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Ch. 7 More Intros “I’m leaving this weekend.” Fiona said when Hermione opened the door. I t had been four days since Fiona first stayed the night. She had spent most of those days with Hermione, but hadn’t come over yesterday. “What? I thought you said you were staying the summer.” Hermione said as Fiona came inside to the entrance hall. “I did say that, but I meant only half the summer. But I have it all worked out. I go back as a muggle exchange student on a muggle plane, and then after I’ve been home for a few days, I can Floo back here. Does that sound okay? I mean, I don’t want to barge into your house for the summer uninvited or anything.” “You could live here forever and I wouldn’t mind!” Hermione said. ‘This is great!’ she thought as she pulled Fiona into a hard hug. “I better be getting back, I told the Ericsons I would only be here for a minute to tell you good-bye.” They both cracked up at that. “See ya later.” Fiona said and turned to the door. “Yeah, see ya.” Hermione said. She shut the door on Fiona and the blueness of the mid morning sky. She headed down the right hand corridor to the newly discovered drawing room. On the walls were hand painted pictures of cherubs that had faded over time. From the ceiling hung a small chandelier mad of brass. The floor was made of oak. Draco had already swept it, but it still needed a waxing to make it really shine. The oriental rugs with beautiful exotic designs that had covered the floor had been rolled away into a closet for safekeeping. In one coner in the back of the room was a small mini bar with never ending supply of fine liquor. The long brown leather couches and arm chairs were also gathered at the end of the room. A few larger chairs around the fire place on the left wall. The mantle of the fire place was made out of stones in various shades of light brown. On top were golden ballerinas and a wooden clock with golden Roman numerals for numbers and hands. Beside one seat was a chess board made of black and white marble. The right wall was invisible behind book shelves reaching from the floor all the way to the ceiling. Like the floor, it was made of oak and needed some work. Hundreds of books were placed here, some familiar, some in foreign languages. Draco was in the process of packing away the chess game and objects off the mantle to be put along with the rugs. They continued cleaning and storing the valuable objects for safe keeping while the rest of the room received a brutal scrub down. For the next couple of days they worked on the drawing room. Harry had passed his Apparating test and now came home everyday for lunch. Hermione was scheduled to take her exam in three days. In two days Fiona was planning to come back. Hermione’s life was going just fine. That is except for Draco. He would be cheery and funny sometimes, as though he had become a different person than the boy Hermione had originally knew. Then he would turn around and be the selfish, mean git he had been at Hogwarts. Hermione didn’t know how to act around him, always on her best behavior until she knew what kind of mood he was in. Time seemed to crawl by until Fiona was once again in the house. With her she brought a few friends expecting Hermione wouldn’t have a problem. Fiona climbed out of the fireplace and hugged Hermione. “So great to see you! Seems like forever ago that I was here!” Fiona said. “And these are my friends,” she said turning back towards the fireplace. The first one to step forth was rather small in all ways. She was about a head shorter than everyone and very petite around. She had straight shoulder length brown hair and an unsure smile. “This is Amber, Amber this is Hermione.” They exchanged hello’s and nodded. The next girl to a darker skin tone and darker brunet hair blonde highlights and the same dark brown eyes. “Hermione this is Rachel, Rachel, Hermione.” They smiled and nodded. Hermione looked past Rachel expecting to see more. “Are there any others?” she said surprised. “I didn’t want to overwhelm you. Don’t worry though, you can meet all my friends when I meet yours. At the party, remember?” Fiona answered. “Rach and Amber wanted to meet you right away.” “Yeah, she kept talking about you 24/7.” Rachel interrupted. “I didn’t talk about her that much…….did I?” Fiona said the last part a little sheepishly. Her American friends nodded their heads yes vigorously and they all burst out laughing. “So where are those guys Fiona was talking about?” Amber said curiously, looking around the living room. “You can see what her priorities are.” Fiona said sarcastically. Everyone chuckled at that. “Harry’s at work but will be back for lunch in about an hour. Malfoy is pry in the drawing room finishing up.” Hermione said. “Are they as hot as Fiona says they are?” Rachel said. Hermione was a little taken back by the question. She knew plenty of girls who thought they were exactly that. But she couldn’t see Harry as anything but a brother. And Draco was just that, Draco. Or was he? “Ummm…..I guess so.” Ambers smile became colossal, Rachel simply grinned, and Fiona did an ‘I-told-you-so’ kind of smirk. “Well, I’m sorry I haven’t got your rooms ready. Actually, I