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Chapter 3 The Life of Harry Potter Hey guys. THREE UPDATES IN THREE DAYS! It’s like a record or something, but I already have the chapters written so updates are based on the responses I get and my schedule. Anyways, this is still the beginning point of the story, so things will start picking up soon, once the plot develops a little more. FYI, In this fic the italicized parts, are the parts spoken by the marauders when they are disillusioned and no one can see or hear them but themselves. I also have noticed that in the summary it says that this story is set in his sixth year, when in fact it is set in his seventh. So just take note of that. Please don’t forget to review, and enjoy!!! ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ The three marauders had placed a disillusionment charm on themselves so that they would remain invisible, and had walked up outside of the Gryffindor common room that morning to wait for James ‘son.’ But when Harry had stepped through the common room door, they had not been expecting what they saw. Harry and James looked exactly alike. If you didn’t know that they were father and son you would have thought they were twins. James was shocked at how much Harry looked like him, and reached his hand out to hold onto something, being quite shocked that he had just seen his son and all. But the object he had grabbed had fallen to the floor, and made a loud clattering noise. He looked down to see a silver pedestal fall to the floor, and inwardly cursed himself for being so careless. James watched Harry apprehensively as he spun around quickly, wand drawn and at the ready. All three marauders were scared out of their wits that Harry would discover them. They all stood stark still waiting for him to pass by them. They watched with bated breath as he bent down to pick up the platter, and placed it carefully back onto the pedestal, and only did they exhale when Harry turned away muttering something about the wind. As soon as Harry rounded the corner the other two came up to James, where Sirius proceeded in smacking him in the head. (a/n: The marauders can see each other, other people just can’t see them) “James you really have to be more careful, we can’t afford to be caught, we’re dealing with a very delicate thing here.” Said Remus quietly. “Yes Moony we know, if we step to the left, or decide that we need a break in the loos at the wrong time we will never be born.” Mocked Sirius James, however, was not paying attention to his friends. He was staring after that boy, who looked so much like him. His son. He had watched Harry carefully during their brief scare, and had noticed a few things about him. For one he had Lily’s eyes. Another, he had a lightning bolt shaped scar on his forehead, James thought that, that was pretty cool, and wished he had a scar too. But then there was a power that exuded from his as well. When Harry had heard the clatter, his reflexes were as swift as lightning, and the way he had looked while he was checking the scene. Well he looked…dangerous. Almost, like he was waiting for things like falling platters. Sirius had taken to waving his hand in front of James face who wasn’t paying attention to his friend. “Oy Prongsie, so do you want to follow him?” James snapped back into reality, “Yeah I do,” he said quietly, answering Sirius’ question, as the three Marauders set after following Harry. They walked quickly until they caught up with Harry, and then walked around him in a semi-circle of sorts, all three of them examining him closely. On their way to the Great Hall they were surprised by quite a few things that they met along the way. First they noticed that two girls were following Harry as well. Both were extremely pretty, as Sirius pointed out. (a/n: The marauders can also talk to each other without being heard, when under the disillusionment charm) The girls were giggling like mad, and finally approached Harry. “Hi Harry,” The blonde girl said “Hey Jenna,” he replied in an uninterested sort of way. “How are you Harry,” asked the other girl, who was a brunette. “Fine thanks.” He replied. “We just wanted to say we hope you win today Harry.” Said the blonde. “Why would you want me to win, we’re playing hufflepuff, your house?!” he asked, somewhat shocked that these girls wanted him to beat their own house team. “Well Harry, do we have