand. It would appear that the decision of whether or not to give Harry the letter had been made for him. He bit his lip slightly as he sat down next to Harry. “Sirius’ will.” He said quietly. To which Harry responded with a small “oh”. Remus handed Harry the letter but Harry found himself not wanting to read it. It didn’t matter however as his hands moved automatically, mechanically opening the letter for him, and breaking through the Black family seal which Sirius used mostly to laugh at his family somewhere in the letter. Harry swallowed slightly before starting to read, noticing that Remus hadn’t left him like he said he was going to. He felt slight comfort in this; he didn’t want to be alone and the knowledge that the man was there, less than a foot away from him on the bed made him feel a little better. Slowly he began to read. Dear Everyone. This is the last will and testament of Sirius Black and I am of perfectly sound mind thank you very much. I suppose I’d best start listing my possessions and who they shall belong to now, after my hopefully dramatic demise. I leave the house 12 Grimmauld Place, and everything inside it (including Severus Snape, should he be inside it. May you dispose of your newly inherited irritance in a suitable manner, Remus.) to Remus to do with it what he wishes, although I can’t imagine anyone wanting to do anything other than burn it to the ground to be perfectly honest, and my mother’s awful picture with it. My money shall go to many people. Remus Lupin shall inherit half of the Black fortune. Dumbledore shall take one quarter and the Weasley family shall take another quarter. I leave no money to my godson, Harry, knowing that he would never use it, although I also know that Remus will use little of it himself. Finally I leave the guardianship of aforementioned Godson, Harry Potter, to my oldest friend, Remus. I know that he will look after you as well as he can, Harry and will most likely not get himself killed the way that I have managed to. (I can only hope that Remus and I didn’t die at the same time, else you will be rather upset round about now). I hope you accept him as your guardian and godfather the way that you accepted me and I hope that you come to care for him as I know he cares for you. Take care of each other. I hope to see you all in the reasonably distant future. Remember that I’m never truly gone and part of me probably hangs around Grimmauld Place, so stay away from there if you can. I’m running out of ink, parchment and things to say now so I better end this now. Good bye to all, I love you all too much to say (except for Snivelly of course.) Yours Deadly Sirius Black Remus still couldn’t get over the fact that Sirius had managed to sign his will with ‘yours deadly’ and not have the sense to change it back. It had brought about a few snide comments from Snape, although that could be expected since he made a few unkind references during his letter. He looked to the side of him and saw tears glistening unchecked in Harry’s beautiful emerald eyes as his eyes moved down the parchment and flittered over his signature at the bottom. Harry couldn’t believe it. Sirius was really gone. This letter had really forced his godfather’s mortality upon him and he felt the tears in his eyes fall down his cheeks in steady streams of grief. Beside him he remembered that Remus was still sat, presumably awaiting his verdict on the fact that he was his godson now. He felt Remus move closer to him and a moment later he felt his warm arms around him. Harry leant into the embrace of his latest godfather as everything overpowered him. It was just too much to take as his head began to ache, along with his heart as the tears flowed faster. His mind was filled with the department of mysteries and images of Sirius falling through the veil as Dumbledore speaking the prophecy rang through his mind. He nuzzled up closer to Remus who held him tighter against his chest, silently crying too. After a few minutes Remus’ eyes began to dry and he looked down at Harry whose cheeks were damp but no longer with fresh tears. He had fallen asleep, only confirming that Harry hadn’t been getting anywhere near enough sleep to function properly, let alone take a last letter from the closest thing he had ever had to a father. Remus yawned slightly. The full moon was approaching and he was a lot more sleepy than usual. He would just rest his eyes for a minute. Just a minute… A/N: Yes.. It sounds kinda similar to the begining of my other fic but it will become more different! Promise! Unfortunately I just realised that it's also irritatingly similar to a scene in one of Pumpkin juice's stories which is damned annoying to discover after writing a whole chapter. Anyroad, I hope you liked it :o)

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