My Love - Chapter 14
I am so sorry this took so long. I was just about to write this chapter, when I realised I had already written it and not posted it! oops! please dont forget me, it has been so long! Also, I ahd to finish this story, but I will be going back and editing small parts of it as I go. Lotsa love Iced_Cherriez.
James got up very early the next morning. He felt full of life, he felt better than he had in ages. He slowly and carefully got changed, not muttering a curse, because he didn’t want to wake the others. He walked round his bed to retrieve his glasses. He always felt good in the morning with his glasses on; they felt like an antidote to a virus. He watched his friends sleep soundlessly for a minute, before noticing that Remus was also awake. He walked over to his bed and starred Remus in the eyes. “It’s a full moon tonight, James.” Remus told him. “That’s if you were wondering.” “Oh. Well I’d better leave you, the nurse will be coming to get you soon wont she?” He said. “Yeah, but I will see you later, won’t I?” He saw the look on James’s face. “You have to come, James, its no fun at all without you, you know that!” “Okay, I will meet you at the shack tonight, but I am afraid we can’t go wondering around too much tonight, you heard Dumbledore’s warnings” “Yeah, I did, I will try not to get into too much trouble either; I don’t want to hurt you again.” “It’s okay Remus. I have to go have breakfast now, because I have a prefects meeting. I shall tell them that you are sick, okay?” “Yep, as usual. Oh and this time, I have ummm… let me think, Scrofungulas or something.” They both laughed. James walked down to the Great Hall. Not surprisingly, it was empty, only a few students scattered the hall. It was too early for must people. At 5:15 am, most people were still halfway through their dreams, let alone awake in the Great Hall. He looked up at the staff table and saw Dumbledore. Dumbledore smiled at him, a twinkle in his eyes. He sat down at the far end of the Gryffindor table and started to eat his meal of toast and eggs. Because James had not eaten much for along while, he felt surprisingly good. He looked up and saw Dumbledore still watching him, as if he had known that James hadn’t been eating. He decided he should go tell the Headmaster what had happened the night before. He left his breakfast, feeling very full indeed and ventured over to the staff table. “Ah, James, I see you are eating once again. You are feeling better?” James looked confused at this, but tried to hide it. Of course, Dumbledore knows almost everything. He had gotten used to the Headmasters predictions and treated them as normal behaviour. “It has been very obvious; you haven’t been looking well for a very long time.” James wondered how many other people had noticed. Had Remus told the professor of what had happened last night? No, he made up his mind; Remus has been in bed the whole time. “Professor, Remus discovered something last night. I don’t really think it was very good.” He paused, waiting for the professor to make him continue his speech. The Headmaster nodded and James continued. “He was under the impression that I was under the Imperious Curse. He did this little counter curse and I felt better. Can this be true, was I under the curse?” At this James thought he saw a hint of fear in the old professor’s eyes, but as soon as it came, the hint was gone. “Yes, he most probably was right. But you James, you are strong, you fought it off.” James closed his eyes for a second in thought. “Thankyou professor for your time.” James said as he was about to leave. “Wait, James. Right now, more than ever, I need you and your friends to stay away from the forest. It’s for your own safety. I don’t want you doing anything you wouldn’t normally do tonight.” Could the Professor possibly know what he and his friends got up to. No, they all kept it as secret as they could, how could even Dumbledore find out. “Okay Professor.” James gave him a forced smile and exited the Great Hall, heading for the prefects meeting room. Dumbledore watched him leave the room. James couldn’t help but feel the professor’s kind eyes peering over at him, but he ignored them and kept walking. The Prefects meeting room was a small room, almost like the Gryffindor common room. It had a portrait in front of it, guarded by the most unlikely giraffe. Once you had quietly turned the giraffe a pink colour, it would let you through the hole. The fire was burning in the room, though it was still quite chilly. There was a single window, which looked out over the forbidden forest. He watched a small deer walk past the ground keeper’s house and into the forest. It reminded him a bit of himself. Suddenly the student prefects started to pile into the room. Lily arrived with one of her friends. “Hello James. Is Remus sick again?” She asked him. James looked into ther beautiful full emeralds of eyes, causing her to blush. “Yeah, coughing really badly. I told him to go down to the Hospital Wing; he should be down there now.” Even though this was a lie, James knew that it was partly true. Remus would be down at the Hospital Wing by now, ready to go to the shrieking shack. “Yeah okay.” She murmured as she smiled at him. “Let’s get this meeting started.” “Okay everyone, let’s get started. Before we start, Dumbledore has asked for me to warn everyone to stay away from the Forbidden Forest at this time. It is said to be highly dangerous.” James told the group. Apart from James, only Lily knew exactly why Dumbledore had warned this, but didn’t want to tell anyone. James’s secret was safe with her. The meeting rolled on. After the meeting finished James sat down in the prefects lounge for a while, thinking that he was alone. "James...?" Someone said as they climbed through the whole to the room. "Oh... Lily!" James jumped in shock. “Yes?” “I was just wondering…” She walked over to James who had a wide eyed expression. She bent closer to him, letting there lips brush against each others. James closed his eyes, as if wanting to saver the moment. “Lily…” He said, hoping that she was actually herself tonight. But she placed a finger on James’s lips and then kissed him again. This time James gave into the temptation and kissed her passionately back. “I love you James Potter…” She said as she sat next to him on the couch. “I was wondering if you wanted to come to Hogsmeade with me next weekend.” She said, finally getting it out. “You mean, like a date?” James said, a smile creeping across his face. “Yes. Exactly Potter.” She tried to act seriously, but face gave way and she smiled at him. He leant over the pillows of the couch and whispered into her ear. “I would love to Evans.” He then kissed her again, knowing that whenever he was near her, he felt safe and knew that he would never let anything happen to her. He would never let her go.

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