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Harry fell down to the ground in pain, he was still in Dumbledore’s office. “Harry” cried Hermione. “Are you all right?” “Yeah I’m fine he just kicked me out of his mind, he doesn’t what me to see what is happening” “What did you see?” asked Ron. “She’s still alive, but she’s bound to a chair, in some sort of dinning room” he said, panting. “He hasn’t hurt her” he paused. “Yet” Ron helped Harry up, but Hermione turned to Professor Dumbledore. “Has Serverus returned yet from Voldermort’s headquarters?” she asked. “We need to know where they are?” “No he hasn’t, he is probably, still waiting there, I can’t exactly call him here, and if he leaves they will know something is up, and Serverus knows it” he said, and then Harry cut in. “And we don’t need him, that manor, I saw them in, I’ve been there before, the first dream I had that was connected to Voldermort’s mind, I wasn’t exactly seeing threw his eyes then, it’s the house Frank Bryce died in, the Riddle House.” Said Harry, his legs felt as thought they were in water. “Then we must go there, Harry get your invisibility cloak, Albus can you contact the Order, and tell them to meet us there.” Said Hermione. “Of course.” Answered Dumbledore. “Wait a minute, it could be a trap.” Said Ron. “It isn’t, look if it wasn’t for the Prophecy then, I wouldn’t be letting Harry come.” “What do you mean?” “Harry, Jade was born on the same day as you, and according to Remus at the exact same time as well, there isn’t a second difference, plus look at all those times, you foiled Voldermort’s plans, and since Voldermort doesn’t know the full contents of the prophecy, he may think that Jade is the one it spoke of, besides there is something I haven’t told you. In Australia there was another prophecy, we have just received it at the Order, and we had just finished listening to it, but the thing is the letter containing it, was two days late and we checked the owls memory and it was intercepted by Voldermort.” “What has this got to do with Jade.” “Actually quite a lot.” “What do you mean?” “The Prophecy, speaks of a girl, that is suppose to be extremely powerful, it says that this girl is supposedly the reincarnation of Merlin.” “And how do you know it’s Jade, it could be any girl” “Because it clearly states that she and her father shares the exact same birthday as Merlin and her father has a prophecy also about him and a dark lord, and he has also achieved the impossible, the Death curse you survived.” “But how do we know the exact date Merlin was born?” “We went back in time and asked him, and we triple checked Jade’s and your birth certificates, it matches, and Voldermort must know, he is possible going to convince her that he is her friend and get her to join him.” “Look Jade is a smart girl, she wouldn’t be that stupid.” Said Ron. “I wish that her will, was the only thing keeping her from trusting him, there is a potion, that was invented in medieval times, the most crucial ingredient is very hard to come by” “Which is?” “A drop of Basilisk spit.” “That’s disgusting” exclaimed Ron “Yes, I know and since Voldermort is the Heir of Slytherin, he has probably already got it” “Why would it be so hard to come by?” “Because most people, can’t walk up to a Basilisk and ask it to open its mouth so they can collect one drop of it’s spit, and not may people know how to make a Basilisk.” “But Voldermort can, what are the other ingredients Hermoine?” “Similar to the one he used to get his body back, it need’s the victims blood and Voldermort’s, and two of the victims tears, then just mix it together, it’s suppose to stink, but a simple spell can prevent it from smelling, and then all he has to do is make it look like a glass of pumpkin juice.” Jade was extremely surprised what was going on although she was recently tied up, Voldermort said it was only because he was afraid she was going to hurt herself, in confusion that he had tied her up. But Jade wasn’t buying it. She remembered where she had heard his name before, when she was little her father had told her stories of a dark wizard called Voldermort, and that he wanted to kill this boy because the boy was suppose to be the only one who could kill him. She had always marveled at how well her father had told these stories as though he had been there himself, she had already guessed that that boy in the story was indeed her father, he had just altered the last name to hide it from her and the only reason, she didn’t know about the wizarding world was so she would grow up, feeling safe, to grow up an ordinary girl, not worrying about what the paper said about her. And yet even though