to have a reason, besides you’re so good at Quidditch, and just so strong.” Said the brunette as she reached out to feel his muscle. “Right,” Harry said slowly, “So I guess I’ll be seeing you two later then.” And he walked off before they could reply. “Well James it looks as if you son plays Quidditch, and has all the ladies after him, you must be so proud,” Said Sirius jovially. “Yeah I guess,” James said numbly, he still couldn’t get used to the fact that this was his son. And not only did he look exactly like himself, but by the looks of it he was extremely popular, played quidditch, and was very powerful, judging on what he had seen when he knocked over the platter. Remus just smiled at James, seeming to understand what a shock it would be to see your 17 year old son, when you were only 17 yourself. Harry continued walking towards the great hall when he heard a voice behind him. “Hey Scar Head” “Hello Malfoy,” Harry said with great distain. “Is that Lucious’ son then,” asked Remus to himself. “Bloody git. Looks like he and your son aren’t the best of mates, eh James.” James just nodded his head. “You know Potty it’s not safe for you to be walking around all alone. Someone might… show up.” Malfoy sneered evily. “Shove off Malfoy,” Harry said grinding his teeth. “You know Potty I don’t think I will, what are you afraid to have me around without those stupid weazles and that filthy little mudblood.” “Draco I said shove off.” Harry said once more, although it looked like he was having an extremely hard time controlling his temper. By this time a few other early risers had stopped to watch the altercation between Harry and draco. “Touchy aren’t we. I seem to have hit a nerve. But then again if it was me I’d be running for the hills by now, after all he’s gaining power you know.” “Malfoy you don’t know a god damn thing,” spat Harry. “You want to bet on that Potter.” “I’ll tell you something Malfoy,” Harry said as he pulled out his wand and pointed it at Malfoys heart, who looked like he was about to wet his pants. “ You don’t know a god damned thing without that useless father of yours, and what was that you said to me on the train after fifth year?” Draco didn’t answer. “As I recall you told me your father would break out of Azkaban, with the rest of those slimy death eaters, and then they’d come after me. Payback I believe you called it.” Draco still remained silent. “Well I’ve got news for you Malfoy. It’s been 2 years, since I sent you father to Azkaban, and he’s still there, and his master doesn’t care about him anymore, otherwise he would have set him free. So unless you’re now a death eater, and are spying for the dark side, then you would know nothing, about me or Voldemort. (there was a collective shudder throughout the room as soon as the name Voldemort was spoken) And Draco, if you are a spy for Voldemort then I’ll just have to go to Dumbledore, who will kick you out of this school faster than you can see quidditch.” Harry said this with pure venom in his voice. “You’re so brave now. But remember he’s taken everyone from you, and you’ve never defeated him.” “But he hasn’t defeated me either, not even when I was two years old.” “He’s killed everyone you love, and now you don’t even have that stupid escaped convict, all you have left is that insufferable werewolf.” “Don’t speak of Remus like that, you filthy little ferret.” Several people chuckled at the reference of Malfoy being a ferret. “I’ll speak of him however I want to.” “You know what Malfoy I’m going to be the bigger man here and just walk away, because the major difference between you and me is I have class and you don’t.” With that Harry turned on his heel to leave, but heard Malfoy cast a spell behind him. “SERPENSORTIA” “What should we do,” yelled Sirius, “we can’t just let that snake attack him.” “We can’t interfere,” shouted Remus back. “Just watch him,” whispered James, and the other two obeyed. The snake was drawing on Harry who didn’t look the least bit afraid. “How are you going to get out of this one Potter, you have NOWHERE to run to.” Malfoy laughed evilly. “You forget Malfoy,” said Harry with a cold look on his face, he turned towards the snake. “Hayyy a hassssss heeeeeeeee heeethhhhhh, hayyyy a hassssss hhheeeeee heeeeeeey,” Harry was ordering the snake after Malfoy in Parseltoungue. Malfoy took one look at Harry before running down the corridor as fast