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Chapter 4 Secrets Behind The Veil A/N: Alright, here is chapter numero cuatro!! That’s 4 reviews in 4 days. I just want to get a good base going on the story…it pays to have the chappies pre-written for the most part. Anyways the story writings going on, and I have the ending set in my mind, but I still have to get there. I have a vague idea for a storyline to a sequel as well, so we’ll just see if you guys keep reviewing. So please review! Thanks to everyone who has been, it’s nice to know you guys like my story. And who knows if I get enough reviews for this chapter I might just be inclined to update again before Monday…enjoy! One more thing. I’d like to get a banner for this story, so if you’re interested please let me know. Would be appreciated mucho. Ok I’m going to be quiet now….so here’s chapter 4! ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ Harry walked into the Great Hall, and was surprised to see that Ginny, Hermione, and Ron were already seated. No actually he wasn’t that surprised. It took him longer to get anywhere than the three of them. He sighed as he thought of the fact that his friends could wake up later than him, and then make it to breakfast first. “Morning Harry,” said Ginny “Morning,” he replied grumpily. “Did you have trouble getting down to the Great Hall again,” asked Ron “what do you think,” replied Harry irritably. “guess that’s a yes,” came Hermione from behind her book. “You’ll never guess what happened, Jenna Abrahms, and Diana Green from Hufflepuff told me they hoped I beat their own house team in quidditch. Their own house!” exclaimed Harry “I know mate, but you gotta admit it is kinda funny,” said Ron as he chuckled to himself. Today was the first game of the Quidditch season; Hufflepuff vs. Gryffindor. Ron had been made Quidditch captain and was very good at coming up with tactics and strategies, but he also had a hint of Oliver Wood in him. He had become obsessed with the idea of winning the Quidditch cup in their last year, just like Oliver had, and had taken to working them much harder and longer than he had the year before. The entire team argued about this seeing that they had easily won the cup last year, and that they really didn’t need to practice the extra hours. Ron didn’t listen though. “Alright Harry I’m going down to the pitch, tell the rest of the team that when they’re done with breakfast to come to the locker rooms, we need to talk before the match.” Said Ron as he began to stand up. “But Ron the game isn’t for another four hours!” said Harry “Harry just do it okay,” and with that Ron left the Great Hall, many people wishing him good luck as he went. Harry put his head in his hands, silently wishing that he had stayed in bed this morning. He looked up when Ginny put her hand on his shoulder. “You know Harry if you want to go back up to the common room and relax a little, I’ll tell the rest of the team to meet Ron down at the pitch for you.” “Thanks Gin, I think I’ll take you up on that.” As Harry left the Great Hall, and began heading up to Gryffindor common room, he felt someone tap him on the back. Using his quick reflexes he immediately snapped around wand raised. Then he noticed who it was. “Oh hey Remus.” “Hello Harry” “Sorry, thought you were someone else,” said Harry lowering his wand. “No problem,” said Lupin, “Do you mind if I have a quick chat with you.” “Alright,” said Harry as Lupin led him into a spare classroom. The Marauders who were behind Harry gasped when they saw who had come to talk to him. “That’s you Remus,” gasped Sirius “Yes Sirius I gathered that,” replied Remus “Bloody Hell Remus, you look like crap.” Said James “thanks James, you look great yourself.” “no I mean Remus, look at how well…tired you look.” Said James “He has a point Remus,” said Sirius. “Oh no.” said Remus sharply “what!?” Sirius and James asked in unison. “I know we’re here. If this is my future then I will remember this from my past. That’s probably what I’m talking to Harry about.” “Well what are we going to do?” asked Sirius. “well it’s obvious isn’t it, we’re going to follow them.” Answered James “What is it Remus,” Harry asked his Defense Against The dark Arts Professor. “I just wanted to ask you if you’ve noticed anything strange today.” Said Lupin. “Well besides the fact that two Hufflepuff girls told me they hoped I beat their Quidditch team , and I got into another fight with Malfoy. No not that much. Why?” “Well it’s just, I remembered something that happened a long time ago when I looked at the calendar today, and I was just wondering if you’ve noticed anything.” “Like what?” “well something that seemed out of place or that startled you at all.” “No.” “Tell me Harry. Did a silver platter fall