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Chapter 2 A Lot Can Change A/N This chapter doesn’t have much to do as far as plot advancement, but gives a nice little look at Harry and his friends over the years I skipped. So basically sixth year. I know I changed the characters a round a bit, but they’re growing up! Yeah I know dorky. Anyways please rate and review, it would mean mucho!!!! ENJOY Edited: March 5, 2005. Not much editing done in this one, just a bit of grammar fixing. * ** *** ** * * ** *** ** * Harry Potter woke up the next morning, not knowing that his father and two best friends had been transported from 1972 the night before, and that they were planning on changing the course of history, to him it was just a normal Saturday morning. He checked the watch on his bedside table and was surprised to see that it was seven o’clock in the morning. Actually, come to think of it, it actually wasn’t that surprising considering the fact that he never got a full night’s sleep anymore. He hadn’t since his fifth year. Harry, now in his seventh year of Hogwarts, gave a tired groan and willed himself to fall back asleep. * ** *** ** * After news had spread that Lord Voldemort had indeed risen again, people’s moods changed instantly towards Harry. They no longer skirted him in the corridors, but stopped to chat to him, or ask him to retell his adventures. It was no longer a secret that Harry had saved The Sorcerers Stone, stopped the Basilisk in the chamber of secrets, was the reason Lockhart was in St. Mungo’s, had encountered and exposed the truth about Sirius Black, had faced Voldemort at the end of the tri-wizard tournament, had ventured to the department of mysteries and watched as Voldemort’s return had been recognized by the entire wizarding population. He was, well there really wasn’t a better word for it…famous. Of course, Harry didn’t want to be famous, all he wanted was to be a normal 17 year old boy with his parents and his godfather, and all the other people he loved, but unfortunately this was never an option for the boy-who-lived. Things had actually started to slide back into control after the fray at the Department of Mysteries, but that was all before Neville Longbottom made the biggest mistake of his life. Everyone had known about Harry’s adventures and exploits, but the one thing they hadn’t known about was the prophecy. As far as they were concerned anyone could defeat Voldemort, not just Harry. Dumbledore, however, had decided that Neville needed to know the prophecy as well, so at the end of their sixth year Dumbledore had informed Neville, that he would have been in Harry’s position now, if Voldemort hadn’t chosen Harry. The one thing Dumbledore had forgotten to warn Neville about was that the media and Voldemort didn’t know about the prophecy, and that it wasn’t exactly a good thing if they found out. So Neville Longbottom had spilled the beans, when he met up with Rita Skeeter during the Summer Holidays. Now everyone knew about the prophecy and Harry’s destiny, and that had only catapulted Harry’s fame and popularity to unseen limits. Flourish and Blotts had hired an author to write stories about Harry’s adventures at Hogwarts, and so far they were up to volume 4, which followed Harry through his fourth year and the tri-wizard tournament. They were best sellers. Everyone wanted to be his best friend, and going out in public was getting very difficult, as people stopped him all the time wanting to hear stories of adventure, or slip him words of encouragement and praise. It was just plain surreal. The only really good thing was that his fellow seventh year Hogwarts students treated him just as they had always done. Of course they knew who he was and what he had done, but as far as they were concerned, he was just Harry Potter, the 11-year-old boy who had been sorted with them in the first year, and been their friend through thick and thin. Then there was of course the fact that if you were from Slytherin then you would do anything in your power to show up the famous Harry Potter. Nothing would ever change in that department. Draco Malfoy and Harry’s feud had grown to unseen proportions. It was common knowledge that it was Harry who had been the reason that Draco’s father had been sent to Azkaban in his fifth year; Lucius Malfoy still had still not yet managed to escape. The dementors of course had joined Voldemort, but the new Minister of Magic, Michael Kinsella (Fudge had been thrown out of office, after the events of Harry’s fifth year) had hired mountain trolls in their place, and they did quite a good job at keeping the prisoners at bay. It seemed that Voldemort had forgotten his followers in Azkaban, and was only concentrating on his current army. That was another bad thing about Neville revealing the prophecy. Now Voldemort was after Harry with a new vengeance. He had made several threats on Harry’s life, but had not gone after him since they had last encountered each other in Harry’s fifth year. It seemed that Voldemort was biding his time, not wanting to take any more chances that could lead to his downfall than he had to. Either that or he was planning something big. Harry had mastered occlumency though, and Voldemort no longer could enter Harry’s mind. He had also mastered the art of Legimency, and if he wanted to could attack anyone’s minds he wanted to, including Voldemort, although he had no need or want to. Harry’s friends had changed a lot over the last couple of years as well. Ron was still tall and gangly, but it seemed to fit him better now. He had toned muscles and was captain of the quidditch team. He was also head boy. His father had received a raise from Michael Kinsella, the minister of magic, who had claimed that Mr. Weasley’s department was extremely under compensated. As a result of this all of Ron’s second hand things had been replaced with new, and the burrow had undergone a massive makeover, with several rooms added on here and there. Hermione had probably changed the most. Last summer Ginny and Hermione had retreated upstairs to their rooms at Grimwauld Place and had reappeared several hours later, with Hermione no longer sporting bushy hair. It wasn’t straight, but soft and wavy. Her teeth were completely straight after her parents had given in and conceded to her request to magically alter them, and her clothes had changed as well. She took more pride in her slim figure, and had stopped wearing librarian’s clothes, but popular muggle designer brands. Despite her new exterior, she was the same Hermione. She was head girl, at the top of all of her classes, and just as paranoid about homework as ever. She was extremely pretty, not that she hadn’t been before, but before she had been hiding behind her books. She just had a new ease about her, and you could tell by looking at her that she was much more comfortable and sure of herself. Ginny, who had become somewhat of the fourth musketeer, during the trios sixth year was much as she had always been, but had changed as well. She was very breath taking, with thick ginger hair, and deep chocolate brown eyes. She was a little taller now, and had a very petite figure. She just exuded confidence and grace. She was still a fireball, and would be the first to tell you that you were doing something wrong. Yet, she was incredibly kind and had a wonderful sense of humor. Harry had changed physically as well. He was no longer skinny and awkward, but like Ron, he was quite built after all of his years of Quidditch and defense training. He was incredibly gifted in transfiguration and defense against the dark arts as well. As a matter of fact he scored highest in his class in those two exams for the last two years at school. He had grown upwards a bit too, and was bordering just around six feet tall. He no longer wore Dudley’s old clothes after venturing into muggle London one day with Hermione who informed him that he had to buy some that actually fit him, so he did. His hair was still untidy, but instead of always trying to flatten it he had decided to play it up. He had taken to the habit of his late father, ruffling it whenever he got the chance. He had grown into an almost exact carbon copy of James, except for his emerald green eyes, and the trademark lightning bolt scar, that was situated on his forehead. It was true the golden trio, which had turned into the four musketeers, had changed immensely over the last couple of years * ** *** ** * * ** *** ** * Harry had trouble getting back to sleep so at 7:15 he surrendered, and headed down to the great hall for breakfast. He liked Hogwarts best in the morning, when there were few people in the halls. Which meant that there were that many fewer people to stop him as he made his way through the corridors. He made his way through the common room, and stepped through the portrait hole. As he did he heard a loud crash to his left, and using his Quidditch reflexes pulled out his wand, and pointed it towards the source of the disturbance. He slowly began examining the area, where a large platter of some sort had fallen off of it’s pedestal. He picked it up and seeing nothing unusual set it back in its proper place. He checked the scene one more time, before walking away mumbling something about the wind.

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