as his legs would carry him. The people around Harry smiled and offered their congratulations to him over another successful battle with Malfoy. They of course all remembered or had heard about the conditions of Harry’s ability to talk to snakes, and knew that it wasn’t because he was evil, but because Voldemort had transported some of his powers into him. Harry vanished the snack, with ease and continued back down to the Great Hall. The Marauders followed Harry down to the Great Hall, talking about what they had just witnessed. “Holy Crap James you’re kid is a parselmouth,” Sirius exclaimed. “I know Sirius I saw it too,” James yelled back, for some reason he wanted to defend Harry, and he didn’t want Sirius to think he was evil. “THAT’S THE TRADEMARK OF SALAZAR SLYTHERIN JAMES,” Sirius screamed at him. “I KNOW,” James screamed back. “WELL MAYBE HE’S LIKE THE HEIR OF SLYTHERIN OR SOMETHING,” “MY KID IS NOT THE HEIR OF SLYTHERIN, YOU GREAT TWIT” “THEN HOW COME HE CAN TALK TO SNAKES” “HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW” “HE’S YOUR KID” “CORRECTION SIRIUS, HE IS MY SEVENTEEN YEAR OLD SON WHO I HAVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE IN MY LIFE” “SO” “MY SON IS NOT SLYTHERINS HEIR” “WELL I WOULD HAVE NEVER THOUGHT IT EITHER JAMES, BUT PLEASE JUST TRY TO EXPLAIN TO ME WHY HE’S A BLOODY PARSELMOUTH THEN.” “MAYBE HE’S JUST SPECIAL” “SPECIAL!!!!!! JAMES MY ENTIRE FAMILY IS COMPOSED OF DARK WIZARDS, SPEAKING TO SNAKES IS A SIGN OF SALAZAR SLYTHERIN, AND IT IS ASSOCIATED WITH THE DARK ARTS.” “SHUT UP” “NO YOU” “YOU” “YOU” “THAT’S ENOUGH,” roared Remus, “Now James I highly doubt that your son is the heir of slytherin, and maybe he is just special,” He shot Sirius a look, “and secondly I don’t think it’s a good idea that we judge him before we understand his background, because from what he was saying to that Malfoy kid it does not sound to me like he’s the evil one.” “See Sirius.” “Don’t start again James,” Remus warned, “Besides he’s in Gryffindor, and why would the heir of slytherin be in Gryffindor. James shot Sirius a smug smile, but didn’t say anything. “Did you hear what he said though,” Sirius asked all of the sudden, he looked deadly serious. (no pun intended!) “What?” the other two asked in unison. “Well it’s just that he said all he had left was that werewolf, and then Harry told him not to talk about Remus like that.” “But what could that mean,” asked James. “Well I think it means James, that you’re not the only one who dies in the future.” Said Sirius “But how do you know that.” Remus asked. “It’s obvious isn’t it. If something happened to James I wouldn’t just leave Harry alone I’d try to help him out, and I think Peter would too. So then why would that kid say he only had you left Remus? Because, or at least I think because, the three of us, meaning me, James, and Peter, aren’t here anymore.” Remus looked like he had just been punched in the stomach. It was bad enough that they had deduced that James was going to die, but Sirius and Peter too? He didn’t think he could stand to be the only one left. “Well then, there’s only one thing we can do.” Remus said in a powerful voice. “What?” asked James. “Well I thought you would have figured that out by now…change time.” Said Remus, as if it were the most obvious answer in the world. “Wait Remus, it’s great that you’re having this epiphany and all, but what made you change your mind. I mean it’s just that you were so against going back, and never being born and all that other junk you talked about that could happen.” Said Sirius “Well it’s just that the more I thought about it, I decided that I don’t really fancy being the last of the Marauders.” Remus said with a slight smile. “James, WE GOT OUR REMUS BACK,” exclaimed a very happy Sirius. James smiled a small smile at him, and Sirius all of the sudden looked quite guilty. “Oh and James sorry about that whole your son is the heir of slytherin thing. I should have known that the next generation of Marauders wouldn’t be all evil and stuff.” “That’s okay padfoot.” James smiled and Sirius engulfed him in a big brotherly hug, before turning to Remus. “Well Moony what are you waiting for. Let’s figure out how to stop this whole death thing!” And with that the three Marauders followed Harry into the Great Hall, where breakfast was currently being served.

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