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Lifestyles of The Witch and Famous Chapter 31 **Previous Chapter** Tears forming in his eyes he took a seat in one of the ugly chairs. All thoughts of the painting vanished as the picture of his love when he last saw her came to mind. She had been wearing the gown he’d bought her for the ball. She was like a vision. He remembered thinking that he was dreaming when he saw her come out of her room. ‘I love you. I know you can hear me. You said I could talk to you even thought you can’t talk back. I miss you. Come back! It’s been a month already!’ Hermione’s voice rang out in his head as sobs. Draco nearly responded before he regained his shattered sensibilities. Opening his mind to her, meant opening up his WHOLE mind and everything he knew. It was much too dangerous for her to know. “I miss you my love…you have no idea how much.” Draco whispered aloud, knowing she could not hear him. (A/N – Hey everyone! Oh I am soooo sorry I havent been updating! I’ve been doing a lot of revision for exams! Oh crap they’re today! First one is English…shouldn’t do too bad…I hope! Anyway no more rambling now, let the story commence!) Hermione was walking about the lake in the moonlight. She was wearing her ball gown. It was terribly cold, but she did not feel it. She could not feel it. For toniehgt she was to meet her love again. He said he was going to meet her here. She was tingling with expectency. Oh how she couldn’t wait to see the face that used to make her skin crawl. Picking up pace, she quickly got to her destination, the large oak tree. Settling herself underneath it she sighed. Noit much longer now, surely? She could not check her watch. It was much too dark. She had left her wand upstairs. She felt a little insecure without it, but Draco was no danger to her. “Hermione?” whispered a voice she hadn’t heard for so long. “Draco? Where are you?” Hermione whispered back, her eyes stinging in the wind. Suddenly the blonde she had been waiting to see appeared. She could not see him properly, but she could see his sparkling blue eyes. They were ever so bright. Hermione had never seen them that bright before. ‘He must be happy to see me’ Hermione thought. ‘I am happy to see you…just not in the way you may have expected.’ Draco bethought her, startling her out of her wits. It had been so long since she had spoken to him thus. “What…what do you mean?” Hermione uttered, a smile hidden in her startled voice. She longed to wrap her arms around him, but he didn’t seem to be eager to touch her…or go near her for that matter. She looked ddeeply into his eyes, “You’ve changed Draco…I can feel it.” “You are right again my love.” Draco grinned, his eyes suddenly changed to a slit shape and turned a burning hot red. “No!” Hermione screamed, walking backwards away from Draco. “Don’t be afraid. It’s me Hermione…aren’t you happy to see me?” Draco laughed…but not in his own voice. It was a deep and crackily voice. It was the voice Harry had described often…the voice of Lord Voldemort. “Please…please leave me alone!” Hermione sobbed, fresh tears wetting her cheeks. She had been so excited to see him. Now he truly was gone. She continued to stumble backwards until she hit something very solid. Looking back briefly she realised she had hit the trunk of the tree. Draco continued to walk closer to her until his nose was nearly touching her own. “Where’s Draco?” Hermione asked in a calm voice. She wasn’t scared. She had found her courage. She had to save him. “Oh here’s here…somewhere.” Voldemort seethed, his laughter filling Hermione’s mind. He pressed his lips to her own, Hermione pushing him back desperately with her arms. Voldemort pulled back grinning, “Not bad…not bad.” “Please…no!” Heremione sobbed. Voldemort pulled out Draco wand from his robes. “Goodbye silly miss perfect.” “Avada Kedavra!” Voldemort roared. A green jet of light streamed from Draco’s wand into Hermione heart. The pain she felt, she had never felt before. It was beyond the beyond. It was the worst she had ever felt. She knew she was dead. With one final scream, Hermione dropped to the ground, her eyes still open with fear. She was as still as tree beside her. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ “Hermione!” cried a distant voice. “Hermione please wake up!” the voice spoke louder. She was aware of someone, shoving her. “No!” Hermione sobbed, “Where am I?” “You’re at Hogwarts Hermione. Now wake up!” Harry cried. Opening her eyes properly, she saw the two familiar faces of her best friends Ronald Weasley and Harry Potter. “Hermione you were dreaming.” Harry smiled, knowing how she felt. “You mean nightmaring.” Ron corrected, glancing down to Hermione. “Really? I’m…I’m not dead? But…But it felt so real. I can still feel the pain a little. Oh it was terrible!” Hermione sat up, the couch seemed suddenly so uncomfortable. “What was your nightmare about ‘Mione?” Ron asked. “Oh well…Voldemort was trying to kill me.” Hermione explained quickly, swiping her hair from her face so she could see them properly. She was quick enough to see Harry and Ron exchange curious looks. “What? Don’t you believe me?” Hermione asked in a surprised manner. “Er…well Hermione…why were you screaming out Malfoy’s name?” Harry asked. Ron suddenly turned a bright pink, “Yeah why?” he asked in a more angry fashion. “I was? Well Draco wasn’t even in it!” Hermione lied convincingly. Ron and Harry exchanged looks again but didn’t say anything more on the topic. “Ok well I need some breakfast. What about you?” Ron asked, moving towards the door. “Yeah sure, I’m starving!” Harry piped up quickly, follwing Ron out the door. “Oh But wait!” Hermione cried, but her shout fell on deaf ears as her friends were already out of the room. It had been a month since Draco had acciendly spoken through her mind. Every night she had different dreams, each involving Draco. Was she going mad? Surely it was not natural for her to be thinking of him every second of the day. She barely ate anymore, her grades and plumeted for the first time ever and she looked like she’d been to hell and back. “Oh I really need to get my life back on track.” Hermione sighed, getting herself a glass of water from the waterstand. If she could only forget him for one minute, maybe she’d be able to sort things out. Just maybe… She cleaned hersself up, got dressed and got her books for her first lesson….Defence Against the Dark Arts. She had to teach yet again, the class on her own. But just as she neared the portrait she saw an owl glide throught the open window straight to her. “Draco.” She smiled happily. She still had no proof that he was the one sending them to her, but she was glad all the same. Opening it she began to read, Hermione, It’s been so long since we last spoke face to face. I wish there was a way for us to spend just one day together. How’s school been? I know from a certain someone that your grades have been getting worse. I sincerely hope this is not because of me. The most important thing for you right now, is to keep at your studies. I want you to do as best as you can. I best be going. Mrs Dumbledore is trying to clean the house and the way she’s doing it, she’ll be dead soon. Can’t wait to see you again. Love forever Draco. Hermione’s eyes began to well with tears yet again. She couldn’t control herself. Every morning when Draco sent her a letter she would cry. This was mainly because his scent of after shave and deoderant was still fresh on the page. She could feel him so close yet he was so far. Walking out of the Gryffindor common room she paced quickly to her lesson. It was going to be another tough day. “Goodmorning class. Today will be a fun day. You may select any defence spell you have learnt this year and practice it. I understand it is close to Christmas and your minds are wandering elsewhere. Enjoy!” Hermione smiled as the bunch of first years were stunned. Hermione sat back in her comfy chair and sighed. She desperately needed something to cheer her up. But just as she was getting comfortbale something began to peck her sharply. "Ow!" Hermione moaned angrily, opening her eyes to see an owl staring up at her. "What do you have here?" Hermione's voice changed dramatically. She quikcly untied the letter, smiling happily. She knew it was from her love. She just knew it! Dear Hermione, I finally found a way to speak to you face-to-face. I can't believe I didn't think of it before. Meet me in front of the fire in our common room at midnight tonight. See you then. Love DM. Hermione's heart jumped in her throat. She was going to see him at last! After so long! She wanted to scream her happiness right then and there. It was welling within her like bubbles. "Oh thank goodness." Hermione smiled, grinning broadly. Now she was cheerful again. (A/N - HEY! Ok everyone. I hope u liked it! Anyways read n review. I'll try to update wen I can. S4H)

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