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Okay, so here’s the deal. I’ve been toying around with different genres of writing, and have decided to throw them all into one pot and make a super fic. Well you can decide if it’s super or not. Anyways, this story is going to start as just time travel, but will later evolve into Harry’s sixth year, still integrating time travel, romance, angst, and any other type of fic you can imagine (except for slash). It’s all in my head, no need to worry…or maybe that is cause to worry!!!! I have a good part of this story already written, so the more feedback I get the sooner I’ll be inspired to post another chapter. I have a lot of plans for this fic, and already have a sequel planned out in my head, if this one goes well. Please leave me a review, I would really appreciate any feedback negative or positive. I’m also doing this to improve my writing, so just remember CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM IS GOOD. So here it goes… Authors note - March 6, 2005 - Alright this story is finished, and if you read the authors note on the last chapter will have a sequel. I will go through and edit this story once I finish writing my other story on this site, you will know if a chapter is edited because an asterisk will be placed next to the chapter title on the chapter titles page. So with that in mind please continue on, but do know that when I go back and change things around some occurrences may result differently. so, if you see any Mary Sue's, weird occurrences, blah, blah, blah, typing errors (which I know for a fact there are quite a few of), just know that they will not remain that way. Please, while reading these first few chapters keep in mind that this was my first fan fiction, and I like to believe that the sequel I am setting for release somewhere in April has a much higher writing level, at least I hope. Oh, and FYI, please do not stop reading if you see a character who reminds you of a TOTAL Mary Sue...appearances can be deceiving. * * * * Chapter 1 Past and Present James Potter wasn’t exactly sure what had happened. One minute he had been sitting with Sirius and Remus in the common room, and now he was lying flat on his back in the middle of the Great Hall. He lifted his head off the floor slightly to hear a shrieking Remus Lupin. “What did you do!” Remus bellowed at Sirius. “Nothing…I just was playing with that necklace thingy you’re always wearing.” replied Sirius nonchalantly. “The one I SPECIFICIALLY told YOU NEVER to TOUCH,” screamed Remus. “Yeah that one,” said Sirius with a guilty smile. “This is not funny Sirius, you have no clue what you’ve just done,” Remus cried, yanking at his hair in frustration. ”And what exactly is it that he’s done?” James asked, entering the conversation, as he began to pick himself up and wipe some of the dust off of his robes. “We’ve gone back in time.” Remus hissed quietly, “That’s what he’s gone and done this time…the great DOLT!” “WHAT!” Shrieked Sirius and James in unison “B-b-back you mean as in the…past. How do you know?” Asked a frightened Sirius. “Yes, back in time. And yes back generally does refer to the past.” Remus looked hard at Sirius, trying to convey his unhappiness by glaring, “And I can tell, due mainly to the fact that we were in the common room five minutes ago, and now we have suddenly have appeared in the middle of the Great Hall.” He paused to gesture wildly at their surroundings, “Oh, and let’s not forget the fact that Sirius was playing with the time turner, and now it’s smashed on the floor.” Remus looked at Sirius as though he was about ready to throttle him. “Not a good sign.” He finished quietly observing the shattered time turner that lay by his side. The other two looked mortified. “But wait how do we know we went back, we could have gone forward, right?” James asked, his voice shaky, and his palms sweaty. This was not how he had wanted to spend his evening. “Well generally time turners are not meant to go into the future, so it is natural to assume that we have gone back.” Remus explained, taking on the tone he used when he was recalling information from some textbook or other. Both Sirius and James looked like they had just seen death. “How do we get back?” whispered James. “I don’t know, the time turner is broken. Either we fix it or find another way.” Remus let out a frustrated sigh, burying his face in his hands, and letting out a pained groan. “Nice one Sirius,” James shoved the boy next to him, his voice holding a touch of resentment. Sirius was about to reply when they heard voices coming down the hall. The three boys almost collapsed in delight when they saw who it was…McGonagall and Flitwick. “Right,” said James taking on the tone he used when he was assuming leadership of a situation, “I’ll go talk to them, it may be easier with just one of us, it might surprise them if there’s more.” “What are you talking about?” Remus looked at him with an extremely exasperated expression painted