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Living as Dead
Chapter 13 - The Duel
Sorry this is a short chapter, but I wanted to end in suspense. this chapter my be a small bit corny, I don't know. You see 13 is an unlucky number and this chapter being 13.... I don't know. Please review to tell me what you think and how I could maybe change it! Thanx so much for the help and reviews so far! Lotsa love Iced_Cherriez
Everything suddenly went silent. The screams of his fellow Order members subdued, as he felt a cold presence upon him, Dementors. Another thing that had disappeared was the pain of Harry’s throbbing forehead. His scar felt as if it was no more. It felt as if it was gone. Harry pulled himself off the ground. Lupin, Ron, Hermione, everyone who was there when he closed his eyes, were now gone. Where were they? He heard a cry come from the kitchen; He grabbed his wand and made his way, reluctantly, over to the once crowded room. Sirius was in there. He was lying on the floor, blood creeping out of his head, as if scared to show itself. Harry ran over to him, but as soon as he touched his Godfather, the man disappeared. “Hello, Harry.” Harry shuddered as a raspy, snake-like voice was heard from behind him. He dared not turn around, because who ever he met would probably be his fate. But against his will, his reflexes made him turn around to meet his fate-bringer. He was no longer in the kitchen. A dim light hung over the essence of the garden. How did he get there? Voldemort was playing tricks on his mind. ‘Don’t trust anything you see Harry’ He thought to himself. Luckily he still had his wand placed firmly in his right hand. It was not an illusion because he could feel the slenderness of the wand’s smoovely carved body. The thought of this made Harry grip his only hope a little tighter in his hand. But was it his only hope? He felt the wood slowly disintegrate into sand, which seeped through the cracks of his hand. “No!” Harry yelled. But it was too late. A thought hit his mind as he starred at the pile of sand that had once been his wand. It was only another illusion, set out to trick Harry. But Harry didn’t need his wand. He only needed his mind and thoughts to play with, for everything to work. A tall dark figure floated across the ground, another following. Harry noticed silhouettes of many more rounding the trees in the corner of the garden. The one creature that was pure distress floated to meet Harry, causing him to re-enter some of the most disturbing moments in his life. “Expecto Patronum” His silvery stag shot out from no where as he felt the unhappiness slowly being relived of him. He saw the Dementors slowly subside into the forest of trees and disappear form his presence. “I see my Dementors have no effect on you, Harry.” That voice again! Harry starred at the forest as a tall black figure emerged from the dense trees. “Voldemort…” Harry said in spite. “You are not afraid to say my name? You over everyone else should know that it is to be feared. Don’t just stand there; you must bow down to Lord Voldemort.” Harry didn’t move. “I said bow.” The voice said in a sharp expressionless tone. Harry looked at him, but refused to move. “Don’t listen, do you boy? Imperio! ” He shouted. A feeling like no other fell over Harry’s body. He felt like smiling at the floating feeling that was coming over his body. “Bow down” An echo said at the back of his head. Harry frowned and didn’t move. I don’t think I will thankyou. “Always so polite… I said BOW DOWN!” the voice was louder. No I don’t want to! “Bow” Harry felt his forehead grown inward as he told the voice he didn’t want to. NO! A feeling of excruciating came over his body. But Harry stayed standing. Finally the smile crept across his face, slowly taking Voldemort off guard. “You, more than anyone else, should no that I am immune to the Imperious curse, Voldemort.” Harry smirked. “Maybe I already knew… Enough of the games! Crucio! ” He yelled. Harry jumped to the ground, feeling the spell being cast over his head. “Avada Kedavra!” Both men yelled at the same time. The spells hit in mid air, no unlike what had happened eight years ago. The pain in Harry’s forehead came back as he tried to fight off the killing curse. He could see the same green beads coming towards him. They were getting faster and faster. They were almost there. Only a few more metres and Harry would meet his death. He prayed for it to be over, for it to end. But the pulses of beads suddenly stopped, inches away from Harry. There was nowhere for them to meet him; He had no wand. They seemed to turn around and speed towards the owner of the wand, the wand that brothered Harry’s. Voldemort yelled as they pelted slowly towards him, getting faster as he tried to disconnect the line of green light. Then they touched. The impact was enormous; it could be seen miles away, by Muggles. But they only thought it was a firework of some sort. After it had contacted Voldemort’s wand, the light of green exploded into a million different cords of light. It shone over the house and ended with a huge explosion. An invisible force pushed Harry through the air, only to hit the wall of the house. He slid down the wall at great speed and collapsed on the ground near the back door.

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