Voldermort hated her father’s guts, and had possibly murdered her mother, he hadn’t hurt a hair on her head, and was organizing some sort of feast, even though she was starving she chose not to eat anything, in case it was either poisoned, had a truth potion in it (She had heard of them in the story of Harry’s life) or some other type of potion. “What’s the matter?” he said, in what seemed like a kind voice. “I’m just not hungry.” “Really?” he was staring at her, but Jade knew what he was trying to do, she avoided his eye contact and fiddled with her watch, so he wouldn’t think she was doing it on purpose. “Umm, would it be alright if I just went back, to that bedroom I arrived in and go to sleep, I haven’t slept, for over 24 hours.” She said and added a fake yawn. “You may sleep better if you eat something?” he said. “No thank you, I don’t mean to be a bit rude or anything, but it’s just with all the things that have happened over the last couple of hours, I think the best thing for me is just to go to bed” He seemed convinced. “Alright, Wormtail.” He pointed at the nervous looking man. “Escort Miss Potter back to her room” Jade got up and followed the man called Wormtail. “Your a lot smarter then I thought you’d be” whispered Wormtail as they headed up the stairs. “What do you mean?” “Harry has told you of the Dark Lord hasn’t he?” he continued to talk quietly “How did you know?” “Your stubbornness not to eat anything, and I heard your stomach rumble when, the house elf brought out the food.” “Oh, well to answer your question yes, he tells me bedtime stories of a boy who had all these adventures, and a Dark Lord who killed his parents and was trying to do the same to him, the boy was a wizard, and considering Dad stunned that Death Eater back home, I figured he was a wizard and Voldermort was the Dark Lord.” “Well then you are correct” he sighed. “Why are you telling me this aren’t you supposed to try and help your master do whatever he is trying to do to me.” “Yes, but your father once spared my life and I’m trying to do my best in repaying him, as he can escape Voldermort, easily, I though I may help you,” then he said more loudly “I’m going to lock your window, Miss Potter, it’s for your safety, this region has been plagued with robberies.” he pointed his wand at the window and it closed shut. “Well goodnight, Miss Potter.” Then he whispered very quietly, “there are Death Eaters in the room invisible, for the moment, once they are gone escape while you can” and he turned and left, the Jade heard a key scrape in the lock. She hoped into bed, and closed her eyes, pretending to bed a sleep. Then she heard whispers, “Ok she’s asleep, now for some of her blood for the potion, remember to do a spell to make her arm numb.” They walked over too Jade who they thought was asleep, but she was ready for them, her hand swung from out of nowhere, and grabbed the first man’s wrist, then she used her other hand to hit a certain part of his neck to render him unconscious, the other man in surprise, stumbled to get his wand out but Jade karate kicked it out of his hand, grabbed his shoulders and head butted him and he was knocked out, she caught him and made sure he reached the ground gently. She picked up his wand. ‘Maybe I can use this to escape’ she though ‘but Dad didn’t teach me any magic’, then she remembered the stories ‘or maybe he did.’ Jade remembered Harry’s first year with the three-headed-dog, how did they get threw the door, it was locked, the girl, must have been Hermione, one of her father’s friend’s that she saw almost every second week along with Ron, she had done something to open the door, an incantation but what was it. Jade closed her eyes and tried to remember. Then she remembered. Alohomora. Jade walked up to the window, and pointed the wand at it. “Alohomora” she muttered. The lock glowed and it opened. Jade dropped the wand in surprise, if she could do magic then she was a witch. Jade walked out onto the balcony they was just outside the window, there was ivy clinging to the wall, it was very thick. How convenient she thought, with years of practice of quietly, climbing out her own bedroom window made this very easy. And plus it was late in the evening, it must be a different part of Britain, thought Jade. When she climbed down the ivy, she ran towards the village she had seen from the balcony, but as she ran, three clocked figures, appeared in front of her, what looked to be two men and a woman, she made a run for it but one of the men grabbed her. She went to scream, but man covered her mouth. Please Review!!!, I'm a new writer and i need advice

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