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Chapter 4

Andrea was in the kitchen looking at what food they had. There wasn’t much. Cooking was her way of working out her problems, but she couldn’t cook very well when there was nothing to make!

On a whim, she called Loretta and asked her for some help.

“Lor, I really need your help.” She filled her friend in on her mother’s newly discovered past, and the lack of food situation. She asked Loretta to help her do some quick shopping while her mother ‘caught up’ with her magic past.

Quietly, she left a note on the kitchen counter so no one would worry, and left through the back door.


Loretta stayed long enough to help Andrea unpack the groceries before leaving. “Lia, you guys need this time as a family. I’ll see you at work tomorrow. And you’ll tell me all about it.” Andrea was more thankful to her friend, more than she would ever know.

Immediately, she set to work on a simple pizza, and in about twenty minutes, the house was filled with the most wonderful smells. To go with the pizza, Andrea had made a batch of breadsticks with the leftover dough. Dessert was in the oven. Three dishes of lemon pudding (her mother’s favorite) in the oven and several apple turnovers (her favorite) were warming in the top section away form the intense heat.

Making sure the timers were set, she walked into the dining room and started setting the table. Her mother went into the kitchen to get drinks and Draco came over and took over the table setting the table while Andrea went to get the food. It was still weird for her to think of Draco as her father. He's famous, she thought to herself. Or infamous, depending on what side you’re on.

Dinner was a fun and simple affair, as Andrea heard accounts of past exploits at school, and watching her parents reminisce about days past.

The pizza was wonderful, but nothing compared to dessert. Andrea had almost forgotten about the apple turnovers. They were finishing up the pudding when, “Oh! I almost forgot!”

When she reemerged from the kitchen with the turnovers in hand, Draco just about toppled out of his chair.

“Oh Merlin. I’d forgotten how good theses were,” he said, taking a small bite. “Gin got me hooked on them on a trip into Muggle London when we stopped in on a small bistro.”

“I love apple anything, but especially turnovers. They're even better with a small scoop of French Vanilla ice cream,” Andrea exclaimed.

"Oh the resemblances,” Ginny joked.

“So why does everyone call you Lia? I would have expected something more like Andy,” Draco inquired.

Blushing slightly, Andrea told him the story. “Lia means grey in Irish. Mum and Lor stared calling me that a few years ago when I came home and my eyes kept changing colours. At school, we made a potion that would change the drinker’s eye colour for a few hours, and then would slowly wear off. As a joke, my friends made mine to change colours. But in the process, they accidentally made it permanent.”

"Wow, Snape would've had anyone who did that serving detention for the rest of the year," Draco said, a smirk tugging at the corner of his mouth at the memory of the Potions Professor.

"Oh, punishments were handed out, and letters were sent home, but no permanent damage was done," Andrea related.

“So what colour were they before that fiasco?"

“They were the same grey as yours,” Ginny said.

“And they go back to that most of the time, but I can change the colour at will. But of course, they also change with emotions,” Andrea told him.

Giggling, Ginny said, “Oh yes. Don’t cross her when they turn an emerald green. You’ll be in for a nasty surprise.”


That night Draco couldn’t sleep. He was afraid to fall asleep and wake up to find out it had all been a dream. While Andrea had been cooking, he had talked to Ginny about the two of them coming back to England with him. Her family missed her terribly, and he was sure they would like to meet their granddaughter. The longing in Ginny’s eyes showed him how much she wanted to go back, but her words proved just how much she was willing to give to see her daughter happy.

“Andrea has her whole life here, in this town. In this country. I couldn’t do that to her. She still has two years left at school.”

“But what if she wants to? What if she wants to see what her life would have been like? If she wants, she can go to Hogwarts, where she should have gone in the first place. She can meet her family. Let her choose too,” he had whispered, worried Ginny wouldn’t let Andrea think about it.

“We’ll talk to her in the morning. Let her absorb everything from tonight,” Ginny had decided.

Draco was now pondering the possible outcomes while lying next to Ginny’s sleeping form. He was too scared to close his eyes to open them and find out it was all a dream. In the pale moonlight that was streaming in through the window behind her, Draco could vaguely make out she ring on her finger. The yellow diamond and its emeralds.

Getting up, and being careful not to wake her, Draco walked down the hall to Andrea’s room. Standing there in Andrea’s room was shocking. He was a father. She looked so peaceful, lying there. None of his old friends would have believed it was possible. Heck, if he hadn’t seen all the parallels himself, he wouldn’t have believed it either.

Ginny came in quietly, taking him by surprise. She laced her fingers in his as she said, "Come on, you shouldn't be in here, we all need our rest.”

"She’s just sleeping so peacefully. I haven’t slept like that since before you left. Hell, I’ve never slept that peacefully,” he whispered.

“Alright, come on. Goodnight sweetie.”

Turning over, Andrea smiled and said, “Night.”

“She’s a lighter sleeper than you ever were,” Ginny explained.

“I can see that now,” Draco said, winking at his daughter while closing the door behind him.

“I still can’t believe I’m a father,” Draco admitted as Ginny led him down the hallway.

“I know. No one would have pictured it. Draco Malfoy. And his darling daughter,” Ginny joked.

“Why didn’t you ever tell me? Owl me when she was born? Or mentioned something in the letter,” Draco asked, all joking put aside.

“You have no idea how often I wanted to just send a note to you. Every time she looked at me with those grey eyes, I saw your face. Every day it was all I could do to stand strong and not break down in sorrow.” She took a breath, and her Gryffinor courage shone through as she continued. “But I had made my decision when I walked out of our apartment, leaving my heart behind.”

“It’s right here love,” he said, taking her into his arms. “And I’ll never let you leave like that again,” he whispered into her hair.


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