across his face. “To ask them stuff about…well stuff, like where we are and what not.” James explained reasonably. Remus looked at him blankly, “No James.” “Remus, don’t be a nag.” Sirius teased from behind him. Remus whirled around to face the dark haired boy. “Don’t talk to me about nagging, or any other nonsense, because right now you are lucky that all I am doing is nagging you. I would be perfectly within reason, so don’t try me.” Remus hissed at him, holding up his wand as if to remind Sirius that he was a wizard, a wizard with a wand, a wizard with a wand who wasn’t afraid to use it. He glared at Sirius once more before turning his attention back to James. “ James, the one rule of the time turner is you mustn’t be seen. If you go and talk to them you will be strictly breaking that rule. NO ONE is supposed to know we’re here. We could change the course of time…we could never be born.” Remus explained, his voice losing some of the hostility it had held while talking to Sirius. “Well fine then I’ll just pretend I’m a new student, and ask them a few generic question,” James looked at Remus hopefully. “Don’t you think they’d know if there was a new student in the school James, please just use some logic.” Remus sighed. “Come on Remus he has to go talk to them, otherwise how are we going to get back. I don’t know about you but I have a date tomorrow with a very pretty Hufflepuff tomorrow, and I don’t intend on breaking it,” Sirius said while a mischievous grin began to appear on his face. “Sirius firstly I do not care about who you are going to snog tomorrow, AND I don’t even know if we’ll be back in our time tomorrow, and secondly either you be quiet or I will make you,” Remus said slowly. Directing his attention on James he continued talking, “Now James, I think you may have a point,” He did his best to ignore Sirius’ look of triumph, “We have to figure out where we are, but please try not to draw attention to yourself, be as inconspicuous as possible. Another thing, when you go out there do NOT mention where we are from, and try not to talk about specific events, because they might not know what you’re talking about.” “What do you mean, specific events?” asked James, looking over his shoulder to where the two teachers were rapidly approaching. “I mean, well for example, the transfiguration evaluation on Monday, it would only make them suspicious, because in this time there might not be a transfiguration evaluation on Monday, do you understand?” James thought hard for a few second before nodding his head in assent. “Alright then…go.” Whispered Remus, as he gave James a shove in the right direction. Slowly he stood up from his hiding place behind a statue of armor, and walked towards the two professors, but before James could say anything, they did. “Potter, what are you doing out of bed at this hour?” asked McGonagall. “Well…I…uh…wait you know who I am?” James asked, clearly surprised. Behind the suit of armor Remus began hitting his head against the stone wall, while Sirius tried to pry him away from it; very ineffectively. “Of course I know who you are Mr. Potter, what did you think, that I thought you were Mr. Weasley?” McGonagall snapped irritably. “Weasley?” James asked slowly. “Harry, are you feeling alright, should I call for Madam Pomfrey?” asked Professor Flitwick. “Harry?” James asked again. “Dear Lord Mr. Potter what have you done this time. If it’s anything dangerous, like that fight that broke out between you and some members of the Slytherin house last week, I will be forced to discipline you severely. You know the precautions that you are supposed to be taking, these are dark times, especially for you.” McGonagall snapped. “Dark times?” James asked, his confusion rising. “Did someone hit you with a confondus charm, or are you just trying to play dumb?” she asked, “Well answer me boy?” She demanded, as James failed to supply an answer to her. “What day is it?” asked James quickly trying desperately to change the subject. It seemed to have worked. “November 28, why Mr. Potter?” “And what’s the year?” “Honestly…. today’s full date is November 28, 1997.” She replied “And I’m Harry Potter?” James asked even more slowly than he had before. “Yes, are you sure you’re alright,” she asked beginning to become slightly worried. Behind them Remus was continuing to bash his head against the wall, and now Sirius had completely abandoned trying to hold him back; considering it punishment for his friends prior snappy behavior. “Sorry professor, but if I’m Harry Potter, who is my father?” James asked. McGonagall let out a pained sigh, “You dear boy. Your father was James Potter.” “And my mother?” “Lily Potter.” “WHAT,” James screamed, “Lily, as in maiden name Lily Evans.” “The very same,” McGonagall replied somberly. James tried to steady himself, his mind was racing, he was going to marry Lily Evans, they were going to have a son named Harry, and from what it sounded like he was as prone to trouble as the Marauders were. But something