down when you walked out of your common room this morning?” “How did you know about that?” “Just a lucky guess. But it doesn’t really matter. Anyway, you better get down to the Quidditch Pitch, I’m sure Mr. Weasley will not be happy if your late.” “Um. Ok. Bye then Remus.” “Bye Harry, oh and good luck” With that Harry left the room, leaving Lupin smiling sadly behind him. As soon as Harry left and shut the door Lupin spoke to the room at large, “ I know you’re out there.” No one answered. “Honestly, I know you’re there, just come out. It’s important. We need to talk.” Slowly three boys appeared In the back corner of the classroom. They all looked timidly at each other before walking up to the much older version of Remus. “You have no idea how good it is to see you two,” said Lupin looking sadly at Sirius and James. “Why?’ asked Sirius, who was very afraid to receive the answer. “No reason,” said Lupin, trying to fight back the strong urge he had to burst into tears and hug his two oldest friends, “But I have to warn you that you musn’t do what you are planning.” “and what would that be,” asked James “Fix time. Listen to me, I know that you will find out some unsettling things while you are here, but you have to undertand how important it is that you do not alter the course of events.” “What happened that’s so important.” Asked Remus who was still slightly shocked at seeing himself 25 years older. “More than you three could ever imagine, but there is something I can tell you, that could change things in the future.” Said Lupin “will it make it so I won’t die.” Asked Sirius excitedly. “Sort of.” Replied Lupin “What do you mean sort of?” asked a very disgruntled Sirius, “either someone dies or they don’t, how can you not die, but still die. It doesn’t make any sense.” “That’s what I thought too, but I overheard Dumbledore the other day, and I knew that you three would be coming to the future, my present, so I knew I had to do something to change it.” Said Lupin. “Change it how?” asked a very curious James. “But it will only help one of you.” Lupin said sadly. “Who?” asked Remus Lupin looked sadly at Sirius and James, his two best friends in the entire world, how could he tell them that one of them would have the chance to change their destiny, where as the other one, would be left to accept his. “Sirius.” Said Lupin sadly. “What happens to James,” asked Sirius frantically, “Tell me what happens to James!” “I can’t.” “YOU HAVE TO TELL ME. I WON’T LET HIM DIE!” screamed Sirius. He was crying now, something he had been fighting since he found out that James, who had always been like a brother to him, would die. James was standing stark still, his face a ghostly white color. He was shaking slightly. He grabbed the edge of the desk to steady himself, and lowered himself into the chair. He put his head in his hands. He was going to die? Sirius was supposed to die, but could change it? Could he not? He had the feeling he was going to die hearing the way people talked in the future, but it had never hit him. But it had now. He was going to die. Him. James Potter. Then he remembered something McGonnagal had said. Lily Evans was Harry’s mother. He had loved Lily since fifth year, and had been so happy to know that he would end up marrying her. He shot up from his chair, “WHAT HAPPENED TO LILY?!?!?” he looked to Remus with panic in his eyes. “I’m sorry James.” Lupin said “You mean she dies too.” Said James, barely believing the words that were coming out of his mouth. His Lily, dead? Lupin just nodded slowly. “Oh my god. Oh my god, this isn’t happening. This can all be reversed, it can be changed.” James said to himself, more than anybody else. “Not without condemning the entire wizarding world.” Said Lupin What? Now that didn’t make sense. How could the death of him, James Potter, condemn the rest of the wizarding world. He had always thought highly of himself, but this? Then something snapped into his brain. Something else McGonnagal had said to him when she thought he was Harry. “McGonnagal said that I, well Harry, she thought I was Harry. She said that Harry had the entire fate of the wizarding world on his shoulders. Tell me why.” Said James “I can not tell you that.” “TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED TO MY SON.” Screamed James, who was becoming increasingly irritated at the fact that Remus was just as stubborn in the future as he was in the present, or was that future. Whatever. “If you knew half of the things that happened to your son, then you would surely try to alter the past. I can not risk that.” Said Lupin, “You have no idea how hard it has been for Harry, or how hard it has been for me to sit here and refuse to tell you the key to saving your life James. But you can’t know. You