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Ok, I must first of all thank all of you who read and especially those of you who review. It makes me extremely happy to know people are actualy reading (and maybe even enjoying) this story. The 100 review mark is special, and I hope you continue to read and review, thank you all! I had a day off from work today and decided to dedicate it to my readers, you guys are great! So here is the fruit of my efforts, enjoy. The Seven Confessions of Remus Lupin Dust could be seen falling through the many rays of light shining through the window into the third guest bedroom of twelve Grimmauld place. The rays of sunlight lit up the normally dark room this late afternoon. The thin white linen of the single bed in the room concealed a thin man who slept soundlessly. Harry watched Lupin toss and turn in his sleep, the remnants of his overly large meal still littering the floor and bed-side table. Hermione yawned beside him and stretched, Harry had not anticipated such an uneventful day. "Lupin must feel better." Hermione said after a while. Harry looked over at him, he had his shirtless back to them and Harry could see it slowly rise and fall. It was easy to see that he was becoming more and paler as his skin started to become a closer shade to his sheets. "Why do you say that?" Harry asked, seeing no reason Hermione might say this. "Well he has a stomach full of Molly's soup in him, that can't do him any harm." she said, smiling at all of the empty bowls and remembering how much effort, not too mention complaining it had taken Lupin to consume them all. Remus had vowed never do anything for Sirius again, but had withdrawn after Sirius had refused to help him clean up soup he had spilled. Harry guessed it was in fear of Mrs. Weasley thinking he was doing it on purpose to get out of eating it. "How long has he been asleep?" Harry wondered. Hermione consulted a brown leather strapped watch she always wore and looked up at him again. "Nearly two hours," she said, "I think Sirius said he'd wake him up after two hours though, so we shouldn't have to sit here much longer." Harry nodded, slightly distracted by the way the sunlight hit her soft brown hair, which lined her face beautifully. Harry snapped back into reality realizing what he had been thinking about. 'Ron would be hysterical' Harry thought inwardly. Suddenly the door creaked open and in walked Sirius as if on queue. His shoulder length, elegant black hair hung loosely, moving smoothly as he walked towards the bed that held a sleeping Moony. Harry watched Sirius bend down and then get down on his knee's beside the bed, unaware or simply not caring that his grey trousers were most likely getting caked with dust. "Moony?" he whispered softly, his onyx eyes scanning Remus' face for any sign of consciousness. "Mmmm?" Remus moaned groggily, not opening his eyes. "Are you asleep?" Sirius said, watching the lines around Remus' eyes tighten and relax in his sleep. "Mmhmmm" he mumbled, Sirius' eyes half closed in suspicion, he knew that Remus had a habit of mumbling in his sleep. Sirius smiled as he remembered the time he'd fallen out of his bed not too long ago mumbling about something quite inappropriate. "Are you awake?" Sirius asked, trying to confirm his suspicion. "Mmhmm" Sirius smiled, this opportunity was too good too miss. "Are you at Hogwarts?" Sirius asked, knowing the answer would confirm everything for sure. "Mmhmm" Sirius grinned, the evil trademark of a Marauder playing onto his handsome face. Both Harry and Hermione watched as he looked over his shoulder at the door as if to make sure no one was approaching. Sirius paused for a moment, to make sure Remus wasn't about to spring up and scare him out of his wits. After a few moments of continued silence and soft muffled snores Sirius put forth his plan of action. "Are you a greasy git Moony?" he asked, the grin on his face never faltering. "Mmhmm" "Are you dim witted, big nosed, chocolate loving, lycanthropic wanker?" Sirius asked, the pitch of his voice rising in pure amusement. "Mmhmm" Harry watched Sirius fight his internal battle to subdue his shouts of glee and hysterical laughter. It was easy to tell that Sirius didn't often get one up on Lupin, and he would obviously make the best of every chance that arose. "So childish" Hermione huffed beside him, Harry only smiled. He listened in as Sirius continued his merciless torture of the oblivious Remus. "Are you in a love affair with Snivelus?" Sirius asked, his ribs threatening to crack under the pressure of holding back his laughter. "Mmhmm" "Did you snog that Ravenclaw girl in our seventh year?" "Mmhmm" Sirius gasped in all seriousness, "I knew it" he said, bewildered. Harry