haven’t even started on them yet. Hope you guys don’t mink bunking in my room for now.” “Course we don’t mind. It’ll be just like a slumber party. We haven’t had one of those forever.” Fiona said. Amber and Rachel added a little to make Hermione feel better. The girls took the suit cases up to Hermione’s room and transfigured some beds for the two new girls. The beds were set up to make a square. In the middle the four sat and talked. “Hermione! I’m home! What’s for dinner?” Harry yelled through the house. “Is that Harry?” Amber said excitedly. “Yeah,” Fiona said getting up and leaping over the bed. Amber quickly sucking in air and dashed past Fiona. The others followed slowly and Amber waited for them at the top of the stair case. “Hermione?” Harry called again. “Coming.” she finally answered. They were half way down the stairs when Harry came into view. “We’ve got company.” “Fiona!” Harry said and ran up the steps to meet her. “Nice to see you again too, Harry.” she said as they embraced. As they came out of the hug Fiona said “These are my friends Amber and Rachel.” She pointed to them as she said their names. Harry shook their hands then looked to Hermione. “What’s for lunch?” he asked. Hermione rolled her eyes and sighed. “You’re acting more like Ron now a days. We need to have him over sometime. I don’t know what’s for lunch. I’ve been entertaining our guests. What do you want for lunch? ------------------ ------------------------ -------------------- ------------------- ------------------ A few days had gone by. Rachel had grown accustom to being around Harry and Draco, but Amber was still goo-goo over them both The party was that evening and the four girls, who had become quick friends, were all still camped in Hermione’s room. Together they had worked out the details of the party and sent out the invites. Hermione had invited Neville, Luna, Ginny, and of course Ron. Somehow Fred and George had found out about it and planned to make an appearance. Ron was also going to bring some of his team mates over too. Fiona had invited a few other girls and some guys. Hermione couldn’t wait to meet them. Amber burst out from behind the dressing curtain to show the others her hula skirt and pink and navy blue halter bikini top, in her hair behind her ear was a hot pink Hawaiian flower. “You look great, Amber.” Rachel said. She was also wearing a grass skirt and a simple blue wife beater with lime green Hawaiian flowers on it, and a lei to match. “Thank-you” Amber replied going to the full length mirror to check out her reflection. “Do I really look okay?” Fiona asked self cautiously, standing beside Amber in front of the mirror. “You look really good!” Amber said looking over Fiona’s outfit. Fiona was wearing a pair of white beach shorts with blue trimming. Her tube top was colored the same way with three blue stars stretching from her top right shoulder to her left waist to make a sash. Her long blonde hair was down and had a slight curl and one lei around her ankle another on her wrist made of multiple shades of blue. “Yeah, you look great.” Hermione said finally coming out from behind the curtain after eavesdropping on the other’s conversation. “Wow, no offense to anyone, but I think that out of all of us Mione’s got the best body.” Rachel said. “No I don’t.” Hermione said modestly trying to hide her blushes. It was true though, she did seem to have the perfect body. She wore her hair in a messy bun with a light blue Hawaiian flower on the side, periwinkle triangle bikini top and a beach skirt of the same color with white stripes on the sides. “Are we all done?” Fiona asked impatiently. “I guess so,” Amber said checking the room for nothing really. “Then let’s go!” Fiona said heading for the door. The party was to be held in the living room. The floor was unable to be seen under the sand Hermione had conjured up. All the furniture had been transfigured into palm trees or surf boards. One rather long couch had been reshaped to be a mini bar. Hermione breathed in deep as she squeezed the sand between her toes, no one would be wearing shoes at this party. Even the air smelled warm and salty. The girls stood in the doorframe admiring their work. Harry quietly snuck up behind them, grabbed Fiona and Amber’s shoulders and yelled, causing Fiona to scream and Amber to scream louder. The others three laughed at them for a full ten minutes. Draco then came into the room. “What’s so funny?” he asked smiling. ‘Thank God! He’s finally in a better mood.’ Hermione thought as Fiona explained what Harry had done. They were all startled when a green flame suddenly appeared in the fireplace, announcing the arrival of their first guest. Hermione stayed behind and geld onto Draco as the others went to greet the person stepping from the hearth. “Err……Malfoy? Could you please work at the mini bar during the party? When things slow down you can join in if you want.” Hermione said quickly, hoping he wouldn’t turn into Hide. “Sure, I can do that.” he said in a false cherry voice. “Thanks,” she said, scrambling off to meet Fiona’s friend. “Sure, I can do that real easy.” Draco mumbled sulking as he headed toward the mini bar.

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