just can’t” “Then just tell me this, why is he a parselmouth?” “Harry did not inherit the power from Salazar Slytherin as Sirius suggested, but rather had it transmitted into him, due to a very unfortunate turn of events.” Said Lupin. Sirius stopped sniffling for a second and looked a bit guilty. James sent him a reassuring smile. “Now James I suggest you head down to the pitch. I’m sure you’ll be quite proud to see your son play Quidditch. He is incredibly talented. Oh and Remus, go with him too, I need to speak to Sirius. Remember to disillusion yourselves.” And with that Lupin ushered James and Remus out of the door. After they left Sirius completely lost it, and just began howling in agony. His best friend? Dead? Lupin came up swiftly and gave him a brotherly hug, and too began crying. They held onto each other for quite some time, before they broke apart. “You have no idea how hard it is to know that I could say something to stop all this, but it has to happen. Sirius you know if I could I would save him too, but the only way to bring him back, would mean that the entire wizarding world would be condemned to darkness.” “But why is it James, what’s so special about him?” “It’s not really James who’s special, but Harry.” “How?” “There was a prophecy made about Harry and a very dark and powerful wizard, who is growing to power in your time. It states that Harry is the only one who can kill this wizard, and that this wizard is the only one who can kill Harry, but that neither can live while the other survives.” “Meaning?” “That Harry Potter is the only one, who can defeat the most evil sorcerer to ever have walked this earth.” “So Harry’s their savior who has lived some plush life?” “No. Harry is the only hope to defeat said wizard, but he has not lived a plush life. He didn’t even know that he, Lily, or James were/had been wizards until he was eleven years old.” “Oh” “But Sirius you already know too much.” Said Lupin, “and as much as it pains me to not be able to change the fate of Lily and James, I can change yours.” “How?” “Sirius, in Harry’s fifth year he will be lured to the department of mysteries in the ministry of magic by said evil sorcerer.” “How will he be lured in?” “He thinks you’re there. Said evil wizard tricked him into thinking that he had captured you and was torturing you in the department of mysteries. He needed Harry there to get the prophecy from the department. However, Severus Snape…” “SNAPE” “Yes Snape, and that is all there is to say about snape. Now where was I. Yes, Severus Snape realized what was going on and contacted the order of the phoenix.” “Order of the Phoenix?” “Would you stop interrupting me!” “sorry” “I will tell you what I can, the rest will just have to be blank spots, solved throughout the continuation of time.” “Right.” “Anyway, he alerted the order, which includes you and I, and we went to help Harry. When we arrived you began to duel with Bellatrix Lestrange, who is a follower of said dark wizard.” “naturally, she is from my family after all. Sorry, I know don’t interrupt.” Lupin rolled his eyes, but continued. “You lost, and fell back into a veil, which makes it so that you are not in the world of the living or in the dead, you’re just kind of stuck there for eternity.” “WHAT” “Sirius there is a way to get out.” “How?” “Well, I overheard Dumbledore talking to Michael Kinsella the minister of magic yesterday about the veil. You see ever since you fell through we’ve been trying to find out more about it, and after what I overheard I realize that there is a way to get out.” Lupin stopped for a second to catch his breath before he continued. “ There is no spell that can remove a wizard who has fallen through the veil. But there is one thing that the veil can’t hold. Animals.” “You mean…” “Yes, the veil is not built to hold animal beings, it can only hold humans. You see Sirius, when a wizard falls through the veil, their wand becomes inactive, but they still possess their powers. So if you can harness your animagus power once inside the veil, you will be able to leave the veil.” “Could something like that help James too?” “No, I don’t think it would be much use, and although I know it will be hard you musn’t tell James what I told you. Not anything. Not about Harry, or how to remove yourself from the veil.” Sirius nodded sadly. He knew that he couldn’t tell James, and he understood that Lupin was not joking when he said what it would mean if James survived. But that didn’t make it any easier. They sat in silence for almost an hour before Lupin spoke up, “Why don’t you go watch your godson play a game of Quidditch. He is an excellent flyer.” Sirius just nodded and left the room and the future Remus Lupin behind.

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