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It was warm inside Remus’ jacket. Comforting. I hid my nose inside, and looked back at Remus and smiled. There was something peculiar about him. Something I just couldn’t put my finger on. “And Potters chasing something! OH GIVE IT SOME F--- SPEED, POTTER! SPEED!” I was shaken from my thoughts of Remus when Trevor screamed. I furrowed my brows angrily, and clamped my hands over my ears. Maybe it wouldn’t kill me to pay attention to what was going on. It was a lot different then the other Sport’s Outings, I’d attended with Victor and my father. I was to sit there, in a very intricate gown, with an overly large hat shading my face from the sun. I wasn’t to pay attention to the Horse Race; I was to sit with my attendants, drinking tea, and discussing a novel. I was their trophy girl, and I wasn’t to look like I was raised by brutes, or was betrothed to one. I had to look elegant. My eyes focused in on James Potter. I watched him soar above the stands, weaving and dodging all the other players. He was a magnificent flyer, and that was for sure. I smiled as I watched him play. James and I had become friends over the past few weeks, and I admit to having some sort of childish crush on him. I knew we’d only be friends, because I loved Victor… Because I love… Victor. I made a face for a moment, and stood up from the stands. I needed to go and find some place quiet. We had sit in the front row of the stands, and as I walked towards the stairs, I looked down, and we were a good three hundred feet from the ground. The stands started cheering, and it startled me, so I clutched onto the railing. Regaining my composure, I let go, and started walking. It wasn’t easy walking in three-inch heels across wooden planks with cracks, and holes in them. Somebody stood up, right where I was walking, and my left heel got stuck in a hole. The person who had stood up, had shoved me, and before I knew it, I was dangling off the railing. Three hundred feet in the air. I could have wet myself from the pit in my stomach. I was only clinging on by one hand, and before I knew it… I was free falling. I clutched my eyes closed, and screamed. I screamed for someone to catch me. For someone to give me another chance to survive… The day my father’s funeral happened flashed before my eyelids… And everything I had felt that day, came flooding back to my mind, overcoming my last thoughts, my last prayers… it struck me with fear. It was cold. No, it was more then cold. It was a bitter freezing wind, eating down at my insides. My hair covered most of my eyes, so I really didn’t have a chance to see first hand what was going on. My mother was weeping silently, so I encased her in my arms. I was fifteen. She was thirty eight. I muffled a cry into the nape of her neck. It wasn’t lady like to cry in public, especially at a funeral of a loved one. But this was an occasion worth crying for. “May William Renaldo IV rest in undisturbed peace.” My mother burst out in tears, and gently pushed me away from her. Her fist encased her wedding band. I watched her bite down hardly on her lower lip, as she stepped forward, and placed it gingerly on my father’s chest. I watched her, wiping tears away from my eyes. Breaking my glance from my mother, I looked over to Petunia. She was standing there, looking straight forward, towards the seemingly never ending sky. She didn’t even show any remorse for our deceased father. The Priest put down the casket lid, and stepped back. “You’re in the Lord’s hands now,” he said. “Amen.” I let out a petrified scream. Sure, I missed my father dearly, but I was in no hurry to die, to see him again. I cried, my warm tears melting the cold from my face. I waited to feel my body crash against the cold, frost bitten grass of the pitch. …. But I never hit. Not even barely. I felt the warmth of someone’s arms around me. Felt their warm mixed with cold air breath. I shivered. I tried to fight my instincts to open my eyes. I may be hundreds of feet above the ground still. “Are you okay?” I never learned how that Quidditch match ended. I really never cared. I was laying in one of the tiny Hospital Wing beds, staring up at the ceiling when Madame Pomfrey, the Head Nurse, walked in and set a glass of water on the stand next to my bed. “Quite a scare you had, Ms. Evans,” she said, sitting on an empty space beside my waist, adjusting my blankets. I nodded, and sighed, looking towards her. “How far was I from the ground?” “Oh, Heavens, I don’t even watch the games anymore. I stay here, and tend to the patients who aren’t allowed out of the wing.” She stood, “you need rest. Sleep soundly.” Madame Pomfrey left me to my lonesome, and disappeared back into her office. I sighed, and turned onto my side, face the end of the wing, towards the grounds. I bit my lip, and stared off into space, anxious to get back to the Gryffindor Tower. I didn’t like being alone in the Hospital Wing. It was cold, dank, and rather e-spiriting. There was a clank behind me, and I turned quickly, cracking my neck in the process. Shivering from the noise it made, I saw no one in the other end of the Hospital wing. I raised an eyebrow, before looking to the foot of my bed. There was a dark figure standing there, casting a shadow over my bed. Darkening the bleeding moonlight from the window. “Here,” the figure said, handing forward flowers, that looked as if they had been picked just five minutes earlier. I took them into my hands, and smelt them for a moment, before he spoke again: “They’re from the Forbidden Forest..” “James,” I groaned, going to sit up, but he moved to quickly, and put a hand on my shoulder. “Don’t sit up.” He said, pulling a chair over, and sitting beside me. “I know, we’re not allowed in there, but we don’t exactly have a lot of flowers on the grounds.” I nodded a bit, and smiled, before setting the flowers onto the table beside my bed. “Gave everyone a scare, you did. Free falling from three hundred feet in the air. God, Red, what’d I tell you about that?” He grinned, and I tried to suppress a smile. “You act like I did it purposely.” “Well, next time you jump, make sure I’m always there to catch you.” I nodded, and crossed my arms over my chest; “You say that as if I plan to jump off something high in the near future.” I bit my lower lip, before looking to him. “Why’d you come?” He avoided my gaze for a few minutes, before looking straight forward. “I have to go…” “Oh… Right. Alright. Night.” “Night, Red.” He got up quickly, and I watched him walk to the door. He looked back when his hand was on the knob, and then turned quickly. I furrowed my brows, and frowned, before I drifted into a small, and peaceful sleep.

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