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Chapter 2

“Have you seen the new shipment from Scholastic anywhere,” a worker called.

“Yes, it’s in back near the overstock paperbacks,” a woman replied. She had fiery red hair tied at her neck with a gold ribbon. Her gentle eyes missed nothing and were surrounded by freckled creamy skin. Ginevra Weasley, now Virginia Daragan, had been working at that bookstore since she moved to America and started over. She now owned a house about 20 minutes away and lived there with her teenage daughter, Andrea.

“I’m taking my break. If you need me I’ll be in the café,” Ginny told one of her co-workers, Christen.

“Go have fun,” Christen shouted back over the many boxes filled with books.

Walking over to the café, she watched her daughter bustle around, getting a fresh batch of coffee prepared. Just then, Loretta walked in.

“Oh I’m so sorry Lia, traffic was horrible! I hope they finish the construction on Lake soon.”

“I know. I was late too, and I was just walking over here from the mall. But don’t worry. I doubt there will be any crowds today. The only person in here so far was an Englishman a few moments ago.” Not noticing her mother, she continued, mimicking the British accent, “Kind of odd, really. Asked if a ‘Virginia Daragan’ worked here. I told him she was in the bookstore and he headed off. To where, I can only guess.”

“Lia, what did he look like,” Ginny asked her daughter.

Loretta jumped. “Oh Gin! We didn’t hear you come up!”

“What do you mean Mum?”

“Andrea, what did he look like?” Ginny asked that question, dreading the possible answers.

“I don’t know. He had a glamour spell on. I could feel it. He had dark brown hair and playful light-brown eyes. With a smile to match.” Andrea gave her mom the straight facts. She never called her by her given name unless it was really important.

“Wait, he was a wizard? Like you Lia?” Of course, being her best friend, Loretta knew about Andrea being a witch. She knew all about Andrea’s school, and had even gone with her once to get her school supplies.

“I knew it. Who else would it be? He really should create a new look though. It’s a dead giveaway.” Ginny said under her breath, just loud enough for the two girls to heat. “Oh bloody hell,” she cursed, reminding herself of her brother, realizing she was going to relive her past really soon. Shock was written all over Andrea's features and her eyes when from their welcoming grey to a startling emerald green. Both Loretta and Ginny knew that wasn’t good.

“I knew it. I knew it. You were way too calm when I received my letter to Salem. Why didn’t you ever tell me?” Andrea was able to say it all calmly, without creating a scene.

“This isn’t the time or place. Loretta, will you miss Lia if she takes the rest of the afternoon off?”

“No, David should be coming in soon. And like Lia said, it doesn’t look like there will be a crowd today. I’ll just say that you went home sick.”

“Thanks. You’re a lifesaver. Literally. Andrea, meet me out back by the car.” With that, Ginny left quickly to tell Christen and James that she needed to leave.

“Oh Ginny, before you leave, there was an attractive Englishman looking for you a few moments ago. I told him you were on break and would be over at the café.”

“Oh bloody hell,” she said again, quietly. “I’ve really got to go. James is in, he’ll love to take over.” With that, Ginny rushed out back to the car and she and Andrea drove home at record speed, enduring the nervous silence.


After inquiring about Ginny at the front desk, he was told she was on her break, but would be in the café. With each step he took, his heart beat a little faster until it seemed it would burst. Time seemed to slow and doubt creped back into his thoughts.

An eternity later, Draco saw the café. There was no sign of fiery red hair. In fact, the only person there was the brunette at the counter. Walking up, he cleared his throat to get her attention.

“Can I help you,” the girl asked. She seemed to be the same age as the one before, Andrea.

“Yes, I’m looking for Ginny Daragan.”

“Sorry, you just missed her.” Loretta was debating what to tell the man before her.

“Did she go back to work?”

“No, she left for the day. Something about a family emergency.”

“Thanks,” Draco told her. He had to admit, she was a good liar, but he knew there was no family emergency. She had no family, as far as he knew, the records had shown him that.

Exiting the building, Draco made up his mind to try the address he had for her. It was his last hope, as it seemed she knew he was looking for her. If she disappeared again, he knew no one would ever find her.


A/N: Lia and Andrea are the same person, Lia means grey in Galic.

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