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Chapter 1

Her things were packed. Her money, all the money she had saved for so long, was sitting in a worn leather wallet in her back pocket an in the billfold nestled next to that majority, American dollars, were a few British pounds.

Throwing her book bag over her shoulder, she dragged her trunk out of the room and took one last glance at their room. It was clean and tidy. And oh, how she had struggled with him to keep it that way.

Doubt began to eat at the edge of her mind. Why was she doing this? Was this really the right action? She could stay with him and they could watch their child grow up, together. Their little girl. It was too early for any test to tell, but she knew in her heart. She could feel it. Unconsciously she moved her hand over her abdomen protectively. She was why. If he knew, he would stop fighting, and he was much too valuable in this War. The only way everyone would be safe was if she left, away from magic, away from the world of witches and wizards that she grew up in.

She closed the door and walked down the hall, dragging her trunk behind her. No more magic from now on, she promised herself.

Leaving her trunk by the door, she walked over to the kitchen counter and deposited an envelope. In the envelope there was a letter and a ring. the ring consisted of a light yelow diamond set bewteen two smaller emeralds, set in a platinum band.

Taking her owl Adonis out of his cage, and tying a letter to his leg she said, “Take this to Mum and Da. They’ll be taking care of you while I’m gone. I’ll miss you.” The owl hooted twice and when the door was opened, Adonis flew off into the evening.

With one last look into the apartment, she closed the door one last time.


Seventeen years later, almost to the day, Draco Malfoy walked into a rather large bookstore in a town outside Manchester, New Hampshire. He had been searching for Ginevra Weasley since the end of the War. He had scoured the globe for any sign of her, always coming up empty-handed. Then last week Ron, Ginny’s older brother had heard something from a distant Muggle contact in the US; in Boston, Massachusetts to be exact.

Driving down the highway, he spotted the exit he needed, and changing lanes; his hand moved to the silver chain around his neck. On that chain hung a ring. An engagement ring of a light yellow diamond with two emeralds on its sides.

The city records had shown a Virginia Daragan coming from England around the same time that Ginny had left. It also said she was employed at a local bookstore in a town about 2½ hours northwest, in the next state.

Now Draco stood on a busy street corner looking at the store. It was surrounded by shopping centers; a huge mall was even a few blocks down. This was the closest he had ever come to finding her. What if this was all for nothing? Could he stand another dead end?

Making sure his glamour spell was in place, Draco walked through the double doors, anxious to see what was inside. It was a rather large store, part of a whole chain, he remembered, with a petite café inside. Deciding that some coffee would help with the jet lag, he made his way over to the café which was nestled in the corner on his left. As he neared the counter, a young woman was fumbling with her apron and a coffee machine. Her ginger hair fell a few inches below her shoulders and had auburn highlights and even a few blond streaks. She had slightly pale skin that had a healthy flush to it and was spotted with a few freckles. Somehow, it fit. But her eyes were what stood out. They were turning from a deep blue to a simple grey flecked with gold and green.

Then with a smile she asked, “So what’ll it be?”

“I’ll take a French Roast with a shot please,” he replied, smiling. He noted that under the slight Boston accent, there was a hint of an English one as well.

“Two-fifty,” she told him.

Draco automatically handed her a five-dollar bill. For growing up detesting Muggles, now he could easily pass as one.

“Here’s your change,” the girl replied, handing it to him. “And your coffee’ll be up in a sec.”

When she came back, he asked her, “Do you know if a Virginia Daragan works here?”

An odd look passed the young woman’s face before vanishing completely, making Draco wonder if he had seen it at all. “Yeah, she’s the manager of the bookstore. She should be on duty right now too,” she finished, glancing at her watch.

His face momentarily paled and he said, “Thank you… Andrea,” his eyes catching her nametag. He turned on his heal, coffee in hand in search of a bookstore employee.


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