nearly fell off his chair laughing at how quickly Sirius could go from immature to completely serious, then he heard Hermione giggle as well. Suddenly Sirius could no longer control his laughter; he fell to the ground laughing like a mad man. This was the first thing Remus saw as he finally opened his eyes. "What is it?" Remus asked in a hoarse voice, rubbing his eyes and yawning. Sirius though at the moment was in no fit state to answer that question, for he was busy roaring with laughter, along with Harry and Hermione, no amount of pity for Lupin could stop even Hermione from giggling furiously. "Sirius?" Lupin asked cautiously, looking at him as if he was insane. Remus saw the tears flowing down his face, and began to become worried, he had seen Sirius behave this way on far too many occasions to be. "Sirius what in Merlin's name is so funny!?!" Remus asked, checking himself to make sure he hadn't turned his hair pink again. Sirius only continued to roll on the floor in uncontrollable laughter. After checking himself thoroughly and confirming he was all in one normally colored piece, Remus tried once more to ask Sirius what was so bloody hilarious. "Sirius are you going to tell m-" Remus was cut off as Sirius stood up and abruptly collapsed onto the bed, and on top of Remus. "Sirius...” Moony growled, though Harry saw he was shaking with laughter as well. "Get up you bloody oaf!" his voice was muffled under Sirius' weight but his words were clear enough to be understood. Sirius sat up, tears of mirth still streaming down his face, he quickly moved to wipe them away, though the smile still lingered on his face. "I always knew you snogged that Ravenclaw girl Moony, you were just too shy to admit it." Sirius laughed, Remus just stared at him, looking fearful for his sanity. "What the bloody hell are you talking about?" he asked incredulously. "Oh never mind" Sirius said gleefully, getting up and walking to the door, and left, still laughing lightly. Remus sighed heavily and flopped back down onto the bed. "That bloody man" he said to himself, smiling after a moment. Harry couldn't help but smile as well, no matter how shy Lupin was, he was happy, and that was what mattered. Harry and Hermione left after a moment to allow Lupin a moments privacy to dress. Harry stood and looked around for lack of anything better to do, he noticed one door in the whole hallway way closed. He walked over to it and tried to open it, not remembering ever being in it. He was surprised when the door refused to open. "What are you doing?" Hermione asked, walking towards him. "This door is locked" Harry shrugged, though his curiosity was growing. He pulled his wand out of his pocket and pointed it towards the door, "Allohomora" he said clearly, but the lock didn't click. Harry stepped aside so that Hermione could try, as it seemed she was now as curious as he was. "Allohomora" she said, nothing. At that moment the door opened and Lupin walked slowly down the long carpeted hallway and descended the stairs, so they followed. He sat himself down at the table and so Harry and Hermione did the same. Lupin sat and sighed as he ran a hand through his sandy blond hair, making it stick up at odd angles. Hermione smiled at this. Lupin suddenly looked up as Sirius strode into the room, smiling at the sight of a frazzled Remus. "Tea?" he asked. "Sure" Sirius bustled around for a few minutes and turned to the table with two steaming cups of tea in his hands. He handed one to his friend and he wasted no time before gulping it. They sat in silence for a while as the two drank their tea, it was common knowledge that Remus like to drink his tea in peace, and not even Sirius dared defy him when he had tea clutched in his hands, well at least not for a while. Harry watched the two of them sip in silence for a bit, before it was finally broken by Sirius, who could never keep quiet for long. "What is that?" Sirius asked, his eyes not leaving something around the area of Remus' hands. Remus followed his gaze, and it fell onto a ring Remus wore that Harry never remembered noticing before. "Oh, this?" Remus examined the ring, it was an incredibly black ring with two streaks of silver running along the entire surface, swirling and dancing along the band. A gorgeous sapphire shone in the middle, like one bright star penetrating a moonless night. "My dad gave me this the night my mom died" he said softly, soaking in the images the ring brought to his mind. "Oh" Sirius said, hoping beyond hope he hadn't hurt Moony. "Don't worry" Remus muttered, almost reading Sirius' mind, "Sometimes the deepest pains leave the most beautiful scars." Sirius had no answer to this, he only looked on at his friend, knowing that what Moony had just said