didn’t feel quite right. Something kept nagging at the back of the brain. She had said your father was James Potter, not is James Potter. Something was wrong. Behind the armor Remus and Sirius had stopped and were just as dumbstruck as James. Lily? Lily marry James? It just wasn’t possible she hated him. “Professor,” continued James unsteadily, “You said my father, was, James Potter, what happened?” “Harry, I know you’re going through a hard time right now, but you can’t dwell on the past, you must continue forward, and as hard as it nay be to accept, the entire world muggle and wizard alike are resting their futures in your hands. Now please I know pretending nothing ever happened might ease the pain, but you must stay strong. You must continue to fight. Now I want you to go up to your common room, and stay there, this is the last time I let you off with a warning.” And with that she patted James on the shoulder, and continued down the corridor with Professor Flitwick in tow. James slowly made his way back behind the armor where Sirius and Remus gazed at him, both surprised at the information they had just heard. They sat in deafening silence, until Remus decided something had to be said. “Don’t worry James, I’m sure you’re fine, and your son, he sounds like a pretty cool guy, maybe we’ll see him around. I’m sure he must look just like you, if you were mistaken for him.” Remus tried weakly to get James to cheer up. James merely looked at his friends and mumbled, “She said was.” “You probably just took it the wrong way, right Sirius,” Remus elbowed a very pale looking Sirius in the gut, who snapped out of his thoughts and gave a small grumble of agreement. “Something happened to me, and something big is happening to my son. I want to know what it is.” “You can’t James, you could affect time to the point of no return. You could alter it to the point where you were never born!” exclaimed Remus. “If something bad happens to me in the future or the past, wherever, we can change it, we just have to be careful not to change too much.” James said quietly, his face screwed up as if he was planning it all out in his head as he spoke. Remus didn’t say anything, but looked like he was making the hardest decision he would ever have to make. “Remus,” James continued softly, “I think in the future I’m well, I think…REMUS I THINK I’M DEAD!” James ended up screaming. “Hush up,” Remus hissed at him, “ James, we have no proof you’re dead.” He tried to reason with his friend. “But we could get proof, my son is here in this building if we could only talk to him, then we could find out what happened, go back and change it. Remus, I don’t want to die.” “I agree with James,” Sirius whispered, “ I don’t want one of my best mates to die, and I don’t want to stand on the sidelines knowing I could have done something to prevent it from happening. I won’t let James die.” “I don’t want James to die either.” Remus hissed at Sirius. “THEN WHY THE BLOODY HELL ARE YOU ARGUING AGAINST THIS.” Sirius screamed. “Because Sirius we have no proof he’s dead, and we could alter time to the point where nothing would be the same, none of us could be here, we could never have been born!” “For Merlin’s sake Remus, you’ve told us that a thousand times, and you know what, I would rather never be born, and create an alternate universe than watch James die, and from what it sounds like in a not very nice way.” James smiled at his friends. He felt touched that Sirius would rather never have been born, than have him die. He also understood that Remus was just being Remus. Cautious as always weighing the pros and cons, but he knew that Remus didn’t want him to die just as much as Sirius didn’t. It looked like it was absolutely killing Remus to be arguing with Sirius about the whole situation, with his taking the con side. “A couple problems guys,” James broke in, interrupting their argument, “We still don’t know what, when, where, or whether anything happened, and once we do, because I plan on finding out (Sirius gave a nod of approval) how do we get back in time? Remus’ time turner broke when we hit the floor. And another thing why are we in the future, when Remus said the time turner goes into the past?” “He’s got a point. And I believe that we went forward, because when the time turner broke it reversed the effect that time was moving. Just a theory.” Said Remus “Remus you’re like Dumbledore, your theories are almost always correct” Sirius turned his attention to James, “James, we’re not going to let whatever happened, happen, never.” Sirius stated simply, but it meant the world to James. “Well then what are we going to do? We don’t know what happened, we have no time turner, and we’re stuck in 1997!?!” Remus said, presenting only a few of their problems “ I’ll tell you what we’re going to do Moony. We’re going to find my son.” James said, his eyes flashing with determination. * * * * Hope you all enjoyed. Please R/R!!!!

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