was most likely one of the most intelligent things he had ever heard. "I thought you couldn't touch silver?" Sirius said upon further examining the band. Remus looked at him questioningly, then as realization hit him he said, "Oh, this isn't silver, it's platinum. This ring is the most expensive and treasured heirlooms of the Lupin line." "It is beautiful." Sirius remarked, Remus nodded, gently lifting it off his slender finger. Harry, who had come closer with Hermione to see it for himself, saw the name Remus elegantly engraved in the band, and as he turned it the name John came into view too. "I miss my father." Remus said as he put the ring back on his index finger. "I only wish I had a father worth missing" Sirius said with a hint of bitterness in his voice, Remus smiled. "So are you feeling any better?" he asked, placing his empty mug on the table in front of him. "Mmhmm" Remus said from behind his favorite chipped mug. It seemed that this response had triggered some immature outburst from Sirius, who promptly doubled over in fits of hysterical laughter. "What is up with you?" Remus asked irritably, putting him mug down to properly scrutinize his very annoying friend. "It's..." Sirius choked, "it's just" he struggled to breathe, "I love it when you say that!" Sirius finally fell back in his spot on the couch and laughed himself hoarse...again. Remus thought that this situation could not get any worse, that was until the twins made their untimely appearance. "What's wrong with Sirius?" George asked as he filed into the room with Fred close behind him. "I think he's having a break down of some sort" Remus said conversationally. "Really?" George said interestedly. "Hey Ginny come see this!" Fred called. "What is it?" Remus' heart dropped to somewhere around the region of his stomach should have been, should Molly not have forced him to eat until it had exploded in rebellion. The voice that had just spoken, unfortunately, had not belonged to Ginny Weasley, but to her mother. Harry could only smile as Mrs. Weasley walked into the room to see a now recovering Sirius. He could have sworn he heard Remus' stomach groaned as Molly's gaze transferred to him. "Oh, Remus dear" she said sweetly, "are you feeling any better?" "Yes Molly" he said, his voice ridden with modesty. "Are you hungry?" "NO!" he said, a little too loudly, Molly only smiled, and Harry heard him breath an audible sigh of relief. "Alright, you take it easy then, I'll be back to check on you later." "Thank you Molly" he said softly. For a while people came and went through the room until Sirius and Remus were the only ones left in the room. "So how do you feel?" Sirius asked, seeing Remus breathing heavier and struggling to sit still. "Do you remember what happened last time I answered that question Sirius?" "Must you always answer a question with another question?" "You're doing it too you know." "Stop avoiding my questions Remus." "I feel fine" "Liar." Remus laughed, though the smile on his face brightened by the laugh lines etched permanently into it was short lived. His laughter was cut off as a wave of nausea washed over him, forcing to double over in pain and discomfort. Sirius quickly got up from his seat across from Remus and kneeled down in front of him. "What's wrong?" he asked, not bothering to hide the worry in his voice. "I'm fine" Remus said in a low hoarse voice quite unlike his own, Harry felt Hermione becoming uneasy beside him. "Remus how many times can you say those two bloody words before you realize you don't mean them?" Sirius said, though Harry knew there was only concern in his voice, not anger. Harry watched as Lupin stood up and stretched, the pained expression not leaving his face. Sirius stood up with him, steadying him as he swayed. "What hurts?" Sirius asked, his onyx eyes the perfect reflection of the worry portrayed in his voice. Remus looked into those eyes and could almost see the raw emotion blazing through them in varying shades of stormy grays. "I think I should go back to bed and- ugh" Remus fell to his knees and both Harry and Hermione stood up quickly. "Remus! Remus what's wrong!?" Sirius was visibly panicking. Remus groaned loudly, he fought to keep his eyes open and could only mutter two strangled words, "Something's wrong." Those of you who have read When All is Lost... will remember the ring Lupin is wearing, if you hadn't then maybe you should read that ;) But it will kill time if you await the next chapter. I hope you enjoyed. I was wondering if maybe you could tell me, for those of you who haven't read the previous stories, if Inferno is fitting together alright. I just wanted to know if it works on its own. Thanks!

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